One Year Away

NE-02 Leaning Republican

It is widely known that General Don Bacon was the only Republican challenger to defeat an incumbent Democrat in a House race last year. This was no small feat.

Now, despite organized “resistance” movements on the left claiming NE-02 will be moving into the blue column in 2018, Roll Call has released their Top 10 Most Vulnerable list… and Rep Bacon isn’t on it. In fact, Roll Call and other national publications now have this district as “leaning Republican.”

The 2016 race, characterized as a toss-up by most pollsters, was clear evidence of how Brad Ashford’s constituents felt about him.  If that lesson wasn’t clear enough after the loss, it should be now based on Ashford’s dismal fundraising efforts – when your fundraising is compared to Omaha’s panhandling, you know there’s a problem.

Now, voters are starting to get a realistic view of the 2018 race, and it does not bode well for Democrats: Ashford’s constant pandering and flip-flopping on positions, his inability to raise money, and the result of the Mayor’s race earlier this year mean the Democrat Establishment’s favored candidate is going to have a rough time. As a former member of Congress, Brad should have easily been able to reach $225k in Q3, and coming in at a paltry $125k says more about his support and chances than he likely realizes.

Other issues from Ashford’s past are in the news again lately… The streetcar project that forced out Ashford now seems to be gaining momentum; Brad’s past support of cutting corporate tax rates and eliminating the estate tax are a stark contrast to the views of many Democrats; and for his 68th birthday (Nov 10), his devoted wife Ann has been running a social media blitz in an apparent attempt to “humanize” him to the district and ask for money.

One possible bright spot for the Democrats this cycle is Kara Eastman, who has done relatively well with grassroots support thus far. While the national party has seemingly abandoned her in favor of Ashford (Bernie all over again), she claims to have the backing of local Democrats, unions, and other groups that could propel her past Ashford’s PAC money. It remains unknown whether she is truly ready for a Congressional campaign, but by remaining true to her principles she offers Democrats something Ashford seemingly does not.

Regardless, Rep Bacon’s “energizer bunny” style of governing is earning him strong support in the community, especially among veterans and college-aged political newcomers. With one year to go until election day, it is becoming abundantly clear why national publications are removing Bacon and NE02 from their list of vulnerable incumbents.


  1. General Bacon is a strong, conservative that Omaha needs at the federal level to help Make America Great Again! He will destroy any liberal who tries to match up with him at the polls.

  2. WTF Nebraskans says:

    Ashford is a shiddy candidate.
    As a Democrat, I’m embarrassed our party can’t easily put forth 3 or 4 better candidates.

    And “Energizer Bunny” is an apt depiction of Bacon.
    Mindlessly banging a Trumper Drum, no matter how much harm the GOP policies he blindly parrots will visit on Nebraskans and our nation.
    Bacon certainly seems affable and sincere, but he’s proven wholly unqualified for the job.
    But – Ashford is neither affable, nor sincere, nor does he seem to possess any core convictions – in addition to being wholly unqualified for the job.

    A victory for the GOP, but not for NE02 or Nebraskans.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is a waste of keystrokes talking about 2D possibly being lost by Bacon. The Dem plan is to pump Brad full of more embalming fluid.

  4. case history says:

    The only question is when and how Bacon skips a few grades into House leadership. Locke’s comment about “style of governing” is inapplicable for most who show up and vote. Bacon however was interning for congress before he went to OCS. He came to this from outside politics but has been planning this for decades. He and Trump. Such men won’t telegraph their negotiative intents, we will know it when we see it. I find, for example, the Sasse and Fischer mix a more telling situation.

    Fisher says the legislative process is “slow and tedious, but through patience, tenacity, and hard work, it’s possible to move important policy changes across the finish line.” And she does it indeed.

    Vanderbilt/UV Center for Effective Lawmaking rates Fischer the 13th most effective Senator at passing her agenda, Sasse 95th. Maybe Sasse is too new. Maybe he hates lawmaking on principle. We did some digging. – Turns out, Fischer tops her 2012 Senate freshmen class, including Cruz (47th), Warren (78th) and Kaine (81st). Deb’s nearest classmate is a distant 28th. Conversely, Sasse is anchorman for his 2014 freshman classmates who today span from 15th down to 94th; one nearly as good as Deb, another nearly as bad as Ben, but not quite. If we combine both classes, nobody is as effective as Fischer or as unproductive as Sasse. Thus, Sasses’ failure isn’t because he is new. Neither is he mirroring, say, Justice Thomas’ refusal to legislate from the bench. Ben’s job is law making. He doesn’t do it. Not even for Nebraskans. But he has time to write and sell books. – Sasse floated into the Senate as 1 of 12 Republicans in a class of 13. Fischer fought her way in as 1 of only 3 GOPers in her class of 12. That difference shows in her performance and in his.

    Sasse is either impatient, lazy or distracted. Probably distracted by Trump’s job. Ben wants it. And to get it he mirrors Hagel as the top critic of a GOP President he hopes to replace. He is betting that his own GOP president fails and Americans then suffer. Yet, unlike Hagel, Sasse isn’t doing his own Senate job. The fact that a mild grade school teacher is running circles around the DC professor in matters of actual Senate power adds a chuckle.

    • Worthless Ben says:

      Interesting. Ben Sasse has met my expectations. Many said during the the election, who is this republican “establishment”, Ben Sasse is it, bred and trained, met with glowing articles from even Breitbart, and the talk of higher office with the same resume” as another empty suit who succeeded.
      The big fake smile contains his big mouth and is aptly deserves POTUS tag as the gym rat, running capital steps like Rocky. as he ran from the republican gathering telling all without his babble to go to hell.

  5. case history says:

    Rather, he like Trump. Not he and Trump. Generals and real estate moguls don’t move in same circles. These men have different personalities. But they and a few others play chess long range. It pays not to under estimate anyone in or seeking power.

    • Barb E. Dahl says:

      And don’t overestimate those seeking power either. ‘Cause they usually want power for ill-gotten purposes rather than the good of the commonweal. It’s not as though we have candidates clamoring for statesmanship! Our candidates seek power to get more money; money to buy more power. This is why term limits make sense. Bacon and Sasse should not be planning years and years in D.C. “Citizen legislators” becoming “career politicians.” Therein lies the source of the problem.

      • anon says:

        You have 3 lines of Clinton, and two of Trump. Don’t know about Bacon yet, but Sasse is spot-on.
        Trump is the closest thing in generationsyou are going to see something different, close to a 3rd party. Bushes and Clintons will be back, but then you are being facetious anyway

      • Yersinia Pestis says:

        “something different”

        Which is exactly what they said when discovering the body of the first victim of the bubonic plague, aka The Black Death.
        A “something different” that would, ironically, kill approximately 32 – 35% of Europe’s people.

      • Don Bacon says:

        I do support term limits and am a cosponsor for it. We need successful folks who then run for elected offices vice successful career politicians.

    • History Lesson says:

      case history,
      Here’s the tool you imagine to be playing “long range chess” (with none other than Don Bacon).

      Yesterday –
      Donald Trump, the president* of the United States, in a speech before Japanese auto makers:
      “Try building your cars in the United States instead of shipping them over. Is that possible to ask? That’s not rude. Is that rude? I don’t think so,”

      The Japanese have been building cars in America for 35 years.

      March 31, 1985, New York Times –
      Last Tuesday, with a couple of high school bands providing the fanfare and dozens of dignitaries in attendance, the first Sentra subcompact car rolled off the assembly line at the Nissan Motor Manufacturing Company’s plant in Smyrna, Tenn. The ceremony marked Nissan’s debut as the third member in the growing ranks of Japanese auto companies with made-in-America cars.

      It was 1982 that the Honda Accord became the first Japanese car built in the United States at Honda’s newly constructed Marysville, Ohio plant.

      June 1, 2016, Columbus (Ohio) Business First –
      Japan’s big 3 automakers built more cars in U.S. than Detroit 3 last year
      Three out of every four Japanese cars and trucks sold in the U.S. are built in North America.
      26 manufacturing plants located throughout America built 3.85 million ‘Japanese’ cars/trucks, exporting 417,699 units from the U.S. in 2015.

      The Kawasaki plant in Lincoln, opened in 1974, directly employs more than 2000 Nebraskans.

      • Bluejay says:

        According to Dr. James Hansen, formerly of NASA, the Earth should have burned up or NYC should have been flooded years ago. Explain that science, dude.

      • Anonymous says:

        New York – flooded.
        New Orleans – flooded.
        Houston – flooded.
        Florida – scoured, flooded.
        Puerto Rico – scoured.

        Science enough for a lawyer?

      • Bluejay says:

        NYT, June 24, 1988 on Dr. James Hansen’s Congressional testimony.

        “If the current pace of the buildup of these gases continues, the effect is likely to be a warming of 3 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit from the year 2025 to 2050, according to these projections. This rise in temperature is not expected to be uniform around the globe but to be greater in the higher latitudes, reaching as much as 20 degrees, and lower at the Equator.

        The rise in global temperature is predicted to cause a thermal expansion of the oceans and to melt glaciers and polar ice, thus causing sea levels to rise by one to four feet by the middle of the next century. Scientists have already detected a slight rise in sea levels. At the same time, heat would cause inland waters to evaporate more rapidly, thus lowering the level of bodies of water such as the Great Lakes.“

        One to four feet. Pal, your side has been massively wrong for 30 years and still can’t admit your error.

      • Bluejay says:

        And this. 2011 Journal of Costal Research.

        “Our analyses do not indicate acceleration in sea level in U.S. tide gauge records during the 20th century. Instead, for each time period we consider, the records show small decelerations that are consistent with a number of earlier studies of worldwide-gauge records. The decelerations that we obtain are opposite in sign and one to two orders of magnitude less than the +0.07 to +0.28 mm/y2 accelerations that are required to reach sea levels predicted for 2100 by Vermeer and Rahmsdorf (2009), Jevrejeva, Moore, and Grinsted (2010), and Grinsted, Moore, and Jevrejeva (2010). Bindoff et al. (2007) note an increase in worldwide temperature from 1906 to 2005 of 0.74uC.“

        Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.


      • Not Rocket Science says:

        “The rise in global temperature is predicted to cause a thermal expansion of the oceans and to melt glaciers and polar ice, thus causing sea levels to rise”

        And this prediction by Dr. Hansen’s, made 30 years ago, is exactly what has occurred.

        Core samples, tide gauge readings, and, most recently, satellite measurements tell us that over the past century, the Global Mean Sea Level (GMSL) has risen by 4 to 8 inches (10 to 20 centimeters). However, the annual rate of rise over the past 20 years has been 0.13 inches (3.2 millimeters) a year, roughly twice the average speed of the preceding 80 years.

        Dr. Hansen has no doubt modified his model of three decades ago. That’s what scientists do – they strive to make the best possible prediction with the data and scientific methods available – at the time.

        The very paragraph you cite, refutes your own argument.
        Let’s first add back in an important statement you left out of the quote –
        1) It’s a prediction based on –
        “If the current pace of the buildup of these gases continues, the effect is likely to be..”

        Thanks to advances in wind, solar and green energies and a massive move to newly abundant, inexpensive clean burning shale gas (and conservation efforts/technologies) – that current pace of buildup (leading up to 1988) has been somewhat abated.

        2) Dr. Hansen’s predictions specifically point to –
        “from the year 2025 to 2050”
        “by the middle of the next century” – aka 2050.

        Based on just that bit of information, even a layman (or maybe a simple CaveMan Lawyer) could imagine that – given the sustained pace (or increasing rate) of greenhouse gas emissions, circa 1988, along with the additional 33 years stipulated by Dr. Hansen (2050), Miami would in fact be destined to become the home of Disney’s newest underwater adventure theme park.

      • Bluejay says:


        You got a lot of sea level rising and temp increases to catch up in the next few years to meet your goal.

        In a scam, the con man (Gore, Hanson, etc.) sets the deadline so far in the future such that few will recall the failed prediction for Doomsday or most will be dead.

        That’s why the EPA wrote that we had until 2100 to avoid 0.003 temp increase by adopting the Clean Power Plan.

        I further predict that the Cornhuskers will win the Final Four in 2047. See how the scam works?

      • Dear Jesus!! says:


        Wrong – again. (imagine that)

        Here ya go, March 29, 2011 – From THE AUTHOR of the very study you cite!
        Sea Level Researchers Debunk Wash. Times’ Distortion Of Their Work
        A Washington Times editorial falsely claims that a recent sea level study “shows oceans are not rising.” In fact, the study does not dispute that sea levels are rising, and the study’s author calls the Washington Times’ claim “a mischaracterization of our work.”

      • Bluejay says:

        Dear Clown:

        Let me put it this way. Creighton law professor J. Pat Green went to his grave and it wasn’t global warming that killed him.

        The scam has been wrong for 30 years and it will be wrong for the next 100. Capish?

      • ahem says:

        4 hours ago, the Independent (UK) –
        Syria signs Paris Agreement – leaving U.S. only country in the world to refuse climate change deal

        Donald Trump is an embarrassment to America just as you are an….

        And speaking of clowns – exactly who would be so crass as to conflate the death of Prof J Patrick Green with an argument embracing science denialism?

      • Oracle says:

        It’s known as cognitive bias, and not a Bluejay has a toxic case of it. Google “Cognitive bias cheat sheet – Better Humans”. It describes the process. 1. I’ve heard the rhetoric from both sides. Time to do my own research on the real truth. 2. Google and click on “Literally the first link that agrees with what you already believe”. 3. JACKPOT!

      • Applied Life Skills: Know Your Biases says:

        You just provided an example of a “confirmation bias”. There are many types of cognitive biases.

    • Don Bacon says:

      I support renewables and all the above energy use policy. I’d like to see North American energy independence. Thus, I support renewables such as wind, but also the pipeline and use of coal that gives us the right balance for Eastern NE. I do want us to be good stewards of the planet and leave it cleaner for our kids and grandkids.

      • Of the People, By the People, For the People says:

        Hey Don,

        Explain to us your “Hell Yes!” zeal to take away access to affordable care for 10’s of thousands of Nebraskans.
        Explain to us why you would blindly vote for a secretive back-room-cooked-up repeal – a GOP proposal garnering a whopping 17% national approval – of a law that made it possible for more than 20 million Americans to access affordable care, many for the first time ever. The vast majority of whom comprise the working poor.

        I applaud you on DACA.
        I applaud you for bucking the politically motivated nonsense of climate change denial.

        I implore you to reach out to reasoned, informed voices on the Number One issue facing Americans today – access to affordable care.
        I implore you to speak out against the insane molestion of trade policies we’ve witnessed under Trump and now Secr of USDA, Sonny Perdue. Policies that dramatically harm Nebraska’s economy.
        Policies like the recent withdraw from GIPSA, and rule designed to protect family farms from predatory abuses by Corporate Ag.

      • Of the People, By the People, For the People says:

        Donald Trump inherited a North America very near energy independence.
        A North America for whom market forces are certain to achieve independence without requiring further taxpayer subsidization of fossil fuel industries.

        Pumping highly toxic Canadian tar sands at high pressures over the invaluable treasure that is the Ogallala Aquifer, then on to refineries on the flood-assured Texas coast, making possible the sale/transport to foreign nations (enhancing the profitability for foreign oil concerns), does nothing to aid American energy independence.

        This is not an issue that aides or supports the security and welfare of Nebraskans.

        And Nebraskans don’t need more dirty coal from Wyoming.
        Nebraska is one the nation’s prime locations for wind energy production. Great paying jobs, long term careers in clean, affordable energy for generations to come. Right here at home.
        The five states with the most wind energy capacity (Megawatts) installed in 2017 are:
        1) Texas (20,321 MW)
        2) Iowa (6,917 MW)
        3) Oklahoma (6,645 MW)
        4) California (5,662 MW)
        5) Kansas (4,451 MW)
        Nebraska comes in at number 17 in wind energy production, at a paltry 1328 MW.
        This, despite its ranking among the top 5 in the nation for potential wind energy production.

  6. Juan says:

    Don Bacon will be re-elected by a comfortable margin. For a guy who has been in politics as long as he has been, Brad Ashford is shockingly politically naive. He hasn’t grasped that people only voted for him in 2014 because he was the other guy on the ballot with a damaged incumbent. The dems really blew a chance to put someone in there with some staying power when they gave Brad, a guy who finished 4th out of 5 candidates in the mayoral primary, the nomination in 2014.

  7. Blue Wave says:

    Don Bacon,


    Northrup was viewed by all as a less-than-stellar candidate, yet he won by 9 points.

    A 32 seat GOP majority in the Virginia House, wiped out.

    The Number One issue driving the massive repudiation of Donald Trump and the Republican party in Virginia:

    All across America – New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Washington State and New York – Democrats emerged victorious.
    The citizens of Maine rebuked their Gov. by passing Medicaid Expansion by referendum.


    Please, join us in the middle.

      • My momma always said says:

        Seems to me, what you view as a problem, I embrace as a solution.

        HRC and her drag on the party are right now riding off into the sunset – ala GW Bush, circa 2009.
        Republicans and the right wing entertainment complex (one and the same) committed billions of dollars and decades of effort toward the relentless tarring of Bill and Hillary Clinton.
        Manufacturing, often out of whole cloth, ridiculous scandals and committing countless thousands of Congressional hours and taxpayer treasure toward cravenly wrapping those faux scandals round the Clintons.
        Those decades of inglorious effort, billions invested, countless taxpayer funded resources wasted – poof!
        It’s. All. Gone.
        That dog no longer hunts. That bogeyman has vaporized.

        And that’s why.. Nancy Pelosi.
        Jun 27, 2017 –
        Top GOP super PAC sets its 2018 strategy: Pelosi, Pelosi, Pelosi
        ..”plans to spend $100 million on next year’s midterm elections.. highlighting Nancy Pelosi’s toxic agenda..
        Nancy Pelosi controls, nothing.
        It’s a desperate effort to find a substitute bogeyman to fill in for the Clintons. Cause if there’s one thing the GOP muckity mucks know, it’s that their low information base, they need them a bogeyman. They need them some villains to hate.
        For it is hate that pries lose their pocketbooks and it is hate that drives them to the polls.

        And that’s why.. MS-13.
        A concerted effort you’ve seen by both the Trump admin and Ed Gillespie in Virginia to bring forth MS-13.
        MS-13 is a wholly transparent substitute for Roger Ailes’ and Lee Atwaters’ Willie Horton.

        And that’s why ‘ drug dealers, rapists and killers are coming across the southern border.

        And that’s why ‘sanctuary cities’.

        And that’s why Don Bacon warned of ‘ISIS sleeper cell in Papillion’.

      • Political Novice says:

        You know My momma always said, this is why political talk has become so distasteful to me – it’s the constant attacking of the opposite party instead of offering solutions and constructive discourse. I can well understand philosophical disagreement but many times it goes far beyond that with a win-at-any-cost mentality. Being a political novice I try to stay informed but with work and daily responsibilities coming first it’s not always easy. I do enjoy reading the comments here because there is a balance of opinions which are often humorous and witty. This is refreshing because it seems that all the local radio talk shows are largely one-sided. I use to listen to KFAB but have not done so for quite some time. I use to listen to Mike Voohees and thought he was pretty funny until he turned into Rush Limbaugh 2.0 and got tired of his constant fault finding with everything the democrats did. While skimming through channels a couple of days ago I happened to listen to him once again complaining how many are constantly hammering on Trump and can’t seem to let it go. He then brazenly declared that if Hillary would have won life would have gone on for him and he would have accepted this. I had to laugh because all I ever heard from him was constant criticism of Obama after he won which is why I got bored of it and quit listening. From my point of view if there was any messenger of hate than one need to look no further than some of these talk show programs.

        But what do I know? I’m just a political novice.

  8. Return to reason says:

    john mclaughlin‏
    @jmclaughlinSAIS 11 hours ago
    Int’l friends: the diversity, welcome and tolerance u see in Virginia tonite transcend politics. Means the America you knew is reviving.

    Mclaughlin, a Vietnam veteran, is the former CIA Director under GW Bush, Deputy CIA Director under Clinton and a 30 year veteran of State Dept. Since 1972, serving under 8 presidents, Mclaughlin has spent a lifetime steeped in National Intelligence and International Relations.
    He currently serves as Senior Fellow and Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence at the Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, D.C., a division of The Johns Hopkins University.

  9. Anonymous says:

    We will see if the Dems have learned not to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They’ve been given the gift of the single most odious occupant of the Oval Office and rebuttably presumed Republican Party leader EVER. It will take a goal-centered focus, humility, silence, self-criticism and galling amounts of thankless hard work to turn one-off victories in VA and NJ into something habitual and repeatable.

  10. Hypocrisy on a scale unimagined says:

    Meanwhile, In Don Bacon’s Republican controlled House – a new record.

    Paul Ryan and the GOP took the gavel and control of the people’s House in 2017.
    In his acceptance speech as Speaker, Ryan promised a House:
    “more open, more inclusive, more deliberative, more participatory.”

    Two years later, the House Rules Committee, which is controlled by the speaker, just set a record for the most closed rules in a session — barring lawmakers for the 49th time from offering amendments on a bill.

    Ryan has yet to allow a single piece of legislation to be governed by an open rule, which allows members to propose changes on the floor.

    That makes Ryan the only speaker in modern history to forgo the open process, entirely.

  11. Turning up to gloat about Virginia.

    Yeah, Gillespie, despite all the coded racism, lost. But what is more impressive is the Dems had a huge 32 seat majority in the 100 seat House of Delegates, and it’s gone. Vanished into thin air. Skedaddled.

    Trump will be a 10 ton weight around GOP ankles come 2018. Including your ankle, Don.

    Oh yeah, and LOL Trumpkins!

  12. a change gonna come says:

    I will introduce a proposed Medicaid Expansion ballot initiative in the Nebraska Legislature in 2018. It’s time to let the people decide.

    • bynd says:

      So now, those who said legislating by initiative, e.g. death penalty, was wrong. Will now legislate by initiative. Oh I forgot, the one exception, if it is something the progressives want but can’t get by legislation. Much like legislating from the bench.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if the whole country went non partisan in all the elections? Just like Nebraska. I think John Lennon wrote such a song.

      • bynd says:


        Talking about missing the point.

        I don’t bitch and moan about the initiative process. For anything.

  13. a change gonna come says:

    In case anyone missed it – Obamacare triumphed at the polls last night.

    A message, loud and clear, was sent to the GOP last night – your continued attack on Obamacare is at your own peril.

    • bynd says:

      Cue in the Twilight Zone music for all the change that is coming. Remember, Hillary, as predicted, is our president. Oh, she isn’t? Imagine that.

  14. grinder says:

    “Republicans fear disastrous 2018.” They should. But does Trump fear that? Maybe not.

    Do Democrats deserve kudos for winning a blue states and cities? Sure. Trump was elected by blue collar Union Dems and the DNC wants them back. Democrats are talking more populist than they’d like to admit. And Trump might even prefer a Dem Congress.

    The economy is booming. That is what Americans want. And Trump is hard to poll. Trump wants to move his agenda forward by negotiation. Republicans negotiate like blocks of concrete. Dems have more oil. Guess which bunch Trump would rather work with? Or around?

    Both parties and press are worried about which controls Congress. I don’t think Trump cares.

    Trump’s aims are more rightwing than left, but that does no good if he cannot move his agenda. He wants movement and that’s usually easier with Dems. It will be interesting.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      You may be spot on. Trump is not loyal to his own stated beliefs, or rather Trump has no beliefs!
      But as with the Republicans, the Democrats are not united. And “Union Dems” as you label some, often do not tow the line. My expectation is that political parties adhere to their platforms, yet this notion has proven sheer folly over the last several elections. Even IF the Democrats take congress in 2018, and IF Trump is still President, I still wouldn’t count on much change. ‘Cause FIRST, both Republicans and Democrats need to decide what they believe, what they want to accomplish, and on what they will compromise.

    • If the Dems win the House in 2018, and if Mueller’s investigation or Trump’s response to it gives them any kind of traction, Trump will be impeached. I know my #resistance. They’ll settle for nothing less.

      • bynd says:

        If your uncle had boobs he would be your aunt.

        And who cares about being impeached? Being impeached doesn’t mean being removed from office. Clinton was impeached. So your fascination with impeachment is puzzling at best.

  15. Anonymous says:

    You are right. But what’s with the mind reading? You don’t know what Trump or anyone else thinks or believes. I guess its your manner of speaking. Much evil comes from caring about what people think and say, rather than what they actually accomplish. People are complicated enough without us trying to direct our affairs by guessing what others think. If that mindreading worked, Trump’s candidacy would have ended in 2015. He, least of all, can be read like a book.

    Party elites know exactly what they believe and what they want. They want power and wealth. They knowingly sell party platforms they intend to ignore, in compromise to their own empowerment, in order for them to become like Trump already was when he ran, independent and wealthy. They owe all sorts of donors. They must please their owners and voters. Its untenable.

    Trump isn’t plowing any new ground. Common sense sovereignty, security and solvency. But even as a billionaire and President, even then he can’t get the GOP to do what it promises, even when he rubs their noses in it. Obama too couldn’t get a Democrat congress to make a workable socialized medicine and that’s their specialty. I am sure Democrats are just as vile. They too are owned.

    Odd as his manner is, Trump is the only guy we’ve ever seen in power who owes so little to anybody but the voters. That terrifies the DC swamp system of interwoven blackmail.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      I know what Trump and what everyone else “believes” when they say or write what they “believe.” If they are lying, such as Trump is typically found to be, then I quip that they don’t have beliefs. No mind reading involved here. I guess it’s your manner of speaking which has caused you to rebut. And I can tell by the style of writing that you are not bynd. So I will consider your comment: “People are complicated enough without us trying to direct our affairs by guessing what others think.”

      Isn’t all of your posturing and my posturing about guessing what our politicians and bureaucrats are thinking? I mean it’s not as though they tell us truthfully before we elect them, what they are really going to do. I’ve been around Democrats and Republicans and Libertarians and Independents (in that order) throughout my adult life. And with the exception of Independents who have no platform, I can’t find veracity.

  16. Brontosaurus burger, anyone? says:

    Sorry, but I can’t help but look at that pic of Rep Bacon and his supporters and think:
    Yabba Dabba Do!

    LStreet should start a captioning contest for that pic.
    I’ll start: ‘Look Ma, No Pants!’

  17. Shocked! Shocked I Tell Ya! says:

    Breaking –
    “Woman says Roy Moore initiated sexual encounter when she was 14, he was 32”

    Will ‘Conservatives’ shrug this one off, just as they did Trump’s record of serial assaults?

    • bynd says:

      Just like all the ones you have of liberals lately. Lead the way for a change and see who follows.

      Although unlike your kneejerk reaction, many of us not affiliated with either party and therefore rational people, believe in innocent until proven guilty.

      And really, the liberals have more to worry about when it comes to serial assaults. Including many of the verbal assaults against one of your own, Donna Brazile. I just know you can defend saying nothing about such things.

      Not only is your house glass, your whole life is. And it is shattering like your party. Because right now, you complainers are looking rather foolish and very hypocritical. I guess the terms would be, very sore losers and all around clowns who are electrically or chemically challenged between your drug deadened synapses. Pay attention, I just corrected you for free.

      • bynd says:

        And here comes sanctimonious Gerard. slithering down his slime hole with another post pulled seemingly from his arse. Something we see evidence of more and more.

        Another apologist for pedophilia. You sicken me, Bynd. Prove the statement bozo.

        And then let’s start a discussion starting with the degenerate professor. who has proudly admitted on the internet, he needs to use, excuse me, he uses porn.

        Let’s start with Googling, children used in porn: 33 million hits in .47 sec. How many of thsoe do you suppose say, none.

        Let’s Google sex trafficking and porn, 999,000 results. and how many of those say it doesn’t happen.

        So why the bald old white guy punishes his mini dog in a dark room ogling children and sex slaves on the video in a hell he can’t even fathom, he should probably thank some one or thing, it isn’t one of his kids with a different old, slobbering, bald white guy doing the same thing to them. Maybe try watching the video, Someone’s Daughter.

        He might even realize by patronizing such things, he contributes and supports such incomprehensible suffering.

        So nice having a discussion with ya deviant. And I’m waiting for the proof.

    • Are you kidding? A bunch of Alabama GOPers at already excusing it, based on various incidents of sex with underage girls in the Bible.

      Your mistake is thinking these guys believe in anything but their own power. They have no morals.

      • bynd says:

        All politicians are about power. Gerard the professor is about power. Can some one actually get dumber without actually having a brain disease because Gerard is certainly symptomatic? And about no morals, go back to my posting to you above.

      • I know several people who make porn. No one gets coerced; no one gets victimized, and everyone makes money.

        So because child porn exists, all porn is bad. Maybe we should burn down the library because of Lolita?

        Given you’re an apologist for pedophilia. I’d love to see what’s on your home computer.

  18. On Topic says:

    Addressing Locke’s post re Don Bacon, specifically;
    “2018, Roll Call has released their Top 10 Most Vulnerable list… and Rep Bacon isn’t on it. In fact, Roll Call and other national publications now have this district as “leaning Republican.”

    Two Democrats are currently among those Top 10 Most Vulnerable. A caveat stipulated by Roll Call –
    “GOP strategists admit that if they can’t pass a tax overhaul, more Republicans will be in trouble because the party risks lower turnout from a disappointed base.”

    As if on queue, moments ago, courtesy of the WaPo –
    “Senate Republicans are forging their own path on the effort to overhaul the U.S. tax code, preparing a plan that would delay President Trump’s top business priority and blow up House Republicans’ carefully crafted compromise on state and local tax deductions.”

    (although, I disagree with GOP strategists re tax overhaul. I don’t think the GOP base gives a rats arse about the Republican’s ‘tax overhaul’. A belief I base, in part, on insight like this – Trumpism Is a Spell)

    Regarding Locke’s statement;
    “and other national publications now have this district as “leaning Republican.”

    I don’t know what ‘other publications’ Locke is referring to, but I know it’s not the most recognized name in industry, Charlie Cook, who has NE02 listed as a “Toss Up”.

    And the predictions of both Roll Call and Cook are pre-Virginia.
    Clearly the field of play was altered on Tuesday evening.

    Also, Democrats lead by approximately 10 points on the generic Congressional ballot.
    A significant spread of a degree rarely matched.

    Finally, Congressional re-election bids will remain closely tied to the incumbent president’s (Trump’s) approval rating.
    Donald Trump currently holds the title of THE Least Popular President at this point in his tenure, than any president in the history of political polling. P-A-R-I-A-H.
    And who out there doesn’t imagine Donald Trump will be even less popular next fall than he is today?
    After all, who doesn’t imagine Trump will offend millions more in the coming year?
    Who doesn’t imagine Trump will continue to fuch up everything he comes in contact with, while at the same time continuing to humiliate America on the global stage?
    Who doesn’t imagine Donald Trump will find a few more Gold Star families to deride?
    Who doesn’t imagine some of these government agencies Trump is currently dismantling will begin to fail the American people they have long served?
    And if you weren’t aware (you Fox newsers) there are currently two close Trump campaign associates on House Arrest (charged with “conspiracy against the United States”) after having coughed up $10M and $5M respectively to stay of jail. Each (deemed flight risks) is sporting a shiny new, federally issued GPS ankle monitor.
    A third Trump campaign advisor that was arrested has plead guilty and has been singing like a bird in hopes for leniency.
    And it was yesterday that former Trump advisor (until only weeks ago) Carl Icahn was hit with subpoena and a demand to turn over information regarding his “role as an advisor to the President,”
    Who doesn’t imagine countless more among the Trump crime family will continue to be rounded up in the coming months?

    And all of this, just as Trump embracing GOP candidates like Don Bacon are running for re-election.

  19. WWJD says:

    Breaking, Associated Press –
    “Nebraska takes key step to initiate 1st execution since 1997”

    Of course they did.
    They’ve got a GOP Gov running for re-election.

    • bynd says:

      Yes, let’s all have compassion for the guy who told 5 people to lay on the floor while his friends botched a bank robbery and then being the compassionate progressive he was, shot them all execution style to cover up his botched bank robbery and make sure they woldn’t be traumatized by the experience. Leaving behind numerous children, spouses and others who loved them. Sounds like your kind of sinner.

      WWJD? He would tell you to follow God’s word.

      13 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

      2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

      3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same:

      4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.

      Glad I could help you further your knowledge of the Bible.

      • with great vengeance and furious anger says:

        “Yes, let’s all have compassion for the guy”

        Compassion for the guy is hiring a medical professional to give him a shot – “there’ll be a quick poke now” – and watching him drift off to sleep, never to awaken.
        Punishment ends, justice ends as that concoction weaves it’s way to the brain.

        True punishment is forcing him to wake up every day in a windowless 6 x 8 cell, knowing he’ll never again smell freshly cut grass, feel sand between his toes, watch the sun rise or set, look up that stars and take in a cool breeze on a mild summer night, or hold a woman.
        True justice is prolonging his life as long as possible in order to prolong his suffering and mental torment as long as possible.

        But you cling to your little book of fables bynd, whatever it is that gets you through the day.

      • bynd says:

        with great vengeance and furious anger and maximum stupidity,

        And the question was asked I answered it bozo. Stick to Dr. Seuss.

  20. A Whitefish rots from the head says:

    Puerto Rico is in blackout again after power line fixed by Whitefish fails.
    A major outage has plunged more than 80 percent of the island back into darkness.

    Meanwhile, Whitefish remains under investigation by the FBI.

      • Stuff you can't make up says:

        Special Counsel Robert Mueller is looking into an alleged plot involving Trump’s former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, and a plot to kidnap a Muslim cleric (living in Pennsylvania) and whisk him off in the darkness of night to be delivered to the hands of Turkish strongman dictator, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
        A feat of skulduggery for which Ergogan was to pay Flynn as much as $15 million.

        This is the same Recep Erdogan who last May, after a meeting with Trump at the White House, unleashed his entourage of bodyguards to rush across a street in order to deliver a brutal beat down of American protestors who had peacefully assembled in a D.C. city park.

        The same Erdogan whose bodyguards in Sept of 2017 would beat down protestors at a speech given at a hotel in New York.

        The same Erdogan who Trump couldn’t help but effusively praise, saying – also in Sept of 2017 –
        “We have a great friendship, as countries and I think we’re right now as close as we’ve ever been,”
        Trump went on to say that Erdogan is “running a very difficult part of the world. He has evolved very strongly, and frankly he’s getting very high marks.”
        (as his thugs leave black and blue marks, swollen faces, deep gouges, broken bones and damaged internal organs on peaceful American protestors)

        Flynn’s alleged plot, on behalf of Donald Trump’s very good friend, was being discussed at the very height of the Trump campaign, in Sept 2016. It was during a time that Flynn and Trump were practically inseparable. Flynn was stumping for Trump and introducing him at rallies all across the country. Weeks earlier Flynn had been featured in a prominent spot at the GOP convention, leading the MAGA capped crowd in chants of “Lock Her Up”. (how ironic)
        And of course after the inauguration, Flynn would remain close to Trump, seated immediately next to him as they were briefed on our nation’s most sensitive secrets.

        Wonder what Erdogan would pay Flynn for some of that info?

      • yawn says:

        Stuff you can’t make up,

        And stuff you can’t make relevant or interesting.

        I bet you like to watch old paint dry.

      • Stuff you can't make up says:

        “I bet you like to watch old paint dry.”

        Why, yes I do!
        Except for the ‘old’ part of course. Cause ‘old’ paint.. well, in case you weren’t aware (which, in your cause, is highly plausible) it’s done gone and dried long ago. Poor bynd, can’t can’t even get the most simple of idioms right.

        I only wish I could have somehow figured out how to make taxpayors pay me for it – like you did!
        A lifetime, milkin’ that government teat.

  21. An entirely different planet says:

    Trumpers have apparently carved out a niche for themselves that is entirely detached from the constraints of reason or reality.

    TaliBannon, via Breitbart, is attacking the Washington Post this morning for its disclosure of Roy Moore’s predilection to teen predation.

    Here’s the headline of the attack –
    Bannon: ‘Same Bezos-Amazon-Washington Post’ Dropped Trump Tape, Roy Moore Hit Pieces

    So, we’re supposed to believe that the Roy Moore story is librul hooey, because it’s from the same Washington Post that uncovered a VIDEO RECORDING of Donald Trump – IN HIS OWN WORDS – extollling the joys he attains in sexually assaulting women.


    Of course, Roy Moore is more than just another lawless, run-o-the-mill, bible thumpin’ southern bigot seeking high office,
    This isn’t just any old Senate seat. One mustn’t forget, this is Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III’s former Senate seat about which we’re talkin’.
    And of critical importance, Roy Moore represents the point man, the vanguard in TaliBannon’s new legion of moron recruits.
    Recruits who have drunk deeply from the Trump trough and will eagerly light their hair on fire as they dismantle the Founding Father’s democracy in favor of a new Nativism guided by Theocracy.
    An America where capitalism and religion go unchecked, where white men once again reign supreme and where women and minorities know their place.

      • Two Corinthians walk into a bar says:

        The GOP seems all-too-eager to embrace the suck.

        Party before country, party before God, party before teen predation and pedophilia.

        Also – Steve King is one of the most offensive trolls ever to stain a seat in Congress.
        One would imagine if he weren’t a United States Congressman, he’d being living under the Bob Kerrey bridge, scaring the bejesus out of folks.

      • bynd says:


        Actually it would be you with kevin and his 14 year old boys. No more diverting. You and your party are truly the most deviant group that has ever walked this earth. Caligula has nothing on you and yours.

        One has to take a long shower just to scrub the slime off from posting on here with you.

        I hear Larry Flint has standing job offers for progressives only.

    • bynd says:

      To: An entirely different planet,

      Not really, same planet different pigstys

      Fred Phelps would be proud of that delusional rant. Especially from one who supports the perversion and misogyny of liberal Hollywood and now stretching into all forms of media. And lets not forget the fraud/chicanery of progressive leadership and more than likely the criminal acts of HRCs campaign las her leader Podesta worked with Manafort and the Russian puppets of Ukraine. Collusion, naw. More like fully in bed with. But you were right, Benghazi was just a shiny object to keep the world from seeing the real dastardly stuff going on with HRC and her lover the DNC.

      The Repubs have one Roy Moore, the progressives have, hundreds of Roy Morres.

      And you some how think you think have the moral standing to condemn others. When one is wallowing in the pigsty, it is hard to see above the mud isn’t it? Or try to leave the pigsty when following the likes of Rachel Madow, lying, cheating Hillary and Podesta with his Russian map on what to do.

      Just how do you sleep at night? With visions of naked Kevin and 14 year old boys running through your head?

      With your type of morals, who needs evil in the world? Or maybe you are the D______!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh


      • bynd says:

        And now Gerard, obviously punch drunk from dealing on the LJS site because he even stutters when he posts.
        The only what about is what about you applying your moral stance to your new friends the progressives as you do to others?

      • I’ve come to the conclusion the progressives are less evil than creatures like you, Bynd, who preach morality and then excuse child abuse for reasons of pure poltical partisanship.

        I’ve never liked social conservatives. But for a long time I considered them impotent on the moral authoritarianism stuff, and because we agreed with each other on some other issues, I gave them a pass. And I, naively, believed them sincere, although misguided.

        No longer. I’ve seen — far too late, no doubt — the evil in your souls.

      • bynd says:

        Gerard, and here I wanted so badly for you to like me. And it seems that you have already forgot, that it is you who is proven to have ties to pedophilia and sex slavery.

        And I agree you aren’t a progressive or liberal, a lying snake like you is well below them. Not good for someone who considers himself educated and intelligent.

  22. Conveniently Clueless says:

    John Stewart, media political genius like his fellow celebrity male, Clooney, was asked about his longtime buddy Louis CK about a article in Gawker about his abuse conduct. He was taken aback(OK). Such insight yet be, as they say, ” the last to know”.

  23. bynd says:

    Better a monkey on a key board than you with your Bang bang little 14 year old boy, didn’t I make you feel so good? You’ll thank me some day, I’m a progressive and important.

    Little boys and unwilling women before party or country.

  24. Oracle says:

    You know what might drive bynd over the edge and off this board? Let’s just ignore his idiocy and not respond to any of it. I’ll even refrain from YAIs for at least a week.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bless you for trying to reason with the resident tweaker, Oracle. Pity that LSt’s moderators don’t and won’t step up and moderate discussion.

    • bynd says:


      Typical snowflake, don’t like what is getting written, get rid of the poster.
      But I do understand, the glaring light is certainly uncomfortable for the pervert supporting progressives who love the darkness.

      Pity that LSt’s moderators don’t and won’t step up and moderate discussion.

      Here’s an idea, start your own blog. And the reason no one can moderate a discussion on here is, it is not something that progressives engage in.

      No pity, just the pitiful. Waaa, save me from reading what I don’t want to read. I have no self control.

    • Three Thessalonians says:

      It’s worth a try, Oracle.
      Although, I agree with Anonymous. I have no doubt the resident tweaker would converse with himself, even harass, for months before finally venturing off to glom onto another unsuspecting blog community.

    • Political Novice says:

      Actually Oracle I learn quite a bit from the ongoing exchange which takes place here and would be against any moderation that would limit it. Some of the most interesting posts to me are in response to bynd’s comments. As a registered independent owing allegiance to no party I find both sides views interesting. In my opinion the worst thing that could happen is for this site to have only one sided views (take our local talk shows for example) and lose the humor and wit that goes on with these debates. I say take your best shot and be prepared to back it with information that can be readily accessed. If you want to drive anyone over the edge just make them look foolish by the force of your argument. I may disagree with bynd on many things but I welcome his comments (and the responses to them).

  25. anon says:

    Your repeated mention of banning a commentator, to which you engage, is typical of longtime democrats and how far you have corrupted the party and the meaning of what was democrats. You did deserve Hillary for you dear leader.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Bynd, you’re the screaming toddler around here. You post more than everyone else put together to less effect. You’d learn more if you talked less. Try it.

    • bynd says:


      Will progressives EVER hold themselves and their comrades accountable?

      And shall we count words and see? If you thought you were telling a modicum of the truth, you would have the states to back it up.

      Not fake news but outright lies. Is this the progressive’s form of a discussion?

      And I don’t need to scream anything. The heinous acts of you and your party’s self righteous, scream loud enough for all to see.

      Bright lights burning you too much?

      And I’ll make you a deal. You set the rules by which we post with the way you post and I will follow them. That would include all the progressives on here. Put up or shut up. No foul language needed.

      • #nevergerard#neverporn says:

        Says the “educated” man who watches porn.
        Projection Gerard, you’re turning into an uncontrolled boob who can’t/slant won’t see clearly what he has become. That would be lower than a progressives. They don’t know any better.

        And if you don’t want to get involved in such conversations, don’t intrude on them.

      • There is nothing wrong with watching porn. In fact, if it annoys theocratic jackass lunatics like you, everyone should do more of it.

        Meanwhile, another accuser of Roy Moore has come forward, and she has him dead to rights. But apparently you’re more concerned with nude pictures than you are with the molestation of adolescent girls.


        And don’t scare quote the “educated”. It looks silly, when I can turn around in my office and read a little piece of parchment from the President and Fellows of Harvard College.

  27. Count de Money says:

    We all agree, the new “Harbinger of Hate” Harbison is worse than progressives who don’t know better. But why has this noble fellow really become the ignoble creature he is today? He blames Trump for him now liking Socialism. Harbison knows that’s nonsense but says it for a reason.

    From him touting scientific calm and skepticism as RWP, he seems to have come out of his closet to flash his acceptance of socialisms as better than freedoms as expressed by right-wingers he views as hated Christians, which this avowed “atheist” Professor now hypocritically calls “evil”. Scratch a self-professed skeptical atheist and out pops a nun-lusting catholic schoolboy. Or perhaps its not that. In all fairness, he may be mostly doing this for the money.

    As Right Wing Professor he was forever nobly and courageously a hair away from being fired. But now, as he embraces the unintellectual perpetual hate of the academic fascists he works for, suddenly RWP is championing the gagging, attacking, and thuggery of the Left even on campus. His principles are so thin, they twisted back on themselves. And, importantly, his newly found hypocrisy of mindless hate today gets him far more kudos and back pats from the Socialist cum Fascist university black shirts he works for than he could have ever before dreamed. Its for the money. And if not for money, then all the more pity. For then it is no more than him coveting back pats by leftist academics. Him coopting that industry of closed minded pseudo-academic tyranny seems, well, fascist.

    The more irrational RWP’s words become, the more job security grows for Professor Harbison.
    And what good little catholic schoolboy wouldn’t want to guilt project that away?

    • “We all agree” means the anonymous coward and the voices in his head.

      I was never a hair-breadth away from being fired. As a matter of fact, while I was still writing the RWP blog, I was elected chair of the most important governance committee on campus.

      I’m not a socialist. I was and continue to be a libertarian.

      Take your meds, you lunatic.

  28. It should turn your stomach says:

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership has been resurrected — and it’s happening without the US
    On Saturday, the 11 remaining Pacific Rim countries agreed on a way forward — without America.
    The remaining bloc, whose trade totaled about $350 billion last year, now have a blueprint to start trading more freely between themselves in a resurrected form of the deal.

    TPP will be the touchstone.
    It will be what historians point to as the moment when America ceded its role as leader of the free world.
    On the very weekend our ill-informed, incurious POTUS visited the leaders of the five leading Asia pacific nations, hinting at bi-lateral deals at each stop (the outlines of which were scribbled on cocktail napkins) the 11 major powers of the Asia pacific were each stepping to the podium to speak of their embrace of the multilateral deal (TPP) that Trump chose to walk away from.

    This weekend XI Jinping stepped forward as the most powerful man in the world.
    This weekend China stepped into the role of global leader.
    This weekend the fastest growing economies of the world moved forward in unison on a trade agreement that will unquestionable make America less competitive and will lessen opportunity for generations of Americans.

    As these other Asian leaders stepped up to mic to celebrate multilateral trade victories that will bring new prosperity to their countries, Donald Trump was busy in the background gently caressing Vlad’s gnads and trashing, in front of the world, former American leaders while at the same time dissing America’s intelligence community.

    This weekend was a major victory for every leading nation in attendance – except America, and at the expense of America.

    Donald Trump – and everyone that supports him – represents a clear and present danger to our country.

    • Yet, the NEGOP continues to support this treasonous f-ing clown says:

      “He said he didn’t meddle, he said he didn’t meddle. I asked him again. You can only ask so many times,” Trump told reporters on Air Force One Saturday. “Every time he sees me he says I didn’t do that, and I really believe that when he tells me that, he means it.”

      In January, the FBI, CIA, and NSA – in unanimity – clearly assessed and informed the president and his staff that Russia did interfere in the election — and that Putin was behind it.
      Here, verbatim, is the assessment of America’s intelligence community and its most seasoned officers intelligence officers delivered to the White House:
      We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election. Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump.

      And your clown president chooses Putin over the American intelligence community.

      Trump also took the chance to attack and denigrate former prominent intelligence and law enforcement officials who disagree with his Russia views.

      “I mean, give me a break, they are political hacks,” Trump said. “So you look at it, I mean, you have Brennan, you have Clapper, and you have Comey. Comey is proven now to be a liar and he is proven now to be a leaker. So you look at that and you have President Putin very strongly, vehemently says he had nothing to do with them.”

      Here are the people the POTUS publicly impugned, declaring to the world they are “hacks” –
      Former CIA Director John Brennan, fluid in Arabic, spent his entire career in intelligence. He served as Director of the National Counterterrorism Center under GW Bush.
      Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, a highly decorated Vietnam veteran served as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under George HW Bush and Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency under GW.
      Former FBI Director James Comey, a registered Republican, was appointed District Attorney and then Deputy US Attorney General by GW.

      All are men of honor who spent their life in service to their nation at the very highest levels.
      While Trump was dodging the draft and trying to avoid STDs in NY’s Nightclubs, Lt. General James Clapper was dodging bullets and trying to avoid being shot out of the air while flying SIGINT over Van Tuong.

  29. yes you turn our stomachs says:

    “It will be what historians point to as the moment when America ceded its role as leader of the free world.”


    So we won’t have to send our young to die on foreign lands? We won’t be the police of the world and moral arbiter pissing people off so they quit hating us and attacking us.

    American exceptionalism from a progressive. You are one confused snowflake. Now let’s save more money and start bringing our troops home before the confused progressives decide to try and expand another war or start an over seas adventure.

    With all the bi lateral agreements this weekend, America is much better off. And we didn’t have to send jobs over seas to do so.

    Those who irrational hatred that compels them to deny any principle they have to diss the President are clearly a more clear and present danger to this country if they ever get in charge. Not to mention they have brought society to the brink of utter destruction with their rapist, misogynist, pedophile rich friends. What a disgusting bunch you have become.

    • Old Democrats s=== says:

      Don’t forget the IRS, FBI, CIA, and DOJ’s administrations destruction and credibility . Scorched earth at the expense of their party

      • the good old days? says:

        Yes, only and old person would remember the good old days when those institutions had credibility.

        Like the FBI under Hoover. Now there was a credible guy who never messed with an unauthorized investigations and illegal dossiers. Need we go into National security letters under the Patriot act?

        The CIA and the Bay of Pigs. Iran contra?

        The DEAs fast furious?

        And Holders DOJ who extorted business’ and gave the money illegally to his ideological friends outside the government.

        Not to mention Lois Lerner and the IRS.

        All the VA muckity mucks who promoted themselves illegally and had illegal waiting lists that caused the deaths of how many vets?

        Many of which took place in the last 8 years.

        And sparkles, spare your self the heart burn and us the burden of trying to decipher another of your unintelligible rants, this isn’t about courts and convictions. It is about reputations in the court of public opinion.

        For those in the past administration’s years, it was abuse of power to satisfy one person’s ego that only he knew what was right.

  30. Deplorable says:

    The right wing freak show, dba the Republican party, is now going to launch an all out smear campaign against the women who were preyed upon while in their teens by the bible-thumping bigoted cretin, Roy Moore.

    • DEMs, deviant,entertainment, monsters says:

      ” is now going to launch an all out smear campaign against the women who were preyed upon ”
      You mean like Hillary did for Bill? You should be honored, Repubs following Hillary’s lead.

      I’ll see your Roy Moore and raise you one Kevin Spacey plus ten other progressive entertainers.

      A numbers game you can no longer win. But then, you seem to not care about the deviants in your own backyard. Imagine that. You using Jerry Falwell’s game plan.

      Aren’t you special!

      • Kevin Spacey isn’t going to sit in the US Senate. And he’s basically rendered himself unemployable. As has Moore.

        He actually signed a 15 year old’s year book ‘Love, Roy Moore, D.A.’ and then dated it. Then he tried to rape her.

        The only tragedy is he can’t be locked up for it.

      • DEMs, deviant,entertainment, monsters says:

        Gerard the apologist for a pedophile. Why does that not surprise any more. Take the totality of what the progressives perverts are doing. But then, you would appear to be coming back to the right.

        A progressive zealot, who would have ever thought it could happen.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Nov 10 –
    “Alan Greenspan: Big tax cuts a ‘mistake.’ Fix the debt first”

    3 hours ago –
    “Trump Argues That GOP Tax Bill Should Do More to Help Out the Rich”

    An array of Republican leaders are on the public record this last week saying they have to cut taxes for the rich in order to keep their big donors, donating.
    Among them, Chris ‘Original Trumper’ Collins (R-NY) is quoted as saying:
    “My donors are basically saying, ‘Get it done or don’t ever call me again”

    So assume the position America, the Gilded Order of Plutocrats is comin’ to get some.

    • DEMs, deviant,entertainment, monsters says:


      The easy-money policies of the Fed during Greenspan’s tenure have been suggested by some to be a leading cause of the dotcom bubble and subprime mortgage crisis, which occurred within a year of his departure from the Fed, and have, said the Wall Street Journal, “tarnished his reputation.”[7][8] Yale economist Robert Shiller argues that “once stocks fell, real estate became the primary outlet for the speculative frenzy that the stock market had unleashed”.[9]

      From Wikipedia.

      You sure know how to pick them. You don’t believe in one thing he stood for. RFLMBO

  32. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures says:

    Teresa Jones, worked closely with Roy Moore in her role as Deputy District Attorney for Etowah County, Ala., from 1982 until 1985. She has publicly stated:
    “It was common knowledge that Roy Moore dated high school girls, everyone we knew thought it was weird,” Jones told CNN. “We wondered why someone his age would hang out at high school football games and the mall … but you really wouldn’t say anything to someone like that.”

    In other words;
    Moore Always Groped Adolescents.

  33. It should turn your stomach says:

    April 13, 2017, Foreign Policy Magazine –
    Trump’s CIA Chief Slams WikiLeaks as ‘Hostile Intelligence Service’
    “We at the CIA find the celebration of entities like WikiLeaks to be perplexing and deeply troubling,” he said. “WikiLeaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service,” citing an “overwhelming” focus on the United States.

    “It is time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is — a nonstate, hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia,” Pompeo said before a packed house at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington-based think tank. He specifically referred to U.S. intelligence officials’ conclusion that Russian military intelligence used WikiLeaks to release stolen emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee, meant to help tip the 2016 election in Trump’s favor.

    The entire Trump crime family was knowingly in bed with Russia throughout the campaign.
    In addition, Mike Pence is either most obtuse human being on the planet, or his serial lying rivals that of even your president*.

    • Noise says:

      Of course he is going to savage wikileaks, it is the biggest threat to their corrupt operation. You think they are for the country or just to retain their grasp on power. Obama said the couldn’t influence the election, show me how they did, give me the smoking gun.

    • Trump, unduly maligned? says:

      Re Trump, Pence and serial lying.

      An interesting read at Vox;
      The most respected Supreme Court reporter of her generation slams media “objectivity”

      In the interview, Linda Greenhouse, a 40 year veteran of the NYT and Pulitzer Prize winner for her life’s work covering SCOTUS, speaks about the current misguided effort by the media of ‘both siderism’.
      In a nutshell – if one side of the political debate has proven devoid of integrity, untethered from principle and known to simply make up shit – all the time – that side simply no longer deserves a voice at the table.
      Their arguments should no longer be given credence for the sake of ‘objectivity’. Their distortions, deliberate misrepresentation and wholesale fabrications should no longer be part of a “both sides” equation.

      When asked about the media’s more frequent use of the label “lie” –
      It’s certainly not a word that should be slung around casually, because a lie, if I understand the English language properly, implies intent — an intentional relaying of something that the speaker knows is not true. That’s different from a mistake or a lapse or a delusion. You want to reserve the word lie for when you have reason to think that the speaker is actually deliberately seeking to misinform.

      Which, is where Trump and Pence come in.
      It’s likely more appropriate to label Donald Trump as serially delusional, and Mike Pence as serial liar.
      For it’s become quite clear over time, that Donald Trump is far too incurious and/or stupid to comprehend nearly everything about which he speaks. Therefore incapable of intent, Trump’s is a malady of delusion.

      • despotism was defeated Novemeber 2016 says:

        It is one of the greater joys on here when someone posts something meaning one thing but is interpreted entirely different by others.

        In the above case, at first I though it was someone comparing Trump and sparkles/progressives.

        then it appeared, once again it was a progressive slam piece.

        But then you get to the delusional part. Hillary can beat any of the Repub. candidates. There is no doubt that Hillary can beat Trump. Trump won’t last 30 days before he is indicted or impeached. Make that 6 months make that one year. throw in Hillary’s current it ain’t my fault tour and wow, how much more delusional can some folks get. The best part was Koterba’s cartoon today. How much right to the point can one get?

        the final analysis of the posting is that the first inclination was right. It’s showing how much the poster, and by representation progressives, are like the person they claim Trump to be.

        To bad the poster won’t recognize the post as step one in admitting you have an addiction problem.

      • He maketh me to lie down in green pastures says:

        Timothy 2:11-12
        Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.

      • bynd says:

        You guys sure are being hard on the Hollywood types. But I am glad to see you still have a modicum of rational thought left. (left being a pun)

      • van gosse says:

        Shed a tear for another loudmouth irish boy.

        Poor little bullied gerard. You get what you give. But I guess you don’t expect others to do unto you as you do unto others. Because you are so Specccccccccccial.

      • Oh, if sanctimonious lunatics like Brandt didn’t hate me, I figure I’d be doing something wrong.

        Just saying, if you’re going to attack someone from behind a pseudonym, doxxing you is OK.

  34. Despotism comes to America says:

    Jeff Sessions is considering appointing a new special counsel to probe things President Trump said he wants investigated about Hillary Clinton and James Comey.

    And the rubes will cheer.

    • despotism was defeated Novemeber 2016 says:

      The rubes, patriots, those who love the law and follow the law, those who believe in justice and especially those who understand that what goes around comes around and be careful what you ask for.

      In others words the vast majority of Americans, especially those who are not progressives.

    • Rubey says:

      Worried, she’s an expert at obfuscating and DOJ administration has compromised credibility. I am sure you’ll agree there’s nothing to see there. Resist we much, stronger together forever.

  35. Off-Off-Broadway says:

    Troll King Jim Jordan (R-OH), leader of the dork snorgling House Freedumb Caucus, spent the morning badgering Jefferson ‘Perjury’ Sessions III in an attempt to coerce him into appointing a Special Counsel to look into Breitbart fueled conspiracies fabricated to smear the Clintons.

    The Jordan vs Sessions tete-a-tete, a carnivalesque bit of Nuttery Theatre, reminded me of a recent Politico feature story, a lengthy interview of Jordan’s fellow Ohioan, John Boehner. Here’s what Boehner had to say about longtime associate Jim Jordan –
    Boehner grins. “Gowdy—that’s my guy, even though he doesn’t know how to dress,” he says. Then Boehner leans back in his chair. “Fuck Jordan. Fuck Chaffetz. They’re both assholes.”
    Boehner’s beef with Chaffetz, who would later join Fox News as a paid contributor, is not personal—just that he’s a “total phony” who possessed legislative talent but focused mostly on self-promotion. “With Chaffetz,” Boehner says, “it’s always about Chaffetz”..
    ..”Jordan was a terrorist as a legislator going back to his days in the Ohio House and Senate,” Boehner says. “A terrorist. A legislative terrorist.”

  36. A Wild Eyed Embrace of Failure says:

    Breaking – a twofer –
    Senate Republicans Shoehorn Anti-Abortion Measure Into Tax Bill
    The tax break for fetuses, also in the House bill, is part of a broader effort to establish “personhood” rights and destroy Roe v. Wade.


    Senate GOP to add repeal of Obamacare insurance mandate into tax bill

    Sweet, that is certain to improve the odds of Republicans passing a tax reform bill.
    (dripping with sarcasm).
    Also, it’s apparent the drubbing in Virginia meant nothing to Republicans.

    Shark.. jumped.
    The GOP has officially devolved into The Tribe That Rubs Shite In Its Hair.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Forget cloning. Take a page from Dr. Moreau’s book. Half Harb, half galway white. That way when you are told to go feck yourself, ewe can have a good time doing it.

  38. whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me says:

    Shep Smith steps forward to REND ASUNDER the Fox News/Breitbart fueled Uranium One faux scandal.

    Roy Moore and the TaliBannon legions are being beat back on all fronts, their world of lies going up in flames.
    Uncle Liberty and his MAGA capped kin are being driven deeper in the toxic swamps of Kooklandia, to places like Drudge, Daily Caller and InfoWars.

    Meanwhile, in the halls of the Grifting Order of Plutocracy, the minions of the rich are frantically patching together a plan to gut Medicare and Medicaid, kick millions from the roles of affordable care, raise insurance premiums for 10’s of millions more, choke out funding to the student federal loan program and craft tax dodges for sperm, in order to funnel Trillions of our nation’s wealth upward, into a hands of a select few who count themselves among the richest people on the planet.

    Psalm 27
    12 The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them;
    13 but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming.
    14 The wicked draw the sword and bend the bow to bring down the poor and needy, to slay those whose ways are upright.
    15 But their swords will pierce their own hearts, and their bows will be broken.
    16 Better the little that the righteous have than the wealth of many wicked;

  39. Stop empowering these cretins says:

    From this morning’s Lincoln Journal Star –
    Report: Nebraska farmers got more than $1B in subsidies in 2016

    $1.07 billion to be exact.
    $700 million in the form of crop subsidies.
    $300 million from crop insurance payments
    (- and – the crop insurance premiums themselves are subsidized by Joe Taxpayer)

    Yet, in the upcoming legislative lesson we’ll have Richy Ricketts and his hand selected/funded NE state senators, again, demanding we cut funding for services to Nebraska’s most vulnerable populations, eliminate funding to Nebraska’s schools, pare back meals to hungry children and close down elderly services – so we can fund tax cuts for Pete’s Pal and a massively subsidized Big Ag.
    And we’ll have Deb ‘Love My Subsidies’ Fischer insisting that we eliminate the estate tax – ’cause those Mom & Pop family farms out there simply can’t bear such an onerous burden’.

    An estate tax exempting ‘Mom & Pops’ first $11,000,000.00 in wealth.

    Anybody out there know a struggling farm family worth more than $11,000.000.00?

    • Political Novice says:

      I have to laugh because I know a lot of people who rely on farming for a living. Now granted I can’t speak for EVERY person making a living off of farming but all the ones I know drive new trucks and live in comfortable homes. I also cannot say if they take advantage of any of these subsidies because I don’t ask and they don’t volunteer that information. What I CAN say is that every one of them complain about programs that may benefit others. I’m know these farmers do work hard but they seem to think that everyone in need just just collects free money from the government and don’t deserve it. I’m sure that in some cases that is true but I feel there are many programs that are utilized correctly and badly needed. These farmers are the same people who piously attend church each Sunday and throw money in the collection plate professing their love for their fellow man while proclaiming they are overburdened with taxes used to help others. All of us think we are overburdened with taxes but its always OTHERS that need to sacrifice and/or pay more.

      But what do I know?

      • Green Acres says:

        You can easily find out how much most of those farm families received in subsidies.
        Simply google:
        ewg farm subsidy database

        Click on a state, type in a name and.. voila’
        Of course, some (many of our biggest rural welfare queens) now try to hide their identities and their welfare by incorporating their farms under names other than their family name. But, much of the info still remains easily accessible.

    • Barb E. Dahl says:

      They have land wealth, not cash in the bank. And don’t forget, their property tax is subsidized or has a special assessment significantly reducing the rate.
      They have history on their side. Since the Great Depression, the federal government has prudently secured its food supplies and food safety, by farming subsidy and regulation. Farmers do not regard their welfare as welfare.

      • Silence of the Lambs says:

        “the federal government has prudently secured its food supplies and food safety, by farming subsidy and regulation.”

        Courtesy of the modern GOP’s prions disease, the subsidies for an ever Bigger Ad, get ever bigger, while sacrificing food (water, soil, air) safety and common sense regulation.

        July 1, 2017, CNBC –
        The American Greed Report: Food safety measures face cuts in Trump budget

        15 hours ago, Center for Science in the Public Interest –
        Food Safety Takes a Back Seat to Trade in the Trump Administration

        August 2, 2017, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration –
        Gulf of Mexico ‘dead zone’ is the largest ever measured
        (a massive anaerobic ‘dead zone’ due to nutrient pollution via the Mississippi watershed – entire midwest – pollution primarily from agriculture)

        And a remarkable read by one of today’s best investigative reporters:
        November issue, Vanity Fair –
        Inside Trump’s Cruel Campaign Against The U.S.D.A.’s Scientists
        by Michael Lewis

      • Green Acres says:

        Perilous times indeed.

        Although Nebraskans have only a lone voice in Washington to speak for us on all things ag, thankfully that voice is Don Bacon. A man of the soil, steeped in ag history and remarkably well versed in the significant and wide ranging complexities of ag policy.

        Oh… wait…

  40. Stop empowering these cretins says:

    All you Republicans out there, you need to google:
    Louie Gohmert Chart

    THIS is what your Freedom Caucus Clown Show spends their time doing!
    It’s the same brand of abject ignorance regurgitated by Gohmert’s fellow cabbagehead Jim Jordan in his exchange with Jeff Sessions yesterday.

    I am soooo beyond sick of the certifiably catatonic f’ing morons you folks somehow find fit to govern our nation.

    Do you people have no shame?!!
    Because you can’t truly be so ignorant as to not recognize this degeneracy.

  41. Word says:

    Robert Dallek, Professor of History Emeritus at Stanford University, is an American historian specializing in the Presidents of the United States. He is one of the most prominent presidential historians alive today. His first prize winning (Bancroft Prize) was in 1979, for his book Franklin D. Roosevelt and American Foreign Policy, 1932–1945.

    Following is a quote from a just published interview with Prof Dallek:
    “Politicians lie, but this is different,” says a historian who studies presidential history and estimates the Trump administration easily ranks among the most corrupt in American history.

    You can read the interview (brief), here:
    “The fish rots from the head”: a historian on the unique corruption of Trump’s White House

    • my scoundrel is more virtuous than yours says:

      Rot is rot, lying is lying.

      What you are saying is that your rot and lying is some how more virtuous than another’s.
      You can’t make this stuff up. Only in snowflake lala land. Where standards are meant to lowered.

  42. It's called Integrity says:

    When caught, serial molesters Donald Trump, Roy Moore (molester of little children) and Bill Clinton resorted -yet again- to attacking and demeaning their victims while continuing to lie about their actions.

    Following is Franken’s statement in full:
    “The first thing I want to do is apologize: to Leeann, to everyone else who was part of that tour, to everyone who has worked for me, to everyone I represent, and to everyone who counts on me to be an ally and supporter and champion of women. There’s more I want to say, but the first and most important thing—and if it’s the only thing you care to hear, that’s fine—is: I’m sorry.

    “I respect women. I don’t respect men who don’t. And the fact that my own actions have given people a good reason to doubt that makes me feel ashamed.

    “But I want to say something else, too. Over the last few months, all of us—including and especially men who respect women—have been forced to take a good, hard look at our own actions and think (perhaps, shamefully, for the first time) about how those actions have affected women.

    “For instance, that picture. I don’t know what was in my head when I took that picture, and it doesn’t matter. There’s no excuse. I look at it now and I feel disgusted with myself. It isn’t funny. It’s completely inappropriate. It’s obvious how Leeann would feel violated by that picture. And, what’s more, I can see how millions of other women would feel violated by it—women who have had similar experiences in their own lives, women who fear having those experiences, women who look up to me, women who have counted on me.

    “Coming from the world of comedy, I’ve told and written a lot of jokes that I once thought were funny but later came to realize were just plain offensive. But the intentions behind my actions aren’t the point at all. It’s the impact these jokes had on others that matters. And I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to come to terms with that.

    “While I don’t remember the rehearsal for the skit as Leeann does, I understand why we need to listen to and believe women’s experiences.

    “I am asking that an ethics investigation be undertaken, and I will gladly cooperate.

    “And the truth is, what people think of me in light of this is far less important than what people think of women who continue to come forward to tell their stories. They deserve to be heard, and believed. And they deserve to know that I am their ally and supporter. I have let them down and am committed to making it up to them.”

    • If he did it, it was more than once says:

      It’s his obvious attitude of the times. No way he did it only once.

      He should resign and save the government the money of any investigation. Congressional investigations are just cover so real consequences are never imposed.

      So let’s shed a tear for dear ole Al. Another sanctimonious progressive who does not have the courage of his convictions. If the people want him there, he can get re-elected after he resigns.

      Just like the progressives want for the Repubs, guilty in the eyes of the public means guilty period.

  43. Bring out ya dead! says:

    Franken should resign immediately, along with every congressman who has at any time in their life committed a comparable act.

    Does anyone imagine this wouldn’t prove a boon to Democrats?
    3 to 1, R to D?
    5 to 1?
    8 to 1?

    • you're a fine graduate of the Fred Phelps school of sactimonious jerks? says:

      No one with a rational and sane mind would think Dems are any more decent than the Repubs. The best reason there is at this time more Repubs is because the impotent Dems hold far fewer offices.

      Hollywood, the icons of progressives are just the tip of iceberg of how many degenerates, elected and not, are in the Dem party.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Dems hate moralistic rightwing hypocrites. They much prefer amoral leftist girl killing serial sex abusers like the Kennedys and outright rapists like B Clinton.

      • F your toxic pipeline says:

        Nov 16, 2017 –
        Nebraska to build wind farm to power Facebook data center

        The Rattlesnake Creek Wind Project will be built between the towns of Allen, Emerson and Wakefield, the Sioux City Journal reported.

        More than 100 landowners are involved in the project. The wind farm will distribute $80 million in property tax and landowners payments in its first 20 years.

        $430 million will be invested the project that is expected to employ 300 people during the construction phase and establish up to 16 full-time jobs.

        Facebook’s data center, which will be located 100 miles away in Papillion, will receive 200 megawatts from the farm. The rest of the power will be available for other buyers.

  45. Inconvenient Truths says:

    Tally to date –
    Al Franken = 1
    Bill Clinton = 3
    Roy Moore = 9, all of them high schoolers/teens, at least one of them a child
    Donald Trump = 16

    • Your kind of people says:

      Number of times that you or any progressives denounced such actions by progressives, 0

      Progressives actor tally to date
      Harvey Weinstein over 100
      Andy Signore at least 5
      Ben Affleck 2
      Oliver Stone 1
      Kevin Spacey multiple, including minors
      Brett Ratner, Dustin Hoffman, Louis C.K. and on and on

      Party of (D)deviant (E)entertainment (M)monsters, DEMs.

  46. Grab yer ankles says:

    Great new article at HuffPost titled –
    Senate Republicans Slip ‘Flimflam’ Paid Leave Proposal Into Tax Bill

    And the Poster Child for ‘flim-flam’? None other than our own Deb Fischer.

    The article cites even right wing economists and publications calling out Fischer on her horsesh*t.
    Fisher’s is a proposal specifically crafted to give even more tax payer dollars to large corporations, under the guise of helping the middle class and working poor.

    It’s Deb Fischer putting a bag over the heads of America’s working poor and middle class while her Plutocrat paymasters bend them over and pound away.

    One can’t help but hear Mencken calling out –
    “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

    • the rest of the story says:

      Yes, let’s get rid of a small step forward where none now exists. All or nothing ends up being nothing.

      Figures lie and liars figure.

      As for the workforce numbers,

      In the United States, women account for 46.8% of the labor force, a share that is projected to fall slightly in the decades ahead. This gender gap translates to roughly 10.3 million more men than women in the workforce. And although the share of female workers in the U.S. is higher than the median across the 114 countries the Center examined, 39 other countries outrank the U.S.

      The five countries with the highest female shares are all in sub-Saharan Africa. In Zimbabwe, Malawi, the Gambia, Liberia ( about 85% of the population live below the international poverty line.) and Tanzania, women account for at least 50% of the workforce. And in all of the sub-Saharan countries with data available, at least 40% of the labor force is female. However, women in this region are especially likely to be in informal employment, relative to men. These jobs are not regulated by the government and often have lower and less stable incomes.

      Outside of sub-Saharan Africa, the only country in which women represent half or more of the workforce is Lithuania. In most European Union countries, the labor force is at least 45% female. Malta (38.6%) is the most notable exception.

      Heaven forbid a progressive would actual research such things. To them, if it is on the internet and it supports their agenda, then it must be true.

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