2018 Bellevue Mayoral Race

Let me dial down the national, polarized political brouhaha for a moment and focus on a small-town mayoral race[1] here in the Omaha Metro. Bellevue Mayor Rita Sanders has confirmed that she will not be seeking re-election in 2018[2]. For those that live in Bellevue, there is a certain anticipation as to what that means for the future.

The Candidates

Bellevue City Councilman, Pat Shannon, has announced his candidacy[3], which carries with it worries of whether or not he will even be eligible to run considering he has an outstanding fine of just under $17,000 to the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission[4]. For most Nebraskans, we clearly understand the shortfalls when it comes to “State Integrity Investigations[5]” – vis-à-vis Ethics Enforcement and Executive Accountability – so is it a wonder why some in the Bellevue community might be worried about continuing status quo[6] with regard to their elected officials[7]? Anyone who reads my social media posts or this blog know that I am a huge proponent of “due process” under the law, but the fact remains that this mayoral candidate has some questionable baggage that Bellevue citizens will have to weigh and measure before casting their votes next year. While it may be difficult to control the integrity of elected officials at the national or even state levels, Mr. Shannon has a lot to overcome as he vies for a mayoral position.

Next, we have Rusty Hike, a small business owner who has long and well-established roots in the community and is recently known for his tenacity when it comes to holding Bellevue Public Schools accountable[8] for their less-than-transparent, unilateral decision-making. Whether at city council meetings or working hard with the Chamber of Commerce to attract businesses to the Bellevue Community, he is most widely known for his commitment to small-town values and always having a “buy local first” mentality.

Importance of This Election

So why should this race matter?  The answer is quite simple. Bellevue, when compared to other communities within the Omaha Metro, has become sort of “the land that time forgot.” Most passersby see the strip malls and town centers along Cornhusker and HWY 370, and think Bellevue is doing just fine. But to locals, that is a different story altogether. They are continuously reminded of just how aggressive the local government has not been when they look at the lack of progress on Fort Crook Road and throughout Olde Towne Bellevue. Those two areas have been quite stagnant in terms of attracting new businesses and young entrepreneurs, and local elected officials seem to have all but given up on trying to transform them into areas that can compete with other burgeoning communities throughout the metro.

This 2018 Mayoral Race comes down to two options: 1). maintaining status quo, or 2). looking at the future for growth and opportunity. I, for one, am tired of seeing varying echelons of feckless local governments maintain status quo at the expense of the taxpayers. Too many are rooted in, “well, that’s just how it’s always been”, rather than looking at new and creative ways to bolster their local economies that don’t revolve around increasing their already overtaxed constituents.

It is widely known political fact that if you want to affect change in the political direction of a nation, you start at the local level first. Based on the merits of his vision for economic growth, entrepreneurial tenacity, staunch business ethics, and integrity…


If you have any local elections you would like to see on this forum, or any political discussion for that matter, please email Joshua Lively at 1776.patriotism@gmail.com.

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  1. Make America aGhast... Again says:

    We can only hope it’s Pat Shannon, and that the local media gives him all the air time and free press he can consume.
    Get this man on teevee, promoting the Republican brand!
    He and Roy Moore, joining the likes of Louie Gohmert and Steve King, stepping forward to tout liberty, freedom and good ol’ fashioned Republican values.

    • Joshua Lively says:

      Personally, I have no issue with Pat Shannon. But, his legal entanglements and current outstanding fine do make me think (very hard) about what else he is hiding or trying to sweep under the rug.

      If anything he needs to pay his fine if he is going to hold any office that is dependant on taxpayer dollars.

      Secondly, I haven’t heard any of his visionary plans to help Bellevue keep up with the other cities in Sarpy County. If he does have a plan… tell him to email me at 1776.patriotism@gmail.com… we can bring them up for discussion for sure.

      I like Rita, as a person, but I feel as if Bellevue has been fairly stagnant during her tenure as mayor.

      • Ronald says:

        The party that brought us Alberto Gonzalez and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has the temerity to criticize the laudable service of the Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

        It’s sometimes shocking how ill-informed you people are.

      • Reformed Democrat says:

        Holder and Lynch were two of the worst AG’s in the history of this nation, and most likely two of the most corrupt (if not the two most corrupt). The eight years of rule by the Marxist Kenyan represent the lowest point in our nation’s history; thankfully we’re making progress on the steep climb upwards (Thank God for President Trump!).

  2. Anonymous says:

    1) Freaking citations for things out in the public? Is this a middle school essay?

    2) What’s a “State Integrity Investigation”?

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is meant to be constructive. You started out like a professional blog moderator, giving useful info about Shannon’s problems. You then destroy that by nailing yourself down as the property of Hike. I know neither man. But I need facts that try to be accurate and unbiased. We all do. However, once you plop down on one side of the fence, nothing you write on the subject is thereafter worth listing to. For you have advertised your prejudice. As a blog moderator, that’s shooting yourself in the foot. You cannot sell your info as being unbiased and yourself as biased in the same breath.

    The whole point of being a pundit is to accurately predict political outcomes. That’s the only useful reason to be here. The alternative is some form of childish venting or self-accolade. To predict political outcomes, however, we must at least try to divorce ourselves from our personal biases and instead imagine ourselves in the shoes of at least 51% of voters. If we don’t do that work, if we instead express our personal welding to this or that candidate, we start out below even the appearance of being impartially discerning. You advertise yourself as a propagandist when you side with a candidate. And for what? You are one vote. We all are. No individual decides elections. And nobody cares what or who we like. Opinions differ. And atop that, people who frequent a political blog are the least swayable. If you want to collect votes for your favorite candidate, go to a mall.

    Lastly, I agree with the “freaking citations” comment. Footnotes may impress an undergrad TA but here it seems a sophomoric attempt to bolster facts you have already deflated by declaring yourself a biased propagandist. Again, you cannot have it both ways. And since my opinion is worthless compared to those of +51% who vote to screw up my life, I’d much rather we all drop the advocacy and become frosty skeptics. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. It’s the 51% of all assholes we have to worry about. And they don’t share our opinions.

    Your effort is appreciated but we hate to see you wasting ammo. Take a breath and focus. You will score better that way. And this will be more useful.

      • Joshua Lively says:

        Barb –

        Exactly. And that is why I added footnote style citations.

        To all of the “anonymous” commentators… I’m not a journalist and this isn’t a “news source”… it is a blog and political forum. The footnotes are more of a reference so people can go to the source and read more about a specific statement.

    • Joshua Lively says:


      Point taken…. and thank you for the constructive criticism.

      Also, FYSA, I am not a “professional blog moderator”. I am just a guy that was asked to be a contributing writer on this blog (pro bono). In the case of this post, I know both candidates. I actually like Shannon, but that doesn’t negate my worries.

      If you have any points that you want to be discussed… email me at 1776.patriotism@gmail.com

  4. MAMA says:

    Bruce Bartlett, Sept 27, USA Today –
    Tax cut fever: Republican trickle-down theory is lies
    Virtually everything Republicans say about taxes today is a lie. Tax cuts and tax rate reductions will not pay for themselves; they never have. Republicans don’t even believe they will, they are just excuses to slash spending for the poor when revenues collapse and deficits rise.

    Bruce Bartlett, along with Jack Kemp were largely responsible for selling and implementing supply-side economics during the Reagan administration.
    Bartlett served as Vice Chair then Exec Dir of the Joint Economic Committee of Congress in the early 80’s, before being appointed as domestic policy adviser to Ronald Reagan and Treasury official under George H. W. Bush.

    Another name synonymous with failed supply-side economics in both the 80’s and today, is Art Laffer.
    It was Art Laffer, with a hearty assist from Jim Smith’s pals at ALEC (accompanied by screams of trickle-down elation from within Pete’s Platte Institute) that are directly responsible for the devastation of the Kansas economy.

    Dave Heineman desperately tried to follow Kansas down this path to ruin.
    Pete Ricketts and Adrian Smith have repeatedly attempted to follow in Sam Brownbacks footsteps.
    And in order to benefit their 0.2% benefactors, It is this tragically failed Kansas Experiment that Republicans are right now attempting to foist on all of America.

    Despite the still fresh destruction in our neighboring state of Kansas, throughout Nebraska’s 3rd and all across Red State Murrica you’ll see Trumpers rise in the defense of this mugging and plundering by the GOPlutocracy.

    Over the next few weeks you’ll witness Trump’s America cheering their own fleecing.

    Make America Masochistic Again!

    • MAMA's creations says:

      I agree. We should be using the Connecticut or Illinois models.

      And spare us the diatribe about the Republican governor of Connecticut. It took a while for them to be billions in debt.

      Or let’s keep using the tax the business’ approach. And they can keep the pipeline of business’ moving overseas flowing.

      Tax the rich. They don’t have enough and all you will do is have them follow the business’ off shore, which they already do, or pass it on to the middle and lower class.

      It is never about revenue. It is always about expenses.

      This is the system you helped build and perpetuate. It is your baby, embrace what you have created.
      Murrica or the One World under the UN. And we can finance it all.
      Take your choice.

      But first follow your messiah’s example and apologize. Start with, making Trump and making him a winner.

      • What's it mean? Y(ou) A(re) I(telligent) says:

        And that answer makes you what, an intelligent imbecile?

        An educated hick?

        A plain old dunderhead! (Google it.)


      • I'm your daddy says:

        And once again we go down that name calling road that the snowflakes so easily transition to and follow when they have no intelligent response to what must then seem to them is a post of indisputable points of fact.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You have got to be joking. Leavenworth Street cannot really be supporting Rusty never met a tax he did not like Hike. Is this April Fools

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