State of Play

Battle Royal(e)

Taylor Royal is back – this time, for State Treasurer. After spending a small portion of the Royal family fortune on his failed Omaha mayoral race to unseat Jean Stothert, the young man in a hurry is now contesting John Murante for State Treasurer.

To be sure, Murante has a head start endorsements locked up across the state. Governor Pete Ricketts, Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley, Former Governor Kay Orr, Senator Mike Hilgers, Senator Suzanne Geist, Former Senator Colby Coash, Regent Tim Clare, Lincoln City Council Members, Roy Christensen, Jon Camp, and Cyndi Lamm, make the list. All of the Republican members of City Council – Aimee Melton, Brinker Harding, and Rich Pahls – have also already endorsed Murante.

For his part, Taylor Royal can count on Jean Stothert – an alliance forged through necessity.

Speaking of endorsements…

Senator Deb Fischer’s campaign rolled out an impressive list of 500 endorsements last week, ranging from elected officials to party activists and even some Democrats (also noteworthy: Brad Ashford’s father-in-law, Dr. Randy Ferlic joined the list).

While the beltway talking-heads are salivating at the thought of Republican-on-Republican action here in the heartland, Fischer is solid with her conservative base, has strong support in the state party, and has a formidable infrastructure already in place. As Omaha World-Herald columnist Brad Dickinson wrote, “Steve Bannon would reportedly like to find someone to the right of Sen. Deb Fischer to run against her. How would you find someone to the right of Deb Fischer? Exhume Barry Goldwater?”

With friends like these…

Last month, Democrat Senate candidate Jane Raybould scheduled a “big” fundraiser with former Senator Ben Nelson (i.e. the deciding vote on ObamaCare and the father of the Cornhusker Kickback). Raybould’s campaign promoted it through email solicitations and social media, touting it as a marquee event…

Well as it turns, Leavenworth Street has learned fewer than two dozen folks showed up…and to boot, even Senator Nelson didn’t end up making it. Sounds like Raybould’s fundraising is off to a great start.  We’ll all be watching carefully to see what her first FEC report looks like.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

The beloved Unicameral

Has anyone checked out the Legislature’s schedule for next session?  The legislative calendar includes 16 days off, meaning of the 60 days in session, they’re really just working 44.

Our state senators are part-part time legislators and hold real jobs outside of the Unicameral, so you’d think they’d look to make the most of session. Apparently, they’re fine cashing in that $1,000 a month for 44 days of work a year, that is, if they show up.

It used to be that all Senators were present for almost every vote, especially to vote up or down on the Final Reading. Somehow, this current group of legislators also gets a free pass on voting “present” instead of making tough decisions. Isn’t that what they are sent to Lincoln to do? So much for accountability.

That’s not the Nebraska way, that’s a play out of State Senator Obama’s handbook.

Race to the bottom in CD-2

And finally, numbers posted for the Q3 FEC deadline over the weekend in the CD-2 race. Congressman Don Bacon raised a strong $250k for the quarter, setting him up for a solid war chest in the general.

Meanwhile, it seems Brad Ashford and Kara Eastman are competing for third place.  Ashford raised just $125k to Eastman’s $70k in Q3. Where’s Brad’s legendary support from the Omaha business community? Not there yet.

Either way, enthusiasm is low on the Democrats’ side in that race.

Maybe Jane Kleeb will be able to rally the troops… She’s done a great job in the Governor’s race so far!

Of note: Ashford took a $2k check from everyone’s favorite legislator: Nancy Pelosi.


  1. Then there's that says:

    Out of Obama’s handbook..

    What a clueless statement.

    The GOP controlled NE Unicam is simply following in the footsteps of the modern day GOP controlled Congress, which under Republican control can boast of back to back awards for the least productive Congresses in history.

    Here’s a headline for McConnell’s Senate, from McClatchy –
    “Senators are on track to work the fewest days in 60 years”

    Plus, Ricketts buys his legislators/ion now. Why waste time with all the pomp and circumstance?

    • Barb E. Dahl says:

      No, I think the writer was referring to Obama as State Senator, not the Nebraska Unicameral as State Senators. But I certainly agree this analogy was clueless and not only in view of the author’s inability to count sixty calendar days. What exactly does this reference to Obama mean, “That’s not the Nebraska way, that’s a play out of State Senator Obama’s handbook?”
      Is the author saying that by “voting ‘present’ instead of making tough decisions,” that the unicameral is like Obama? ‘Cause if the unicameral is like Obama then this most certainly must be “the Nebraska way!”

      • Paul Harvey says:

        You’re certain to be correct, Barb.
        NE Politico1867 is trotting out an old, ill-informed canard employed by Palin and her ilk when attacking President Obama in 2008.

        In the days prior to the frenzied GOP rallies featuring chants of ‘Lock Her Up’, ‘CNN Sucks’ and a GOPOTUS hopeful inciting acts of violence, we were treated to trolls like Palin and Guilliani who would regularly rouse the ill-informed masses by declaring (in my best Palin-speak):
        ‘Yea, well, you know, Obama, he like voted 130 times ‘present’ while a State Senator. Imagine that, will ya. It was like Christmas every day in Illinois, with all them ‘presents’. Yep. Couldn’t make a decision, that Obama. All wishy-washy, ya know. Not like up in Alaaaska. Nope. ‘Cause in Chicago, ya don’t got Russia always lookin’ at ya. Flyin’ their planes all around and stuff. Obama, he never had to deal with that kind a pressure’.

        A quick FactCheck shows that in his 8 years as a State Senator, the 129 ‘present’ votes by Obama represents a whopping 3% of the roughly 4000 votes he cast.
        And a deeper dive into Illinois politics shows that a ‘present’ vote is a strategy commonly employed by Illinois lawmakers, for a variety of reasons.

        But of course, the truth doesn’t serve to whip the assembled Birthers and Birchers into quite the same frenzy.
        Nope, nuance is something the bottom-trolling, base-whipping GOPapparatchik doesn’t do.

        Also, one could maybe excuse the GOP crowds back in 2008 for not knowing they were being played.
        But it’s been nearly a decade since the ploy was exposed for its deliberate deceitfulness.
        One would think someone who fancies themselves an insider, who goes by NE Politico1867, may have stumbled across this bit of subterfuge by now.

      • Barb E. Dahl says:

        Well thanks for the rest of the story, Paul. I would not have thought to check on the actual number of times Obama did vote ‘present’ while in state senate. But when Obama was President, unlike our current situation, I did not doubt everything our President was saying, thus I would not have cared whether Obama ever voted ‘present.’ Perhaps Trump would vote ‘present’ if he had ever had an opportunity to vote! I’m thinking there must be a strategy for voting present, even in the Nebraska Unicameral and particularly within upwardly mobile politicians.

        At any rate, nothing about that NEPolitico 1867 ‘Obama’ comment makes any sense. Obama is not the President now. And we’re pretty much screwed. ‘Cause if/when we get rid of Trump, we’ll have or risk having Pence! Why the continual carping about Obama? Obama has been the fall-back position on every failed argument I’ve been reading over the past few weeks at this site. And it’s really ridiculous. Where is that J. Lively writer? Bring him back!

  2. Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    The Legislature begins Jan. 3, and runs to April 18th. There are 60 working days scheduled. I’m not sure where the misunderstanding is. The 60 days aren’t Monday thru Friday every week– but they still add up to 60.

  3. Applied Life Skills: Counting Higher Than You Have Fingers and Calendars says:

    NEPolitico 1867, your gross incompetence at even being able to read a calendar is, well, nothing short of stunning.

    Legislative Day 1 is scheduled for Wednesday, January 3, 2018. Legislative Day 60 is scheduled for Wednesday, April 18. The 16 days you reference are Recess Days, clearly identified on the calendar, and do not count toward the 60 day total. If you actually look at the calendar, you will see beneath each date is the number of the “day” of the 60 day session, numbered sequentially 1 through 60.

    The Legislature is scheduled to be in session for a total of 15 calendar weeks, which is 105 calendar days, 60 of which are official “Legislative Days” in which the Legislature will be capable of conducting official business.

    Maybe, before you decide to contribute to a blog about Nebraska unicameral process, you should actually know a few basics; being able to read the calendar notwithstanding.

  4. NEPolitico 1867 says:

    You guys are correct. Recess days are not counted as part of the session days. Appreciate the correction to my mistake.

  5. Please note the passing of a long-time Leavenworth St. commenter, Creighton Law Professor Pat Green, known here commenting as the “repenting lawyer”.

    Green was commenting here on Leavenworth St. as late as early September, and passed away the first week of October.

    He was a Professor of mine at Creighton Law, and was well-known for his brilliance, as well as his love of life. I am happy that he found a place here to use his wit and intelligence on the comment boards.

    He will be missed.
    Requiescat in pace.
    -Jerry Kratochvil a/k/a Street Sweeper

    • NE Voter says:

      Thanks for noting this, Sweeper. Here is the cut-and-paste of one man’s FB acknowledgment of his death:


      There is so much I would like to say about this, but I will leave it here.

      In the Autumn of 1992, I was one of about 100 first year law student’s in Pat’s then-required/now-elective Jurisprudence course at the Creighton University School of Law. Like all of our professors, Pat expected us to read about 50-100 pages of caselaw each night to prepare for the next day’s class.
      From the start, his Jurisprudence lecture hall was a swirling mixture of bewilderment, panic and (occasionally) scorn, because Pat’s classroom exercises seemed to have no relationship to the material we were reading.

      A few weeks into the semester, in a quiet moment of frustration, I realized what Pat was doing: He WAS covering the material — Except he was exposing it to us as parables taken from his practice, his life, his reading and his innumerable personal interests. A private epiphany that I will never forget.

      Like the invisible dark matter that binds the universe, Pat showed me that the blunt instruments of the law unite us in our common humanity, the shared sheet music of life’s strange, sweet symphony. As he leaves us, we can all be assured that, in the hereafter, the holding in Braesch v. Union Insurance Company now will properly extend the tort of bad faith to third-parties.

      A luminous mind. The stars look very different today — And I thank you for that, Professor Green.

  6. Elmer's gantry says:

    Of course.
    Bannon’s brazenly extremist winger in Nebraska – Chuck Herbster.

    Herbster’s is a name you won’t find on Fischers list of 500 endorsements.

    Imagine of the carnage a duo like Herbster and Alabama’s Roy Moore could unleash on our democracy.
    Watching the Senate on CSPAN-2 would be like an all new season of American Horror Story.
    American Horror Story, Season 8 – Return of the Crusades!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Leavenworth St. loses so much credibility when they just listen to gossip from Linda Anderson, as if she’s some big insider. Linda has a problem with Jane Raybould just because Jane and others wouldn’t support her candidate Maggie Squires because she wouldn’t quit talking incessantly about pot.

  8. Willful dereliction of duty says:

    Don Bacon was on Drive Time Lincoln yesterday afternoon with Coby Mach.

    It’s shocking how little Don Bacon knows about health insurance and our healthcare system.
    1/6th of the American economy. And Don’s knowledge o fit can fit on a 3×5 card, reading “Hell Yes!”.
    It’s quite possible Don Bacon knows less about healthcare than even Donald Trump.

    Throughout the interview, what seemed to most vital to Rep Bacon is an overwhelming need to spend more money on the military.
    The U.S. just passed one of the largest military budgets in the history of the planet.
    $700 billion.
    Our total defense budget (adding in NSA, Dept Homeland Security etc..) is $824 Billion.

    $824 Billion dollars, for one year, fiscal ’18.

    Yet the issue most concerning to Don Bacon is that the Democratic party won’t joyously embrace spending even more money on outdated machines or war and military installments spanning the globe. Don is angered that Democrats won’t eagerly support funneling more billions in deficit dollars to a Military Industrial Complex that has grown so gargantuan as to be, literally, unauditable!!.
    An tax dollar-suck so massive and convoluted that no one can tell you what the money is for and where it goes!!
    Yet ‘Fiscal Conservative’ Don Bacon said what he finds most distressing is that that every time he and his ‘fiscally conservative’ cohorts demand more money for our beleaguered, rag-tag military, the Democratic party insists on talking about stuff like rolling back the GOP’s cuts to Head Start.

    Cuts to Head Start, school lunches for impoverished children, Meals on Wheels for the elderly and infirmed, assistance to working families who struggle to heat their homes, the elimination of subsidies that help America’s working poor, farm families and independent businesses afford health insurance.
    You know, all that wasteful stuff the GOP insists must eliminate. Cause ‘fiscal conservatism’.

    Of course Don and Coby didn’t discuss the business right now before Congress – a GOP budget that
    1) $500 Billion in cuts to Medicare
    2) $1 Trillion in cuts to Medicaid
    3) $1.5 Trillion added directly to our debt in order to fund the largest cut in history, benefiting almost exclusively the top 1%.

    Here’s a clue for ya, Don and Coby.
    In a Kaiser poll taken only 7 days ago –
    71% of Americans want the Trump administration (that’s YOU, Don) to make the Affordable Care Act work rather than make it fail.
    The plurality of Republicans want the Trump administration (that’s YOU, Don) to make the Affordable Care Act work rather than make it fail.

      • You're all better than this says:

        “{the intent of the 71% answer}”

        So from your magically imbued chair you can divine the intent of the 1,215 adults polled (369 D, 330 R, 378 Independent) by the Kaiser Family Foundation?

        A poll specifically inquiring about their thoughts related to – the Affordable Care Act?

        There used to be a time when Republicans would at least feign an attempt at informed dialogue. When they made an effort to postulate a defense that included at least a kernel of reason at it’s core.

        Now, like the drivel you’ve offered. it’s little more than a grunt.

        That’s truly sad.
        The majority of Republicans remain thoughtful, informed, otherwise engaged members of society. Welcomed neighbors and friends.
        Why are they allowing this lunatic faction to destroy our country?
        Why do they remain silent?

  9. Does a primitive GOP ever discover the monolith? says:

    Oct 13, 2017 –
    Two Coal Plants Close in Texas, as Trump Admin Pushes Pro-Coal Agenda
    Vistra cited a familiar litany of causes, including “sustained low wholesale power prices, an oversupplied renewable generation market, and low natural gas prices, along with other factors.”

    More than half the nation’s coal plants have now closed since 2010.
    The trend has been accelerating this year, with 14 coal plants announcing retirement so far, it (Sierra Club) noted — meaning that “the country is moving away from coal faster since Trump was inaugurated than during the prior six years of the Obama administration.”

    And despite this, well known, immutable march of energy technologies, August 7, 2017, New York magazine –
    Trump Moves to Increase Subsidy for Coal Mining on Federal Lands

    Any day now I expect to see the headlines that Republicans are seeking to pass a ‘jobs bill’ funneling tax payer dollars to the Buggy Whip and Bloodletting industries.
    Don Bacon is certain to be a “Hell Yes!”
    And soon Limbaugh will be touting the new courses being offered by Hillsdale College, in Alchemy.

    Does the tax dollar waste, the wanton ignorance and the flim-flammery ever get so profound, so.. in-your-face, that Republicans finally begin to see the light?

  10. George 'Tombstone' Bush steps forward says:

    Belts out a warning for Trumpers all across the nation –
    ‘You tell them I’m coming and hell’s coming with me!’

    Boo-f**king-ya Mr. President!

    • GW's had enough of you loons says:

      But it’s likely, all for naught.
      Hannity was just on the radio assuring his Dotard legions that GW’s speech was actually a slap at.. Obama.

      You see, what GW and others fail to understand is that Trump Republicans are ’round-the-bend, batshite crazy. It’s the only way someone could continue to believe a single word our Chuckle-Head-In-Chief utters.
      Crazy, and totally devoid of principles.

      • Silence of the Lambs says:

        Thoughts –
        Congresswoman Frederica Wilson was riding in a funeral car attempting to console the broken and grieving widow of U.S. Special Forces, Green Beret Sgt. LaDavid Johnson.
        In the car with the grieving Gold Star mother were her two newly fatherless children, 6 and 2.

        They were headed to Miami International Airport where the corpse of her husband, encased in a flag draped coffin, would soon be unloaded.
        We’ve learned that Immediately prior to Trump’s phone call the widow of Sgt. Johnson, she had been informed that her husband would not be able to have an open-casket funeral, because of the condition of the body. (One could easily imagine that she had asked if she would be able to see her husband, one last time)
        As the story unfolds, the reason for the closed casket becomes clear.
        You see, when French forces and a private contractor flew in to rescue/recover these American Special Forces soldiers who had been ambushed by ISIS fighters, they left Sgt. LaDavid Johnson behind.

        For two days.

        It was two days after the rescue and recovery by French-lead forces, that Nigerian troops finally discovered the body of Green Beret Sgt. Johnson.

        It was 12 days after these four Green Beret soldiers were killed by ISIS fighters that your president even acknowledged their death.
        And in his acknowledgement, your mentally unstable president, for some reason, felt compelled to crassly strike out at former President Obama.

        Where are all the loon Benghazi-Benghazi!! obsessives now?
        Any interest at all?

      • bynd says:

        ‘What difference, at this point, does it make?

        ’round-the-bend, batshite crazy, RFLMBO.
        But yet they defeated you and the queen which would make you dumber than them.

        batshite crazy is someone who keeps posting like you do and thinks you are doing something noble or constructive.


      • Silence of the Lambs says:

        Another thought on Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson.

        Chief of Staff John Kelly’s, uncalled for, highly public attack of Congresswoman Wilson has been proven to be a lie.

        Here’s ya go, Florida’s Sun-Sentinel, Oct 20, 2017 –
        Full video of Frederica Wilson’s 2015 FBI speech shows John Kelly got it wrong

        Why is it that Trump has a way of demeaning everyone unfortunate enough to associate with him?

      • Silence of the Lambs says:

        Another thought on Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson.

        The deceased U.S. Special Forces soldier who was left behind in Niger

        – for two days –

        Green Beret Sgt. LaDavid Johnnson, had known Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson most of his life. Ms. Wilson had known the Johnson family for decades.
        As it turns out, Special Forces Sgt. Johnson was an proud alumnus of the 5,000 Role Models of Excellence Project, a mentoring program founded by Frederica Wilson, 24 years ago.
        A program determined to break the cycle of poverty by encouraging and aiding minority youth to pursue vocational training, college education or military careers among other fields.
        Sgt. Johnson’s brothers were also among the alumni of Congresswoman Wilson’s 5,000 Role Models of Excellence Project. One brother received a full scholarship to Bethune Cookman College and the other is training to become a firefighter.

        Q: Would you feel better is Congresswoman stamped MAGA on her hats?
        Cause Congresswoman Wilson has actually been doing the hard work of making America great again for decades.

      • 60/160 says:

        Through the decades, there have those who have proclaimed themselves the moral arbiter of all things American. Jerry Falwell, Fred Phelps, Samuel Parris to name just a few.

        And what does Lstreet get? For all we know, but strongly suspect, a wacko from the state institution from Beatrice. If you can’t put your name out there while claiming to be the most moral person on earth, then opinion is less than worthless.

        And by the, tell us the difference between you and Trump? Because we see none by your posting on here.

      • Trumpism is a blight on America says:


        Why reach back to the 1600’s for a story of crazed (or grifting) religious folk, when you can pull up a headline straight from from today’s news –

        Trump-Linked Pastor: Hollywood Is Full Of Satanists Who Drink Children’s Blood
        “The human sacrifice and the cannibalism has been going on for years.”

        This is a direct quote from Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, who your president* Donald Trump, invited into the White House and into Oval Office on Monday, July 10th, for a “laying on the hands” ceremony.

        Howard-Browne went on to say:
        “Many of the Hollywood actors that you go see on a screen, what you don’t know, they bring a witch, they do a big seance right there on the set and they worship devils and they allow devils to come into them before they take the part of what they’re going to act,” he said. “It’s a fact what I am telling you.”

      • color them cowards says:

        you are a blight on a horse’s arse


        You really are that moronic aren’t you? The point is, even the names you gave, have the courage to put their name to what they do and believe in. You are a coward compared to them despite the fact they may be the lowest of the lowest.

        Like I stated, you might as well be an inmate from Beatrice for all the cred you carry. A true cowardly snowflake.

        And before you even write it, if I am your standard for your character, you must think very highly of me. Which is not a complement from a lack standards person like you.

  11. Alt Blight says:

    Three white nationalists who came out to support white nationalist Richard Spencer’s Thursday speech at the University of Florida were arrested and charged with attempted murder after shooting at protesters,

    The three men pulled up in a car and yelled out “Hail Hitler” before jumping out brandishing a handgun screaming “I’m going to fucking kill you”, then firing on the protestors.

    Two of the white nationalists arrested were known to have attended previous white nationalist events, including the violent, torch wielding rally in Charlottesville, Virginia where counter-protester Heather Heyer was killed and many others were injured when white nationalist James Fields plowed his car into them.

    Ho-hum, another day in Trump’s Murrica.

    • color them cowards says:

      That would include the Redneck revolt or YDAS. Looks like the progressives become more and more like those you accuse everyday.

      The left has done a good job radicalizing juggalos, weebs, furries, but I will not rest until ‘hXc’ stands for hang+Xterminate capitalists,” the club wrote Oct. 4 in a since-deleted tweet.

      Or the professor who said that the progressives should arm themselves.

      This would be the progressives race to the bottom of murica. Small m intentional.

      Look in a mirror, you are them. LOL

      • Oracle says:

        bynd, there are nuts on both sides of the spectrum. Unlike you, I can count. There are multiple magnitudes more on the right. Stop your idiotic false equivalencies. YAI.

      • an answer to SDTAI says:

        For once you may be right. But then, your side is catching up rapidly since Trump released your inner Neanderthal.

        Just like you with your incomplete defense, such is your crumbling party also.

        Pay attention, you folks are about to take over the number 1 spot from the alt right.

        But as I always like to point out, your inability to write the whole truth is amusing and entertaining. If not a little boorish in a child like way.

        That would make you, the SDTAI inmate from Beatrice. Glad to see you can get the straight jacket removed every once and awhile to continue proving, you still are not safe to be released.

        Really, no adult would post YAI time after time, after time, after time. Unless of course, that is the extent of your education or mental capacity. Oh well, maybe you do get the message.


  12. No. 9, No. 9 says:

    If you have Sara Howard’s survey you might as well toss it and she will saved you the price of a stamp, and you will have no less input

  13. Trump is a blight on America says:

    @SenBobCorker 2 hours ago
    Same untruths from an utterly untruthful president. #AlertTheDaycareStaff

  14. Trumpism is a blight on America says:

    And it’s not just Bob Corker (or John McCain, or George W Bush. or Jeff Flake, or Lindsay Graham, or..)

    Here’s Trey Gowdy, of Benghazi-Benghazi!! fame, in yesterday’s New York magazine:
    Republican Investigator Trey Gowdy Stops Pretending, Admits ‘This Is Politics’

    an article concluding with:
    The sheen of Congressional legitimacy is just one more governing norm Republicans have cast aside in the Trump era.

  15. two sides, same coin says:

    Mueller widens investigation to include Podestas.

    Meanwhile, Fusion GPS, the firm behind the controversial anti-Trump dossier, has gone to court to block Congress from getting its bank records after its representatives pleaded the Fifth in a Capitol Hill appearance last week.

    • Grasping at straws says:

      You, Hannity, Breitbart, Alex Jones and the rest of the conspiracy addled, uranium baked kooks don’t have what you think you have.

      John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager, last worked for The Podesta Group, 24 years ago.

      The Chairman of the Podesta Group is Tony Podesta.
      The CEO of the Podesta Group is Kimberley Fritts, known to be “a fixture in Republican politics”. Fritts pledged her allegiance to and worked for the Jeb Bush campaign in 2016.

      The Podesta Group, who’s clients include WalMart, BP, Merck, Nestle, Raytheon and others, is being investigated by Mueller specifically for work they did on behalf of Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort.

      We on the left continue to applaud Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s assault on our election process, no matter where it leads.
      We encourage Mueller to Lock Them All Up. And if that happens to include Tony Podesta, who gives a f**k?

      • robotic apologetics says:

        So when it is family connections on the Republican side, that is proof positive that they are in collusion together. Not so much when on the progressive side. LOL

        Can you actually keep track of all the double standards you have in your life?

        How amusing and quint.

  16. Swamp-a-licious says:

    $300m Puerto Rico Recovery Contract Awarded to Tiny Utility Company Linked to Major Trump Donor
    “Whitefish Energy Holdings, which had a reported staff of only two full-time employees when Hurricane Maria touched down, appears ill-equipped to handle the daunting task of restoring electricity to Puerto Rico’s more than 3 million residents..

    ..Whitefish Chief Executive Officer Andy Techmanski is friends with Trump administration Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. Moreover, Whitefish is located in Zinke’s hometown of Whitefish, Montana.”

    • the rest of the story says:

      Three hundred Whitefish Energy employees and subcontractors have temporarily relocated to Puerto Rico from all over the United States mainland. Whitefish Energy is mobilizing an additional 700 people to support the critical mission of restoring power to Puerto Rico as quickly as possible. Cision

      Whitefish Energy Holdings, LLC today announced its continued support of the Puerto Rico power restoration mission with the formal approval and ratification by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) Board of Governors of the company’s $300 million agreement with PREPA.

      We realize in your world it takes a bloated bureaucracy to do anything. But in the real, not so much.

      So in your world, one day the President is having a twitter war with the leadership of Puerto Rico and the next they are hiring his buddies.

      X files, the Lstreet version.

      • Swamp Creatures says:

        That’s impressive bynd, you found a press release on Whitefish Energy’s web site.
        A press release that in no way refutes the information I presented.

        The deal absolutely reeks of graft.
        How about telling us why is the U.S. Government – Mom & Pop Taxpayer – should funnel $300 million worth of business through the hands (pockets) of the friends of Donald Trump and Ryan Zinke?

        Oh.. I forgot, you’ve spent a lifetime on the government dole.
        This is all just business as usual.

      • Swamp Creatures says:

        The $300 million Whitefish Energy contract sets hourly rates at $330 for site supervisors and $227 for journeyman linemen, with rates even higher for subcontractors: $462 per hour for supervisors and $319 for linemen.
        It also includes $332 nightly fees for each worker and $80 a day for food.

        Bend over Mom & Pop Taxpayer, team Trump and his mobbed-up cronies are gonna give it to ya good.

        America can’t fund meals for our impoverished school children or our elderly and infirmed, but if ya’s knows the right people. Donny Two Scoops, he’ll be sure to take care o’ ya.

      • Oracle says:

        bynd, why don’t you read the whole story. The Washington Post has a good write up. Then if you still cling to the belief that Whitefish was the best company for the job, and didn’t get it solely because of its connections to the Trump Administration, then YAI.

      • bynd says:

        To the creature form the blakc lagoon. Or can we just say, swamp goon,

        What is a living wage in Puerto Rico? And really, prove your fake facts are true. And you didn’t, gasp, get those figures from web site did you. And how much should it cost. Imagine that, you don’t have a freaking idea. But I’ll bet it is a lot less than Obama and his AG shook down legit business’ for while giving the money to non government entities. All with no judicial proceedings. Business as usual. Obama refined government graft to an unknown height.

        And please keep paying those taxes. I plan on living a long time. And don’t forget, your favorite community organizer spent a life time at the government pig trough doing a lot less than ordinary federal employees. And earning an outrageous pension and other expenses paid retirement. Now htat is gaming the system.

        Or ass cle.

        One story from the WA Po and you are heads over heels hysterically trying to show off your new intelligence. Isn’t that a web site? You got your info form a web site. And who were the sources? Who confirmed it? What should it have cost? You don’t have any freaking idea. Imagine that.

        Do you help Sparkles with his nefarious behind the door debauchery?

        You make look me like an absolute genius. And you’re still DTAI. RFLMAO

  17. Da bodies are in De Basement says:

    moments ago –

    “He’s obviously not going to rise to the occasion as president,” Corker said. “I think at the end of the day, when his term is over, I think the debasing of our nation, the constant non-truth-telling, just the name-calling ― I think the debasement of our nation will be what he’ll be remembered most for. And that’s regretful.”

      • Jung at heart says:

        Wrong again, anon.

        Roughly 32% of America doesn’t care.

        Coincidentally, the exact same percent of Americans the DSM-5 states can be clinically labeled: morons.

  18. A party too depraved, too batshite crazy says:

    Jeff Flake is out –

    “There may not be a place for a Republican like me in the current Republican climate or the current Republican Party,” Flake said in an interview with the Arizona Republic.

    “Here’s the bottom line: The path that I would have to travel to get the Republican nomination is a path I’m not willing to take, and that I can’t in good conscience take,” he said in the interview. “It would require me to believe in positions I don’t hold on such issues as trade and immigration and it would require me to condone behavior that I cannot condone.”

      • A party too depraved, too batshite crazy says:

        No, it’s you who are the RINO, anon.
        I was a Republican most of my life. It is you halfwits, know-nothings and knuckledraggers who drove me from the party, just as they have driven millions from the party. Just as they have driven Corker and Flake from service.

        Flake took to floor of the Senate to proclaim:
        “When the next generation asks us, ‘Why didn’t you do something? Why didn’t you speak up?’ What are we going to say? Mr. President, I rise today to say, enough,” Flake said.
        “We have fooled ourselves long enough that a pivot to governing is right around the corner, a return to civility and stability right behind it.
        We know better than that. By now we all know better than that.”

        “We must stop pretending that the conduct of some in our executive branch are normal. They are not normal. Reckless, outrageous and undignified behavior has been excused as ‘telling it like it is’ when it is actually just reckless, outrageous, and undignified,” Flake said. “And when such behavior emanates from the top of our government, it is something else.
        It is dangerous to a democracy.”

      • bynd says:

        A party too depraved, too batshite crazy

        It is dangerous to a democracy.”It is you halfwits, know-nothings and knuckledraggers

        Who know we are not a democracy. Is it true you are in the sexual deviant section of Beatrice?

      • Psych Ward says:

        You have an unhealthy fixation with aberrent sex, don’t you bynd.

        Maybe it was all that time spent in your little booth, overlooking the frigid and barren North Dakota plains, guarding our nuclear arsenal from the perils of a prairie dog invasion.

        You know, bynd, they pick only the cream of the crop, the brightest and most finely honed warriors for such a critical assignment.

      • bynd says:

        Psych Ward,

        Boy, I must have hit a real nerve and gotten to close to home with the truth about your family life.

        Or have the Russians now made it to Lstreet?


  19. Surpassing even Nixon's debauchery says:

    Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General and acting United States Attorney General –

    @SallyQYates 7 hours ago
    We can’t let POTUS’s complete indifference to truth become ours. Constant barrage may be exhausting, but normalizing it is too dangerous.

  20. Don't let the door................ says:

    Sasse now has a blueprint for what to say in 2020, when things aren’t “normal”, establishment for status quo

    • our own little progressive trump says:

      That one man is the mental midget you embrace as your special amigo –

      Actually truth be revealed, he’s your twin brother.

      You both ducked serving your country. His twitter posts and your posts on here could be written by the same person. He belittles McCain, you belittle the armed forces serving in this country. The people and their families who sacrifice for the asses like you so you can be…..well…an ass. He’s a moron who tells half the story and that description fits you to tee. He calls those who don’t agree with him all sorts of names, you do it also. He likes to think he is intelligent and so do you. (PS the dirty little secret is, your IQs match perfectly at the lower end of the IQ scale.) He’s got his sycophant supporters. You have Oracle, the YAI sycophant. He’s got orange hair, you hide your looks. Why is that? He’s got a great looking, intelligent wife and very intelligent and good looking kids. You have, well, I guess you’re embarrassed to write or talk about yours. Does your wife even know you post on here and what you post? Or do you hide from her like you hide from us? Heck, do you even have a family? He has little hands, your mind matches his hands. We can only assume the rest of you is flawed like your mind, otherwise, why would you be so angry all the time? Ohh I forgot, you’re like Trump.

      etcetera etcetra.

      We could on and on, but everyone gets the gist. You and Trump, two peas in a pod. No wonder he controls your every waking moment and is so far into your head, you are truly afraid, you really are him!

    • Here's a clue says:

      Much of the Steele dossier has since been corroborated.

      Robert Mueller’s team found the dossier compelling enough to have recently traveled to Europe to interview the veteran British intelligence officer who compiled the information.

      Investigations like the those leading to the Steele dossier have been standard practice in every major political campaign for decades.
      The Steele dossier was originally commissioned by Republican operatives seeking dirt on the Donald.
      After their primary defeat the Republican group who originally funded the the research ended their effort/funding. The compiled research and a continued investigation was then picked up by the Clinton campaign in the spring of ’16.

      John McCain is a savvy veteran of the game. John McCain was duped by nothing and owes nobody an apology.

      It is you who are clueless.

      And information in the dossier may still aid in bringing to a welcomed end to the insanity that is Donald Trump as POTUS.
      Hours ago, from a former Clinton spokesman:
      “I have no idea what Fusion or Steele were paid but if even a shred of that dossier ends up helping Mueller, it will prove money well spent,”

      • Anonymous says:

        Americans likely owe the Clinton campaign some kind of vast national, public thank you since their decision to fund the Fusion GPS/Steele research likely played a key role in blocking the ‘grand bargain’ and policy payoffs to Russia which Trump was hoping to make in January and February of this year.

        It was July that the Senate and House defied Trump and passed significant sanctions against Russia for their unprecedented meddling in our election.
        The Senate vote was 98-2 and the House passed the measure by a vote of 419-3.
        Trump rose to the defense of his bff Vlad, calling the new law an overreach by Congress and sending the message to Moscow that this wasn’t his idea. yet he had no choice but to the sign the veto-proof bill.

        Yet, in defiance of Congress and the Constitution, Trump continues to gently fondle hos pal Vlad’s gonads – from Monday’s Daily Beast –
        Congress: Trump Won’t Implement Russia Sanctions—and He Won’t Tell Us Why

  21. Sorry Charlie says:

    but there’s only one person on the planet threatening to again bring harm to Nebraska’s economy by dismantling yet another free trade agreement, this time America’s free trade pact with South Korea. (SS retweeted Charles Herbster’s op-ed)
    That one man is the mental midget you embrace as your special amigo –
    Sep 6, 2017, NPR – Trump Pledges To Withdraw From U.S.-South Korea Trade Agreement.

    The same inept buffoon who is right now in the process of shredding another trade agreement vital to Nebraska’s ag-based economy, NAFTA.
    Oct 17, Vanity Fair – Even Trump’s Delegates think his NAFTA Demands Are Ridiculous
    Over the past week, several reports have suggested that Trump has been pushing demands that are complete non-starters for Mexico and Canada..

    And two days ago, Oct 23, from the notably conservative Hoover Institute at Stanford University –
    The Looming NAFTA Disaster
    Trump’s position is particularly galling because of the total discontinuity between his approach on domestic and foreign economic issues.

    This is the same mental midget who has already brought immense harm to Nebraska’s farm families by terminating the Trans Pacific Partnership. We’ll let the folks at the Nebraska Farm Bureau detail the carnage, courtesy of the Jan 23, 2017, Grand Island Independent –
    .. the deal was the cornerstone of Obama’s attempt to counter China’s influence in Asia, the agreement had strong support from many of Nebraska’s agricultural organizations.

    Steve Nelson, Nebraska Farm Bureau president, said his organization was disappointed with Trump’s decision.

    “The TPP reflected a major opportunity for the farmers and ranchers who grow and raise Nebraska’s top commodities,” Nelson said. “Over $150 million or nearly 40 percent of Nebraska’s projected increase in sales of agriculture products under TPP would have come from the sale of Nebraska beef into TPP countries. Nebraska pork producers would have also seen growth opportunities with Nebraska pork sales statewide expanding by more than $39 million annually. Finally, our corn and soybean farmers would have seen annual growth of over $76 million and $34 million, respectively.”

    Economic analysis conducted by Nebraska Farm Bureau last year showed that virtually every county in Nebraska would have benefited from the agreement with the state projected to see agricultural cash receipts increase by more than $378 million annually.

    • bynd says:

      Nero fiddles while his Rome burns. RFLMBO

      Since you have no idea what is going to be negotiated, and NAFTA is 23 years old, why don’t you try and bring up something relevant.

      Let’s talk about your illegitimate Presidential candidate who couldn’t even win by cheating.

      Or the misogynists and pedophiles who fund you and your party. Or the collusion with Russian puppets.

      You’re beyond batshit++ crazy. You truly have given up your soul for the party. Not a shred of honesty or integrity left. Party over soul and integrity.

      Like I said, keep posting. Anything you have posted about the other side pales in comparison to the perverts, fraud producing, pedophiles, illegitimate candidates of you and your party.

      You’re below the pond scum for supporting the pond scum. And it is a deep pond with more yet to come.

      Mueller is not your friend.

      But keep watching the shiny object. continue RFLMBO

      • Oracle says:

        Starting to feed sorry for bynd. He appears to be off his meds. I’ll hold off on the YAIs for a bit.

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