A message from Street Sweeper

Hello Leavenworth St. fans!

I apologize for not being on top of the political news the past month or so. And I regret that this day had to come, but I sort of figured it would at some point.

I will be stepping back from Leavenworth St. – the talk of Nebraska politics, again, for at least a year.

However, LeavenworthSt.com will still live on, with more and/or newer writers. Some will write under their own names. Others under pen names.

But the hope here is that you will get at least a post a week — and hopefully much, much more than that — to read and comment on.

Now I’ve tried this before, and the writers sometimes end up realizing how hard it is to kick out a post a week. Or every two weeks. Or every month. (You get the picture.)

But hopefully you’ll get your fill of Nebraska local, state and federal politics, as well as discussions on all political topics of the day. The writers have been given pretty much carte blanche to write on topics they want, and I hope they will do so.

You will still be able to send in emails to LeavenworthSt (at) gmail.com, and both of Leavenworth St.’s social media sites — Leavenworth St. on The Facebook and @LeavenworthSt on the Twitter — will continue to be up. If you want to get notice of when there is a new post up, you can subscribe up top right of this page, or you can just Like L.St. on The Facebook and/or follow on the Twitter where new posts will be linked.

There could and should be some exciting races in Nebraska in 2018, and I regret that I won’t be able to take part here on Leavenworth St.

But YOU will still get to (Gaia willing).

God Bless, and au revoir (for now).


Feeling the Future

Oh, and one last note.

After the election I told a number of friends…and WROTE IT here at the end of May, that President Trump is most willing to “make deals” so that he can get successes.

And those deals could come with just about anyone in Congress or beyond. As I noted:

“In order to ‘keep winning’ he’d have to make deals with the Democrats, thereby diminishing his Conservative cred…”

I sort of thought this would come later than year one…but here we are.

Now I just wonder if the rest of the discussion from that post will come true.

Discuss amongst yourselves!
Have fun!

And come back on Monday for posts (hopefully) from some different people on Leavenworth St!


  1. Sparkles says:

    Gary and Ace. I miss recreating a certain scene from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with you. BTW, I knew those weren’t pillows. 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, got that new job with Mitch McConnell? Don’t unpack your bags when you get there. You will be back here soon enough. (Kidding.) Now… on with the show…

    Voters (66%) per Rasmussen, prefer Trump working with Democrats against the GOP Congress. Republicans (72%) are even more enthusiastic about it than are Democrats (62%) and voters not affiliated (63%). Most voters believe Republicans in Congress are the problem. Republican voters believe that too. Most GOP voters think Trump’s criticism of GOP senators is good for the country. They relate more to the president’s views and think GOP Congress leaders lost touch with GOP voters. Congress is deeply hated. 14% approval House. 11% Senate. McConnell is most unpopular.

    Before the election, most GOP voters believed GOP leaders didn’t want Trump elected President. Now it seem GOP, and other voters too, want Ryan and McConnell skinned alive.

    OBSERVATION: People cannot be told a thing is true. People must witness truth with their own eyes. People had to see Carly defend Rosy, see nevertrumper Romney kiss Trump’s feet for a job, and see McConnell spend six months not replacing Obamacare.

    If Trump on January 23rd had said, “McConnell wanted Hillary to win! McConnell’s seven years of promising to end/replace Obamacare is a lie, he won’t do it,” no one would have believed that. Yet most believe it today because they have seen it with their own eyes.

    The few who love/trust government, and they are few indeed, are unable to grasp any of this.

    • Yep says:

      “Most voters believe Republicans in Congress are the problem.”

      Unfortunately ‘most voters’ are a few decades late in coming to this realization.
      The GOP has done immense harm to our nation. The opportunities lost over two decades of fealty to special interests in tragic.
      And despite the overwhelming evidence that ‘Republicans’ abandoned the interests of the common man long ago, you people continued to drink the stupefying koolaid spoon fed to you by Faux News, Limbaugh and others.

      And as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. you people will – again – scramble to the polls in coming elections to support these same incompetent, special interest beholden, solutions-averse Republicans.
      Why? Because… Nancy Pelosi!, Benghazi!, Sharia Law! and Obama!!

      It’s f–ing infantile.

  3. Literal Clown Show says:

    From this morning’s LJS, two articles –

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Organizers had dubbed it the Mother of All Rallies and hoped to bring out thousands to pack the National Mall on Saturday in support of President Donald Trump. In the end, hundreds of flag-waving demonstrators did their best to make some noise in support of the president, who had skipped town for the weekend..

    ..(pro-Trump supporters were) dwarfed by the ‘Juggalos’, as supporters of the rap group Insane Clown Posse are known. In front of the Lincoln Memorial, about 1,500 Juggalos staged an all-day rally and concert..”

    – the above article immediately followed by –

    Tax cuts quiet once-deafening GOP call for fiscal discipline
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans spooked world markets in their ardor to cut spending when Democrat Barack Obama was in the White House. Now, with Republican President Donald Trump pressing for politically popular tax cuts and billions more for the military, few in the GOP are complaining about the nation’s soaring debt.
    The tea partyers and other conservatives who seized control of the House in 2010 have morphed into Ronald Reagan-style supply-siders while the GOP’s numerous Pentagon pals run roughshod over the few holdouts..
    ..The bottom line: The $20 trillion national debt promises to spiral ever higher with Republicans controlling both Congress and the White House.

  4. notbynd says:

    How do you quit without quiting? By leaving your blog in the hands of unnamed others, while continuing to use that blog to pad a resume as a “social media consultant” or whatever the current title is. It’d be more honest to delete the blog, redirect the site to the Twitter account, and let the domain registration lapse and finally die. Nothing lasts forever. Better to plan and execute an orderly exit than let the leaves pile up around an abandoned house to rot.

  5. bynd says:

    I see the monolithic narcissist are once more worried about themselves. They always make it about themselves even though they are one unproductive and a pretty much worthless bunch.

    Sweeper, thanks for sharing your creation with us. Thanks for pretty much staying out of the petty fights and letting them run their course.

    Your patience is astounding.

    And I guess what many refuse/are unable to see, this is part of your legacy. And if a legacy can grow under new leadership, then all the more credit to you. After all, you are picking your successor(s).

    As a parting shot though. I do fine it so comical, when I haven’t posted for quite a while, that infantile posts like YAI meant to respond to me are not to me at all. But some one else. But what more can be expected from a narrow and unimaginative mind.

    Have a good life and when you have the time, start another one. An entrepreneur is never satisfied with just one successful endeavor. I hope.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, Sweeper, your patience has been astounding! You have stayed out of petty fights and let them run their course…to an extent that all meaningful dialogue was stifled in deference to bynd’s monolithic ego. An ego whereby he can’t or won’t admit he has been wrong. Ever! And bynd certainly is wrong, often, and gratuitously so simply to annoy others it would seem…

      • bynd says:

        Thanks for proving my point. You poor victim!

        And the most stupid part of your rant, if you don’t reply to some one, they can’t stifle anything. The problem is you, not me.

        It is whiners like you who are perfect example of what is wrong with this country today. You are always right and everyone else is wrong. And heaven forbid they do something you don’t like. Because your reply always is, get rid of them. Learn to control yourself and the problem improves immensely.

        As I said, it’s all about you, another monolithic, narcissistic. Oh I forgot, and self absorbed victim.

      • dear priestess oracle says:

        Another deeply thought through and logical answer by one who names them self, 1.
        a priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity.


  6. self control is not a progressive trait says:

    Let me see if I get Anonymous right,

    “And bynd certainly is wrong, often, and gratuitously so simply to annoy others it would seem…”

    So, bynd is posting just to get your goat and annoy you. So, even though we respond to his posting, it is his fault that he annoys us and keeps upsetting us. Because we are not smart enough to figure out, it is up to us to not read his postings or not respond to them.

    And we are never wrong but bynd is never right. Because, well, because we say so.

    If you don’t know what is wrong with this picture, you don’t belong on the internet with adults.

    Sorry Sweeper, but if this blog is judge by the progressive snowflakes who post on it, it would fail miserably. But then, I guess I forgot, your patient is best shown by your tolerating the stupid left on here. Which is certainly a redundant statement.

  7. "it's the end of the world as we know it", thank God. says:

    The de evolution of a party. The other side of the coin.

    Illegal Aliens Crash Nancy Pelosi’s DACA Press Conference: ‘All of Us or None of Us!’

    Protesters call out Pelosi over Trump DACA deal

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi got an earful on Monday after protesters in San Francisco angrily confronted her for striking a tentative deal with President Trump over a program to extend legal protections to young undocumented immigrants.
    A group of protesters shouted “you’re a liar” at the California Democrat. The pop-up protest lasted more than 30 minutes and ended with a visibly shaken Pelosi cutting her scheduled news conference short.
    “You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Pelosi told the group. “It’s clear you don’t want any answers.”

    Shall we go on?

  8. GOPropaganda says:

    Republican Gov Association Quietly Launches Site Branded As News Outlet

    ATLANTA (AP) — Republican governors are getting into the “news” business.

    The Republican Governors Association has quietly launched an online publication that looks like a media outlet and is branded as such on social media. The Free Telegraph blares headlines about the virtues of GOP governors, while framing Democrats negatively. It asks readers to sign up for breaking news alerts. It launched in the summer bearing no acknowledgement that it was a product of an official party committee whose sole purpose is to get more Republicans elected.
    “It’s propaganda for sure..” said Republican communications veteran Rick Tyler, whose resume includes Ted Cruz’s 2016 presidential campaign.
    Political communications expert Kathleen Hall Jamieson, a University of Pennsylvania professor who has studied political advertising for four decades, said The Free Telegraph commits a form of “identity theft” by “appropriating the integrity of news” because “the form of news carries credibility” that blatantly partisan sites do not.

    The devolution of a party.
    A devolution made possible only through a decades-long campaign of misinformation by a predatory right wing media. A campaign of misinformation, coordinated propaganda and outright lies resulting in a GOP base unable to decipher truth from fiction, a base incapable of recognizing they are being played.

      • Objective Observation says:

        And again – as is almost always the case – the fake news is a product exclusive to a skullduggerous, deceptive, deviously manipulative right.

      • self-immolation says:

        Speaking of a skullduggerous and deviously manipulative right:
        Report: Trump Officials Quashed Study Showing Refugees’ Net Benefit To US

        It’s long been known, borne out in numerous studies, that refugees and immigrants are a net benefit to America.
        The above headline happens to appear on the same day the following story appeared in the Lincoln Journal Star:
        Nebraska lawmakers look to future with an older population
        “A demographic shift over the next few decades could mean a surge of retirees relying on public services and sluggish growth in the number of workers who drive the economy and generate tax revenue, according to a report produced for a legislative committee.

        An older population and fewer younger residents could worsen the state’s workforce shortage, which in turn could cause businesses to leave the state and make it harder to recruit new ones, said Renee Fry, executive director of the OpenSky Policy Institute.

        ..Nebraska will gain roughly 112,000 new residents between 18 and 64 years old during that period (2020 – ’50), according to the report. The population of those 65 and older will grow by 146,000. The state’s growth is largely driven by Latinos and concentrated around Nebraska’s largest cities,..”

        Yet, despite this long known threat of an aging population to the security of our nation and our state, Republicans, driven by hatred, want to enact measures guaranteed to increase the severity of this looming threat.
        Driven by the daily fear and hatred served up by the right wing media, Republicans insist on kicking even the Dreamers out of our country.
        1.9 million eligible for DACA; 800,000 currently enrolled – 91% of whom are are employed and ZERO % who have a criminal record.
        11 million undocumented immigrants, 22% of them under the age of 25 – all of them known to be critical to the future prosperity of our nation. Our nation of immigrants.

        And the hate filled GOP wants them all, gone.

  9. Lex says:

    God bless Donald Trump! A second reformation is upon us! Ha.

    Want an even creepier feeling running up your spine? Get a load of this…

    “Dr. Tangelder calls this odd-haired leader ‘quick to anger’. A guy who says regrettable things yet ‘refuses to retract or retreat.’ He doesn’t mince words, attacks sharply, and many deem him a vulgar bigot. He thinks ‘intuitively… loves crude images, works his thought in paradoxes, and (we) commit a serious error by taking what he says literally.’

    “He saw corruption in the seats of power and resolved to restore it to its original greatness. A mixture of genius and faults, his wife told him, ‘You are too rude.’ He didn’t mind that at all.

    “A man with ‘gifts for language (communications)… loyalty… a playful sense of humor… fastidious, compulsive… passionate, vehement… almost violent.’ Indeed, “when convinced he is right, he is aggressive and extremely combative, sometimes to the point of brutishness.’ ”

    Sounds like Trump, right? Nope. Its all about that other prickly leader who took action in 1517, exactly 500 years ago. He aimed to reform his own seat of power, sought to drain his own swamp. After four years effort, he was excommunicated and only rose higher. How is that for creepy?

    How goes the reformation? Democrats and Republican elites selling indulgences, feeling the pinch. Its funny when you think about it. Not so funny if the reformer is caught and burnt alive. But its hard not to want to see the sellers of indulgences, the elites, being forced to get real jobs.

    • You people are odd says:

      “Sounds like Trump, right?”

      Um. No.

      Martin Luther’s reformation was driven by his outrage at the Catholic view on indulgences. A disgust of the Catholic practice in which freedom from God’s punishment for sin could be purchased with money.
      Luther would demand of the church an academic discussion of the practice and efficacy of these indulgences. His demands of the Church to turn away from the lucrative practice of soul saving of the moneyed classes, via extortion, and the embrace academic rigor would get him excommunicated.

      Donald Trump has spent nearly all of his life worshiping at the alter of.. money.
      Donald Trump has on countless occasions relied on money to purchase absolution from criminal punishment for his lifetime of serial sins against his fellow man.
      And vulgarity? Donald Trump has professed that he likes to ‘grab em by the pu**y.’
      And can you imagine an incurious, attention deficit disordered Donald Trump proposing an academic discussion, of anything?

      Sorry, but odd hair and vulgarity are where the comparison ends.
      And by those standards, a far better comparison for Trump than Luther would be a much more modern contemporary, Phyllis Diller.

  10. Donny Two Scoops is goin' down says:

    Remarkable synopsis of the state of play, as of this morning –

    Robert Mueller Seems to Be Closing the Distance on Russia
    “..looks very much as though Robert Mueller is running a very elaborate mob prosecution as much as anything else. He’s looking into money-laundering and international fraud. He looks like he’s chasing the Gambinos and not some Macedonian teenagers in the pay of Vladimir Putin. But he also is clearly working to establish that the Trump relationship with Russia has been and always was corrupt at its core, and that the Russian ratfcking was just another sleazy transaction.”

  11. The Horror says:

    Just as he did for ISIL and roaming bands of terrorists in old Toyota pick-ups, Donald Trump is providing for Kim Jong Un a grand stage beyond his wildest dreams.

    A young Kim, like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, longs for recognition among the global community. He’s desperate to be acknowledged and taken seriously by world leaders.

    And our incurious, ill-equipped, adolescent president is, once again, playing into the hands of a despot and terrorist.

    You can literally watch as the world community grimaces at Trump’s fatuous bloviations at the U.N.
    You can witness the world pulling away from and isolating America as it seeks new alliances and new trade agreements with countries like China, Australia, India and Brazil.
    All of it to the detriment of the America.

    Yet another Republican president, through ignorance and bravado, bringing incalculable harm to the security and prosperity of our nation.

    • Neville says:

      Mean while, in the back rooms. Many are trying to deal with the nuclear NK mess that Obama and previous Presidents made by ignoring the problem. Why did they so stupidly let things get so far out of control is the main issue? Then we can do the opposite.

      While Obama’s ISIS JV, who he promoted to Varsity, is continuing in the same vein as he allowed them too. Hopefully when they have had the time to study the problem, the current administration can start solving the problem that Obama let fester and grow over his 8 year reign.

      And of course the rest of the world that refused to take concrete action against the Rocket Man, should shudder, they realize it is their actions that caused the current situation. And they should have dealt with it in spite of what Obama wanted to do a long time ago. Too little too late and after all I did to educate the world.

    • The Horror says:

      In Hillary’s new book she reveals a small passage from the victory speech she had hoped she would be delivering on election night.
      She planned to conclude her remarks by saying if she could go back in time and tell anyone in history about becoming president, she would pick her mom, Dorothy Howell Rodham, who died in 2011. Rodham was abandoned by her parents at the age of 8 and sent on a train to live with relatives halfway across the country. Relatives who would end up mistreating the young Rodham.

      Clinton writes of this imaginary visit:
      “Sometimes I think about her on that train. I wish I could walk down the aisle and find the little wooden seats where she sat, holding tight to her even younger sister, alone, terrified. She doesn’t yet know how much she will suffer … I dream of going up to her, and sitting down next to her … and saying, ‘Look at me. Listen to me. You will survive. You will have a good family of your own, and three children. And as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up and become the President of the United States.”

  12. That'll leave a mark says:

    Jimmy Kimmel took the GOP out behind the woodshed last night.

    And if you care to dive into the ignorance-via-apathy of the GOP, it’s on full display in the following article:
    GOP senators are rushing to pass Graham-Cassidy. We asked 9 to explain what it does.

    Platitudes. Droll, shop-worn, banal platitudes and mindless taking points.
    The ramifications of the Graham-Cassidy bill clearly don’t merit more than a passing thought from even the most senior members of the GOP senate – Fischer and Sasse included.
    Their only concern being their personal welfare and their personal political aspirations.
    1/6th of the American economy.
    30 million Americans almost certain to lose access to affordable care.
    And as we’ve all witnessed, you could scribble ‘ObamaCare Repeal’ across the top of the Chinese take-out menu and Trump would feverishly sign it, then demand a celebration be held in the Rose Garden.

    • anon says:

      The President of the United States also retweeted a congratulatory post from someone named Lana Del Fenty this morning.

      Here are a few other recent posts from Ms. Lana –

      lana del fenty @glamourizes
      my pussy taste like pepsi cola
      my eyes are wide like cherry pies
      9:17 PM – Sep 15, 2017

      and a classic from the fall of ’16

      lana del fenty @glamourizes
      my room smells like pineapple and cum..
      5:27 PM – Aug 21, 2016

  13. Hard to fathom says:

    August, 29, 2017 –
    “WASHINGTON (AP) — A grand jury in the U.S. capital has issued indictments for 19 people, including 15 identified as Turkish security officials, for attacking protesters in May 2017.

    The indictments, announced Tuesday, charge the defendants with attacking peaceful demonstrators who were protesting the visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on May 17. All 19 are charged with conspiracy to commit a crime of violence, a felony punishable by a statutory maximum of 15 years in prison. Several face additional charges of assault with a deadly weapon.”

    It would have been impossible for grand jury not to indict these violent animals. The videos of Putin-pal and Turkish kleptocrat Erdoğan’s security thugs, rushing across the street and into a city park to administer a brutal beat down of peaceful demonstrators – on American soil – can still be easily found on Youtube and at countless news sites.

    19 hours ago –
    “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told PBS NewsHour that President Trump apologized to him about the May incident in which Turkish security personnel beat peaceful protesters in Washington, D.C.”
    The quote from Erdoğan:
    “Actually President Trump called me about a week ago about this issue. He said that he was sorry and he told me he was going to follow up about this issue when we come to the United States within the framework of an official visit. The protesters were insulting us, and they were screaming and shouting. The police failed to intervene properly.”

    • Nancy and Chuck says:

      Trump continues Obama’s apology tour. Only 50 more to go to equal Obama’s record. We are all proud that Trump is becoming more like Obama.

  14. Yakety Sax says:

    The two leading online stories at the Lincoln Journal Star –

    Patrol investigator says inmate had been stabbed 130 times


    BREAKING: State prisoner escaped custody during transport, fled in government car
    “A Nebraska State Penitentiary prisoner overpowered a deputy during a transport to Dodge County and fled in a stolen government car..”

    But whatever you do, don’t stop to ponder the ongoing incompetence of our globe trotting Governor and his hand selected band of Keystone Cops.
    It’s Agenda 21, ObamaCare, Sharia Law and that secret ISIS sleeper cell in Papillion that the NEGOP has assured us we all need to fear.

    At what point do they start piping into the state capital sound system the theme from Benny Hill?

    • Kristy says:

      At what point do they start piping into the state capital sound system the theme from Benny Hill?

      They are currently adding the State Capitol to the NDP sound/video system. Keystone cops videos and Benny Hill music will soon be in both.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Long time Conservative voice and ‘Right Turn’ columnist for the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin –

    @JRubinBlogger 7 hours ago
    blind partisanship, mindlessness only stops when some — always have to be the same 3 brave souls? — say no. Senate otherwise in ruin 6/6

    @JRubinBlogger 7 hours ago
    This is the best argument for a more centrist, moderate party — it keeps the R’s and D’s minimally more responsible 5/6

    @JRubinBlogger 7 hours ago
    R’s excoriated hawkish D’s for voting for JCPOA to defend Obama but R problem is 100X worse 4/6

    @JRubinBlogger7 hours ago
    They’re United States Senators and yet they gobble down whatever garbage their leadership feeds them 3/6

    @JRubinBlogger 7 hours ago
    Even when their seats are not at risk or they aren’t up for years they continually cower 2/6

    @JRubinBlogger 7 hours ago
    I get why the irresponsible zealots vote for Trumpcare hooey but really why don’t Sens. Alexander, Capito, Portman, Sasse do better? 1/6

  16. Esteemertrunk says:

    “The hope here is that you will get at least a post a week — and hopefully much, much more than that — to read and comment on.”

    Ah, there it is. Hope.

    Bushbaloneyians hoped a guy so stupid as to not to see 9-11 coming from Afghanistan wouldn’t then respond by invading Iraq and then try to turn that bunch of Allah nits into a Baptist church full of voters. Obamafungalites hoped a man who never held a management job could magically somehow be an adequate chief executive. Democrat elites hope government is smarter and cares more for you than you do for yourself. Republican elites hope you don’t notice they are the same as Democrat elites. Democrats and Republicans hope their elites aren’t like they actually are. And everyone hopes a malarial DC swamp of elites invested in keeping Americans divided and needy so as to continue to need the elites, can somehow be drained by gentle persuasion oozed from a politically correct President.

    You can hope in one hand and crap in the other. See which fills up first.

    As for the leavening of Leavenworth Street, there is only so far concrete will rise. Too few here try to address the conversation starters. Most bloggers run sideways into the weeds. And yet, amazingly, by dint of location most here tend to stick to Nebraska politics with forays into national matters. Lucky us.

    The point is, attention spans here are short to nonexistent. Long conversation starters on more than one subject quashes reactive conversation. It’s like giving Kindergarteners a string of ten instructions. You hope prodigies will ignite into brilliant action but all you get are blank stares out windows.

    We recommend shorter conversation starters on one subject. If the guest author feels the need to opine, and most authors do, stick to one topic. That way when the author is ignored he/she can imagine it was the topic that sent readers into the weeds when in fact it was a litany of mish-mashed topics ill writ, somewhat like this drivel here that also likely won’t be digested.

    Abetting “hope” as a destroyer of human adulthood is “self-esteem”. Admiring ourselves for no reason. A political blog is a rosy mirror for narcissists. Don’t cloud it up with too much stuff.

    • You people are odd says:

      “Obamafungalites hoped a man who never held a management job could magically somehow be an adequate chief executive.”

      You’re right.
      Obama proved far more than merely adequate. He, in fact, proved quite superior.
      I believe 12th, is where presidential historians currently place him among all presidents. With time, a stature certain to rise.
      And it is with absolute certainty we can already predict Donald Trump’s standing among this group.
      Dolt 45 is likely an appellation that will stick.

      And your post is once again a textbook example of a malady seemingly universal among the right.
      Because you and your fellow companions on the right have an attention span too short to navigate the menu at Denny’s (see: Donald Trump), that doesn’t mean this is a trait shared by your counterparts on the left.

      • Asimov says:

        Reminds me a number of stories earlier this year, of leaked intelligence community memo.
        A memo notify those responsible for briefing Trump that prefers his top secret intelligence briefings limited to one page.
        One page with “killer graphics”, lot of pictures and maps.
        Seems your president isn’t into reading.
        Details and thoughtful analysis quickly bore him.
        And if you feel compelled to prepare for him a report exceeding a single page – filled with killer graphics – make sure to insert Trump’s name in as many paragraphs as possible.
        If Trump saw his name, he seemed more inclined to continue reading.

        It’s unlikely Faux News, Breitbart or World Net Daily covered it, but all the major news outlets reported the story. Slate did an article titled:
        How to Manage Your Idiot President
        Donald Trump, a user’s guide.

  17. Yep says:

    Sept 20, 2017 –
    German researchers find evidence that American right-wing trolls are meddling in their upcoming election
    The researchers started out looking for evidence of Russian interference, but have instead found activity that appears to be linked to American white supremacists and neo-Nazis, reported USA Today.

  18. Ag-Schmag, who needs it! says:

    Trump hires campaign workers instead of farm experts at USDA
    President Donald Trump’s appointees to jobs at Agriculture Department headquarters include a long-haul truck driver, a country club cabana attendant and the owner of a scented-candle company.

    A POLITICO review of dozens of résumés from political appointees to USDA shows the agency has been stocked with Trump campaign staff and volunteers who in many cases demonstrated little to no experience with federal policy, let alone deep roots in agriculture.

      • Then there's that says:

        More clueless buffoonery from wingerland.

        The Obama administration is widely considered to be the most scandal-free in modern history.

        Of course, unless you’re a member of the delusional loon community on the right who has sucked down all the lies and fabrications perpetrated by a predatory right wing media and the trolls that comprise Republicant congress, who for decades have lied to you for personal and professional gain.

        Quite to the contrary, from our friend Wikipedia:
        “The presidency of Ronald Reagan in the United States was marked by multiple scandals, resulting in the investigation, indictment, or conviction of over 138 administration officials, the largest number for any U.S. president.”

        And a couple very recent, highly inconvenient headlines for you:
        George W Bush’s ethics lawyer calls for Donald Trump’s impeachment


        Departing Ethics Chief: U.S. Is ‘Close to a Laughingstock’
        WASHINGTON — Actions by President Trump and his administration have created a historic ethics crisis, the departing head of the Office of Government Ethics said. He called for major changes in federal law to expand the power and reach of the oversight office and combat the threat.

        Walter M. Shaub Jr., who is resigning as the federal government’s top ethics watchdog on Tuesday, said the Trump administration had flouted or directly challenged long-accepted norms in a way that threatened to undermine the United States’ ethical standards, which have been admired around the world.

        “It’s hard for the United States to pursue international anticorruption and ethics initiatives when we’re not even keeping our own side of the street clean. It affects our credibility,”

  19. notbynd says:

    Eichorst was sacked. Good start. Now we need to dismantle the NU Foundation and return the University to public control and oversight.

    • ??????? says:

      How do you dismantle a private entity? And why?

      Isn’t it just a matter of more laws dictating how the Foundation functions in regards to the University?

      And then, where do you find the money to replace the money that the University uses from the Foundation? Do all universities, including Creighton, need to get rid of their Foundations?

      Why can’t we just privatize the University by selling it to the Foundation?

      • notbynd says:

        The NU Foundation is a self-perpetuating shithole expressly designed to allow the University of Nebraska Administration to evade public control, oversight and accountability. The Foundation’s leadership is accountable to NO ONE. It can’t contribute to teaching, research, service or education because it exists only to perpetuate the sports-entertainment-business complex.

        Who pays for Hank Bound’s house? The NU Foundation. Who pays for Hank’s car? Who pay for Hank’s yummies & tasties that he doesn’t get by virtue of his being president of a land grand university? You have one guess. Who funnels all the outside funding to and from the football business to the various lackeys, factotums and functionaries associated with the said business? You have one guess.

        Its about one thing. Money. Its not about anything else.

        You want to run a sports business? Fine. Go run it. But off public property and without distorting the nature and purpose of a public university. Get off my land, out of my pocket and go throw your weird ball around and turn your brain to oatmeal.

        The NCAA can go to hell too. I didn’t elect those people and I sure didn’t elect Congress to grant them anti-trust exemption and pseudo-judicial power.

  20. education is more than a classroom says:

    You can’t run higher ed without money. And the higher ed program in this country is no different than the other inbred institutions of business and government.

    And whether what you say is true or not, some may well be. But that doesn’t mean the foundation doesn’t do a lot of good with a lot of scholarships. Go read their website. Which does not mean all they put on there is true either.

    But in the end, it is the right of people to spend their money as they see fit. And we all know your personal bias, hatred?, against college sports.

    Just as the college system inadequately handles rape accusations, so it does with most of it’s responsibilities.

    Bottom line is, your definition of the higher education system is just that yours, the system would disagree with you. In case you haven’t noticed, higher ed is not a democratic system. Thank goodness it is a declining system though.

  21. notbynd says:

    Education is more than a classroom. The classroom can’t be a pimple on the athletic program’s fanny either. No college was founded just to have a sports program. That needs to be tattooed on the inside of some people’s eyelids.

  22. bynd says:

    Collegiate sports started in 1850 at Yale and Harvard non the less.

    What are the principles for intercollegiate athletics?
    Principles for inter-collegiate athletics include “gender equity, sportsmanship and ethical conduct, sound academic standards, nondiscrimination, diversity within governance, rules compliance, amateurism, competitive equity, recruiting, eligibility, financial aid, playing and practice seasons, postseason competition and contests sponsored by non collegiate organizations, and the economy of athletic program operations
    Peer Review Bates, Bradley. “The Role and Scope of Intercollegiate Athletics in U.S. Colleges and

    And what is the difference between collegiate debate teams, science teams, music entertainment including plays (including the infrastructure that can be world class) and other extra curricular activities except size or scope? Shall we shut down all the research arms of every University because it isn’t technically a class room?

    Sports are as much part of collegiate life as any other part of the collegiate experience.

    There are University’s dedicated to weaponry. Should they really be called a learning institution if one thinks weapons are morally repugnant?

    I don’t understand why you separate sports from the University experience. And yes, I know many who do. But it is my experience that those who believe so have the attitude more from a condescending attitude towards sports than a rational argument. At Nebraska compare graduating rates, and types of degrees with the general population. I’m sure the jocks will match up well or exceed the ordinary student.

    As for governance, no one is forced to be governed by the NCAA. It is a voluntary situation created by the educational system to oversee collegiate athletics. Although like all parts of the collegiate business model, every piece has a overarching group that sanctions that particular department.

    And who runs the NCAA?

    From their own web site.
    The NCAA Board of Governors is our highest governing body, bringing together presidents and chancellors from each division to discuss issues important to the entire NCAA membership. All association-wide governing bodies are charged with upholding and advancing the Association’s core values of fairness, safety and equal opportunity for all student-athletes.

    The head academic folks.

    So unlike the other disciplines that are run by educators from that particular field, athletics is ultimately run by by the Academics. So your beef would seem to be with those who govern collegiate institutions.

    • notbynd says:

      Well written, but in the end its all about money.

      No college sports program is profitable enough to pay the institutional overhead that program inevitably requires. Fair play to the multi-million dollar a year coach. That coach’s first job is not to win games, its to raise enough money from boosters to pay their own salary. What’s sketchy is covering the cost of the executive & administrative assistants, coaching staff, and various functionaries needed to make that coach productive. I doubt that those costs are covered too.

      The NCAA has its proverbial brown pants on at all times, desperately fearing that Congress will sweep in and ruin the cushy deal those who govern collegiate institutions have. Read up on the conundrum the NCAA has re/anti-trust relief. There is a quasi-monopoly going and everyone knows it. The NCAA perpetuates the fiction of “amateurism” in order to keep money in the hands of college administrators and money out of the hands of the people who earn it: the players.

      The logical course for the NCAA is to get the same concession from Congress that the NFL, the NBA and professional baseball has. But the balance to anti-trust exemption and the power of the owners is that the players are recognized as employees with collective bargaining rights. “Those who govern collegiate institutions” are terrified of that outcome and the accompanying loss of income and control. Tough rocks.

      • bynd says:

        I would love to see your facts that support “No college sports program is profitable enough to pay the institutional overhead that program inevitably requires.”

        Since that is obviously not the party line at Nebraska. And granted, very few universities are able to say that. But the numbers are out there in very plain site in this state.

        Obama’s NLRB found that the athletes are not allowed to form unions under the law. Seems you are on the outside there of your progressive peers on the NLRB board and the courts.

        I do believe that the members of the all big 5 conferences pay their football players a stipend. Not much? I went to school on a division one football scholarship and you couldn’t even hold a job. Because all such relationships were are assumed to be a sham. Try and raise a family on that. Yes, amateurism is a sham. Just like the Olympics.

        And I don’t believe the NCAA needs anything from Congress. Once again, it is a voluntary organization and certainly not set up for “profit”. In any case, since when does the blessing of Congress make anything more pure or ethical?

        You have good points but not real rational points. And many of us have had the same the questions. We accept the answers though knowing that the inbred university system in this country gets to run their show the way they want to. Get rid of their power and changes can be made. Of which there are many examples of their abuse of their powers.

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