Bills are for little people…

flip-flop accountability

As noted elsewhere today, career politician Brad Ashford seemingly has some trouble staying current on his bills. I wonder how confused Bacon’s office was when they were contacted by bill collectors. I also wonder:

  1. Why was a bill in the Ashford campaign’s name being paid for by his Congressional office? That’s a pretty big (and possibly illegal) oops.
  2. Why did Ashford think he could leave unpaid bills after voters removed him from office?
  3. If not purposeful, then was this Ashford’s own incompetence, or was it his Chief of Staff Jeremy Nordquist’s failure?
  4. How can voters trust Ashford to legislate and vote on appropriations if he can’t stay on top of an internet bill?
  5. Will Ashford’s primary opponent Kara Eastman use this as an opportunity? Heck of a contrast.

Sure seems as though paying bills to avoid these SNAFUs is something a responsible person would endeavor to do. Then again, maybe I’ve been doing it wrong… How rich could we all be if we just shifted responsibility for our bills onto others? I know what I’m doing this afternoon!

speaking of ethics…

Jeremy Nordquist, former Chief of Staff to Brad Ashford (among other things), now serves in the same role to Rep. O’Halleran down in Arizona’s 1st.

Nordquist no longer lives in Nebraska, but he sure seems to be interested in our politics. From calling out Senator Fischer to trolling Rep. Bacon, he apparently just can’t keep his focus on the district – or even the state – he works for.

Maybe he just can’t stop himself. Maybe he deeply cares about bashing Nebraska’s Republicans. Or, maybe he just wants his old job back should Ashford somehow win. Regardless, if I lived in AZ-1, I’d be pretty upset that my Congressman’s Chief of Staff isn’t focused on my district.


In other news

Two weeks til Christmas and no measureable snow in sight. Bummer for the kids. Anyone ever tried to make a snowman out of flour? I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. Locke returns to propagate a bald faced LIE says:

    You people can’t get even the simplest things right. From the story re the Cox bill:
    “In this instance, the service provider erroneously charged the House and has since withdrawn the charges,” Weiser said.

    • Political Novice says:

      I come here to get educated and familiar with Nebraska politics and the very first comment shows this newest blog is incorrect on the Brad Ashford story. No wonder this political novice remains frightened and confused. As for Nordquist no longer living in Nebraska but being interested in the affairs of Nebraska politics I see this as no big deal. After all the spokeswoman (Janet Porter) for Roy Moore’s campaign is from Ohio and she has never even lived there ( I thought she came across badly on the CNN interview by the way).

    • Scotty John says:

      Can’t get the simplest things right? You mean like your subject line saying a BALD faced lie, instead of a BOLD faced lie? Seems you can’t get the simplest things right either.

      • A swing and a miss says:

        Mirriam-Webster says –
        adjective \ ˈbȯl(d)-ˈfāst \

        Definition of bald-faced for English Language Learners
        barefaced a bald-faced lie
        : easy to see and understand as being bad
        : showing no guilt or shame : not hiding bad behavior

        Oxford English –
        Definition of bald-faced in US English:
        North American
        Shameless and undisguised; barefaced.
        ‘a bald-faced lie’

        Wanna try again?

  2. Deranged, yet hilarious says:

    Locke uses Leavenworth Street, Jerry Kratochvil’s site, to call out Jeremy Nordquist, on.. ‘ethics’, because the former Nebraska State Senator sometimes weighs in on Nebraska politics.

    Norquist is a Creighton grad and served as Nebraska State Senator from 2009 to 2015.
    He stepped down from the Senate to accept a role as Chief of Staff to Congressman Brad Ashford.
    It wasn’t until this year, January 2017, that Norquist accepted the role of Chief of Staff for Arizona Congressman Tom O’Halleran.

    Apparently it’s the height of ethical impropriety for a former Nebraska State Senator to comment on Nebraska politics, from outside the state of Nebraska.

    Yet, this site – since 2006 its sole reason for existence to comment on Nebraska politics – is the product of Jerry Kratochvil, who, in his own words offers –
    Now for a little shocking news:
    I moved from Nebraska to the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. in 2000 with my new wife.
    I started the Leavenworth St. blog in 2006.
    I moved with my family to the Kansas suburbs of Kansas City in 2008.

    It was Jan 2017 that former State Senator Jeremy Norquist accepted his role in D.C.

    It was 17 years ago that Jerry, Hal Daub’s driver in 1990, left the state of Nebraska for D,C.

    Yet, it’s Norquist who should be denounced for the audacity to weigh in on NE politics?

    • Amendment is in order says:

      The statement:
      It was 17 years ago that Jerry, Hal Daub’s driver in 1990, left the state of Nebraska for D.C.

      should read:
      It was 17 years ago that Jerry, Hal Daub’s driver in 1990 (among other things), left the state of Nebraska for D.C.

    • Barb E. Dahl says:

      Yeah, but…Locke had nothing on his mind beyond bashing Ashford and Nordquist. It was the best comment on ethics he could manage, whereas you’ve got a full imagination.
      Since many of us did not know that the famed Street Sweeper didn’t live in Nebraska when he started this blog, your comment has been a real scoop. Tell everyone who came recent to the blog, is Jerry K. gone for good?

      • Deranged, yet hilarious says:

        Haven’t a clue if Sweeper will return, I suspect only SS knows.

        I think one things his hiatus has shown, is just how gd hard was his role as Grand Poobah of this ever more loony lodge.
        It borders on the impossible to carry the water for this modern day batch of Grifters On Parade.
        Maybe that’s why he walked away. (although I doubt it – he drank deeply of the Kool-aid and supported fully even the most extreme among the right)

        It’s rare I agreed with SS, but he’s an educated man and when he chose. could bring the fight to you, with aplomb.

      • Uncle Liberty says:

        What happened to the good ol’ days, when we shared such brilliant thoughts and our amazing wisdom went unchallenged?

        The days when we shared the lastest story about the success of Trickle Down, or how we wise people from the TEA Party, along with fiscal conservatives would manhandle that damn debt once we get Republicans in Congress and take back the White House!
        It seems forever since we reveled in the great job a Plutocrat as Governor was gonna do, or how exciting it was gonna be when Ben pulled the Capitol right outta that swamp and brought it home to Nebraska. Of course, after repealing and replacing ObamaCare with that brilliant plan of his.
        For years we shared amazing insight into which Muslim nation Obama was born in and how he spent his every waking moment on a golf course.
        And just like we all predicted – how quickly that stupid Pinnacle Bank Arena thing in Lincoln would fail.
        I can’t remember the last time we debated how many Obama Phones were distributed in the last week, or how those guys that repair our roofs, cut our meats and wash our dishes are gonna ruin our country with all their violence.
        And when’s the last time we helped keep one another prepared by sharing the newest plot by Soros and Obama to take away all our guns and lock us up in FEMA camps?

        Heaven forbid – what about the terror babies, Death Panels, Sharia Law, Outlawing Christmas, Agenda 21 and the ISIS sleeper cell in Ralston?!
        And how in God’s name are we supposed to get ready for the Antifa SuperSoldier Rebellion?!

  3. His title for 6 years was 'Senator' Nordquist says:

    Jeremy Nordquist, former Chief of Staff to Brad Ashford (among other things), now serves in the same role to Rep. O’Halleran down in Arizona’s 1st.

    Jeffrey Dahmer, former night-shift mixer at the Milwaukee Ambrosia Chocolate Factory (among other things)..

  4. Meanwhile, “Nebraska’s Republican national committeewoman resigned Monday from her party leadership post in protest of the party’s financial support for GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore in Alabama.”

    Since this is allegedly a politics blog, thought I’d post some actual news about Nebraska politics.

  5. Violation of the Constitution? Failing Grade? #50 out of 50 says:

    Other notes of interest to NE politics –

    For Immediate Release 12/11/17 7:00 AM
    Nebraska Republican US Senate Candidate Todd Watson Addresses Potential NAFTA Failure; Calls Nebraskans To Examine the Facts of Our Senators CONSTITUTIONAL Trade & Treaty Failures.
    NEBRASKA- Last week, I watched as article after article was published telling Nebraskans how Senator Fischer was talking to the President about the importance of agriculture in the renegotiated NAFTA Trade Treaty. However, the ‘PR’ coming out of her office masks her Constitutional failure on trade. Have Nebraskans forgotten her failure that brought us to this point in time where the welfare of the AG economy could be further decimated?

    The sale of our agricultural products to the key foreign markets of Canada and Mexico is in jeopardy due to Senator Fischer’s and Senator Sasse’s June 2015 Constitutional violation…

    Also, under the heading “Dishonest Deb”, Republican Senatorial candidate Watson points out:
    “Three of the leading Conservative rating services have all given Senator Fischer a FAILING GRADE for her poor conservative voting record.”

    Finally, a related topic is this headline that Leavenworth St and Pete’s Platte Institute must have overlooked a few months back –
    July 27, 2017 –
    Report: Nebraska worst performing economy in country

    • Bitter Harvest says:

      Worst in the country, wow. Now that takes effort.

      Pete and his hand selected Republican Senators had to work really hard to surpass the efforts of Sam Brownback down in Kansas.

      Can’t wait ’til Trump’s promised ‘significant cuts’ to the Dept of Agriculture go into effect.

  6. Deposit Slip says:

    Anybody know if Sperm Banking is still part the GOP tax plan?

    I’ve got some technical language to add the bill:
    Deposit Slip (new term for premature…)

  7. Real News! says:

    This blog could also mention the political ramifications current Lancaster County Treasurer and the former mayoral candidate is having due to milking taxpayers for his undocumented reimbursement claims and how he doesn’t pay his share of taxes when he sells cars.

    • Whu? says:

      Would that be rising GOP Star, Andy Stebbing, to whom you’re referring?
      One of Coby Mach and the NEGOP’s most prized?
      A man who refuses to allow an ethic to go unchallenged, yet a man still actively campaigning for re-election – using (purported / until admonished) Lancaster County resources.

      One must consider – this is Donald Trump and Roy Moore’s GOP.
      If you can get elected to the United States Senate as a serial child molester, surely a little ‘creative reimbursement’ netting a few thousand tax payer dollars will be looked on by the Republican base as a downright virtue!

      Of course, it’s certain to be nothing more than Fake News, right?
      A plot by George Soros and Saul Alinsky.

  8. anon says:

    Why do you site malcontents keep whining and still post, that’s p(r)etty phony. It seems Locke gave you plenty of fodder and you still snivel. The site is free flowing, if unhappy maybe you could go to the three local station sites or facebook on the local rags so the can track you, candy asses.

  9. Ricky says:

    I don’t pay attention to Nordquist any longer. If he really cared about us he would not have quit his legislative seat a year early which gave Ricketts an opportunity to appoint a Republican. Of course that was Nicole Fox, who turned out to be a nobody. Will lightning strike twice?

    I don’t sense much enthusiasm in Brad’s campaign thus far. There is a split. Eastman has made some strides. That being said, whomever emerges on the Dem side will probably be the next Congressman from Ne 2. The “wave election” coming in 2018 will wipe out the GOP in Congress. Sad!


    PS I came back to this blog after I heard Street Sweeper quit his job as Stothert hired hand and stepped away. Also I wish to announce I filed for the Ne Legislature in Ne 6, the middle of Omaha.
    I predict I will win this race!

      • Ricky says:

        Why do you say that? Do you know anything about this district? I grew up here I know everything there is to know about D6 Omaha.

      • Skepticus says:

        Ricky, it’s too far west, those people don’t want the free-wheeling spending you will espouse, they pay enough taxes, You and the WH probably think the streetcar to TD Ameritrade is a good idea. You know the local political scene to know this. You would have a better chance of running against a member in your party like Howard or Boyle, someone more to the east, they get elected and don’t do crap, you might actually do something, besides you’re politically postal. Your friends are probably st ill PO’d over your protest at Big Fred’son the coldest day of winter

  10. Political Novice says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome of the Senate special election in Alabama. I seen on TV some reporters asking the locals who they were going to vote for and most answered they were going to vote for Roy Moore. What raised my eyebrows was their answer to as why they would. The reason they were voting for him came across as twofold:

    (1) He is Christian.
    (2) He is Republican

    Apparently nothing else matters. It seems religion has a big influence down there and I can vouch that when I was down there visiting it seemed like there was a church every mile (all were Baptist according to the signage). He certainly seems to be playing up that angle and maybe it will work for him. I have said here before that I do believe the people of Alabama have every right to choose their representative . . . . . . and I have every right to laugh at and mock that state if they elect Roy Moore (and I’m betting I won’t be the only one).

  11. snow sucks says:

    Good use of word “alleged”. We see lots of allegation alligators in the swamp lately. Progressive (Democrats) who punish on allegation alone. Allegation = What you expect to prove.

    We expect Progressives to be tickled to suicide. They share wealth nobody earns to insolvency and find sexual dimorphism unreal. Irrational. And nowhere more so than in their desire to be not fair, not even inquisitional, but be the pitchfork mob. Progressives don’t mind that Obama’s socialized medicine doesn’t work, even by socialist or free market standards. They don’t care that W. Clinton paid North Korea’s heating bills so Fat Boy could create nuclear weapons to kill us. Or that H. Clinton and Obama paid Iran to do the same. Obama and Bush (who votes for Clinton), turned Iraq into Islamic State. They don’t care appeasement doesn’t work. Or that Obama condemned law enforcement and legalized illegality of criminal drugs, border invasion, etc. Such Progressive irrationality is profitable for Democrat incumbents and their Bush-like GOP toadies but it is intolerably cancerous for the nation.

    Today our markets are growing, police are policing, allies surer, and enemies still our enemies.

    Donald Trump is so far giving America everything he said he would. And he dares all naysayers to stop him doing so, which, if he can survive that long enough, must drag voters to the pool of reason and force them to drink deeply of knowing their growing security, solvency and investments (half of all Democrats invest in markets) and those voters will vote allegation alligators out of the Swamp.

    Human beings can only unlearn ingrained absurdities the hard way. They have been electing idiots and crooks like the Bushes and Clintons, and androgynous mother, pie & America haters like Obama. The only way voters will learn is by seeing the naked emperors they elected in the past turn blue from exposure. Thus, the coldest possible breeze of anti-PC is turned on their pompous but irrational shivering selves. If you Shrink the Dink, so to speak, even the biggest gator will end up skinned and be made into a voter’s handbag.

    • Loop de Lou says:

      Most of your claims are wholly untethered from reality.

      I won’t waste the time to successively refute them, because you’ll never be around to rise to their defense.

      You people never are.

      You swing through and disgorge a hodge-podge of pseudo intellectual vomitous, then travel on your merry way to your conceal carry meeting, or your Mark Levin listening party, or your Tuesday gathering at Spanky’s Pizza & Broasted Chicken for some Canasta – or whatever the variety of round hole you square pegs trundle off to during the day.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Novice. You laugh at and mock voters? You seem sincere.

    What do you think a voting republic is about?

    Mocking voters is what King George III did. Its what Marx and Stalin did, what Hitler did, and now what US Progressives do.

    Your intolerance is why Trump is President. You are why. Your mocking of beliefs of others is why. You say religion but you hate other’s policy beliefs too. You dumb pathetic un-American shite.

  13. funny stuff guys thanks says:

    I am so very intolerant of your intolerance. It is only surpassed by my indignance at your indignation.

    The Monopoly guys, monocles and top hats, slapping each other with their gloves thinking them gauntlets. “You shall have satisfaction! Will it be sabers or attorneys?”

    • Political Novice says:

      LOL – the irony of 5:47’s post was not lost on me. Yes, I should indeed be more tolerant. Like the Germans under Hitler, the Russians under Stalin and the loyal subjects under King George III. After all this site is the very essence of tolerance shown by the comments day after day.

      My opinion will have no effect on the voters down in Alabama. It’s in their hands and they must accept the consequences of their vote. I’m sure a little mockery from me won’t make them lose any sleep if they vote to elect Roy Moore. But hey, I’m just a dumb pathetic un-American shite – what do I know?

      • Samuel L. says:

        Fuck tolerance.

        Tolerance brought us the ignorance and debauchery of Donald Trump and before him, George W Bush, and before him Ronald Reagan.
        It is tolerance that allows child predators like Roy Moore to run for one of the highest offices in the land, instead of running from the law.
        It is tolerance that has allowed for 30 years the powerful and the rich to reach deep into the pockets of working poor and powerless.

        No more.
        You anti-government, anti-science, misanthropes and your puppets of plutocracy need to look out at nation that is looking back at you with impassioned anger.
        Your unrelenting depravity needs to be met with constant, determined and robust opposition.

      • Comity this says:

        Charles P. Pierce, as always, says it as well as anyone. From today –
        What I Saw Inside Roy Moore’s Barn Burner
        The message made zero sense. People lapped it up.

        The whole post is well worth the 4 minute read, but in closing, Pierce says –
        “You grow exhausted from the effort it takes to keep mockery at bay long enough to explain that what Moore and Bannon are selling is a dangerous blend of religious extremism and McCarthyite bombast, Roy Cohn in Torquemada drag. You grow exhausted by the effort it takes, over and over again, to remind yourself that there are good people in the crowd cheering this river of sludge and nonsense.

        Finally, you give up. Roy Moore is a vehicle for collecting suckers, for liberating them from their responsibility as citizens in a self-governing republic, and anybody who thinks this waterheaded theocrat belongs in the United States Senate is a dupe and a fool.
        Finally, you don’t care if the people behind Roy Moore, and the people in the crowd in front of him, believe you are a member of the coastal elite or an agent of Lucifer.
        Finally, you grow weary of the smug condescension of religious bigots.
        Finally, you decide to put down the twin burdens of excusing deliberate ignorance and respecting the opinions of people who want to light the world on fire to kill their imaginary enemies. And you give up and tell the truth.

        These people deserve what they get.”

  14. TexasAnnie says:

    Oops, we got a new blog post on Leavenworth St. yesterday, so that’s a signal for me to get busy!
    From the USDE:
    “On March 22, 2017 the U.S. Supreme Court issued a unanimous opinion in Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District…the Court interpreted the scope of the free appropriate public education (FAPE) requirements in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). … (T)he Supreme Court determined that “to meet its substantive obligation under the IDEA, a school must offer an IEP (individualized education program) that is reasonably calculated to enable a child to make progress…”

    Thus last week, the USDE released it’s Q&A guidelines to inform families, educators and bureaucrats, ALL, that the requirements of FAPE, IDEA and the IEP as established by law, shall be held to a strict standard. Note y’all, that these requirements were already in place; they were merely upheld, now literally decades after they were first written into law.

    If y’all care about any child with disability residing in Nebraska, kindly give ’em a heads up! The USDE has spoken and has substantiated the therapies, tutoring, accessibility, timing and training necessary to promote learning and it all begins with how the child is being evaluated.

    I recommend private evaluations, but if one is to rely on a school district for evaluations, insist on remaining present. DO NOT SIGN-OFF ON EVALUATIONS WHEREBY THE CHILD IS REMOVED AND YOU ARE MERELY PRESENTED WITH A DOCUMENT FOR AGREEMENT! Although my own child is well beyond school age, navigating the SPED laws remains within my skill set. Hang in there! The GOP may take your CHIP and/or ACA medical benefits, but you’ll get your SPED!!! And if you don’t get it, call another IEP. Keep calling IEP’s ’til the document is properly written to guarantee more than “de minims” progress. Your Supreme Court has spoken!

    • Anon says:

      There is no plan to get rid of CHIP. If you don’t like the party fine, but don’t stretch it, you are knowledgeable of this situation but are just as guilty as politicians making it a political toy.

      • Little Twelve Toes says:

        “There is no plan to get rid of CHIP. “

        A statement, at best, wildly disingenuous; more accurately, entirely meaningless.
        But what else would one expect from a Republican apologist.

        It’s Republicans who are knowingly and willfully putting at risk health insurance for 9 million children.

        And their intransigence is because poor, sick children make more difficult the GOP singular mission of transferring the nation’s wealth to a handful of the richest people the world has ever known.

        Dec 3, 2017 –
        GOP senator says it’s hard to fund $14 billion children’s health care program — then advocates for $1 trillion tax cut
        “The reason CHIP’s having trouble is because we don’t have money anymore.”


        Stop Holding Our Children Hostage
        Republicans let health insurance expire for 9 million American children. They must act fast to fix it.


        House GOP Wants To Fund Lapsed CHIP With Cuts To Medicare And Public Health

      • Three is a Magic Number says:

        CHIP has never before been controversial.
        The last time it was renewed was 2015.
        It passed the House 392 – 37.
        It passed the Senate 92 – 8.

        Fortenberry, Ashford and Smith all voted YEA.
        Fischer – YEA
        Sasse – NAY

        It is only the modern iteration of a repulsive Rethuglican party that now puts the program, and 9 million children, at risk.

      • the rest of the story says:

        The disagreement, which you are skirting around, is an offset for the expense of CHIP. The House has already passed it’s version. It is the Dems in the Senate who won’t accept the offsets of the Republicans.

        So, despite your alternate world with fake news, it is the Dems holding up CHIP.

        Ironically, one thing the Repubs want to do is charge the wealthy more for Medicare B and D but the Dems say no. Saying the rich would then drop the coverage. Which is what is said about the Dems wanting to up taxes on the rich. But I guess the Dems making the rich pay more will make the rich want to give more. Only in DC.

        Dems holding children hostage to protect the rich.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        “There is no plan to get rid of CHIP.”
        No plan was needed; CHIP funding expired October 1st.

        Remember Anon, I am a taxpayer who did not believe that Gov. Ben could persuade the Unicam to heed the Western Governors’ Assoc. edict concerning SPED: Nelson called it a “cruel hoax.”
        And remember Anon, it was in 1975 that the federal government created the special education civil right, within which it ‘guaranteed’ 40% excess cost. All these decades later, the feds have not provided even one-half the promised excess cost. Shades of CHIP?
        And remember Anon, currently the GOP has all the power…

  15. the rest of the story says:

    Oh, and if you want to know where that information came from, it is USNews who wrote a rather biased and scathing article against the Repubs.

  16. Lesson for today says:

    Donald J Trump
    Lightweight Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a total flunky for Chuck Schumer and someone who would come to my office “begging” for campaign contributions not so long ago (and would do anything for them), is now in the ring fighting against Trump. Very disloyal to Bill & Crooked-USED!
    7:03 AM – Dec 12, 2017

    Amanda Marcotte
    Trump supporters, this morning: Step one, read Trump saying Gillibrand would do “anything” for donations, chuckle merrily to yourself while making a rude sexual gesture. Perhaps say something lewd about her to a friend or your wife.
    12:21 PM – Dec 12, 2017

    Step two, angrily denounce feminists who, like you, saw sexual implications in the use of the word “anything”. Claim that only a crazy bitch would see the implication you, only moments before, were snickering over.
    12:22 PM – Dec 12, 2017

    The whole thing illustrates the role of gaslighting in sexual harassment. The two-step is to say something that you and the target both know is meant to be a sexualized insult, and then re-insult her by calling her “crazy” when she cries foul.
    12:28 PM – Dec 12, 2017

    And from Wikipedia – Gaslighting:
    “Sociopaths and narcissists frequently use gaslighting tactics. Sociopaths consistently transgress social mores, break laws, and exploit others, but typically also are convincing liars, sometimes charming ones, who consistently deny wrongdoing. Thus, some who have been victimized by sociopaths may doubt their own perceptions.”

      • Ernest T. says:

        Jane Raybould is a solid candidate. Smart, engaged and highly informed with an impressive business career. A lifetime of the most intimate interaction with and understanding of Nebraska’s economy and business environment.

        Nov 14, 2017 –
        “A new Public Policy Polling survey finds that Nebraska voters are very unhappy with Congressional Republicans, and Senator Deb Fischer is quite vulnerable headed into the 2018 election.
        Only 35% of Nebraskans approve of Fischer’s job performance, while 45% disapprove. 19% approve of the job the Republicans in Congress are doing.
        A large majority of voters (73%) disapprove of how Congressional Republicans are handling the issue of health care, and 56% disapprove of how they are handling taxes.
        When asked if they think Senator Fischer deserves to be re-elected, or if they think it is time for someone new, 48% said it is time for someone new and only 35% believe she should be re-elected.

        In 2012, Fischer won her election for U.S. Senate by a 15-point margin, but the upcoming election is looking to be closer. In a hypothetical election matchup, Fischer (42%) was leading against Democrat Jane Raybould (31%).
        After being given Democrat Jane Raybould’s background and asked again who they would vote for, Raybould leads: 38% said they would vote for Raybould and 35% said they would vote for Fischer. Once they were presented with Raybould’s background, the number of independents who said they would vote for her went from 38% to 51%.
        A large majority (71%) of Nebraskans don’t yet know who Raybould is, but as voters learn about her background it is likely that Fischer will become even more vulnerable.”

        PPP surveyed 1.190 Nebraska voters, from Nov 10-12. MOE +/- 2.8%.

        Deb Fischer’s strategy in 2018 will be the same that she employed against Bob Kerrey.
        The same strategy Roy Moore employed against Doug Jones.
        The same strategy that all marginally qualified (or wholly inept) Republican candidates throughout the nation employ:

        She’ll hide from debate. She’ll hide from open public forums that might demand of her an exchange of ideas and solutions aimed at addressing the very real challenges facing Nebraskans each and every day.

  17. More NE Politics - In case you missed it - GOP Thug Troika, Shamed says:

    As Derwald Trump and the devious henchmen of the GOPlutocacy rip our nation apart every day, it’s easy to overlook what would, in normal times, be front page news.

    For those unaware, three of Nebraska’s most extreme right wing state legislators, and an eager aid, were PUBLICLY SHAMED only a few days ago.
    Those shamed, were
    Steve Erdman, Republlican, Bayard NE (D47)
    Tom Brewer, Republican, Gordon NE (house in a shed – D43)
    Steve Halloran, Republican, Hastings, (D33)
    Coby Mach, Wermacht, Weimar Republic – eager aide, fervent abettor

    If you have access, the story appeared in the Dec 10th LJS:
    Free speech group asks UNL to reinstate fired lecturer

    If you don’t have access to LJS, the Thug Troika took to the airwaves to continue their attack on UNL and amplify their cries of ‘UNL is a Socialist Utopia!!’ (so they can defund it in order to give even bigger tax breaks to the 0.01%).
    As part of their effort they thought they’d bring in a noted Libertarian organization (FIRE) who would examine what occurred at UNL, and join these extremists in their effort to destroy our University.

    Here’s what happened, from the LJS story:
    “FIRE is an organization that looks at all the policies of the universities that they do business with,” Erdman told 1400 KLIN (Coby Mach) on Nov. 20. “They’re very objective and they’re very thorough in their examination of the policies to make sure everybody is treated fairly and equally.”

    Brewer told the Journal Star in an interview that FIRE would have been more appropriate to review UNL’s political climate than Gallup..

    “..Halloran called FIRE “far more objective” in measuring free speech policies of universities than other organizations.

    But this week, FIRE admonished Green and NU President Hank Bounds not for fostering a campus climate unwelcoming to students with conservative political views — as the state senators have alleged in editorials and interviews — but for violating Lawton’s rights to free speech and expression, as well as her academic freedom in denying her a contract renewal.

    “Punishing a faculty member for public political expression on the basis that it lacks civility is unconstitutional,” wrote Adam B. Steinbaugh, a senior program officer in FIRE’s Individual Rights Defense Program.

    Steinbaugh implored UNL to reinstate Lawton by Dec. 22.

    Schadenfreude is the best freude.

  18. whats cooking says:

    Professor, you know the age of consent in Alabama is 3. And remember, Trump endorsed Strange against Moore, saying Moore would lose. If he hadn’t endorsed Moore late, everyone including you would today be blaming Trump for Moore’s loss. But, sure, Alabama is Alabama.

    I cannot help but think this motivates Republicans as well as Democrats. But they all likely misread it.

    Dems think the USA isn’t populist. They think Obama wasn’t’ elected as a populist (read his Kerry intro) and they instead double down on Identity Politics which is always an anchor on those who throw it and the idiots who catch it. Identity Politics sinks all who hug such. And that leaves out populists who don’t catch that anchor when it is hurled at them. This isn’t anything like FDR’s civic socialism. Dems are in danger of thinking the IP of Feminism and Race politics, selling pity=respect, which is profoundly irrational, is on the rise again when it turns out Moore is simply a stupid fellow.

    Moore lost the moment he used the waffle word “most”. Its better to use hyperbole to an absolute and stick by that rather than waffle. For a jurist, that’s stupid. He must have fallen back on his lawyerisms. Stupid on left, or stupid on right, or populist stupid, is worse case than any policy. I mean, look at democrats stuck defending Obamacare that is lumpy and bumpy from a socialist and a free market viewpoint. Stuff has to work. And a judge like Moore who says “some” instead of no, well hell, even in Alabama people know a waffle when they smell it cooking. I don’t think Mitch or Donald are too unhappy getting a AL Dem rather than Moore as a sort of GOP Trump mini me.

    • Inquiring minds want to know says:

      Moore lost the moment he used the waffle word “most”

      You lost me there.
      Do you mean Moore fell short, because of instead of -all-, he preyed on only “most” of the teen girls in the mall?

      Or maybe it’s specifically the 14 year old to whom you refer. That Moore managed to remove only “most” of her clothes?

    • The fact remains, the RNC gave him money, and Trump endorsed him. He’s an albatross around the GOP neck, if the Dems can hang it.

      Meanwhile, 80% of white evangelical Alabamans voted for a monster. 75% of white men in Alabama voted for the same monster. The only reason he wasn’t elected was a massive TOTV effort by the Dems and the NAACP. Who have you ever seen African American turnout higher than white turnout?

      The Dems have the formula for a ⅔ House majority. Question is, are they smart enough to use it?

      • Barb E. Dahl says:

        Specifically, it was African American Women turning out in record numbers and voting almost exclusively Democratic. And note the number of write-in GOP votes. It remains a stunning victory but I don’t think it indicative of 2018 House elections. We’ll see.

      • Political Novice says:

        I listened to Roy Moore’s statements after the election and it reminded me of a evangelical revival meeting than a political race so I guess he was just playing to his base. Just as he stubbornly defied court orders in the past he now refuses to concede even though it highly unlikely the results will change. It annoys me when politicians bring religion into the discussion with the “Gott mit uns” attitude. It’s not going to be an easy go for Mr. Jones and I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last of Roy Moore (unfortunately).

        I have always thought Steve Bannon’s influence was overrated and this election seemed to prove that out. I think he could help his image though if he would just clean up and not look like some disheveled, drunken bum.

        But what do I know?

  19. Lucky Seven Sampson says:

    Trump’s net approval rating is lower today than it was for any previous president on record at this point in his term, and, remarkably, that’s been true for every day of his presidency.

    If Trump remains this abhorrent into next fall, a blue wave may take out even Deb Fischer.

    btw – it’s delusional to imagine Trump is a populist.
    Trump is a populist in the same manner David Duke is a civil rights leader.

  20. Tax and Spend Republicans says:

    Speaking of Socialist Utopia’s, how about Mayor Jean Stothert’s 11.5% ‘enhanced employment district’ tax.

  21. bynd, about false hope says:

    HRC was a shoo in. I love to watch the hopes of the progressives and one “Libertarian” on here that now the Dems have the road map for elections. Really.

    If the tax bill goes as predicted today, Roy Morre, although already an after thought, will be now factor. Only the more money that people will get as promised.

    That would be the middle class and union folks who wouldn’t vote for HRC. Higher deficit? If so, it is finally for middle America and not to give our money to some one else. Including other countries.

    So I guess we shall see. Roy Moore a year down the road, a political life time, or a summer bonus at tax return time.

    Progressive and ex RWP don’t have a good track record in any such predictions.

  22. Toxic Agenda says:

    The GOP has more than a Donald Trump/Roy Moore (Louie Gohmert, Steve King, Jim Jordan, Ted Yoho..) problem.

    In a new poll by Monmouth (Dec 10-12, 806 adults, +/- 3.5%):
    Poll: Democrats lead GOP by 15 points in generic 2018 ballot
    (Trump approval sits at 32%)

    For context (‘precedent’). here’s the headline leading to the Democratic “shellacking” of 2010 (R’s picked up 63 seats and took control of the House) –
    Gallup, Aug 30, 2010 –
    GOP Takes Unprecedented 10-Point Lead on Generic Ballot

    Add to the above, the following –
    December 6 – 11, Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,211 voters nationwide with a margin of error of +/- 3.5 percentage points, including the design effect. Live interviewers call landlines and cell phones.

    – American voters disapprove of the pending Republican tax plan 55 – 26 percent, and 43 percent say they are less likely to vote for a U.S. Senator or Congressperson who supports the plan

    – Republicans support the tax plan 66 – 11 percent. Every other party, gender, education, age and racial group listed opposes the plan

    – Only 16 percent of American voters say the tax plan will reduce their taxes
    (someone please square this finding with the one above – is it masochism, or is that their tribalism so profoundly debilitating they imagine it’s an act of patriotism that they and their family endure harm so rich people can get richer?)

    – 77 percent of American voters say undocumented children brought to the U.S. as children should be allowed to stay and to apply for citizenship.
    Another 7 percent say these immigrants should be allowed to stay, but not apply for citizenship and 12 percent say they should be required to leave the U.S.

    – American voters oppose 62 – 36 percent building a wall

    – 60% say abortion should be legal in most (39) or all (21) cases.
    That number is 70% (42 and 28) for 18 – 34 year old.

    34% say it should be illegal in most (22) or all (12) cases.
    That number for millennials is 27% (18 and 9).

    And a Quinnipiac poll from August –
    – 80 percent of voters disapprove of the way Republicans in Congress are handling health care—including 60 percent of self-identified Republicans.

    And we’ve been told by numerous Republicans that next on the agenda for the GOP is “welfare reform”, i.e. cuts to Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, services for Veterans, children, the elderly and infirmed.
    Their tax ‘plan’, if passed, will force (PayGo law) an immediate $25 Billion cut to Medicare.
    Their tax ‘plan’, if passed, is expected to leave 13 million newly uninsured while raising insurance premiums for every family in America.

    This TOXIC AGENDA is what Don Bacon, Deb Fischer, Ben Sasse, Jeff Fortenberry and Adrian Smith embrace. What Pete Ricketts praises.

    • Doh! says:

      Hillary Clinton would have been the most well informed and highly prepared candidate for the office in modern history. She would have excelled in the role. Every American (except for maybe a handful of the most wealthy) would be better off today with her in office. America itself would be on a vastly improved trajectory.
      That said, Hillary Clinton is unfathomably uninspiring and unlikable.

      Importantly, no one was counting on the unprecedented.
      The thousands of fake social media accounts and Russian bots dispersing and manipulating millions of messages from little troll factories in St. Petersburg and throughout the slums of third world eastern European nations.
      Troll factories whipping up a frenzy among the low/no information Trump legions. Trump legions imagining the autonomous Russian bots they were (and are) chatting with are kindred spirits seeking to join in their effort to take ‘Merica back!
      A highly gullible, perpetually confused, always angry, attention span devoid horde of Trumpers, all eager to burn down gubment. All anxious to get their apocalypse on.

      A couple reads, an introductory course on the trolling of the capacious tranche that constitutes the unwitting among the GOP base –
      The Fake Americans Russia Created to Influence the Election

      How Russia Harvested American Rage to Reshape U.S. Politics

      Russia-backed Facebook posts ‘reached 126m Americans’ during US election

      • Leavenworthless says:

        I am against Trump. That doesn’t make me for Clinton. Her self-superior, patronizing attitude put me off. I tend to believe the stories about Clinton heaping abuse on Service members. That and nearly 30 years of sketchy stories led to believe the US had quite enough of the Clintons.

        We don’t need dynastic politics in the country. Kennedys, Bushes, Clintons – sorry, you get one or two terms in the White House and you’re done. Go back to anonymity, we don’t need you, even if you think we need you.

        Don’t get me wrong, none of this, and none of the previous Presidents at their worst means we have to put up with the waste of air that is Trump. But we need real leaders to stand-up. Mueller and Mattis are all that come to mind. I’d certainly vote for a Mattis-Mueller ticket. Find me more women and men like those two.

  23. Swamp Mania says:

    Two days ago –
    Poll: 83 percent of voters support keeping FCC’s net neutrality rules

    26 minutes ago –
    FCC Repeals Net Neutrality Rules

    Republicans simply don’t give a rats arse about the welfare of our nation or of the people who elect them.
    They’re there to serve corporations and special interests. Period.
    In addition, they’ve grown accustomed to a voting base with the attention span of a bag moth.
    No matter the harm they brought, the fleecing they’ve unfurled, come election time their Super PACs take to the airwaves to froth about Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Baby Parts and Socialism.
    And the tribe will assemble.
    James O’Keefe will crank out a video purporting to show MS-13 gang members laundering drug money through Planned Parenthood.
    And the confused, angry masses will arise.

    • no experts on here says:

      Actually, listening to Thor Schrock indicates that the “angry masses” are nothing more than stooges for Google and Facebook. Look at how much the telephone industry grew, innovated and reached out to more people after Bell telephone was broken up.

      But hey, the low information, divisive folks will keep putting their fairy tales out there because they want to control the internet also.

      I’m sure Chris Baker will have his talk with Thor on his web site. Want to understand what net neutrality means? Get away from the ignorant fear mongers on here and learn the truth.

      • sigh says:

        Thor Schrock and Chris Baker.

        Well if that’s your expert panel on Net Neutrality, I’ve got a bang up suggestion for a pair of experts to help you with your heart disease, Dan:
        Dr. Pepper and Cap’N Crunch.

        If anyone cares (except for comprehension-challenged Dan) about an expert opinion, here’s the woman who literally wrote the book (MIT Press) on it, Professor of Law and Director of Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society, Barbara van Schewick:
        A net neutrality expert on how the FCC’s vote will change the internet as we know it.

        Ms. van Schewick makes it clear why 83% of voters oppose yet another fleecing of the American people by the Republican party.

        And sorry, but there’s not another soul on the planet that can explain to you why bynd would imagine the opinions of Thor Schrock and Chris Baker mean diddly squat.

      • Oracle says:

        YAI (along with Dan). I’ve been in I.T. for over 40 years and this FCC decision sucks big time. If you want to see the future without net neutrality, google “Portugal’s internet shows us a world without net neutrality, and it’s ugly” for an L A Times article that rebuts your ignorance. Maybe look at facts instead of just your worldview before posting.

      • oracle, YAI says:

        So, I realize only Oracle will raise his hand for this one but who honestly believes that Google, Facebook, Amazon etc are fighting to keep these rules because they care about you the little guy? Especially since these ISPs are not subject to the net neutrality rules. In fact, no ISP is affected byt the rules except to give them what other providers can not have.

        As for Oracle, who the hell would ever believe you in anything in that your big post is YAI. Yes, a real mental midget.

        So yeah, give me the intelligent little guy whose business is the most affected by these rules instead of the never been part of it except for reading about it in books person.

        Want to see what the real world has provided for the proof, go to, BELL SYSTEM BREAKUP OPENS ERA OF GREAT EXPECTATIONS AND GREAT CONCERN. And keep reading how those promises came to fruition.

      • Oracle says:

        Dan, as usual you ignored or misunderstood what I wrote. I’m not concerned about the giant companies like Google or Facebook. They have the money to make any deals they want. It’s the small, emerging companies who can’t afford to compete in a non-level playing field. And consumers! Maybe spend a minute and find the article I referenced. Also look at “The FCC’s net neutrality rules are gone. Now this is what could happen to the Web.”

      • research, a lifetime pursuit says:


        I’m don’t know how you conduct your life but for me, I have followed net neutrality since Obama’s administration started talking about it. So I don’t need to read one article or see one video to form an opinion.

        The companies who are now fighting to keep net neutrality such as Amazon, Facebook and Google became what they are under a free internet scenario. But all of them now want to hamstring everyone else. While making sure that net neutrality doesn’t apply to them. All the innovations of and for the internet, up until Obama, came under a non net neutral internet.

        And Obama’s FCC proved this was problem how?

        Did your internet work this morning like it did yesterday? Net neutrality, like you folks like to say, was a solution looking for a problem.

      • Oracle says:

        YAI, why is it so many conservatives think they are experts on everything outside of their field of expertise? GH called it perfectly. Dunning-Kruger effect.

    • Barb E. Dahl says:

      Well I certainly agree that Republicans don’t give a rats arse about the welfare of our nation, Swamp Mania, but Super Pac access to the airwaves is a given, net neutrality or bust.
      The question should be: Is the internet a public utility? Let’s look to the courts now.

      • Quandry quandry quandy quandry says:

        Public Utility?

        Good question.
        My admittedly humble opinion is: Yes, and No.

        The United Stated Government (we the people) have for decades auctioned off wireless spectrum to private corporations. (CBS, NBC, AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Sprint etc..).
        In order for the government to have auctioned if off, that wireless spectrum had to have been deemed a public utility.

        But what is it, once it’s sold? What do those auctions/deeds stipulate?
        Based on the following proposal by the Obama in 2011, once that wireless spectrum is sold and in private hands, it is the sole property of private corporations.
        President Obama Details Plan to Win the Future through Expanded Wireless Access

        specifically note this part of the plan:
        “Win-win incentives for commercial holders. As recommended in the FCC’s National Broadband Plan, legislation is needed to allow the FCC to conduct “voluntary incentive auctions” that enable current spectrum holders to realize a portion of auction revenues if they choose to participate.”

        As part of a 2011 Obama initiative to bring reliable, high-speed broadband internet to every rural community in America, the administration encouraged legacy broadcast TV stations who had purchased spectrum decades ago, to “auction off” 500 megahertz of that underutilized spectrum (not optimal for T.V. broadcast) back to the federal government.

        If the government was proposing to, essentially, buy back spectrum from these private corporations, that spectrum, once sold, is no longer a public utility.

  24. Pork Pie Hat says:

    PEW confirms News Media really does report negatively against Trump far more than other presidents. And with much, much less focus on reporting policy issues. It is measurable. Journalists hate him and then don’t do their job. If they think he is a bad guy, that doesn’t explain them not reporting policy.

    To everyone’s surprise, Journalists have thin skins, hate being called “fake”, and now write stories that aren’t news but rather editorials that alternate between begging to be seen as dispassionate and flying into fits of pique. Every story, whether it is trumpophilic or phobic, is about his personality. Policy isn’t reported. Like all other “Identity Politics” mongers, who too easily silence policy criticisms with an allegation of “bigot”, and thereby never learn how to defend their policy, journalists never have their mettle tested and so never develop steel backbone. When confronted, such PC addicted elites lose their cool and thus their cred. The more leftwing, the more PC addicted, the less cred.

    Mainstream news is doing a political dance for its limited subscribers. But to the distanced apolitical swing Americans who decide elections, journalism appears a bunch of chivviable idiots. The divide between Trumpophiles and Trumpophobes in media is emotional. Most Americans however demand news be factual not visceral. They see Trump as a grump but they see Press as bad reporters of national policy news. An opinioned emotional Fourth Estate that fails to report policy is useless.

  25. anonymous says:

    Fake news, can’t have that, too much of a threat to the media establishment that;s been playing you old geniuses for years, even though you know better. US is 50/50 and the media is going all in to use your hate for the win, the media made Trump and he beat them at their own game, it didn’t take much.

  26. sigh says:

    Your statement is a ridiculous extrapolation from a poll that means absolutely nothing if not viewed in the proper context. It’s a poll Pew should be embarrassed to have published.

    Marginally informed people capable of critical thought can look at the October 2 poll you cite and understand the factors that make it virtually valueless.

    Breaking down your statement –

    #1 – PEW confirms News Media really does report negatively against Trump far more than other presidents.

    Well of course they do. It is irrefutable the Trump’s is most inept, reckless assembly of administrators in modern history. Even Republicans (sane) won’t argue that. From day 1, he and his cabinet have engaged in the most inflammatory rhetoric spun out by any administration, likely ever. The positions they espouse and agenda the say they’ll undertake is toxic to the overwhelming majority of Americans (which countless polls have verified).
    Exactly how would the press reporting of this dumpster fire not take on a negative tone?

    #2 – And with much, much less focus on reporting policy issues.

    Trump and his Keystone COP GOP have had virtually no policies to criticize. Seriously – NONE. Especially prior to October 2nd, when the poll was published.
    The inept, incurious Donald Trump along with a wholly dysfunctional GOP lead House and Senate have proven entirely incapable of crafting even the most simple policy. The GOP has spent 8 years as the party of NO. And even now that they’re in power, the retrograde House Freedom Caucus remains the party of NO.
    Trump has only signing statements to point to – and those are NOT policy. Most of those 40+ statements (photo ops) are a single page or less. Many have been found comically unconstitutional. Many more have been found entirely unenforceable.

    It is measurable. Journalists hate him and then don’t do their job.

    ‘journalists hate him’ simply does not equal ‘don’t do their job’.
    it is only the plurality of Fox ‘News’ and right wing journalists for whom you can demonstrably prove have failed to do their job – assuming you even imagine the job of a right wing pundit is in any way related to truth or veracity. Thanks to Roger Ailes’ Magic Empire Building, Money Making Model – the right wing media’s aim is not to enlighten, but to entertain. And they found that the most exceptionally lucrative form of entertainment to their septuagenarian, low information audience is mongering in fear and hate. Facts be damned. Country be damned.
    The same can simply not be said about the overwhelming majority of journalists on the left, or among the mainstream media. This is yet another case where “both sides” in fact, don’t do it.
    I have no doubt historians will look back on this time as a golden age in the media. The New York Times, Washington Post and others have done some of the most amazing reporting we’ve seen in decades. There is reason that PBS’s Frontline, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and CBS’s 60 Minutes took home Emmy’s this year in the News and Documentary categories.

    If they think he is a bad guy, that doesn’t explain them not reporting policy.

    See #2.

    Finally it is of no value to to read the Pew poll without the overlying context:
    Trump’s net approval rating – for every single day of his presidency – has been lower than it was for any previous president on record.
    Donald ‘Tourette’s’ Trump is despised both at home and abroad.
    How does this not merit coverage reflecting such. How is not critical to the context of this poll. How could coverage of such a universally disdained human being not have a negative slant?

    • you don't know what you think says:

      Trump and his Keystone COP GOP have had virtually no policies to criticize. Seriously – NONE

      But yet you are constantly complaining about his policies.

      So, which is it.

      • Oracle says:

        Complaints are about his actions and spewed Twitter garbage. Not much recognizable policy there other than to reduce his taxes and pay off big donors. And it’s not really “policy” when there is such a haphazard method to get there.

      • Bert says:


        As the year winds to a close, the GOP’s sole hope for success (other than naming Post Offices) in the policy arena – their tax plan – is STILL not policy, today –
        27 minutes ago –
        With Concession to Rubio on Child Credit, G.O.P. Is Set to Release Compromise Tax Plan

        As with healthcare (1/6th of the American economy – 30+ million impacted), the GOP hopes to introduce a massive bill – crafted by lobbyists behind closed doors – a bill effecting every person in the nation, and without reading, (let alone review, compromise or amendment) pass it immediately.
        AND – pass it ONLY thanks to the thuggish, anti-democratic, entirely abnormal vehicle that is now standard GOP operating procedure, reconciliation.

    • Hal says:

      The press fawned over the work the Dr. Louis Pasteur, but when in came to coverage of Dr. Josef Mengele, you wouldn’t believe how negative they were!

  27. Karl Mocks says:

    You who disarm yourselves keep pushing those who don’t. How’d that work out for you at Kent State? Idiots like you, purple faced with hate, yelling “shoot me”. Maybe those guardsmen are today liberals, maybe protestors now conservative. But the dead can only vote in Chicago.

    Leftwing protesters back then were exactly as you are today, idiot meat-bags used by a few criminal socialists who murdered innocents with bombs and later held fundraisers for Clintons and Obama. They are among your DNC leaders now. You are either one of them or more likely their meat bag. But you all have this one progressivism in common… none of you were proud of Constitutional America before Trump. You don’t want the USA as its Constitution makes it be.

    You liked Obama’s race riots, that he ignored the rule of law and hurt our police. You liked it that Clintons and Obama paid NK and Iran to make nukes and gave Russia our uranium. Democrats with real jobs voted for Trump. The rest of you deny due process for others. Karma dude.

    Go ahead and take your 5-year-olds to rallies, put a pussy hat on their head and have then yell “Fuck”. I want your kids taken away and you put in a prison for child abuse. And since you don’t give due process to Republicans or Democrats whom you decide must go away… then in your case, you too can go away without due process. You don’t like our electoral college, you gag free speech on campuses, you find our constitution irrelevant to what you would force on others. Okay then. We will have due process for everyone except Progressives. What you deny to others, we should deny you. How else can it be?

    Every American worth a shit has taken an oath that requires them to defend the constitution from “enemies domestic”. As cranky as Trump is, that isn’t him. Securing our borders, enforcing our laws, defending us, solvency, is required of him by our Constitution. Yet it is that which leftists fight.

    Keep pushing assholes. You who don’t cling to guns or religion. Without protection and without humility, you don’t need a gulag. Your inflated sense of importance will pop you like a zit.

  28. Hey Gomer, the phrase is: "enemies, foreign and domestic.” says:

    It’s likely you’re oblivious to this fact, but it is you that the family wishes wouldn’t show up for holiday gatherings.
    Your wildly misinformed regurgitations of baseless winger conspiracy theories – misinformation you feel compelled to share when in the company of others – makes people uncomfortable and forces them to quickly seek strategies allowing them to avoid being in your immediate presence.
    Oh sure, old Uncle Cleetus may reflexively rouse from his drunkin’ stupor to yell out “Lock Her Up” at your mention of Hillary, or libruls, or ‘DFHs’, but it is only the innately impaired Cleetus that shares in your delusion.

    When you see people whispering behind your back, they’re talking about you.
    If you pay attention over the coming holidays, you’ll notice people quickly shuffle away as you approach.

  29. Bert the drama queen says:

    the GOP hopes to introduce a massive bill – crafted by lobbyists behind closed doors – a bill effecting every person in the nation, and without reading, (let alone review, compromise or amendment) pass it immediately.
    AND – pass it ONLY thanks to the thuggish, anti-democratic, entirely abnormal vehicle that is now standard GOP operating procedure, reconciliation.

    How much more laughable of a drama piece can there be? You can now read the final version of the tax bill at the Washington post. After having the previous versions debated in the news for weeks. No backroom deals, just favors for congressional folks. Business as usual except for the secretive Dems.

    And no where can it be said, you have to pass it before knowing what is in it. You could read first drafts in the NYTimes on Nov. 2, 2017.

    All as opposed to 2300 pages of the ACA law and over 20,000+ pages of regulations the Obama administration wrote to support it. Hey Bert, Oracle have you read all those pages?

    Yes once again, showing what a bunch of lying drama queens reside in lala progressive land takes about 30 seconds of research. The sky certainly is falling in lala land, their whole world is collapsing because it was built of straw(men).

    As Schumer keeps playing his same video clip over and over again, finally something is done for the middle class with the Dems no where in sight. Identity politics, what has that you got progressives except for irrelevancy?

  30. Forget the zits cure the cancer says:

    The FBI is led by its intelligence half, not its law enforcement half. The FBI’s main job is protecting our TOP SECRETS. Yet Hillary exposed Top Secrets, the FBI knew it, and still our FBI colluded to sway our election to a Clinton Presidency or a Trump impeachment. Why? Look around. This isn’t about Clintons being crooks. They were that since Whitewater. This is about the FBI being rotten.

    We all are part of the problem because we hoped it isn’t true. Yet we all know history. Six Presidents, Democrats and Republicans, whom J. Edgar Hoover “served” all wanted to fire him but were too terrified of the FBI. They said so. Hoover died in the saddle. To think his successors, like Muller himself, haven’t and don’t subvert elections is just stupid. That rotten power was built in when FDR gave the FBI as law enforcers the extra power to spy on citizens. Carte blanche = rot.

    Trump said “my phones are bugged”. Now he seems magically prophetic. But that’s not how it works. This is about TIME and DISTANCE. Trump sees what everyone else sees at his higher level above voters, vis. that the FBI bugs all their phones. But no President before Trump knew how to deal with it. Trump lets this pot boil, which brings the FBI rot within our vision, allows our eyes to adjust, and we see it as the systematic, ingrained subversion of our Constitution it really is. Our FBI is “enemy domestic”. Nobody would have believed that unless they saw it with their own eyes.

    • Tell all the other curs, the law is comin' says:

      “The FBI’s main job is protecting our TOP SECRETS.”
      Pulled that out of your arse, didn’t ya.

      “Hillary exposed Top Secrets,”
      True, in only in the most anally retentive definition of ‘Top Secret’.
      The intelligence Trump revealed TO THE RUSSIANS in their private May, 2017 meeting in the White House – the one where U.S. press as barred, by Russian press was allowed access – was FAR beyond the inconsequential (actually meaningless) info. (improperly labeled and not really secret) that was found to have been disclosed to a few AMERICANS on her staff.

      “..our FBI colluded to sway our election to a Clinton Presidency or a Trump impeachment.”
      You’re going to hurt yourself, pulling all this stuff out of your arse.

      “This is about the FBI being rotten.”
      Fuch you.
      You delusional Trumpers need to stop undermining and shitting all over some of America’s finest on behalf of your Moron in Chief.

      You’re P.O.S. president* is going to be run out of office because he’s a pathological liar, a grifter and a criminal.

      American Hero and Statesman Robert Meuller, on behalf of the fine men and women of the FBI, calls out to the Trump Crime Family:
      “You called down the thunder well now you’ve got it. You tell him I’m coming, and hell’s coming with me!!”

  31. drama queens and chicken littles says:


    The intelligence Trump revealed TO THE RUSSIANS in their private May, 2017 meeting in the White House –

    Not only was it legal, but it is not anything that all previous presidents haven’t done with some foreign leader.

    Suck it up buttercup!

    Quote Obama to the Russians, I’ll be more flexible after I’m re elected. Meaning he would cancel the missile defense plans that Russia didn’t want built. Leaving us and our allies high, dry and vulnerable. Ooops! And then they took eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Double oops!

    • You're such a misinformed tool, Dan says:

      I know you and your chuckleheaded pals imagine you have a point with your spin on Obama’s ‘hot mic’ honest diplomacy, but the only point you continue to demonstrate is the one atop you tin foil hat covered heads.

      The people of Crimea voted in favor of annexation. Was it constitutional, was it a legitimate voting process – I don’t know neither do you – but the vote was in fact overwhelming. The citizens of Crimea (most of whom are Russian) welcomed the annexation.
      By the way – at the time of the annexation – Donald Trump, Sean Hannity and most of the moronic Fox ‘News’ addled Republican voting base were lining up for the opportunity to gently cup the balls of Vladmir Putin. They were all agog about what an amazing leader was Putin, how he was a much greater leader than Obama.

      Under Obama’s watch – in May 2016 – and over the continued objections of Russia, the NATO missile defense system in Europe was deployed.

      And Russia has not taken over Ukraine – but the the Trump crime syndicate and Republican part has done everything in their power to had it to Vlad on a silver platter –

      Washington Post, July 18, 2016 –
      Trump campaign guts GOP’s anti-Russia stance on Ukraine

      Aug 3, 2016, The Daily Beast –
      Trump Campaign Changed Ukraine Platform, Lied About It

      Aug 16, 2017, Politico –
      Poll: Republicans’ confidence in Russia’s Putin on the rise
      “We’ve seen quite a shift on the side of Republicans, with Republicans now being much more favorable toward Russia,”

      Nov 17, 2017, Politico –
      Congressional aides may have answers on pro-Russia GOP platform change
      Paul Ryan’s chief of staff would not confirm or deny whether he has been contacted by special counsel Robert Mueller about how a Ukraine-related provision was killed at the 2016 GOP convention

      Dec 4, 2017, NPR –
      2016 RNC Delegate: Trump Directed Change To Party Platform On Ukraine Support

  32. Obama, the world's most incompetent leader says:

    The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook – Politico
    BOMBSHELL: Obama Protected Hezbollah Drug and Human Trafficking Rings To Appease Iran Gateway
    BOMBSHELL: Obama Protected Hezbollah Drug and Human Trafficking …Freerepublic

    And on and on it goes.

    • The Ghost of Tom Joad says:

      Yet another example of your abject cluelessness, Dan.

      The story, if you read it, is stitched together courtesy of a whole lot of imagination and baseless conjecture.
      Buried in the story, glittering like a gem, is a single, simple truth. A truth in the form of a quote from a senior Obama national security official who actually played a role in the Iran nuclear negotiations:
      “That the Iranians would ask for a favor in this realm and that we would acquiesce is ludicrous,”.

      The Iran Nuclear Deal was signed in October 2015.
      The U.S. State Government, along with 7 other nations levied highly public and significant criminal charges stemming from this investigation (Project Cassandra) in 2016. Here, from the public DEA announcement:
      “FEB 01 (WASHINGTON) – The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) today announced significant enforcement activity including arrests targeting Lebanese Hizballah’s External Security Organization Business Affairs Component (BAC), which is involved in international criminal activities such as drug trafficking and drug proceed money laundering. These proceeds are used to purchase weapons for Hizballah for its activities in Syria.”

      No one was “let off the hook”, Dan. If the charges weren’t sufficient to tickle your xenophobic itch you’ll have to blame the people who brought them.
      The investigation lasted 8 YEARS and involved 30 U.S. and foreign security agencies – no doubt costing American taxpayers billions of dollars.
      How long should it have been allowed to continue? How many special investigator retirement and pension plans were we supposed to fund via this one effort? How many other international security issues were being shelved in order to allot the resources required for this never-ending endeavor?

      Adding insult to injury, your story concludes:
      “But after an initial flurry of interest in resurrecting Project Cassandra, the Trump administration has been silent on the matter. In all of the Trump administration’s public condemnations of Hezbollah and Iran, the subject of drug trafficking hasn’t come up.”

      There’s a reason no one outside of the hard core freak shows of WingerLand have picked up this Politico confabulation. If you google the title of the story, you’ll find it being echoed only by a who’s who of the internet’s backwood swamp dwellers. Denizens who specialize in monetizing hatred and peddling Chuckelhead ‘news’.
      The story came out 3 days ago. To date, here’s a sampling of the sites who’ve picked up on it:
      Free Republic
      Gateway Pundit
      Hot Air

      And do you know who HASN’T touch it – not a peep? –
      New York Times
      Wall Street Journal
      Washington Post
      LA Times
      Dallas News
      The Denver Post
      The Houston Chronicle
      Chicago Sun Times
      The Seattle Times
      Philadelphia Inquirer
      Boston Globe
      Tampa Bay Times..
      even FOX NEWS had rejected running with the story!

      You can add this story to the growing Library of Loony Lore that consumes the conspiracy addled, tin foil hat wearing right. Stories like Benghazi-Benghazi!, Uranium One, Fast & Furious, Jade Helm, Hillary is Running a Child Prostitution Ring out of a Pizza Parlor, Obama’s Comin’ Fer Yer Guns,
      Agenda 21, Death Panels, Terror Babies, the Gubment’s Buyin’ Up All the Bullets, ISIS Sleeper Cells in Gretna – ALL OF IT – PABLUM FOR RUBES, Dan.
      Rubes like you.

      And while you rubes preoccupy yourselves with this claptrap – with the latest shiny new bauble dangled before you by the charlatans of the right – America is being dismantled from within and your children’s futures are being scavenged.

  33. what's that you say, no one hears a loser like you says:

    Yet another example of your abject cluelessness sparkles,

    All that posting and you say nothing. Just repeating ad nauseam the same things you have been posting on here for years.

    As for rubes, we humbled and embarrassed you. Whether you realize it or not, the rest of the world has seen the Dem emperors, wanna be, and not only do you not have any clothes, you have no place to hide. Naked, educated idiots, losers one and all.

    And certainly, all the claptrap you post is worthless. As worthless as your vote was. (just like the extra 3 million that did squat for you) But maybe some day you may even convince yourself that what you pull out of your arse means something. That can be the only reason you keep posting. Because no one else but your fellow snowflakes believes anything you post. You’ve been proven wrong to many times.

    You’re a pimple on a sitting elephant’s ass.

  34. Forget the zits cure the cancer says:

    1:16 PM. “The FBI’s main job is protecting our TOP SECRETS.” Pulled that out of your arse, didn’t ya.”

    Well, no. I pulled that out of Robert Muller’s mouth. When he was FBI director, he said the FBI should be “intelligence led”. — Director Muller 2011, “The mission of the FBI is to protect and defend the United States against intelligence threats… The FBI’s number one priority… being driven by threat rather than arrest and prosecution means prioritizing intelligence.” The CIA works outside, FBI inside. The FBI’s job isn’t to keep foreign secrets from leaking into the USA. Its to keep USA secrets from leaking out. — I am a TS manager for the USG. But that hardly is needed to understand the basic jobs of FBI versus CIA.


    • Then there's that says:

      Another for whom critical thought poses an insurmountable challenge.
      And of course, another for whom such a disability posed no hindrance in your government ‘career’.

      You went to a lot of effort to find words from Robert Mueller that don’t mean what you’ve imagined them to mean.
      “Top Secrets” is in fact, not the equivalent of “Intelligence”, as Mueller uses the term.

      In this case (and with broad application), Top Secrets is to Intelligence as Carrots are to Vegetables.
      Taxonomically: Intelligence is the Domain; Top Secrets the Species (maybe.. Genus?).

      When Mueller speaks of Intelligence, he’s not talking about top secrets, he’s talking about things like:
      Intelligence on a foreign enemy of the State attempting to interfere in our free, Democratic elections.
      Intelligence of a couple radicalized jihadi wannabes in their Mom’s basement in Fort Wayne surfing the internet for bomb making instructions.
      Intelligence of a couple radicalized alt-right, Timothy McVeigh wannabes in their Mom’s Bug-Out shelter in Bonners Ferry, Idaho surfing the internet for bomb making instructions.
      Intelligence on a New York real estate mogul laundering money for known despots, drug lords, oligarchs and even the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, via properties in Baku (Azerbaijan), Istanbul, Manila, Miami and SOHO.

      In addition, the man you choose to cite, is the very same man who only one post earlier you deemed as “enemy domestic”. A man responsible for oversight of a “rotten” U.S. institution.
      How does this hypocrisy NOT scream off the page at you?

      Bottom line –
      The FBI’s number one job is NOT protecting our Top Secrets. (the more one says/types that, the dumber it sounds/reads)
      The FBI’s number job is protecting the American people, from enemies foreign and domestic.

      And to that end, the evidence is voluminous and irrefutable – the greatest threat to the American people, for many years, has been domestic right wing terrorism.
      A violent, home grown strain of terrorism to which we can now add the toxic swill, the incendiary fuel that is Trumpster nationalism.

      Feb 24, 2017, PBS –
      Analysis: Deadly threat from far-right extremists is overshadowed by fear of Islamic terrorism

      U.S. News and World Report –
      The Signs That Right-Wing Extremists Were Growing Increasingly Dangerous
      Aug 16, 2017 – As recently as May, the FBI and DHS issued a joint intelligence bulletin to state and local police, warning that the “white supremacist extremist movement..

  35. Analysis is out says:

    By 2027, more than half of all Americans — 53 percent — would pay more in taxes under the tax bill agreed to by House and Senate Republicans, a new analysis by the Tax Policy Center finds. That year, 82.8 percent of the bill’s benefit would go to the top 1 percent, up from 62.1 under the Senate bill.

    The Tax Policy Center doesn’t factor into to it’s analysis the repeal of the individual mandate, which the CBO predicts will lead to 13 million fewer people to have health insurance, reducing federal spending for poor and middle-class Americans’ health insurance by $338 billion over 10 years. A hardship that worsens the bill’s distribution for the poor and middle class.

    It’s the wholesale looting of America.
    Republican sots and their Plutocratic pals are taking the American Dream out behind the woodshed and having their way with her.

    And you clowns fuching cheer it on.

  36. the rest of the story says:

    Once again, hyperbole and flat out falsehoods. Who will the 13 million be according to the CBO,

    Just how big of an effect would a mandate repeal have? According to CBO, 13 million fewer people would be insured in 2027 compared with current law while premiums would spike 10%. That’s because, without the policy “stick” of a mandate, healthier and wealthier people would likely drop out of Obamacare’s marketplaces, in turn making individual insurance risk pools more costly by disproportionately leaving them with sicker Americans.

    10% more costly vs the 20% to 70% they are going up this year. That is in a single year, not ten.

    Anyone who thinks things will be the same in ten years is truly an idiot, using oracle’s brain dump vernacular.

    Fear mongering and falsehoods, without them, the snowflakes would have nothing to say. The bad part is, about 50%, progressives?, believe such things. The true partisan ignorant of this country.

    • You're such a misinformed tool, Dan says:

      You stupidity never ceases to amaze, Dan.

      That 10%, is over and above whatever the normal inflation would have been had the kleptocratic GOP not have sabotaged the program.

      • the rest of the story says:

        I love it though. That’s all you have? Humiliated again. It would happen less if you tried to tell the truth more.

      • tools beat educated stupid everyday of the week says:

        What a great argument to refute my facts. Wow, another fine example of what an educated idiot you are.

        I guess I’m stupid enough to make you look like a fool and post counter points to yours that you can’t refute with truth.

        Ad Hominem attacks are all you have.
        Still RFLMBO

      • You're such a misinformed Troll, Dan says:

        “I guess I’m stupid enough to make you look like a fool and post counter points to yours that you can’t refute with truth.”

        I look like a fool, only for engaging you Dan.

        I can’t recall a single instance in which you’ve ever posted a “counter point” that wasn’t easily swatted down. Your regurgitation of drivel skimmed from sources like Free Republic, Gateway Pundit and Breitbart are always as comical as they are misinformed.

        It’s only in that feeble little mind of yours that you’re winning any of these debates, Dan.

      • tools beat educated stupid everyday of the week says:

        Just how big of an effect would a mandate repeal have? According to CBO, 13 million fewer people would be insured in 2027 compared with current law while premiums would spike 10%. That’s because, without the policy “stick” of a mandate, healthier and wealthier people would likely drop out of Obamacare’s marketplaces, in turn making individual insurance risk pools more costly by disproportionately leaving them with sicker Americans.

        Refute it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You're such a misinformed Troll, Dan says:


        You’ve cut and pasted my own presentation of the CBO findings, and you’re asking me to refute it.

        Are you having an out of body experience?
        Did you get your Cialis and Thorazine mixed up, again?
        Maybe it’s permanent damage from too little oxygen during your latest endeavor in erotic asphyxiation?

        It is you who are confused. Confused by that 10% figure.
        I’ll try this only one more time:
        That 10% increase in health insurance premiums predicted by the CBO. is over and above whatever the normal inflationary rate would have been for health insurance premiums, had the puppets of Plutocracy (aka GOP) not deliberately sabotaged the ACA by eliminating the mandate essential to bringing a healthy population into the mix of the insured.

        You might want to ease up on the choke chain there, Danno.

      • educated idiots are still idiots says:

        You’re such a misinformed Troll,

        No I didn’t imbecile. You left out the part that it would be the wealthy and healthy who would be leaving because they would no longer be mandated by government to either buy health insurance or pay a tax.

        Read it again, your comprehension is public education bad. And by leaving those things out, you put up the same old mantra again, it is hurting the poor. Which is hard to do since they either get their insurance subsidized or are on Medicaid.

        The only fools here are the half truth progressives like you who think every one is as gullible as you.

        Care to try again?

      • educated idiots are still idiots says:

        And by the way, the ACA was never sabotaged. It was never shown to be sustainable. Especially after Obama keep giving everyone, e.g. unions, money breaks that brought less and less money in. All the GOP did was put a final nails in the coffin.

        The ACA was never the answer. Otherwise, it would have performed as Obama promised including insuring all the uninsured. Which would be the young an healthy who never bought into the whole mess. And if the process had been built properly, then it would not have failed. The problem isn’t the GOP” but the massive ACA law which was unworkable in the long run.

        One of the main reasons insurance companies are ditching Obamacare isn’t going away. Business Insider

        Study: Young adults lack incentive to buy ObamaCare coverage The Hill.

      • to Oracle, the educated idiot says:

        Wow, way to come out and save Sparkle’s butt with the same old brain dump.

        The Dunning-Kruger guy humiliates you and puts you in your place again.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Senate Democrats were reduced to parliamentary procedure to stonewall the healthcare vote last June. That had its own set of arcanities not present with the tax bill. CNN called it “Democrats’ wonky plan to delay”. This is even wonkier.

    It seems the Jackass has no skeleton. Its form comes from gassy euphemisms. And nothing pops that like populist rude rhetoric.

    The heat of dysphemistic rhetoric is today melting Republican facades of false concern for being called bigots and misogynists. Sure they fear being put out of work. But they don’t believe the PC they pretend to care about. After all, Republicans can do math. Pity the Democrats who find “two plus two equals love…” and truly believe their euphemistic slants away from truth to be more real than facts. They feel not think. Dysphemistic rhetoric of the right populist sort hits that Progressive iceberg like a flamethrower. What’s at its core? Karl Marx’s jock strap.

    There is a reason why China and Russia both discarded socialist economics. It don’t fuggin’ work.

    • Thomas says:

      A winger gets one right!!

      “Republicans.. false concern for being called bigots and misogynists.

      Spot on my man!
      With the GOP’s embrace of Donald Trump and the wretched Roy Moore, Republicans have stepped forward to wear with pride their ever-so appropriate labels of bigots and misogynists.

      And regarding the right wing’s celebration of the abandonment of government of the people, by the people, for the people
      China, despite it’s opportunistic forays into capitalism, still maintains strong underpinnings in socialist economics. Many key industries – banking, schools, energy, oil, etc. – are still dominated by state-owned companies. It’s is China’s mixed economy, strongly rooted in socialist economics, that will soon surpass America’s on its way to their universally embraced ideal of an “enlightened Marxism”.

      Russia – thanks to Trump’s BFF KGB Vlad – is a full blown Kleptocracy.

      And with the passage of the Republican ‘tax plan’, the United States, under GOP control, has officially abandoned any pretense of a Democratic Republic and has now staked an overt claim to Plutocracy.

      And you driveling morons cheer it on.

      History will not be kind.
      Your children and grandchildren will learn to hate you and all you stood for.
      (unless of course, your kids – hence grandkids – can count themselves among the plutocracy, and they have no soul)

      And in case you xenophobes missed it, a couple updates –

      Here’s an update on the ‘European soshulism’ you all like to blindly impugn, May, 2017 –
      Euro zone economy outperforms U.S. with robust start to year

      And thanks to ethnocentric, bigoted lunacy of right wing Brexit, Aug 2017 –
      Eurozone grows twice as fast as UK

      and 3 hours ago –
      IMF downgrades UK growth forecast on Brexit uncertainty

      and speaking of the devastation of right wing lunacy, Sept 2017 –
      A Shrinking Giant – EU Worries Grow over U.S. Economic Chaos
      Under Donald Trump’s leadership, the U.S. is in the process of forfeiting its position of economic supremacy. An internal EU document shows that the Europeans are worried.

      • have you convinced yourself yet? says:

        Why would Rachel Madow be posting on such an obscure site?

        And why does the EU care about America being the economic giant of the world? Heck, they don’t even like us and look down their pointy noses at us. China is dumping it’s debt from the US to shore up their own economy.

        Better yet, WC?

        A posting worthy of a EU globalist Troll.

  38. Hmmm says:

    At OpenSecrets, Jeff Fortenberry makes the top 5 list for Members of Congress personal wealth increasing while in office:

    Came in (Jan 2005) with: $267,511
    Now has: $12,193,002

    Jeff, somehow, has managed to pocket nearly $900,000 a year, while drawing a tax payer funded salary of $174,000.

    Jeff didn’t own a business or significant assets prior to being elected to Congress. So it’s not like his business expanded or became wildly profitable all of a sudden to account for this new found wealth.
    Jeff sold advertising for trade publication. He lived in a modest house in northwest Lincoln.

  39. Hey, Trumpsters says:

    “Just days after the inauguration, White House Counsel Don McGahn learned—and warned President Donald Trump—that then-national security adviser Michael Flynn had probably violated federal laws, according to a new report out Wednesday.

    Foreign Policy reported that the Special Counsel has obtained “records” that reveal McGahn in late January researched the consequences of lying to the FBI and of violating the Logan Act, a centuries-old federal prohibition on private citizens negotiating with hostile foreign governments. The research, conducted with the help of two aides, prompted McGahn to conclude that Flynn had likely committed a crime by discussing sanctions with a top Russian official during the transition, two current administration officials told Foreign Policy.

    Most significantly, the records now in the possession of Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicate McGahn “warned Trump about Flynn’s possible violations” for holding those discussions and lying about them to the FBI, according to Foreign Policy.

    Legal experts told TPM that such advance notification about Flynn’s potentially criminal acts would significantly bolster the case that the President was trying to obstruct justice when he allegedly asked then-FBI Director James Comey to drop the investigation into Flynn the day after his dismissal from the White House. The obstruction statute requires not only that someone tried to impede an investigation, but had corrupt intent in doing so.”

    The Clown is goin’ Down.

    • when did we let the children in? says:

      I can’t believe anyone with half a brain would actually post such drivel.

      First off the one who didn’t report what they knew to the proper authorities would be McGahn.

      As for the President all he had to say was Flynn was working at his direction or even, he didn’t have an issue with Flynn doing so.

      And now the best and easiest part, the FBI hasn’t even interviewed the President. So how could he lie to them?

      I can’t tell if you are that desperate, gullible or just plain simple minded. Probably all three.

  40. Depots-R-Us says:

    One of the most truly bizarre spectacles in the history of our Republic was the cult gathering and worship service held by Republicans outside the White House yesterday afternoon.

    Goebbels would have been envious.

  41. you got your butt kicked again says:

    So you think that vagina hats are normal. Or ski masks covering your face.

    I can understand how you think Gobbels would be envious. You’re a fascists just like him. Not to mention murdering thousands of innocents before they are born under cover of they’re not human.

    Just think your next Hillary is probably being sold for parts as you post.

  42. Rarefied Air says:

    Nebraska Republican state senator John Murante is one of only 10 politicians in the nation to be named to the “Voter Suppression Hall of Shame,”

    Murante joins such voter suppression luminaries as Kris Kobach, who some have dubbed ‘The Most Racist Politician in America’.

    Also on this top 10 list is John Merrill, Alabama’s Secr of State who more recently served as Chief Apologist for the serial child molester, Roy Moore.

    If you’ll recall, among Kobach’s litany of heinous endeavors was the national humiliation, at great financial cost, of the city of Fremont. It was 2010 that Kris Kobach’s (self-aggrandizing) Karnival of Hatred and Xenophobia rolled into Fremont.

    All of it for nothing.
    The Hispanic population in Fremont has continued to grow in the community, and it is about to explode. The housing ordinance they wrote into law is ignored.
    And – work is under way right now on a $300 million plant that will process 400,000 chickens a day outside of Fremont.

    That’s not a typo – Four Hundred Thousand Chickens A Day – Every Day.

    An interesting read, published only a few days ago. A Slate Magazine, Cover story, Dec 15, 2017 –
    Who Gets to Live in Fremont, Nebraska?
    A new Costco plant could save the town—by bringing hundreds of immigrants to the only place in America that passed a law to keep them out.

    I’m just grateful Donald Trump and the Republican party, with a big assist from Deb Fischer, gutted the Clean Water Act (Waters of the U.S.) and remain busy decimating the regulatory industry that used to oversee farm and factory waste on behalf of American families.
    Millions, hell – at 400,000 birds a day – billions of pounds of toxic chicken waste and byproducts newly wafting into our skies, dumped onto our soils and flushed into our streams.
    Billions of pounds of waste that are originating, what… 20, 25 minutes west of Boys Town?
    Waste feeding into streams all leading to the Platte and from there on to the Missouri. Waters from which every drop of Omaha and Lincoln drinking water is sourced.
    Thank you lucky stars we have plutocrat Pete at the helm, aided by Consumer Protection hero’s like Pete’s Plattte Institute, who have always been dedicated to protecting the interests of the little guy!

    Jan 12, 2015, NPR –
    Iowa’s Largest City Sues Over Farm Fertilizer Runoff In Rivers

    June 30, 2016
    Report: Tyson #1 water polluter among agribusinesses

    Sept 29, 2016, Des Moines Register –
    Nitrates in the water may be more harmful than we thought

    Sept 8, 2017 –
    Troubled Water: Farm pollution contaminates drinking water
    CASCO, Wis. – Lynda Cochart did not realize her water was contaminated with coliform bacteria until she contracted MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant skin infection. She believed it came from the water in her well. “There’s no other way I could have gotten it,” she said.

    A year later, a U.S. Department of Agriculture microbiologist tested her well and found total coliform bacteria at levels too dangerous to drink.

    Cochart lives between two dairy farms with over 1,000 cows each. None of the bacteria the USDA found came from human feces, she said, so the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus most likely came from cow manure. The microbiologist told her to immediately stop drinking the water.

    “He said, ‘What I found in your well is what I expect to find in a Third World country,’ ” Cochart recalled. When she told him she still needed to shower with that water, he advised, “Then keep your eyes closed and your mouth shut,” she said.

    Oct 31, 2017 –
    Tyson Foods Linked to Largest Toxic Dead Zone in U.S. History
    Industrial-scale agriculture to support America’s livestock is the number one source of water pollution in the country.

    Today and Always – every Republican, reading from the script handed them by their plutocrat paymasters –
    Regulations?! We don’t need no stinkin’ regulations!!

  43. A proud moment to be an American says:

    UN Votes 128-9 To Declare Trump’s Jerusalem Move ‘Null And Void’.

    This vote came after the Trump administration launched a massive lobbying campaign, which included letters sent from U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley to over 180 countries warning that the U.S. would be taking names of those who voted against Trump’s decision.

    The U.S. and Israel were (of course) among the 9 to vote “no”.
    The seven countries willing to stand with the United States – stand with Derwald Trump, were:
    Guatemala, Honduras, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Marshall Islands and Togo.

    • some of worse nations in the world represented in the 168 that sparkles idolizes says:

      Yes let’s see who the snowflakes stand with.

      first, Turkey and Yemen. they wrote the resolution. Two fine democracies. (sarc)

      Russia who sparkles now colludes with. China, Venezuela. Iran. Hamas welcomes the resolution and the vote.

      Saudi Arabia.
      And on and on it goes. Hypocrites, those who human rights records are some of the most deplorable nations in the world. And sparkles stands shoulder to shoulder with them as an anti Semite.

      Numbers mean nothing. It’s whose included in those numbers that count. And this group is what sparkles wants to be part of. One party rule, fascists telling their country men how to live.

      With the company sparkles keeps, who needs a military as large as ours? We do. Remember it is the alt left who wants to overthrow our government and replace it with their fascists utopia.

      • Artois Stella says:

        Don’t forget those little countries like Germany, Great Britain, France and Japan. Oh, and all of our Nato allies.

      • Dressing on the side says:

        You’re such a laughably stupid twat, Dan.

        No President in history has more profligately sucked up to and coddled thuggish kleptocrats like Putin and Erdogan, than Derwald Trump.

        And, a quick favor, if you don’t mind.
        “Russia who sparkles now colludes with. China, Venezuela. Iran.”

        Tell me Dan, what the fuch is that word salad even supposed to mean?
        Seems you’ve got you Breitbart memes all mixed up there.

        When you were you stationed out in that little parking lot guard shack on the barren plains of North Dakota (fending off a prairie dog invasion), you weren’t filling those long hours by cookin’ up your own experimental, mind altering batches, were ya Dan?

  44. The wheels of Plutocracy grind. Their grist; America's working poor. says:

    BuzzFeed reports:
    “The political network affiliated with billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch will launch a multimillion-dollar campaign to sell the just-passed GOP tax plan to voters ahead of the 2018 midterm elections..
    ..Already this year, Koch network officials say they have hosted more than 100 events across 36 states on the new tax policy, knocked on more than 33,000 doors, reached nearly 2 million activists, and spent about $8 million on ad spending.”

    The Washington Post noted yesterday:
    “The 45committee, a pro-Trump conservative nonprofit group that is primarily funded by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and the family of TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts, has spent about $15 million promoting a tax bill over the past few months.”

    The result of all that spending? As CNN noted on Tuesday,
    “Opposition to the bill has grown 10 points since early November, and 55% now oppose it. Just 33% say they favor the GOP’s proposals to reform the nation’s tax code.”

    • bynd says:

      The left has done, as usual, a very good job of out publicizing the right on their stance of the bill.

      As also usual though, the real feelings of Americans will be know after the effects of the bill are seen by individuals. At which time, if the left is shown to be wrong again, the backlash against them will be as some predict, a giant wave.

      In other words, current polls are worthless. Except for giving the snowflakes a current fuzzy warm feeling.

      • Problem you have is, the Dems don’t like it because it gives a lot more money back to the rich; fiscal conservatives don’t like it because it increases the national debt; libertarians no longer believe the ‘starve the beast’ rhetoric, since there isn’t the faintest chace the GOP will cut spending, particularly in an election year; and anyone who is thinking of the long term welfare of the country doesn’t like it. The people who like it are billionaires who like the short term gain and can in the long term move their money elsewhere when the debt starts to bite.

        All you have is the rich and the stupid. I remain optimistic the stupid are less than half of us. And if they’re not, we don’t deserve to survive.

        We really needed corporate tax reform — both rate reduction, and simplification. All we got was the rate reduction. Loopholes still abound.

  45. Political Novice says:

    It’s official – Steve Bannon has now gone insane.

    Report: Steve Bannon, Trump’s Former Chief Strategist, Is Considering Running For President In 2020.

    • progressives, the bane of the poor and oppressed? says:

      The crumbling of the scam called Obamacare is starting to accelerate.
      But I am sure that the snowflakes will donate their money they made off of the new tax bill to a new charity they will start to help the less fortunate.

      They certainly are not dishonest enough to keep such ill gotten gains reaped from the misfortunes of others, are they?
      Watch them!

      • Oracle says:

        CNBC Headline: Obamacare enrollment blows away expectations at nearly 9 million, despite short sign-up window It was doing fine until the Repubs removed the mandate, which was an integral part of making Obamacare work. Who do you think these people will be pissed at when their rates skyrocket? Just look at the comments on Deb Fischer’s facebook post if you don’t think people are mad and finally get it. And, I almost forgot, YAI!

      • #nevertrumpers, should #nevertaketrumpsmoney says:


        We are use to your shorter brain dumps. That one must have come from your arse. Messy, smelly and needs to be flushed!

        by the way, are you giving back your money you make off the tax deal. All snowflakes should show their tax returns before and after to show they are not Reich wingers in disguise.

      • #nevertrumpers, should #nevertakemoneyfromtrump says:

        Your post blows away our expectations of how many words your little brain can muster to put on one post at a time. You should work on coherence and believability next time. Baby steps.

        By the way Oracle, 9 million? How many did they expect? How many are still uninsured? Your number means zilch without context. But then, that is the norm for snowflakes.

        Which once again you prove, I am still so much smarter than you.

      • Then there's that says:

        Obama and the Democrats passed a bigger tax cut for the bottom 60% of Americans
        those struggling to remain among the middle class and those among the working poor – than Trump just passed.

        AND, unlike the GOP/Trump plan, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 didn’t feature a middle-class and working poor tax increase down the road.

        AND, unlike the GOP/Trump plan, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was vital to rescuing an American economy that was irrefutably on the precipice of total collapse.
        I know your government check was never in peril, Dan. I know you never once spent a sleepless night wondering if you and family would lose your home, or your health insurance – the taxpayer had your back, didn’t they Dan.
        Those 10’s of millions of taxpaying Americans who didn’t enjoy the luxury of a sleep free from worry, even panic throughout 2008, 2009, 2010 and beyond.
        Many families have never recovered. Many middle aged Americans who lost everything they had ever worked for, killed themselves
        The ARRA was an investment in America and our people at a time when not a another sole was willing to invest in our economy and not a single bank was willing to make a business loan – due to sheer panic.
        Millions were newly unemployed, hundreds of thousands had lost their homes and hundreds of thousands more would lose them in the ensuing months.
        The ARRA was a WISE investment of our children’s and grandchildren’s money.
        And the entire amount invested into America, much of which would provide a solid return, was roughly half the size of the massive $1.5 Trillion hole (best case scenario) that the GOP has just knowingly and willfully blown into our deficit.

        Trump’s massive handout to the GOP Donor Class, at the expense of our children’s future, comes
        at a time when American companies have never been more profitable and have never been more flush with cash (thanks largely to 8 years of Obama).

        The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the single act that saved our nation from the absolute certainty of a 2nd Great Depression, received support from only 3 Republican Senators – Arlen Specter, Susan Collins and Olympia Snow.
        It received not a single Republican vote in the House.
        Were the Republicans in control of either house of Congress in 2009, it’s very possible we’d be dealing in global market dominated by and tied to the Chinese yuan.

        So. what did you do with your Obama tax cut Dan?
        Clearly, an investment in mental health would have been a wise move.

      • bynd says:

        So. what did you do with your Obama tax cut Dan?

        Never got one. As a small business owner, all Obama ever did to us was screw us because all you snowflakes believed that every business was Wal Mart.

        So instead of giving my employees raises or benefits, I keep feeding the Obama government trough. So your boy could make welfare payments to my employees to me instead of letting me give it to them with out the government’s skimming of 20% off the top.

        Oh, and by the way, by the time the business was sold, the State and the Feds had $19,000 of my money paid for unemployment compensation to my business account that was never used for that purpose. Imagine what my employees could have done with that money. Instead of paying for lavish dinners and escapes to Las Vegas for federal employees.

        I’ll expect an answer back when you get yours from Trump. But I won’t hold my breath snowflake.

  46. Gas Light Village says:

    From the NE Dem twiitter account –

    Dec 21 – Senator Adam Morfeld Retweeted Ben Sasse
    Thousands of kids I represent currently go hungry or soon will wonder where their next meal is because of anti working family policies you support. I hope you think about that over the holidays.

    Actual call from one o my kids just now…
    “Dad. I’m 14 now. And you’ve got to admit that I’m old enough to get a pet monkey now.”

    When does the adolescent schtick of Sasse grow old for his GOP base?
    When do they tire of seeing him tweet pics of himself sitting in his gym rat outfit chatting with other members of Congress who are dressed in suits and ties?

    Ben Sasse has been in office for 2 years now.
    Exactly when does his self-promotion/book/stand up comedy tour end, and Ben Sasse gets to fucking work in his coveted roll that only 100 out of 323,100.000 Americans has the privilege to hold – a United States Senator?

    The feature story on the front page of today’s Lincoln Journal Star was detailing yet another report showing Healthcare is, by an overwhelming margin, the Number One concern of Americans.
    Which is no surprise. Simply google: Healthcare Number One Concern – and you’ll find that in poll after poll after poll, healthcare has been the number one concern for Americans for a long, long time.

    Ben Sasse got elected, in large part, because he promised he had waiting in the wings this amazing healthcare program. Ben billed himself as one of the world’ preeminent experts on healthcare.
    Two years later – and not a fuching thing from Ben Sasse – outside a new book and a bunch of adolescent twittering.

    Donald also Trump campaigned on a promise of healthcare for all – amazing healthcare.
    He also campaigned saying he was different than every other Republican running because HE was going to protect the security of the elderly – HE was going to look out for the working man and woman, HE was going to stand by the promises of the New Deal and the Great Society:

    “We’re going to have insurance for everybody,” Trump said in an interview with The Washington Post. “There was a philosophy in some circles that if you can’t pay for it, you don’t get it. That’s not going to happen with us.”

    “I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid”

    “We don’t want anyone who currently has insurance to not have insurance.”

    “You’re going to have such great health care, at a tiny fraction of the cost—and it’s going to be so easy.”

    And of course, we’ve got not even scribbles on a cocktail napkin from Trump or the White House in relation to this amazing healthcare plan of Trump’s.
    And the GOP, and even Donald Trump is warning – loud and clear – that they’re coming after Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, SNAP, Children’s Health Insurance, Heating Assistance, Meals on Wheels, Early learning programs, Food Safety, services for the disabled, VA hospitals, Environmental Protections, Nutritious Meals for children and every other social service aimed to lift up Americans in time of need.
    Because, by god, SOMEONE’s got to pay for for that 1.5 Trillion in tax cuts for the wealthy!!
    Republicans have already jeopardized access to healthcare for 13 million of America’s working poor, but there simply HAS TO BE a lot more suffering if they’re to fund those tax cuts for the GOP Donor Class.
    Apparently, Trump kept his amazing healthcare plan in the same place he kept his secret plan to quickly defeat ISIS, the same place he kept the smoking gun on Obama’s real place of birth, the same place he kept his plan to shut down the threat of North Korea and hold China to account for currency manipulation, the same place all those amazing new trade deals benefiting America were stashed, the same place the plans to make American respected around the world again were squirreled away, the same place that big stick his hidden – the one he would wield to make Mexico pay for the wall.
    All of it, kept in a secret location, a location where the sun never shines.

    • progressives find tin foil hats in all their stockings says:

      All of it, kept in a secret location, a location where the sun never shines.

      Right next to you and where you get your conspiracy theories it appears.

      • bynd says:

        the one who puts forth such theories rarely admit to what they really are

        And of course, we’ve got not even scribbles on a cocktail napkin from Trump or the White House in relation to this amazing healthcare plan of Trump’s.
        And the GOP, and even Donald Trump is warning – loud and clear – that they’re coming after Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, SNAP, Children’s Health Insurance, Heating Assistance, Meals on Wheels, Early learning programs, Food Safety, services for the disabled, VA hospitals, Environmental Protections, Nutritious Meals for children and every other social service aimed to lift up Americans in time of need.
        Because, by god, SOMEONE’s got to pay for for that 1.5 Trillion in tax cuts for the wealthy!!
        Republicans have already jeopardized access to healthcare for 13 million of America’s working poor, but there simply HAS TO BE a lot more suffering if they’re to fund those tax cuts for the GOP Donor Class.
        Apparently, Trump kept his amazing healthcare plan in the same place he kept his secret plan to quickly defeat ISIS, the same place he kept the smoking gun on Obama’s real place of birth, the same place he kept his plan to shut down the threat of North Korea and hold China to account for currency manipulation, the same place all those amazing new trade deals benefiting America were stashed, the same place the plans to make American respected around the world again were squirreled away, the same place that big stick his hidden – the one he would wield to make Mexico pay for the wall.
        All of it, kept in a secret location, a location where the sun never shines.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Apparently, some say, Trump was elected by blue-collar union Democrats. 10.7% of US workers are union members, or 14.6 million. Yet 50% of Democrats invest in the stock market. 50% of Hillary’s turnout is 33 million who have seen their stock portfolios grow since Trump. The DNC’s nightmare is these 33 million moving over to Trump. Not toward the GOP but rather to Trump who drags GOP elites around like Reagan did.

    Pollsters are blinded. The Media’s near lynch-mob intensity against MAGA, causes anyone with a job to never admit supporting Trump. Especially Democrats. But come on. Patriotic and altruistic platitudes of party leaders evaporate when an individual’s job, taxes, and investments are at stake.

    Without blue collars and investors, what is left?

    • Mugging And Grifting Americans says:

      Trump lied for 2 solid years to a damnably gullible swath of union members who imagined Trump was something other than a grifting, narcissistic, pathological liar on a personal journey into dementia.

      The troll in office is a completely different animal than the troll of the stump.
      Dec 19, 2017 – Slate:
      Donald Trump, Union Buster
      The president’s appointees to the National Labor Relations Board have already incinerated Obama’s labor legacy.

      From a source you’re likely more familiar with, the right wing toxic sludge that is Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller:
      Dec 21, 2017 –
      Trump’s Labor Board Devastated Obama’s Pro-Union Legacy In 2017

      Good luck holding onto that ignorant swath of union members who were so profoundly incapacitated as to cast their lot with Trump.

      Donald Trump has lost support from every demographic across the board, with the exception of two –
      1) GOP Donor Class
      2) White Nationalists (KKK, Neo-Nazi, Militia, Sovereign Citizens, Three Percenters)

      Trump finishes his first year in office with lowest of approval rating of any president in the history of polling.
      Trump’s approval rating for every single day in office has been the lowest of any president in the history of polling at the same time in their respective tenures.

      Trump’s idea of ‘Labor Relations’ is sexually harassing – grabbin’ em by the pu**y – the most attractive of his temporary, immigrant laborers.

      Good luck with that theory of yours.

      • Making Americans Grovel Again says:

        I find union bashing, odd.

        Is it possible you’re so stupid as to not understand what the unions did for America’s working class? The blood spilled that bought you the luxury of a five day work week and a path basic human dignity.
        Is it possible you don’t know that unions are the sole reason a ‘middle class’ arose in America.

        Fuching idiots.
        Cheering on their own demise. Simpleton serfs, embracing America’s collapse into Plutocracy.

      • #nevertrumpers, should #nevertakemoneyfromtrump says:

        Is it possible that you don’t understand that what was, is not what is? Unionism use to be a noble pursuit. No longer. Union thugs and no one else killed the union movement.

      • history isn't your thing, is it? says:

        The president’s appointees to the National Labor Relations Board have already incinerated Obama’s labor legacy.

        Are you a moron or don’t you care to understand?

        When Dems are in charge, the employees do well, when Repubs are in charge management has done well. It has been that way since the NLRB was created. And the pendulum has swung further and further away from the middle since PATCO. One of the biggest union screw ups that has hurt unionism ever since. But don’t let these facts get in the way of your fair tale. Grow up and take your hysteria to the snowflakes sites. It is shown for the BS it is here.

  48. TexasAnnie says:

    Happy Holidays Y’all! The gifts are wrapped, the bags are packed, and tickets are in hand: we’re off to our next adventure.

    And hope is what I give to you, my friends here at Leavenworth Street, ’cause I got no faith in this current government…

  49. Anonymous says:

    People who HOPE for political goodness and want to have FAITH in govt leaders, seek saviors to worship. Political elites try to appeal to this by being our personal political Jesus, dignity, halo and all.

    Screw that. I want our temporary elected help to get Uncle Sam’s DC toilet flushed, his yard fenced, his credit cards cut up, his laws enforced, his property secure, his accounts solvent, etc. You know, like at your own house.

    Our usual politicians come to us oozing PC, dignity and concern, in their pristine robes and halos, which don’t work if spattered. There’s no way draining a swamp, or plumbing a toilet, or fencing a yard, isn’t dirty work. If you find plumber’s crack ugly, Trump is not here to save your soul. He’s here to get the damn toilet working. In his first 11 months, he has ANWR drilled, Obamacare gutted, economy up, unemployment down, tax reformed and a constructionist judiciary being installed for the long haul.

    Though we cannot see it, this was all negotiated, worked, slid, pushed and hammered into existence by the plumber. It is either that or else an orator spoke magic words and it flushed itself.

  50. May the Pastafarian be with you says:

    Pope Francis uses his Christmas message to join the rest of the of the world in rebuking Donald Trump by calling for a negotiated two-state solution in Israel / Palestine .

    Francis concluded his Christmas message:
    “Today, as the winds of war are blowing in our world … Christmas invites us to focus on the sign of the child and to recognize him in the faces of little children, especially those for whom, like Jesus, ‘there is no place in the inn,’” he said.

    Sorry Pope – Not In Trump’s America!
    In the new Piutocracy of RepubliMurrica, 9 million children (and their parents) live in fear of losing their healthcare because, well, as Orrin Hatch recently said on the floor of the Senate:
    “The reason CHIP’s having trouble is we don’t have any money anymore.”

    This is the same Orrin Hatch who championed the massive treasury give away to the wealthiest handful of people our country has ever known. A transfer of wealth from those with little to those with… everything.
    One company alone, Apple, gains $47 Billion. But if you’re sick kid in Murrica, too damn bad.

    Anyone with an I.Q. above the freezing point knows the Trickle Down bullshit no longer passes as an excuse to cut taxes. So sane people are now left to ask themselves, what is it that Republicans now tell their rube base is their excuse for this mindless transfer of taxpayer money to the richest people on the planet. Chuck Grassley’s got an answer:
    “I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing,” Grassley told the Des Moines Register. “As opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.”

    And while an analysis shows that the GOP tax plan could potentially save Donald Trump and his family more than $1 billion, a Jan 2017 survey by Bankrate (1,003 polled) found that Fifty-Seven percent of Americans don’t have enough cash to cover a $500 emergency expense.

    Also, it’s only in Trump’s America, will you find hundreds of thousands of Dreamers facing deportation to countries that most of them know nothing about and have never even visited.
    This, despite the fact that (Fox Poll) 83% of Americans favor a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers.
    Two thirds of Republicans favor a pathway to citizenship.

    • the rest of the story says:

      a Jan 2017 survey by Bankrate (1,003 polled) found that Fifty-Seven percent of Americans don’t have enough cash to cover a $500 emergency expense.

      Fifty-seven percent of Americans don’t have enough cash to cover a $500 unexpected expense, according to a new survey from Bankrate, which interviewed 1,003 adults earlier this month. While that may appear dire, it reflects a slight improvement from 2016, when 63 percent of U.S. residents said they wouldn’t be able to handle such an expense. The improvement reflects the stronger U.S. economy, but is still far from ideal, said. 

      The findings shed light on how many households continue to struggle with their basic finances more than seven years after the official end to the recession. Despite steady job growth during the Obama administration, wages have been slow to recover, with the typical American household still earning 2.4 percent below what they brought home in 1999, when income peaked. At the same time, costs for essentials such as housing and child care have surged faster than the rate of inflation, placing stress on household budgets. 

      It seems that you missed it is a continuation of an Obama very weak recovery.

      Imagine that.

  51. Ch-ch-ch-changes says:

    As we battle our way through the line at the store
    And think to ourselves “there has got to be more”
    And wonder where “Christmas of long ago” went,
    When the meaning of Christmas was what it first meant…

    It was “borrowed” by Christians from heathens, of course—
    From Greeks and from Romans, from Celtics and Norse—
    Why, Christmas is pagan, from yule-log to tree
    To mistletoe waiting for you and for me

    The meaning of Christmas—the good stuff, at least—
    The ornaments, stockings, and “rare roast beast”
    Has nothing to do with a Son of God’s birth
    But rather the changing of seasons on Earth

    The nights now grow shorter, the days will grow longer,
    The rays of the sun (and our spirits) grow stronger!
    So celebrate Solstice, rejoice in the season,
    And love one another whatever the reason!

    • origins don't matter to those who treasure diversity says:

      I always thought it was great that a faith could take a heathens holiday and turn it into a loving and peaceful day for all.

      Of course if you don’t agree, I’m sure you went to work today and did not take the Christmas day holiday off and honor that which you don’t want to.

      • the rest of the story says:

        The Saturnalia officially was celebrated on December 17 (XVI Kal.

        Fri, Jun. 16, 2017 (ad XVI Kal. Iul.)

        But hey, the god was probably still impressed you honored it since you aren’t even agnostic. Are you?

        And an improper use of steal; take (another person’s property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it.

        Must have been one heck of a celebration since it seems to have a lasting effect.

      • In the later Roman Empire, Saturnalia was celebrated for a week, ending in Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (birthday of the unconquered sun god), on December 25. Christians took it over, promising converts they could still celebrate the popular festival as Jesus’ birthday, which was actually probably in the spring.

        I feel grateful for the opportunity to contribute to your education.

      • the rest of the story says:


        Actually, you added nothing. As usual. But put it in Wikipedia and tell them they are all wrong. I mean, after all, you are Gerard the educated, idiot.

  52. From Sojourners says:

    It wasn’t accidental that the savior of the world was born to a poor peasant woman in an occupied country in an animal stall because they were literally homeless at the time of his birth. And soon Jesus and his family were made refugees and had to flee their country because the most powerful political ruler around the Christ child felt very threatened by his coming.

  53. Rarefied Air says:

    Gallup’s new poll of America’s Most Admired was released today.
    Americans once again named Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as the man and woman living anywhere in the world they admire most, as they have for the past 10 years.

    While this is Obama’s 10 year in a row to be named the America’s Most Admired Man, Hillary Clinton has set a record likely never to be touched (by woman or man) with her 16th year in a row to be recognized as the America’s Most Admired Woman. It is her 22nd win overall.
    Only Eleanor Roosevelt holds a candle to Hillary Clinton, with a total of 13 wins.
    Obama trails only Dwight Eisenhower, who earned the distinction 12 times.

    Meanwhile Gallup shows Donald Trump’s approval rating on this, day 337 of his presidency, to be the lowest of any president in the polling history (dating back to Eisenhower) on this day of his presidency.
    Remarkably, Donald Trump has been the least popular president in the history of polling on EVERY SINGLE DAY of his presidency thus far.

    Also, of the 337 days Dotard has served as president, he has spent 112 days away from the White House, lounging at one of his own properties.
    And as of today, Trump will have spent 86 days of his presidency, on a golf course.

    On Monday Trump tweeted:
    “I hope everyone is having a great Christmas, then tomorrow it’s back to work in order to Make America Great Again”
    After this announcement, the least popular president in modern American history immediately returned to links of West Palm Beach, Florida, for golf outings on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

  54. the rest of the story says:

    Abraham Lincoln is widely accepted as one of the United States’ best presidents. But while in office, many of the American people not only thought he was doing a horrible job but also considered him to be a complete fool. It wasn’t until his tragic assassination that he rose to the ubiquitous popularity he has today.

    When Lincoln took office in March 1861, he was entering a presidency he had won with only 39.8 percent of the popular vote. Reactions from the public were so negative that on the eve of his inauguration he had to be smuggled into the capital during the dead of night in a disguise. He was looked down upon for everything from his humble beginnings and lack of education to his awkward appearance and high voice. Even the commanding general of his armies, George McClellan, called him the “original gorilla.” (Gives a whole new meaning to to term “OG.”)

    In 1861, Lincoln inherited a nation in crisis. With the United States on the brink of civil war, the American public was on edge and blamed Lincoln for everything going wrong in the country. Of course, Southerners hated him for trying to change the way of life they’d known for years. They resented him for trying to abolish slavery and declared their secession from the Union on February 4, 1861. But Northerners weren’t fond of him either, unimpressed with his slow start at the presidency. They expected him to being doing more and to be doing it sooner.

    Todays progressives wouldn’t have liked Lincoln either. Imagine that.

    Now let’s hear the faux outrage that I am comparing Trump to Lincoln.

  55. The real rest of the story says:

    Comparing Trump to Lincoln? Lincoln whose Black Hawk war experience was limited to burying dead? Lincoln was a terrible CINC. He was terrified of burying more dead so he nickeled and dimed everything and his timid fear increased the slaughter and lengthened the Civil War more than twice as long as it would have been under another President. Lincoln learned slowly and the hard way. Amazingly bad at appointments and deployment and strategy, it took him years and an extra half million unnecessary dead to figure out what he was doing wrong. — Trump has all but whipped Islamic State, which Bush and Obama, with their Lincolnesque stupidity, both created.

    Lincoln was pathetic. As the first “Republican President” he fired a talented GOP Vice President and replaced him with a Democrat Party Idiot, a totally uneducated lout, as VP, so Lincoln could get reelected by the few northern Democrats who didn’t join their Southern Democrats slave owning pals. Lincoln’s Lout VP Andrew Johnson was impeached but for one vote and went on to create JIM CROW to re-enslave black Americans for 100 years. Lincoln was a shit. But Trump… that’s a different story.

    Trump haters are today dying of suicide. – You know, those cranky apoplectic vicious people who wish America to suffer rather than succeed under Trump. Those who alienate half their own customers to play hate politics against USA success. They who include the half of Hillary’s Democrat voters who are making money in the markets under Trump, and more than a few black voters who find crime down and employment up since Trump, and a screaming DNC totally losing its Jewish core donor base to Israeli national hero Donald Trump. Not to the Republican Party, but to Trump himself. Myopics who see Trump pass sweeping tax reform out-Reaganing Reagan… while with the other hand, almost as an afterthought, Trump got Congress to repeal the healthcare mandate Mitch couldn’t achieve for years, plus passing Alaska drilling for oil that even Reagan failed to do… our own American oil left in the ground while two Bushes and Obama, like stupid Abe Lincoln, essentially murdered our troops to safeguard Islamic oil and enrich our enemies. These Trump haters are dying of suicide. – And the downside of this is… well there isn’t any downside.

    Happy New Year. The turds are flushing themselves. Its wonderful. God bless Donald Trump, the greatest President in history. And if that causes you to burst an artery in your brain, well you weren’t using it anyway.

    • Hey, Trumptard says:

      Grab ’em by the pussy.

      “When his term is over, I think the debasing of our nation, the constant non-truth telling, and the — just the name calling, the things that I think, the debasement of our nation is what we will be remembered most important, and that’s regretful.”
      – Sen Bob Corker (R-TN)

  56. "on many sides, on many sides." says:

    “We are determined to take our country back,” Duke said from the rally, calling it a “turning point.”
    “We are going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump. That’s what we believed in. That’s why we voted for Donald Trump, because he said he’s going to take our country back.”
    – David Duke
    August 12, 2017 while attending the KKK, alt-right, White Supremacist and neo-Nazi ‘Unite The Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

    • chuckle says:

      Only a truly moronic idiot believes anything duke says.

      Oh right, you do believe him. Better go find a safe space. If the alt right doesn’t get you, the alt left will. Why is it no one likes you?

      • "on many sides, on many sides." says:

        “Only a truly moronic idiot believes anything duke says.”

        Sorry, chuckle, I admit to not being current on the recent changes in front offices at the KKK.

        Perhaps you could enlighten us?

  57. chuckle says:

    Scott Adams’ Blog

    How to Determine If You Should Talk About Politics in Public

    Did you once believe…
    Trump will never win the GOP nomination.
    Trump will never win the presidency.
    Stocks will drop if Trump is elected.
    President Trump will deport ten million illegal immigrants.
    Trump will be gone (impeached, jailed, or quit) by end of 2017.
    Trump’s immigration ban on several Muslim countries will be found unconstitutional.
    Trump colluded with Russia, and that’s a crime.
    Trump obstructed justice (a crime) by firing Comey.
    Trump’s skills as a “con man” might get him elected but it won’t transfer into doing the job of president.
    Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will cause huge problems.
    Trump’s tweeting will cause huge problems.
    GOP will never embrace Trump.
    Trump will get nothing important done.
    Trump will not work effectively with leaders of other countries.
    GOP senators will vote against GOP priorities because of President Trump’s mean tweets.
    Trump will not nominate qualified judges to the Supreme Court.
    Trump is incompetent.
    Presidential approval polls are a good predictor of how a president will perform.
    The military won’t follow Trump’s orders.
    GDP will never stay above 3%.
    — end —
    I didn’t get any of those predictions wrong. But if you got 15 or more wrong, you might want to consider never saying anything about politics out loud again for the rest of your life. Just a suggestion.

    • It's called, dissociative identity disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder says:

      Adams is a deep thinker, and a seriously odd cat.

      First – the list.
      Several of those are actually true, and many others would be true if not for the wholesale incompetence of Team Trump. And, more of them may yet prove to be true.

      Second – the author of the list.
      In 2015, Adams felt it was important he announce to the world that he would not be making a public endorsement the in the upcoming presidential election. Then throughout 2016; Adams publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton*, before publicly endorsing Donald Trump, before publicly endorsing Gary Johnson, before again publicly endorsing Donald Trump.

      In a blog post from only a few months ago (Sept 2017), Adams publicly acknowledged that he considers himself to be “left of Bernie [Sanders], but with a preference for plans that can work.”

      In this same vein of ever shifting ideologies and identities, Adams suffered notable embarrassment a few years ago when being outed as a “sock puppet”.

      So.. maybe next time you can use as your reference to reason, Sybil.

      Finally –
      I’ve also got a ‘just a suggestion’, but I’ll refrain.

      *Adams would later state that the only reason for his original endorsement of HRC:
      “My politics don’t align with either candidate, but backing Clinton reduces my odds of dying at the hands of my fellow citizens. (And yes, I am 100% serious..It just happens to be funny by coincidence.)”

    • you're shocked and awed by the orange clown says:

      Several of those are actually true

      But yet you don’t say which ones.

      And quite frankly, it is so sad that Trump has made you unable to appreciate good humor. Which Adams has and probably makes a lot of money at not to mention all his fans and you don’t. And you really think disparaging Adams some how enhances your political duplicity and tom foolery?

      Oh your being sarcastic. Why did I not see that?

  58. GOPostenpflicht says:

    ‘Hail Trump!’: White Nationalists Salute the President-Elect
    Video of an alt-right conference in Washington, D.C., where Trump’s victory was met with cheers and Nazi salutes.

    “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!”

    That’s how Richard B. Spencer saluted more than 200 attendees on Saturday, gathered at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C., for the annual conference of the National Policy Institute..
    ..after dinner, when most journalists had already departed, Spencer rose and delivered a speech to his followers dripping with anti-Semitism, and leaving no doubt as to what he actually seeks. He referred to the mainstream media as “Lügenpresse,” a term he said he was borrowing from “the original German”; the Nazis used the word to attack their critics in the press.

    “America was until this past generation a white country designed for ourselves and our posterity,” Spencer said. “It is our creation, it is our inheritance, and it belongs to us.”

    The audience offered cheers, applause, and enthusiastic Nazi salutes.
    – Nov 21, 2016, Atlantic Magazine

    How low before Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the Trump Trolls are calling CNN, the NYT and Washington Post – “Lügenpresse”?

    • you're shocked and awed by the orange clown says:

      You sure to like the supremacists sites. something you want to confess and get off your chest? You seem to be the only one to find such articles. As Scott Adams pointed out, you have gotten so many of your predictions wrong, maybe it’s just time you stopped talking, period.

      • GOPostenpflicht says:

        “You sure to like the supremacists sites.”

        Hey Dan, you ignorant tool, some history on publication I cited, The Atlantic Magazine, founded in 1857. From Wikipedia, The Atlantic and Politics:
        “Throughout its 159-year history, The Atlantic has been reluctant to recommend candidates in elections. In 1860, three years into publication, The Atlantic’s then-editor James Russell Lowell endorsed Abraham Lincoln for his first run for president and also endorsed the abolition of slavery. In 1964, 104 years later, Edward Weeks wrote on behalf of the editorial board in endorsing Lyndon B. Johnson and rebuking Barry Goldwater’s candidacy. In 2016, the editorial board endorsed a presidential candidate, for the third time since the magazine’s founding: Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, in a rebuke of Donald Trump’s candidacy.”

        And regarding your admonition that I stop talking, period.
        Why Dan, I do swear, that sounds almost like a threat?

        By all means Dan, please know, I do not want you silenced.
        I would love nothing more than you to continue talking, every day, on this site.
        I very much want you to be recognized as the voice Republican Politics.
        I long for yours to be the voice with whom people equate Nebraska Republican Politics.
        Please Dan, please keep showing up every day to represent your tribe. Please keep proudly rubbing that shit in your hair for the whole world to see.

        It was WaPo columnist Kathleen Parker who turned the perfect phrase the other day in her opinion piece about the legion of dolts who buy into and in turn regurgitate the Trump inanity. She referred to people like you, Dan, as: “a volunteer class of the arrogantly ignorant”

        And you Dan, you are indeed the head of that class.

      • you're shocked and awed by the orange clown says:

        I would love nothing more than you to continue talking, every day, on this site.
        I very much want you to be recognized as the voice Republican Politics.


        But I am not. Because I don’t claim to be nor want to be.

        And regardless where you find them, some sites are prone to write about such things others are not. The Atlantic being a left wing site that publishes about such things.

        But if it keeps you writing. Then all the better. Because of what you hope for me, is the truth about you. A cowardly no named snowflake. As Gerard would call you. Your fellow bigot and brother in hatred and stupidity.

        And just think, it is the dolts who humiliated you and the great HRC. What do you call some one who is bested and spanked by dolts? It really doesn’t matter the point is made!

        Policy, judges, undoing Obama’s illegal screw ups. And he was nice enough to pass a tax reform that benefits even his distractors.

        You’re still posting in shock. How sad.

        Put a penny in the slot, watch the monkey bang it’s cymbals. How very quint and amusing.

      • poor thin skinned snowflakes says:

        Why Dan, I do swear, that sounds almost like a threat?

        To a snowflake that is probably true.

        By all means Dan, please know, I do not want you silenced.

        Let me re post all the times you backed that up with postings when your uber extreme snowflakes wanted everyone kicked off but you and yours:

        Do you have any integrity at all?

  59. you're shocked and awed by the orange clown says:

    a volunteer class of the arrogantly ignorant

    States the educated idiot and her Lstreet minion.

    Oh, isn’t this fun, calling names like kids on the play ground.

    But I guess that is all you understand or are able to post about.

    So on we go. You striving to bring everyone else here down to your level of stupid. And defeating them with your experience. How proud those who know you would be. Oh, no one knows it is you. Not to proud of what you post are you. At least you are that smart.


  60. floor it says:

    Humor? You think Trump people don’t know humor? And you do? Trump rallies were non stop laughing. Total fun. Trump supporters are still laughing all the time… mostly making fun of you dopy humorless shits. Today you are still a bunch of grumpy nits. You are funny because you take yourself so seriously. The more TRUMP ITCH gets under your skin, the more you dig out your own guts.

    Trump haters are digesting themselves. Good. I am tired of explaining why to you fools.

    The good thing about MAGA success is, it rolls over you without anyone feeling a bump. But, by all means, lay yourself down in the road in protest. Another shit stain on the asphalt.

  61. Darwin always wins out says:

    The point of any political blog is to explain why things happen. Otherwise its just venting.

    The term “Trump itch” can leave the impression that Trump is the cause of the irritation and subsequent death by ripping off one’s own skin. Trigger yes. Cause no. Your food allergy kills you, not the food itself that is life sustaining, or at worst just unappealing, for others.

    Whatever problems Trump haters have, they aren’t shared by Trump or the millions who voted for him nor by those who grudgingly benefit from his in-office accomplishments (which is mostly him keeping the promises of past Presidents). Other than that, Trump isn’t injecting anything new into the public discourse but bits of rudeness that most find funny or irrelevant, but when perceived by Trump haters, triggers their PC allergy and they stop breathing. Their hives are their own.

    Political Elites are allergic to rudeness. Wrap truth in rudeness and they reject truth. That kills them.

    Rudeness triggers the Identity Politics and other PC irrationalities which are embraced by political elites all their lives; impossibilities unexamined taken as truth. They see themselves as intellectuals, yet all it takes is one rude barb triggering them to stand extra firm on their flimsy PC beliefs, none of which can support anyone’s full weight, and they collapse.

    They think Trump causes their skin to crawl. But it is their skin. They are allergic to any truth wrapped in rude. Yet, nice or rude, truth is truth. Trump says “your zipper is down”. To most, it is funny or cloddish. But to the un-zipped, the more pompous they are the angrier they get at being outed as fools. To the point that they pull down their pants, scowl, and threaten impeachment. These people have a much bigger problem than lacking humor. They lack lifelong grounding in reality. Their skins crawl because the person inside it is diseased. They put politeness above truth. They are Darwin’s rejects.

    • Achievements? You mean, like nominating unqualified judges who can’t answer basic legal questions? A tax cut with no corresponding spending cuts? Executive orders repeatedly struck down by the courts? International disgrace?

      if Trump says my zipper is down, it means it almost certainly isn’t, and he’s looking to reach for my wallet.

      Pretentious dumbass.

      • DUH says:

        Gerard, your wallet should not be behind your zipper. Unless of course you are Trolling for more of the teenagers you seem to obsess about.

      • GH, poor tortured man says:

        Gerard, no nexus between the two. Except in the small mind of one who has TDS.

        Can’t wait to see your reviews next year on Turning Point.

      • I’ve been trying like crazy to get on the Professors’ Watchlist. Anything you can do to help is welcome.

        The GOP nominated a pedophile as their senate candidate. The head of your party endorsed him. The NRSC gave him money. I’m thinking the GOP registration list should be cross-indexed with the sex-offenders registry.

      • doesn't matter which side, they are all the same says:

        Not my party but I realize your dementia is getting worse. In fact I left long before you wised up. So much for the effectiveness of your education.

        Shall we judge you by all the wacko and -perverted professor nationwide?

        In any case, I really don’t care and it is the outcome that really counts. Just like in your business. I guess you forgot that one of your best and brightest stated, I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
        Alabama worked as it should have and hopefully, the repubs won’t be as stupid as your fellow snowflakes on why an election turned out like it did. From what I’ve seen, the two sides are still as stupid as they have always been. But I see the progressives still import educated idiots that add nothing to their party. That would be you.

      • bynd says:

        Barb E. Dahl

        Not my party? Then why all the defensive rhetoric about the GOP?

        It would appear as usual, you look at posting through the this party or that party paradigm.

        I’ve been an independent for a long time. Although I am a conservative fiscally and tend to the more progressive on social issues but just tend. Example, I voted against the DOMA law in Nebraska, I have no issue with gay marriage. I have volunteered to help the poor and donate to several ministries that support them.

        My posting have basically two objectives, to tell the whole story and to confront partisanship. So if you go re read what I have written in that light, you will see I don’t get “defensive” about either party. In fact, I written to many times to count, the parties are different sides of the same coin, they both screw you but in different ways.

        Rarely is it needed to say much about conservatives on here because you have to spend so much time correcting and pointing out the voluminous postings of the progressives. I have gone after business incentives in this state and the previous governor more than once. He was boarding on incompetent. Just like Bush. And Chaney and Rumsfeld should be in jail for corruption, lying and sending our military into harms way without supplying them such basics as body armor.

        Government is too big. It has solved very few problems and anything that takes revenue out of it’s hands is a good thing. You teach people how to fish, you don’t give them fish. Welfare for the most part is economic slavery. Go spend some time in North O or at DCYC to see why I state that.

        And the Repubs. haven’t cut government in any meaningful way in the state or federally, in what seems like forever. That makes them just like the progressives. We are not a red state. Pink is the closer definition.

        But in the end, how much more fun can one have than shining the light on the darkness of partisanship. And the calls for civil discussion from those who won’t or can’t is hilarious.

        Finally, I wasn’t a birther, to announce your agenda to make a president fail is stupid to the max. I voted for the first time in years in 2016. It’s usually a waste of time. You have a responsibility to vote is a load of crap, and isn’t doesn’t matter if you vote or not, you still get to voice your opinion of elections, their outcomes, and the lame folks the partisans vote in. I could care less about the sex or color of any elected official and it is about time people wised up and got rid of the current two party system which has a strangle hold on who leads us. But that won’t happen.

        The rich are generally in charge, taxing them more is an oxymoron. Yes, they run a lot of this country. It is as nature intended. Survival of the fittest and might makes right. Get use to it, deal with it and don’t blame them for your problems. Your problems are your problems and many have “overcome” shall we say. I doubt there is a poor or oppressed person on this site.

        If this is too long, so be it. I hope it helps. I dish it out, I expect it back. I won’t, as GH did to me, threaten some one because I don’t like what they write about me or out them of any personal information I may have about them. It’s bush league and boorish. And in the end, when you start down the road of finding and publishing a person’s personal information, it can never end well.

        Ohh, I never use some else’s name or moniker.

      • Allow me says:

        Dan professes:

        1) “Although I am a conservative fiscally and tend to the more progressive on social issues but just tend.”
        No Dan, you’re not a fiscal conservative, you celebrated the $1.5 Trillion GOP scam they called a ‘tax cut’.
        What you are Dan, is an idiot.

        2) “..two objectives, to tell the whole story and to confront partisanship.
        You demonstrate time and time again, Dan, that you never know ‘the whole story’.
        And its quite clear why it is you never know the whole story, Dan: see #1.

        3) “The rich are generally in charge, taxing them more is an oxymoron.
        And, if anyone still doubts you’re a f’ing idiot, Dan, let them chew on that pinheaded brain fart for a while.

    • bynd says:

      From our dainty little pansy flower. So let’s examine GH’s assertion. You sent screen shots to the LJS and they did, nothing. I assume you marked my posts as spam and sent them to Facebook and they did nothing. As to the not worth your time to file a law suit, I’m sure that’s what your lawyer advised you and not an independent conclusion of your own. Seeing as how you finally solved the problem by blocking me. Which comes from the great decision making file under Duh.

      You say I called you a child molester and sex trafficker. But in truth, what I put out is, google buying legal porn supports child porn, 866,000 hits in .65 seconds. Google, buying legal porn supports sex trafficking, 619,000 hits in .33 seconds. GH has stated he uses porn.

      GH posted, “The GOP nominated a pedophile as their senate candidate”. Which to be charitable is not true, but to be honest is a lie. Unless of course he can produce an conviction to support his assertion.

      Which leads to the obvious answer to GH, if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. Apparently he isn’t man enough to take what he dishes out.

      And what childish reaction by someone who keeps putting out what a man he is. Both claiming that I maligned him and your name calling. You truly are a great example of a educated idiot. which is not name calling but an observation of your mental acuity as seen in your postings.

      Any other falsehoods you want to put out there GH?

      • TexasAnnie says:

        Google this, google that!
        This is not evidence in support of your belief; this is merely a hasty generalization affirming that you agree with a belief which has been published.
        It is not logical to generally assume that one: a) buys porn, b) reads porn, or c) emulates porn, from the statement that one “uses” porn (if indeed GH did say he uses porn).
        But do tell us more about the ongoing feud between you and Gerard. So you say it has escalated to a point of involving the LJS, Facebook and Lawyers? Oh my…

      • a change gonna come says:

        Using the actual pejorative, I googled:
        Dan is a fu*&ing moron

        “About 1,300,000 results (0.48 seconds)”

        What’s that prove, Dan?
        What entirely irrelevant, wholly insipid conclusion do you draw from that, Dan?

        It proves you’re a clueless little troll incapable of critical thought. Which, of course, makes you a perfect mouthpiece for Donald Trump and the modern Republican party.

        By the way Dan, most have enjoyed a bit o’ porn here and there.
        If you haven’t done so, it is you who are abnormal.
        Thing is, Dan, most of us (unlike Donald Trump, the RNC, NRSC, many in the Republican Congress and a large swath of the religious right) don’t find child molestation or kiddie porn acceptable or enticing.
        Nor do we get a woody by strapping on a Glock to take the family to the Golden Corral.
        Or, cheer in orgasmic delight as we grasp firmly our collective ankles as our elected officials and their plutocratic handlers have their way with us, our families and our children.

        These perversions Dan, are exclusive to you and the Great Wave of Stupid you represent.

      • I’m sorry, but Moore admitted he dated teenagers. When asked did he, he said ‘generally no’. which means ‘sometimes yes’.

        Thousands of people have accused Moor of being a pedophile. If it were untrue, he could sue any of them.

        Obviously, I know a great deal about you ‘bynd’. And what I know convinced me you ain’t worth suing.

        I never said I bought porn. So everthing else you wrote is a tissue of lies. As for yuour attempted ‘proof by google’, it is pretty much what I’d expect from someone who spent his life as a human traffic light.

      • death, by a thousand cuts says:

        Gerard got himself some religion. His new moral compass sets the ages at which people date. Good for you GH. But is hardly a libertarian attitude.

        What is the SOL, statue of limitation for those of you who work in education, for child rape in Alabama? Found it yet? There isn’t one.

        So where are the indictments or convictions of Roy Moore based on what you say he did wrong?

        And by the way, 9 women have accused Moore. Not thousands. Resorting to lying. How typical of a true snowflake.

        And why does it not surprise that a slimy little slug like you would research personal information on some one to use in nefarious ways just because you think they maligned you? Sorry Gerard, those are not the actions of a real man. Just a thin skinned little weasel.

        Like I have pointed out, if you can’t take it don’t dish it out. And certainly don’t be a cry baby because you got your little feeling hurt. Because if it is a matter of getting your integrity or good name back, the lack of money wouldn’t be a problem.

        Remember, using your mind on this nickle and dime crap is a terrible waste of it and all that education you paid for. Which I guess brings it all full circle that your education, except maybe in the classroom, didn’t prepare you for being in places like this. Or maybe it’s just because of your genteel nature.

        Controlling another’s life can be a weighty thing. But I am glad I can give the snowflakes something to look forward to so they get out of bed and not just hide under their blankets from the Trump boogeyman!

      • Death by a thousand kooks, more like.

        So the moral issue of child molestation depends on the legal age of consent? Similarly, I presume, slavery was only immoral after 1865. You preach morality about legal, consensual acts between adults, and defend child predation. What a horrible little man.

        Statute of limitations, loony.

        Nothing I know about ‘bynd’ is other than public information. Sorry/not sorry that it blew through the illusion of anonymity that you thought was a shield behind which you could defame your betters.

        Once more you’re speculating about an education you don’t have.

      • let's all shed a tear for gerard, the dainty pansy and giver of laws says:

        gerard, the educated idiot and arrogant fool.

        You have no idea what my education level is. And like all educated idiots, you equate education with intelligence. Another of your follies.

        So the moral issue of child molestation depends on the legal age of consent?

        And as I pointed out, gerard got religion. He now can override the law to determine who is legally allowed to be with who.

        Since you seem to evade the question of what anyone has been charged with or convicted of, the SOL just shows what a judgmental self righteous ass you are. If he can still be charged but isn’t, once again then you have no logical basis for your slander.

        But it is all right for gerard to slander, he knows better than any one and appoints himself judge and jury based on gerard’s law.

        But yet the dainty pansy ass goes ballistic if some one does the same to him. Even though it wasn’t slander.

        A self righteous, sanctimonious reincarnation of Jerry Falwell. Any stupid retort to try and not look as idiotic as you are.

        And I guess I better be careful what I post or gerard will turn me in. Oh, what a manly man.

  62. bynd says:

    To Allow Me.

    If we were in any mountainous state, your posting would be considered and avalanche. Such a brain dump of rocks is standard for this mental midget. And thankfully for them, they can recharge from most ditches along back roads any where in the state,

    So let’s here from your fellow progressives about civil discourse. Which of course as I pointed out, is not possible for the snowflakes on here.

    Have you ever had an original thought?

  63. I don't really want to control you says:

    To: a change gonna come

    What an amusing little rant. The one who writes the most about Trump and the Republican party on here is you. Imagine that.

    The ones who write the most about about child molestation and sexual assault on here would be the progressives and I do include GH in that group.

    Don’t own a gun. But remember, this is my rifle this is my gun, one is for fighting one is for fun. Don’t get that backwards, it could really hurt.

    And by the way, why would anyone think that a politician doing what he promised to do would mean anything bad to those who voted for them? You are the one caterwauling, crying and complaining about Trump everyday. If anyone is bent over it is you.

    Your inability to connect the dots on porn use and child porn and sex trafficking is not my fault. But it explains why you do nothing about it. And yes, I was even addicted to porn at one time. But I wised up enough to get over it and get on with my life. Quite frankly, talking to a dude on a 800 number thinking it is a gal just isn’t my cup of tea. I’ll leave that to you and Kintner.

    I truly am amazed that you are such good shape, that you haven’t had a heart attack yet. Just remember, that screaming you constantly hear, is comes from you because of what Trump is doing to you and yours. The rest of us sit calmly in our chairs enjoying the show of pain you put on every day.

    And by the way, I do apologize for getting under skin so many times. And successfully undermining what you call the truth as you post. But once again, take personal responsibility, don’t lash out others, because only you can resolve the situation.

      • anon says:


        Or as Dan constantly concludes his posts:
        RFLMBO = Repellent Fuggin’ Loser, Maniacally Beating Off

      • gerard harbinson, the jack off king, what a thing to be known for says:

        It never ceases to amaze me, that with a juvenile post, the writer thinks it some how insults some one else. When in fact, it is his name that will be equated with it for ever.

        Which also means such tactics work on him and he doesn’t understand, only you can control what you feel about how others write about you. And I see one of his mini mes has come out to rescue him from the mean conservative.

        How amusing and quint. gerard proving that evolution may well be true by allowing his inner Bonobo to publically display it’s self with such a boorish and uncouth post.

        Would you really want this “professor”, with no self control, teaching your children?

  64. you folks need new crystal balls says:

    How did the President make it to the end of year when all the snowflakes promised/prophesied he would be gone by now?

    Kind of makes their predictions for the 2018 elections rather suspect.

      • gerard harbinson, the jack off king, what a thing to be known for says:

        Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. Expect others to do unto you as you do others. Your threats are just more hot air. The more you post, the more you undermine your position. I do believe this whole string started with you attacking me. Imagine that, you want me to leave you alone while you attack me.

        What a cretin.

      • I mocked someone posting under the handle “Darwin always wins out”.

        If you’re constantly shifting user names, ‘bynd’, then that’s your problem not mine. I can’t be bothered to run a textual analysis on every piece of stupidity posted here to figure out if it’s your particular piece of stupidity.

  65. Anonymous says:

    RWP, you were once calm and rational. It wasn’t Trump that changed that. It was you outing yourself under your name that drove you mad. You doubled down. Still use your name. Did you note the news about the CA swatter and KS gamer? Horrible. Blogs are argumentative venues. Most people are decent but not all. You have made threats here. Emotion does that. But why? For what? Politics? Nobody cares what a doctor of Political Science thinks of politics. They sure as hell don’t care what a chemist thinks about it.

    Chemists can cook things that go “boom”. And you sound sort of crazy. So you better check for a FBI wire up your kazoo. If its not there, demand one be inserted. Its for your own good.

  66. drivel says:

    Here’s more drivel. Just like you get from DC elites, its good because it is more.

    The Washington Post grudgingly admits Trump reduced government without blowback by “simply” allowing attrition and making federal workers work. Simple? Obama grew government. Bush didn’t shrink it. Either it isn’t simple, or those before were simpleminded, or Trump who sounds simple, isn’t. Last week, the WP said Congress worked around Trump to lower taxes, dump the mandate and drill in Alaska. Elites are loath to credit Trump. They are invested in believing him kneejerk and themselves rational.

    Dec 12, 2015, the WP wondered why Trump was winning. It guessed his “supreme confidence with simple intuitive answers” was an “intoxicating mix.” One must be drunk to vote for Trump. The WP added “If you don’t like immigration, build a wall. If you’re suspicious of Muslims, track them in a database. If you support police officers, impose the death penalty on cop killers.” – Like? Suspicion? The USA’s history and future aren’t so flimsy. These things are rock solid Americana.

    The WALL is sovereignty, a nation’s skin is its border, which goes directly against Obama’s USA as a sorry, obedient non-leader state in a new world order. Tracking MUSLIMS began with Pres. Jefferson fighting Islamists (Mohammad a pirate himself) in 1801. Muslims preying on innocent Americans isn’t new. No other “religion” short of Thugee does that. And the DEATH PENALTY has been a RNC plank as long as outlawing it has been DNC. Convicts vote Democrat.

    Chuck Hagel on PBS talked about this new world order. He said the Post-WWII USA “no long runs the world”. Really? Russia and China are using our free market system. The only economic Marxists left are in NK and leftist in our Congress. — The USA is great or nothing. We aren’t designed to be lambs.

    Our Elites want other nations to love us. Teddy Roosevelt wisely said they never will, for we are too audacious. They might respect us, fear us, but never love us. Our Elites fail to grasp this. They confuse respect with kindness. Petting a lamb that is later served as dinner, with the USA as that lamb, is intolerable to Americans. Indeed, for the USA to be loved, we would all have to die. Everyone gets a nice send off. Americans write resolutions while Trump haters still write obits.

  67. funny stuff guys thanks says:

    Now that is a lot of drivel. But here’s some more drool to sop up… and while you do, remember that Nebraska is the highest gas tax state in the USA. But at least we know how to pump our own gas.

    “It’s official. Oregon is full of mentally defective, full grown children, incapable of the most mundane adult task.” One of many thousands of similar comments about Oregon dumping a 60-year-old law that made you a criminal for pumping your own gas. Oregonians are going nuts about it.

    In Oregon (and New Jersey, both top 10 Liberal states) it as illegal to pump your own gas. Oregon people are whining, “I don’t know how to pump gas!”. Well… shit… its not like full service stations are being outlawed. Pumping your own gas in New Jersey is still up to a $500 dollar fine.

    • bynd says:

      Not to shoot down your whole rant but, The highest state gas tax is assessed in Pennsylvania, at 50.4 cents per gallon, with Washington State (44.5 cpg) and New York (42.64 cpg) following closely behind. Alaska drivers pay the lowest rate in the country at 12.25 cents per gallon.

      Starting New Year’s Day, motorists in Nebraska will have to pay more taxes when they fill up their tanks. State Tax Commissioner Tony Fulton announced Thursday that the state gas tax will be increasing to 27.3 cents per gallon, up from 25.8 cents currently

      • It's called, dissociative identity disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder says:

        The above two posts would lead one to believe that when Dan’s not busy badgering the witness, he’s now devolved into debating himself.

      • another dan admirer says:

        Is there anything better than making snowflakes waste their life by posting useless and boorish thoughts about dan all day long?

        Other than realizing, you control their life. Nothing.

      • tiny handed Dan's lament: says:

        The worst part of jerking off is closing the other six tabs of porn he didn’t even get to and realizing that this is as ambitious as he’ll ever get.

      • another dan admirer says:

        Dan Obsession Disorder.

        When someone is truly obsessed, their interest has become compulsive, and they’ve begun to lose control over it.

  68. tiny handed Dan's tales of woe says:

    Dan goes to his eye doctor for an examination. Dan immediately starts chatting away as the doctor begins to examine his eyes. The doctor, realizing Dan’s not going to stop rambling, sternly interrupts Dan’s to say; “You need to stop masturbating.”

    Dan replies, “Why Doc? Am I going blind?”

    The doctor says, “No, but you’ve upset all the other patients in the waiting room.”

    • another dan admirer says:

      Dan Obsession Disorder.

      When someone is truly obsessed, their interest has become compulsive, and they’ve begun to lose control over it.

  69. Lock Him Up says:

    Jan 3, 2017, The Guardian –
    Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon has described the Trump Tower meeting between the president’s son and a group of Russians during the 2016 election campaign as “treasonous” and “unpatriotic”, according to an explosive new book seen by the Guardian.

    Bannon, speaking to author Michael Wolff, warned that the investigation into alleged collusion with the Kremlin will focus on money laundering and predicted: “They’re going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV.”..

    ..“You realise where this is going,” he is quoted as saying. “This is all about money laundering. Mueller chose [senior prosecutor Andrew] Weissmann first and he is a money-laundering guy. Their path to fucking Trump goes right through Paul Manafort, Don Jr and Jared Kushner … It’s as plain as a hair on your face.”

  70. Clowns goin' Down says:

    Yesterday, the NYT published an op-ed from the principles of Fusion GPS. An op-ed that eviscerates the Trump cries of ‘phony dossier’. An op-ed that fully exposes the GOP’s (Nunes, Grassley) fake investigations (treasonous cover-up) into Russian meddling in our elections. An op-ed that destroys the assorted meathead (Hannity, Limbaugh, Judge Jeanine) wails of ‘fake news’ as it relates to the content of the dossier.

    The op-ed is titled: The Republicans’ Fake Investigations. It opens:
    “A generation ago, Republicans sought to protect President Richard Nixon by urging the Senate Watergate committee to look at supposed wrongdoing by Democrats in previous elections. The committee chairman, Sam Ervin, a Democrat, said that would be “as foolish as the man who went bear hunting and stopped to chase rabbits.”

    Today, amid a growing criminal inquiry into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, congressional Republicans are again chasing rabbits.”

    it continues –
    “Three congressional committees have heard over 21 hours of testimony from our firm, Fusion GPS. In those sessions, we toppled the far right’s conspiracy theories..

    ..Republicans have refused to release full transcripts of our firm’s testimony, even as they selectively leak details to media outlets on the far right. It’s time to share what our company told investigators.”

    And after Fusion GPS points out specific examples of how an obstructionist Republican congress has frantically attempted to cover up the money laundering and collusion of the Trump crime family, they conclude the op-ed with:
    “It is time to stop chasing rabbits. The public still has much to learn about a man with the most troubling business past of any United States president. Congress should release transcripts of our firm’s testimony, so that the American people can learn the truth about our work and most important, what happened to our democracy.”

    Chuck “Wholly Owned”‘ Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is the man who can release those documents. Grassley was actually approached by a constituent at a town hall demanding to know whether his senator would work to release the transcripts of the Fusion GPS testimony. It’s an exchange captured on video and shown widely across all the major networks (with the exception of Fox, of course).

    But you can bet your last dollar that Chuck’s gonna continue to do everything in powers to HIDE THE TRUTH from the American people!
    And for proof of this, one need look no further than Chuck’s recent actions, from Dec 7, 2017, USA Today –
    “Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley took to the Senate floor Wednesday night to blast Democrats on his panel for refusing to go after any potential misdeeds involving Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.”

    Wholly Owned Chuck is determined to chase him some rabbits.

    And Chuck’s counterpart in the House, Devin Nunes, has been so egregious in his aiding and abetting of the Trump crime family that the little p.o.s. should be in leg irons.

    Sorry people, but ‘both sides’ DON’T do this shit.

    It’s only the plutocrat owned Republican party that has, for decades (Gingrich ’94), blatantly sold out their constituents and perennially defiled our democracy and at every opportunity.

    And it’s you people, as you dutifully grab your ankles, who decade after decade cheer these cretins on and vote them into office!!

    • Political Novice says:

      You may be correct with your assessment about cover ups and investigations but I can tell you the general public (uninformed as we may be) are getting glassy eyed from continually hearing about this and nothing ever seemingly coming from it. Yes, I realize it’s complicated and the wheels of the legal system move slowly but the longer this drags on with no tangible results the more the public will lose interest. Sad as this may be, I think most people are concerned about issues that affect them DIRECTLY as in their wallet. Meanwhile the lawyers win . . . . . . they always win.

      But what do I know?

      • Then there's that says:

        The Watergate investigation lasted more than two years.

        Ken Starr’s investigation of Bill Clinton, Whitewater (nothing) and a blowjob lasted four years.

        The Kabuki Theatre of Benghazi!!-Benghazi!! (nothing) lasted two and half years.

        Trump is an actual criminal. He and his family have committed real crimes.
        The highest levels of the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, as hostile foreign power, who we know with absolute certainty tried to manipulate our election.
        The Trump campaign team had the Republican platform rewritten to the benefit of Vladmir Putin and Russia’s ongoing effort to seize control of adjoining lands.

        Independent Prosecutor Robert Mueller (R-American Hero) was appointed 7.5 months ago.
        When should he abandon an entirely legitimate investigation?

      • Good luck with that says:

        “I think most people are concerned about issues that affect them DIRECTLY as in their wallet”


        Republicans in the House and Senate are right now pounding on the table a frothing at the mouth because they want special investigations of Hillary Clinton’s emails, the Obama Administration and 2010’s Uranium One!!
        And the spittle-flecked GOP base is cheering them on!!

        I fully agree with you, in principle. And to that end I think Mueller is moving as quickly and expeditiously as possible. Not an iota of his investigation is politically motivated. Not a syllable has he leaked to press for political gamesmanship.
        Then there’s Chuck Grassley, Devin Nunes, Donald Trump, the right wing noise machine and half of America who is simply batshit crazy.

        You can choose to side with whomever you want.

      • Political Novice says:

        People like seeing quick results and nowadays the attention span is less and less. The majority of people are concerned with their daily lives and the president’s tweets takes up less of their time than keeping up with the complicated, drawn out legal proceedings. Yes, this is important and yes this is serious but it seems to becoming more convoluted with even more investigations being called for. I’m just afraid this will go on forever and nothing will come of it – except lawyers getting even richer.

        If there’s one man I respect in Washington it’s Robert Mueller. I do have faith in him being fair and impartial. The side I choose is justice wherever it leads.

  71. Political Novice says:

    I’m just a political novice. Your talk of politics frightens and confuses me. I may not have learned much about Nebraska politics but I have sure learned some great insult lines. I concede to being the dumbest poster on here when it comes to politics but I try to keep an open mind and do enjoy the back and forth debate. I admit I am more impressed by facts being presented (which I suppose is in the eyes of the beholder) than personal insults. I have been a registered independent voter for a long time and have voted both sides of the coin. FULL DISCLOSURE: I voted for (lying?) Hillary because I felt she was best suited and knowledgeable about the running of government and would try to fix the Obamacare without scrapping it completely. When Trump won I was willing to give him a chance to back up his promises even though on a personal level I disliked him. Now almost a year into his presidency I can honestly say I have no faith in this administration and much less in the Republican party as a whole. I feel he is brash and arrogant when it comes to foreign affairs and I think we will suffer for it. I prefer my presidents more humble and diplomatic but hey – that’s just me. I think it remains to be seen if this new tax plan will be a good move but I do know I have little faith in the “trickle down theory”. As far as the economy I can attest that my accounts have continued to steadily climb from a low during the last part of Bush’s tenure so I really don’t give Trump credit for that. If they remain strong during the whole of his term I will then acknowledge his part in it. For me history is the best judge and we will see what the results are at the END of his term. I’ll continue to try and keep an open mind but this president is really making it difficult to trust and like him.

    I suppose it’s not for me to say but isn’t it time for a new blog? This one sure has been around for awhile. Not that much happening in Nebraska politics?

    • bynd says:

      The legislature is just beginning. Things should perk up soon.

      Humble and diplomatic gets you wars and how the world is today. And if you were satisfied with the world prior to this administration then yes, their diplomacy is what one would prefer. Quite frankly, many of us are tired of giving billions to people who then, as the progressives like to tout all the time ad nauseam, have you bend over and grab your ankles. Do we give our money to business or the people. Do we give our money to the world, even those who do not have our best interest in mind, or to our own people. Same principle.

      Economics are the future. Strong national/private financial positions are what the future winners will have going for them. And you don’t get there being the army and police of the world nor giving money to those who don’t need it when you think you are buying friends and loyalty. How’s that worked out for us in the past?

      Are you really all that impressed with the world and it’s leaders?

      • Political Novice says:

        I would argue that arrogant and belligerent fan the flames of war more. I see no reason why this president needs to piss off most of the world with childish tweets. I’m sure Kim Jong Um has to realize he fires off one rocket in anger a thousand fold would be returned. It’s all a big show for his people and to cement his position of power. The sanctions we have placed on them are having an effect and we need the rest of the world to help us with that. I hope the slogan “Making America Great” doesn’t mean “”Making America Alone”. I don’t know about the world and it’s leaders but I’m not impressed with our leader right now.

        I completely agree with you that economics are the future. More than ever it’s a global economy with one thing affecting the other. Stability is the key for the better of all. No doubt Russia and China are more than happy and ready to fill any markets we abandon. I’m not for giving away the store but a little money invested in countries that need help may pay off big in the future. It worked with Japan and Germany who have been good allies ever since . . . although I’m not sure about the future 😉

    • The salvation of the State.. says:

      There’s lots happening in Nebraska politics.
      Virtually all of, bad.
      Most of it entails Republicans f%&ing up everything they touch as they continue their attempts to privatize government to the detriment of the citizenry.
      Endless prison rioting, foster children being raped, state patrol run amok, a litany of failures throughout HHS (multi-million dollar checks laying haphazardly in piles – for months), lawsuits over Pete’s refusal to disclose the source of the drugs in his newest death cocktail (a cocktail never tested and used by no one else on the planet), the unprecedented turnover at top levels of Pete’s admin, voter suppression efforts, budget shortfalls, the continued determined ignorance of study after study calling out the massive waste of taxpayer dollars that is the ‘Nebraska Advantage Act’ (formerly LB775 – an inexcusable corp welfare trough – billions of taxpayer dollars given away to a handful of our Nebraska’s richest and most privileged).
      Another ongoing debacle is Pete’s continued attempts to buy his own legislature. Mind you, this isn’t an original Pete endeavor (Pete has few original thoughts). This is Daddy’s money simply following the Scott Walker model in his role as Governor of Koch Industries Midwest subsidiary formerly known as the state of Wisconsin. It’s a model also adopted by companion Plutocrat Governors Bruce Rauner (R-IL), Rick Snyder (R-MI) and Rick Scott (R-FL).
      Oh yes, here’s and interesting NE Politics news story – an L Street favorite and right wing uber extremist John Murante was recently named to the “Voter Suppression Hall of Shame”.
      It’s a very exclusive club. only 10 politicians in the nation make the list.
      Then there’s the assault on our University by the Troglodyte Trio of Senators (with a big assist from Herr Mach) on behalf of a campus claque of young Nazi-wannabes. An assault that proved humiliating, as their own independent investigators came out to publicly refute the position of the trog trio.
      At least, it should have been humiliating. These people, like Trump and Company, seem to be unfazed by failure. They seem to have no shame.

      And this is simply off the top of my head.
      Give me a few hours and I could surely find countless more examples of an unchecked NEGOP running roughshod over our citizenry. A party wholly unconstrained in their extremist bent, their theocratic fervor and their unrelenting desire to redistribute the wealth and treasure of our state from those with little into the hands (and pockets) of a select few.

      All the while, the NEGOP base bends over, firmly grasping their ankles as they cheer them on.

      • bynd says:

        The salvation of the State quote, “All the while, the NEGOP base bends over, firmly grasping their ankles as they cheer them on.”
        GH, quote “Evidently you do care, enough to post this rant. Your homoerotic fantasies are noted.”

        Gay men who prefer anal sex may view it as their version of intercourse and a natural expression of intimacy that is capable of providing pleasure

        Reports regarding the prevalence of anal sex among gay men and other men who have sex with men vary. A survey in The Advocate in 1994 indicated that 46% of gay men preferred to penetrate their partners, while 43% preferred to be the receptive partner.[57] Other sources suggest that roughly three-fourths of gay men have had anal sex at one time or another, with an equal percentage participating as tops and bottoms.[57] A 2012 NSSHB sex survey in the U.S. suggests high lifetime participation in anal sex among gay men: 83.3% report ever taking part in anal sex in the insertive position and 90% in the receptive position, even if only between a third and a quarter self-report very recent engagement in the practice, defined as 30 days or less

        But yet the progressives on here use it as a slur. One must wonder if their progressive Bona fides are not fake?

        And should not such bigoted and hatred filed posts be removed? What would the LBGTQ folks think?

      • I think it’s sad. No one posts such extended, drooling paeans to anal sex if it isn’t a fantasy of theirs. And with references, and all. Clearly, ‘bynd’ thinks about this a great deal. But he’ll probably never experience it.

        And why would he think it a slur? It’s a part of oneself one should accept, if one has it.

        It’s not my kink, ‘bynd’, but your kink is OK too.

      • The salvation of the State.. says:

        Sorry bynd, I didn’t imagine that the idea of Joe and Jane Lunchpail being involuntarily schtooped by greedy plutocrats and politicos would throw you into a flight of eroticism.

        I guess – not having experienced the personal trauma and humiliation that lead you to seek mental counseling for your porn addiction – I failed to take into account your special needs.

        I’ll make note next time, so as not to disrupt your precarious balance.

        And by all means, if you enjoy a bit of anal exploration on occasion, feel free to get your Lewis and Clark on!

      • Artois Stella says:

        If only Pete would test his cocktail on himself so that we can all be certain that it works.

    • bynd says:

      If you haven’t heard of John Stossel you should look him up. A libertarian who presents arguments against both sides very well and balanced.

      I’ll be gone for a while, got to go to work on my safe place shelter. Can the progressives be all that wrong about the end of the world? And this state that has been here for 150 years.

      Ever notice how between the homosexual slurs, “homoerotic fantasie”(sic) I believe was the phrase, and anal penetration the progressives seem to have fixations on your ass? Kevin Spacey admirers or wanna be I guess.

  72. Hooray! says:

    Derwald Trump came out, guns a blazin’, in a counter attack on Steve Bannon.

    The fight is on.
    The fight will be held in the public arena.
    Bannon will eviscerate the mentally deficient Trump along with his whole oddball family of misfits.

    • Hooray! says:

      Donny Two Scoops is going to have a hard time assailing a man he’s been so close to for so long –

      Steve Bannon will be a tough and smart new voice at @BreitbartNews…maybe even better than ever before. Fake News needs the competition!
      12:47 PM – 19 Aug 2017
      28,153 Retweets 104,657 Likes

  73. Anonymous says:

    Identity politics crushed the Liberals’ funny bone decades ago.

    Jan 1, 2007, in “No Jokes, Please, We’re Liberal” Michael Wolff wrote “While the right enjoys a laugh, media liberals have become… a stodgy, humorless elite… self-serious, earnest, correct people.”. “Little constipated souls” said Ben Bradlee. — “Unlike Conservatives, Liberals need to compartmentalize humor. Liberal editors insist, if you mean to be funny, you have to make it clear its humor. Literalism–that pre-Asperger’s condition of wonks everywhere—is part of liberalism.” Liberals don’t know how to tease. That’s too bad because humor deflates hubris and widens one’s view. Narrow is myopic.

    Trump has shown that when Identity Politics is pushed back hard, DC GOP elites become almost as humorlessly constipated as Liberals. Almost.

    Wolff lamented liberal media’s loss of younger readers, “it may be that all the earnest, respectability-seeking old fogies are on the inside working for the liberal media while the wisecracking vulgarians are on the outside ignoring it.”

    The liberal media unleashed its unfunniest bones on Trump and it was indeed ignored. All that tongue clucking, doom saying and horrified earnestness for naught.

    Per Gallup, 36% of Americans self-identify conservative, 34% moderate and 25% liberal. That 25% is 100% of liberal media’s humorless vegan diet. Only 44% of Democrats deem themselves liberal.

    Trump will in time go and liberals will be still be liberals.

    • Paul Harvey says:

      As of October 2017, Gallup polling found that 31% of Americans identified as Democrat, 24% identified as Republican, and 42% as Independent.

      Additionally, when those Independents were asked “do you lean more to the Democratic Party or the Republican Party? –
      polling showed that 46% are either “Democrats or Democratic leaners” and 39% are either “Republicans or Republican leaners”.

      Also, you failed to mention that the article accompanying the Gallup poll you cited, clearly shows that it is ONLY liberalism that is surging in America.
      Self-identification as moderate or conservative has either remained the same over the last quarter century, or declined.

      Importantly – exactly WHAT is it that you find “conservative” about Donald Trump and this current batch of Republicans?
      Is it the $1.5 Trillion hole they just blew in the national debt?
      Is it their open embrace of Plutocracy?
      The massive increase in military spending?
      Their daily assault on our Department of Justice?
      Maybe it’s the abandonment of international trade policies that have benefited immensely our economy?
      Maybe it’s specifically the shredding of the TPP, the culmination of a years long negotiation that would have secured for America a permanent trade foothold in what is certain to be the fastest growing economic region on the planet in the coming decades? A hedge against a possible, now likely, Chinese hegemony.
      Maybe it’s the manner in which Trump has offended almost every international leader – friend and foe?
      Could it be conservatisms newfound embrace of the ol’ tried and true conservative values of pussy grabbing, money laundering and child molestation?
      Maybe it’s the Xenophobia?
      The White Nationalism?

      WHAT IS IT you find so appealing about this new breed of conservatism?

      Finally – back to the polls, where the future has been written.
      Coinciding with surge in liberalism noted above, as well as the long recognized shift in demographics (a bluer America), we have this – Dec 5, 2017 –
      CAMBRIDGE, MA – A new national poll of America’s 18- to 29-year-olds by Harvard’s Institute of Politics (IOP), located at the Kennedy School of Government, finds that two-thirds of young Americans (67%) are more fearful than hopeful about America’s future. Less than one year before the 2018 midterm elections, likely young American voters cite preference for Democratic control of Congress, 65% to 33%.

      “American political institutions are at a tipping point,” said John Della Volpe, Polling Director at Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics. “Millennials are now the largest generation in the electorate. This poll and the Virginia election show that they are becoming more motivated — and I believe the fear that exists today about our future will soon be turned into the fuel that will reform our government. The only question is whether this comes from inside or outside the traditional party structure.”

      67% of Millennials believe that America’s greatest threats come from forces inside, not outside, our country.

  74. Oh my giddy aunt says:

    I understand Harbison not liking Trump on behalf of his “partner” Sasse. Its just one big mosh pit of a nude academic fling. (Oh god, I’m sorry, get that picture out of my mind, please!)

    Sasse seems quiet lately. Maybe that’s because as a doctor of history he knows the potential suicidal effect of his own words better than a guy who mixes recipes for a living. Then too, Sasse is careful not to confuse his opposition to Trump with Sasse embracing the dark side. The left. Harbison doesn’t talk like a libertarian or right wing any more. If Harbison deems Trump a phony who is duping Conservatives, why would that swing Harbison from right to left? How indeed does that so easily swing Harbison’s principles unless he was already a swinger? Oh damn, there’s that picture again. Gerard in fishnets and Ben in ass-less chaps.

      • Puzzled in Poughkeepsie says:

        What is it with Republicans and their obvious obsession with sex?

        Is it that Ricketts, Trump and the GOP agenda are simply indefensible?
        Is it that Trump, Bannon, Roy Moore, Gorka et al have somehow made being repulsive, de rigueur?

        Why would one come to a political blog only to ramble on about sex?

    • Artois Stella says:

      It appears as though the right left Professor Harrison, not that he left the right. What remains of the GOP is now so far removed from what it once stood for, in every category, that it really should just call itself the Fourth Reich and be done with it.

  75. Dog Whistle - silenced says:

    Sorry to break it to ya, rubes –
    “Donald Trump dissolves voter fraud commission”

    The ignorance in the claim of 3 million illegals voting for HRC, dies with a whimper.

    The Grand Poobah of this bogus bit of base-pandering xenophobia, the vile excuse for humanity that is Kris Kobach (who joined John Murante on America’s elite 10 named to the “Voter Suppression Hall of Shame”) fails yet again and fails in spectacular fashion.

    Another malignant offshoot of modern conservatism lopped off, returned to rot in the toxic soil from which it sprang.

  76. Eisenhower Republican says:

    Any thoughts on the demise of “the talk of Nebraska politics”?

    Why have Republicans abandoned this site?

    • And there you have it says:


      In answer to your question; Dan is as good a reason as any for the demise of this blog.
      He shows up, every gd day, to rub steaming hands full of shit in his hair as he discloses to everyone his latest bout with mental abnormality before transitioning into a rant about some form of sexual deviancy he feels compelled to attribute to anyone who happens to disagree with him on tax reform, healthcare, school choice or the military budget.

      • no intelligence here, just progressives says:

        Dan Obsessive Disorder.

        If it was that bad, any intelligent person would have left.

        Oh that’s right, they are looking for intelligent people. And as the seeker has pointed out, they have left.

  77. America in decline says:

    Jan 2, 2017, Bloomberg –
    “China Is Boosting Ties in Latin America. Trump Should Be Worried”

    As Derwald f*&ks up every one of America’ free trade agreements – China is moving full speed ahead to eat our fucking lunches!!

    Er, I should say, the lunch of our children and grandchildren, who will soon be buying their back to school supplies with yuans.

    • china is socialist, be happy, you are almost there! says:

      Don’t you just love progress. Your socialist state that you want so badly will then be here for you to enjoy.

      So the President is giving you what you want because your party sure as heck can’t. And yet you still whine and cry.

      • America in decline says:

        You people are so remarkably lame.
        How do you make through the day without shoving kitchen utensils in your eyes, or accidentally consuming cleaning products?

        You’ve got fucking nothing. Ever. You’re truly a basket of deplorables.

      • could you not scream so loud, we can't understand you says:

        As opposed to whiner who has sand running through his hands?

        They now say foul language is a sign of creativity. It must be true, you come up with some of the most outlandish creative crap that has never stuck to the walls. And for now, the American public disagrees with you.

        We shall see in the coming elections an not just 2018.

        But let’s remind you,

        Nothing, absolute nothing you have predicted since you missed the election of the current President has come true with the dire consequences you are so afraid of. So all anyone has to do is look at your track record and see, you haven’t had, nor do you have any valid points to make. Just fear mongering and hysterical BS. How is it your family doesn’t have you committed? That would be the question.

  78. MAGA baby, MAGA says:

    Breaking – LJS –
    FBI accuses white supremacist of terror attack on Amtrak train in rural Nebraska
    The FBI says an armed 26-year-old Missouri man who breached a secured area to stop an Amtrak train in southwest Nebraska in October has links to a white supremacist group and expressed an interest in “killing black people,”..
    ..Wilson, who has a permit in Missouri to carry a concealed handgun, had a loaded .38 caliber handgun in his waistband, a speed loader in his pocket and a National Socialist Movement business card on him when he was arrested.

    He also had a backpack with three more speed loaders, a box of ammunition, a knife, tin snips, scissors and a ventilation mask inside..

    Two days later, according to the federal case, FBI agents searched his home in Missouri and found a hidden compartment with a a handmade shield as well as: “a tactical vest, 11 AR-15 (rifle) ammunition magazines with approximately 190 rounds of .223 ammunition, one drum-style ammunition magazine for a rifle, firearms tactical accessories (lights), 100 rounds of 9mm ammunition, approximately 840 rounds of 5.45×39 rifle ammunition, white supremacy documents and paperwork, several additional handgun and rifle magazines, gunpowder, ammunition reloading supplies, and a pressure plate.”

    Czaplewski said they also found 15 firearms, including a fully automatic rifle, ammunition and firearms magazines, and a tactical body armor carrier with ceramic ballistic plates.

    In the newly unsealed federal case, Czaplewski wrote that investigators had found videos and PDF files on Wilson’s phone of a white supremacist banner over a highway, other alt-right postings and documents related to how to kill people.

    He said an acquaintance contacted by the FBI said that Wilson had been acting strange since June and had joined an “alt-right” neo-Nazi group that he found while researching white supremacy forums online.

    Czaplewski said they believe Wilson had traveled with members of the group to the Unite the Right rally at Charlottesville, Virginia, in August, where a woman was killed and 19 injured when a man used his vehicle to ram a crowd of counter-protesters.

  79. The President of the United States is mentally impaired says:

    Jan 3, 2018 – The Hill
    Lawmakers briefed by Yale psychiatrist on Trump’s mental health: report
    “More than a dozen lawmakers last month met with a Yale University psychiatry professor for two days to discuss President Trump’s fitness for office, Politico reported Wednesday.

    Dr. Bandy X. Lee reportedly met with the group of lawmakers on Dec. 5 and Dec. 6 and warned them, the president is “going to unravel.”

    Jan 4, 2017 – NY Magazine
    The President Is Mentally Unwell — and Everyone Around Him Knows It
    The article opens:
    “Until recently, the debate over our president’s mental health has focused on questions of psychological pathology: Do Donald Trump’s flamboyant narcissism, hedonism, and self-delusions add up to a malignant personality — or a malignant personality disorder?

    Scores of psychiatric professionals say the latter.”..

    the article concludes:
    “By all accounts, most GOP Congress members recognize that Donald Trump is a pathological narcissist with early stage dementia and only peripheral contact with reality — and they have, nonetheless, decided to let him retain unilateral command of the largest nuclear arsenal on planet Earth because it would be politically and personally inconvenient to remove his finger from the button.”

      • Hey, Grokk says:

        It’s not that your guttural belch deserves a reply of any substance, but:

        Dr. Bandy Lee is an internationally recognized expert on violence. Trained in medicine and psychiatry at Yale and Harvard Universities, and in medical anthropology as a fellow of the National Institute of Mental Health, she is currently on the faculty of Yale School of Medicine’s Law and Psychiatry Division.

    • how desparate will the snowflakes get? says:

      On the organization’s website, APA President Maria A. Oquendo wrote: “The unique atmosphere of this year’s election cycle may lead some to want to psychoanalyze the candidates, but to do so would not only be unethical, it would be irresponsible.”

      Lawmakers briefed by Yale psychiatrist on Trump’s mental health: report

      All Dems except one Repub.

      The President Is Mentally Unwell — and Everyone Around Him Knows It. By Eric Levitz whose other big headlines are,

      Democrats Should Declare Victory on Trump and Russia
      Clinton’s Failure With the Working Class Had Little to Do With Trump Voters
      A New York Politics Chat: Is Clinton a Lock to Win the Presidency, or Could Trump Pull Off an Upset?

      With each subscription to the NY rag Mag they will send you a tinfoil hat and a fold out safe place to put on the floor any where you want.

      • The President of the United States is mentally impaired - and a criminal says:

        You should read those articles you cited and, for some reason (because you’re f’n idiot), laughed at.
        Go read, Democrats Should Declare Victory on Trump and Russia.

        It’s a damning, wholly factual indictment of the criminal enterprise that is the Trump cabinet.

      • The President of the United States is mentally impaired - and a criminal says:

        Forgot who I taking to. You don’t read, do you Dan. You’re just in it for the pictures.

        I have it on good authority that the new computer you bought came with its own tissue dispenser.

      • snowflakes have hit the bottom says:

        What I already have proven is your sources and articles are not valid. Why would I want to read fairy tales?

        I’ll leave that up to the shell shocked desperate folks like you.

        But I understand, just like the world Obama and Clinton wanted to create, a world of utopia and fantasy, you still reside there.

        Put something out there worth reading. And next time, consider staying away from the tabloids. But if you did that, I guess wouldn’t have anything to post at all.

        Boo, your President just coughed.

  80. snowflakes have hit the bottom says:

    And in case I didn’t make it clear enough, those articles I put forth are just parodies of the tabloid articles and sources you used.

    Don’t you get tired of making a fool of yourself just because you are Trump obsessed? I would think that having someone you say you are so afraid of on your mind 24/7/365 would be the terrifying part. You no longer have any control over your own life.

    And after a while, the amusement you provide turns into pathetic loathing of someone who can’t control them self. A Gollum such as you are.

    • A. B. Errant says:

      You don’t know what a ‘parody’ is, do ya Dan.

      Just more of the customary goober word salad you serve up on a daily basis.
      Your grasp on reality is slipping Dan. Maybe that’s because you spend too much time ‘grasping’ for other objects.

  81. Kyle Michaelis says:

    My God, I never thought I would ever say it, but, how I long for the good old days when Kyle Michaelis offered an alternative to this slop.

  82. Dee Virgent says:

    Q: Why did Dan cross the road?

    A: To get to the other side, where there was a Walgreens, and the promise of more tissues.

    • snowflakes can't take it says:

      Well snowflake, it’s time to leave you in the sewer you created. Because inevitably, you will start crying and whining to anyone you think has the power to stop you from being persecuted by the mean old conservative.

      By all means continue, what we would we do without what progressives call their type of intelligent discussion?

      After all in the end, the only person you embarrass is your self.

      • Good luck with that says:

        “persecuted by the mean old conservative.”

        Is that how you imagine people see you, Red Tag (pants half off)?
        Whacking Dan.
        Dan the dullard.

        There’s nothing mean or persecutorial an any of your posts.
        The only thing you’ve ever offered in a post is a fermentation of largely incoherent ignorance and gibberish.

      • that's the best you can do? says:

        Dan Obsessive Disorder.
        When someone is truly obsessed, their interest has become compulsive, and they’ve begun to lose control over it.

        After all in the end, the only person you embarrass is your self. You are so clever!

  83. Old Nebraskan says:

    Anyone remember the last time Americans were forced to endure the peril of living under a President suffering from dementia?

    If you said Ronald Reagan, grab yer bad self a cookie!! By golly you’re RIGHT!

    Of course, it was Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger and Sec of State Henry Kissinger that were forced to undermine the constitutional powers granted the POTUS, by demanding the Chairman of the JCOS (George Brown) ignore a drunken and confused Dick Nixon were he to give the order to nuke the Hermit Kingdom, North Korea.
    It was later reported that Henry Kissinger shared with numerous people that in the waning months of Nixon’s presidency, were it up to Dick, he would have nuked a new country every week.

    Grand Old Party, indeed.

  84. “Almost all the professionals who were now set to join him were coming face to face with the fact that it appeared he knew nothing. There was simply no subject, other than perhaps building construction, that he had substantially mastered. Everything with him was off the cuff. Whatever he knew he seemed to have learned an hour before—and that was mostly half-baked. But each member of the new Trump team was convincing him- or herself otherwise—because what did they know, the man had been elected president. He offered something, obviously. Indeed, while everybody in his rich-guy social circle knew about his wide-ranging ignorance—Trump, the businessman, could not even read a balance sheet, and Trump, who had campaigned on his deal-making skills, was, with his inattention to details, a terrible negotiator—they yet found him somehow instinctive.”

    Excerpt From: Michael Wolff. “Fire and Fury.” iBooks.

  85. snowflakes can't take it says:

    A pathetic, whiny bunch aren’t those progressives.

    But yet the President is still the President. And the best they can do, is…..nothing.

  86. bynd says:

    Yes, let’s balance the state budget on the backs of the addicted. A new low for the progressives in this state. And what state citizen wouldn’t want someone else to bear the burden of more taxes.

    Sen. Sara Howard Democrat, Omaha, compassionate progressive?

    Cigarette tax hike promoted as state funding source

    The American Cancer Society delivered messages to state senators this week to remind them there is revenue available to address the state’s continuing budget shortfall through a cigarette tax hike bill, which polling suggests is supported by a wide majority of Nebraskans.
    And the bill (LB438) can help save lives, discourage young people from smoking and fund health care and wellness programs, Sen. Sara Howard of Omaha said Friday.

    Howard’s proposal to increase the cigarette tax by $1.50 a pack, rising from 64 cents to $2.14, is stuck in the Legislature’s Revenue Committee.

    • I. P. Freely says:

      “Yes, let’s balance the state budget on the backs of the addicted.”

      Why so angry Dan, someone introduce a tax on porn? There goes the gubment pension!

      • pension. thanks to you, it is worth even more. says:

        Dan Obsessive Disorder.

        When someone is truly obsessed, their interest has become compulsive, and they’ve begun to lose control over it.

        I see you are admitting that is your Blatter also.

        Nah. My pension fine. Just keep working and paying those taxes. Pension, health insurance and numerous other items. Courtesy of you and your progressives friends. Had not the Dems raised my pay substantially before retirement it wouldn’t be near as much. Thanks bozo.

      • Pillbillies for Trump!! says:

        The 14 states with the highest number of pain killer prescriptions per person – ALL voted for Trump.
        Donald Trump won 80% of the states most afflicted by heroin addiction.

        Nov. 22, 2016, Vox – critical to Trump’s election day victory:
        Most Ohio and Pennsylvania counties that flipped from Obama to Trump are wracked by heroin

        And America’s worst drug crisis – ever – is the opioid epidemic currently sweeping our nation, is an epidemic effecting an overwhelming WHITE population, in predominantly RED states.

        Apparently, opiates are the new gateway drug, to Republicanism.

        In a handout to their masters, Republicans just lowered the tax on the production of liquor as part of their Donor Relief Program. A secretive, behind closed doors, lobbyist crafted bill that balloons our deficit by $1.5 Trillion in order to give more money to rich people so they can expand their lodges in Aspen, upgrade their fleet of corporate jets or buy a new yacht. Maybe even a small island in the Seychelles.

        These same Republicans are now going to come after your Medicare and Social Security.
        Mom and Pop Frugal will have to learn to suffer just a bit more, because the GOP needs those dollars so they they can shovel a few hundred billion more into the pockets of their rich pals. Pals like those who employ the legions of lobbyists that stand guard over the massive black hole affixed to treasury, often referred to as the Military Industrial Complex.

        And the rubes, they will cheer.

  87. Paul Harvey, called to spread the truth, again says:

    Unlike the tax law overall, the alcohol tax provision has bipartisan origins. At the urging of Sen. Rob
    Unlike the tax law overall, the alcohol tax provision has bipartisan origins.
    Portman (R-Ohio), the final tax package included an amendment based on a bipartisan bill that had been spearheaded by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), with Democratic and Republican co-sponsors in both chambers of Congress. A spokesman for Wyden confirmed that the alcohol provisions in the final law were essentially the same as those in Wyden’s bill — although all of the relief for alcohol producers is scheduled to expire in two years. (The Wyden bill gave federal agencies much more time to prepare for the bill’s implementation.)

    And evolution has chosen.
    Rubes rule,
    progressives look like fools,
    and yes, the rubes cheer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GOPayola, Bribery, Kickback - refused says:

      The article you cite is from the Washington Post, it’s titled:
      Republicans say they’ve slashed taxes on small breweries. But big alcohol may be the biggest winners.
      The takeaway from the article –
      “The bill as a whole is being described as a targeted benefit for small alcohol producers, but it’s not,” Looney said. “The vast majority of the benefits of this tax cut does not accrue to small brewers.”

      Oregon has a plethora of small breweries. Senator Ron Wyden’s (D-OR) bill was specifically designed to help small businesses, i.e. – small breweries in his state. newspaper, Willamette Week, Dec 7, 2017 –
      Craft Brewing Tax Break Added to GOP Plan in an Attempt to Win Oregon Support
      LA Times reports Republicans tried and failed to woo Ron Wyden with a tax exemption that would benefit Oregon’s craft brewers and distillers.
      Republicans included a popular tax break for craft brewers and distillers as part of a failed effort to win support from U.S. Senator Ron Wyden for their tax cuts, the Los Angeles Times reports.

      The Senate bill cuts in half the taxes paid for the first 60,000 barrels produced in the U.S., from $7 a barrel to $3.50.

      Wyden earlier this year sponsored a more robust bill to cut such taxes. So the GOP hoped to tempt him with the inclusion of the tax break for a bustling Oregon industry.

      “Including the measure was a way to pique the interest of Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden, the top Democrat on the Finance Committee, in the broader tax package, since he was a lead sponsor of the original bill,” the Los Angeles Times’ Lisa Mascaro writes.

      His spokesman says it was a non-starter.
      “He was never tempted to vote for this bill,” says Wyden spokesman Hank Stern. “Senator Wyden was and is proud to lead the fight against a bill that showers corporations with goodies and raises taxes on over half of the middle class.”

  88. paul harvey corrects them again says:

    So here comes the progressives pointing out what one guy said the effects of the tax cut would be. How accurate are these quotes the progressives put forth as truth?

    That’s in part because firms with smaller tax payments see smaller overall savings. A small cut in the rate paid by the biggest firms, by contrast, translates into millions in savings for them.
    That’s in part because firms with smaller tax payments see smaller overall savings. A small cut in the rate paid by the biggest firms, by contrast, translates into millions in savings for them.
    Large breweries see no cut on a huge percentage of their production, whereas small brewers get a 50 percent cut on all of theirs,” said Bart Watson, chief economist at the Brewers Association, an industry group that helped push through the measure. “It’s a lot of money in absolute terms [for the big manufacturers], but it’s small in terms of rates.”

    As Forbes states, In 2018, it is expected that 94% of Americans will benefit more from using the standard deduction versus itemizing.

    Go show me where anything was said about Dems voting for any bill. Once again, you use smoke and mirrors to try and make a point that isn’t even relevant. Imagine that.
    “Unlike the tax law overall, the alcohol tax provision has bipartisan origins. ”

    Progressives keep proving evolution was right
    Rubes Rule,
    progressives look like fools, part deux.

  89. Political Novice says:

    It’s now official – Chris Christie has gone insane.

    HEADLINE: Chris Christie: ‘I Absolutely Believe If Trump Had Not Gotten Into Race’ I’d Be President.

  90. Moving along quite nicely, thank you says:

    Trump’s legal team is right now attempting to minimize the damage, but Robert Mueller is turning the screws on Donny Two Scoops.
    The Don is going to either be forced to a) submit to being interviewed by Mueller and the Special Investigative panel, or b) forced or plead the fifth after he gets a grand jury subpoena.

      • Barnum & Bailey says:

        Fully aware of his mental… incapacity, Donny Two Scoop’s lawyers have suggested their client provide answers to Mueller’s questions, in writing.

        Do you think the answers will be in crayon, the paper stained with the ‘extra ketchup’ from his Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

        Nov 8, 2017, LA Times –
        Trump asked White House kitchen to replicate this McDonald’s burger
        “According to a profile on the Trump White House in Politico, he reportedly asked the White House kitchen to cook him up a McDonald’s-style meal. But not any meal! He wanted a quarter-pounder with cheese with extra ketchup and no pickles. For dessert, he wanted one of the fast food chain’s signature fried apple pies.”

        Vincent: And you know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris?
        Jules: They don’t call it a Quarter Pounder with Cheese?
        Vincent: No, they got the metric system there, they wouldn’t know what the fuck a Quarter Pounder is.
        Jules: What’d they call it?
        Vincent: They call it Royale with Cheese.

  91. In normal times, Americans - and Nebraskans - would be repulsed says:

    Is there a bigger Dickweasel on the planet than Derwald Trump’s sycophantic little resident White House alt-righter , Stephen Miller, who holds the position as Senior Policy Advisor to the President of the United States?

    Miller had to be escorted off the set of CNN yesterday.

    And speaking of… did you see who was just hired as the Administer of Communications and Legislative Services for the Nebraska Dept of Health and Human Services? A department of 4,700 employees that directly impacts the lives of tens of thousands of Nebraskans every day?
    Matt Litt.
    Matt is the current Director of the Nebraska chapter of the Koch Bros personally funded astro-Tea outfit, Americans for Prosperity. (the NE Chapter of AFP was founded by Pete Ricketts’.. money)
    Many would say that a resume (albeit brief) of hard core right wing political activism and it’s publicly stated, almost singular quest to dismantle our social safety net and shrink government down to a size allowing one to drown it in a bathtub – wouldn’t seem a stellar qualification for an administrative role in Health and Human Services.
    So, prior to this endeavor, what could have qualified Mr. Litt for such an important role in Nebraska government?
    Young Mr. Litt’s experience immediately prior to his role as Koch troll and TEA Party mini-poobah, was Residence Director (2010-11) and Director of Student Activities (2011-12) at Benedictine College, a private catholic college in Acthison, Kansas.
    In addition to his role as catholic school social organizer, Mr. Litt in the process of graduating from UNL in 2012, lists as his Activities and Societies; Phi Kappa Theta, Dance Marathon and Alpha Kappa Delta.

  92. your imitation flatters Stephen Miller says:

    Is there a bigger Dickweasel on the planet than Derwald Trump’s sycophantic little resident White House alt-righter , Stephen Miller,

    We would be proud to put you up against him any day of the week. Our very own, Stephen Miller wanna be!

    Yeah, Litt is going to have such a big impact on DHHS from the director of communications. And why is it you and Jane can’t put any valid candidates up for any of these types offices? Because of no leadership at any position int he state, volunteer or elected, from the Dem party.

    Maybe in stead of whining you should work on a plan to get progressives involved in the state.

    How’s all that winning working for you?

  93. Why does the GOP insist on undermining America? says:

    May 15, 2017 – Kaiser:
    75 percent of the public support continuing current federal Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood to pay for non-abortion services received by people on Medicaid, while 22 percent support cutting off all federal funding to the group. Majorities of both Republican women and Republican men support continuing current funding.
    – At the same time, only one-third of the public is aware that there is a ban on federal Medicaid funds being used to pay for abortions, while almost half say there is not a ban and one in five say they don’t know.

    Feb 13, 2017 – Des Moines Register:
    Iowa Poll: 77 percent back Planned Parenthood funding for non-abortion services
    Eighteen percent do not support that funding going to Planned Parenthood and 5 percent are not sure.
    The poll found 62 percent of Republicans believe non-abortion funding should continue, as do 62 percent of evangelical Christians.

    Jan 4, 2017, Slate:
    More Americans Support Roe v. Wade Than Ever Before, According to a New Pew Poll

    Jan 18, 2017, Vox:
    The abortion rate is at an all-time low — and better birth control is largely to thank
    Use of contraception, especially the most effective methods like IUDs and implants, did much more to reduce abortion rates than restrictive laws.

    And a comprehensive review of the latest studies can be found in this Feb 14, 2017, HuffPost article:
    We Already Know How To Safely Reduce Abortions
    Hint: It has nothing to do with restricting access.

    Jan 30, 2017 – Guttmacher Institute:
    Title X–supported services have greatly benefited women, families and society. In 2015, the contraceptive care delivered by Title X–funded providers helped women avoid 822,000 unintended pregnancies, which would have resulted in 387,000 unplanned births and 278,000 abortions.
    Without the contraceptive care provided by these health centers, the U.S. rates of unintended pregnancy and abortion would have been 31% higher, and the teen unintended pregnancy rate would have been 44% higher.

    Title X is the cornerstone of the publicly funded family planning effort in the United States, setting the standard of care and helping providers skillfully and affordably deliver contraceptive care and related services to the most vulnerable communities.
    Title X yields significant health and economic benefits for individuals, families and society. The program is good government at its best and should be bolstered, not decimated.

  94. Why does the GOP insist on undermining America? says:

    Sept 28, 2017, Fox News:
    Fox News Poll: 83 percent support pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants

  95. In normal times, Americans - and Nebraskans - would be repulsed says:

    Jan 8, 2017 – About that attempted White Supremacist Terror Attack in Nebraska:
    Sessions’ DOJ Charged A White Supremacist With Terrorism. They Just Didn’t Tell Anyone.
    “There was no press release on the case out of Justice Department headquarters in Washington, nor from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Nebraska. The reporter who broke the story of the terrorism charges on Thursday evening, Lori Pilger of the Lincoln Journal Star, told HuffPost that she spotted the unsealed case when checking the federal court docket online.

    On its face, the lack of attention the Wilson case received from Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department could read as a brazen political decision by Trump administration officials to obscure a terrorism case that doesn’t fit into their broader agenda. Why would they want to highlight a terrorism charge against an alleged neo-Nazi who attended a violent alt-right event that President Donald Trump insisted included “very fine people”?”

    • In normal times, Americans - and Nebraskans - would be repulsed says:

      “Remarkably, Wilson was released by local authorities on a partially secured bond on Dec. 11. By the time of his release, the FBI was aware of Wilson’s extremist views, his involvement in two potential hate crimes, and his extensive weapons cache. But they hadn’t yet obtained or executed a search warrant on his home.”

      According to the LJS story, this is what they found when searching this alt-right, Domestic Terrorist’s home:
      “FBI agents searched Wilson’s home in Missouri and found a hidden compartment with a handmade shield, as well as: “a tactical vest, 11 AR-15 (rifle) ammunition magazines with approximately 190 rounds of .223 ammunition, one drum-style ammunition magazine for a rifle, firearms tactical accessories (lights), 100 rounds of 9 mm ammunition, approximately 840 rounds of 5.45×39 rifle ammunition, white supremacy documents and paperwork, several additional handgun and rifle magazines, gunpowder, ammunition-reloading supplies, and a pressure plate.”

      Czaplewski said they also found 15 firearms, including a fully-automatic rifle, ammunition and firearms magazines, and a tactical body armor carrier with ceramic ballistic plates.

      In the newly unsealed federal case, Czaplewski wrote that investigators had found videos and PDF files on Wilson’s phone of a white supremacist banner over a highway, other alt-right postings and documents related to how to kill people.”

      But.. shhhh.. don’t tell anyone!!
      Just remember, it’s the brown people – roofing you homes, digging your sewer trenches, washing your dishes, cleaning your hotel rooms, cutting your meat and picking your vegetables – it’s those dirty brown people , “bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” you need to fear.

  96. Grifters-R-Us says:

    Today, Newsweek:
    Donald Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Paula White Suggest People Send Her Their January Salary Or Face Consequences From God

    Paula White is the head of Trump’s ‘Evangelical Advisory Committee, she has accompanied Donald Trump at many of his White House announcements for various efforts, she delivered the opening night Benediction at the GOP Convention, she’s said to have known Trump for 15 years.

    She just called out to all people to honor the religious principle of “first fruit,” which she said is the idea that all firsts belong to God, including the first harvest and, apparently, the first month of your salary.
    “Right now I want you to click on that button, and I want you to honor God with his first fruits offering,” she said in a video shared to her website.

    “If God doesn’t divinely step in and intervene, I don’t know what you’re going to face—he does,” she said.

  97. Hurray!! says:

    Joe “FreakShow” Arpaio is running for Senate!

    Exactly what the GOP needs!!
    Yet another hideous old racist on your teevee every night, reminding Americans exactly how repugnant the modern Republican party has become.

  98. On Paul Schumacher's “sovereignty” proposal says:

    The inimitable Charles P. Pierce examines Paul Schumacher’s effort in an Esquire article titled:
    Why Do the Koch Brothers Want a Convention of States?
    “..This sounds a bit like what Schumacher is up to when he talks about his deregulated sovereign area and how it’s for people who “don’t want Lincoln, or Omaha, or Des Moines” telling them what to do. My guess is that, if Shumacher’s plan were to come to fruition, western Nebraska soon would look like the blasted ecological hellspout of northern Alberta, with a couple of big-box distribution centers and a wage scale a little north of that of Vietnam. But that’s because I am cynical of the essential patriotism of American corporations.”

    And as Mr. Pierce knows well –
    What lies underneath (bubbling up through the ground in places) western Nebraska’s sandy soils?
    What is it again that Nebraska sits atop that is with absolute certainty one of America’s greatest natural treasures?

  99. Thank you, Senator Feinstein says:

    moments ago –
    Newly released Senate testimony debunks a key conservative theory on Trump and Russia
    The big news Republicans didn’t want you to see.

  100. Complete Nonsense says:

    The squeals of delight you hear from the right about Trump’s immigration meeting are complete nonsense.
    The bar is low that people are actually praising Trump for being able to read the large name labels of the Senators and Congressmen seated at the table.
    You can go watch the whole dog n pony show on C-SPAN. It’s 54 minutes of politicians being politicians. And if you pay attention, what you will find is EXACTLY what is reported below, by The Atlantic –
    “..over nearly an hour, and with television cameras running, Trump took nearly every conceivable position in the debate: He backed a “clean” bill to extend DACA, protect the so-called “Dreamers,” and bolster border security, absent the more controversial immigration measures conservatives want; then, he said he’d “take the heat” for a more comprehensive immigration overhaul along the lines of what Trump had denounced as a candidate in 2016; later, he demanded that Congress fund the southern border wall as part of the initial DACA deal, reinserting the wrench that has held up the immigration talks for weeks.

    Finally, Trump said he’d sign whatever immigration bill Congress could send him. “I’m not saying I want this or I want that. I will sign it,” he told the group..

    ..For good measure, the president digressed into a surprising endorsement for a return to earmarks as a way to grease the legislative wheels and relieve the partisan stalemate in Washington..”

    Nothing will come of this meeting.
    Bob Goodlatte will introduce a GOP crafted bill (that Trump repeatedly referred to) demanding billions of hard earned American tax dollars are wasted on a ridiculous border wall that Americans don’t want and a wall that will do not a g.d to protect us.
    Also included in the bill will be the gutting of current immigration provisions that have been greatly beneficial to America, for decades. Provisions that are part and parcel of America’s founding and it’s image as a shining city on a hill. The gutting of such continuing Trump’s harm to America and it’s standing among the nations of the world.

    Also signaled in the meeting – with the coming budget showdown (10 days until funding runs out) Republicans will demand an end to sequestration – of only the military spending. Republicans will, again, demand a massive increase in military spending while at the same time maintaining the cap on domestic spending. Maintaining the current cap, while preparing for their pending assault on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and and the gutting of safety net programs in the coming months.

    And, of course, Trump is advocating for the return to earmarks. Trump comes from a world of graft and payola, that’s what he knows and that’s what he imagines earmarks to be.

    • Complete fools says:

      Immediately after conclusion of Trump’s televised immigration meeting Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) who chairs the House conservative Freedom Caucus told reporters that what Trump just agreed to – a two-step immigration deal, with a clean DACA bill and comprehensive reform later – would be a non-starter.

  101. the talk of Nebraska politics says:

    After years of complaints from the residents of Bellevue, contentious wrangling among the city council and senseless court proceedings, Pat Shannon’s dilapidated car wash was demolished on Monday by the city of Bellevue.
    In December, the Bellevue city council accepted a bid of slightly more than $15,000 for Monday’s demolition, a service for which Mr. Shannon will be required to repay the city.

    Pat Shannon first came to NEGOP fame in Dec 2013, as a Heineman hand-picked appointment to the Nebraska state legislature. Within hours of his appointment Shannon was forced to withdraw when the Heineman administration was made aware that Dave’s pick brought with him a string of legal and other troubles.

    Four and a half hours after his appointment, the governor’s office announced that Shannon had withdrawn from the appointment for “personal, family medical reasons.”

  102. POTUS calls for a "bill of love" and a pathway to citizenship for 11 million says:

    In the meantime:
    “A federal judge in California ordered the Trump administration on Tuesday to keep in place the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which protects undocumented immigrants who entered the country as children from deportation and allows them to work legally, while a lawsuit proceeds.

    The order, signed by U.S. District Judge Williams Alsup, marks a major triumph for immigrant rights groups who have rallied around the program that benefits nearly 700,000 people.”

  103. Mark Levin says:

    “That’s no ‘Art of the Deal’, that’s complete surrender. Now, I suspect the president will realize that and try to walk some of that back, but that is very bad. And he did it in front of the media. He did it in front of the Democrats. The whole world heard it. Just give me something, and I’ll sign it. Are you kidding me? That’s what he said. I didn’t say it. That’s what the president said.”

  104. Rick Rolled and Trump Trolled - a nation says:

    Jan 9, 2018, Bloomberg –
    Power Producers Stumble Off The Perry-Go-Round
    “Every so often, a policy proposal comes along that’s so ill-conceived, one can dispense with the usual nuance and just call it flat-out ridiculous. Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s plan to subsidize coal-fired and nuclear power plants for stockpiling fuel was just such a proposal. As it turns out, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission wasn’t exactly won over by Perry’s reasoning either: Late on Monday, it voted five-zero to reject the proposal.”

    Jan 10, 2018. WaPo –
    It’s the same story under Trump as under Obama: Coal is losing out to natural gas
    “Just a day after federal regulators nixed a major Trump administration proposal to shore up the struggling coal industry, the nation’s top energy forecaster predicted continuing, slow declines in U.S. coal production and in the burning of coal for electricity in 2018 and 2019, thanks to cheap natural gas and coal plant retirements.. ..coal production will decline from 773 million short tons last year to 759 million in 2018 and 741 million in 2019. The burning of coal for electricity — its chief use in the United States — also will decline steadily.”

    ..“I think what the administration is not realizing is it’s not really regulation that’s killing coal; it’s cheap natural gas,” said Christopher R. Knittel, a professor of applied economics at MIT, in response to the EIA findings. He said studies have shown that as much as 70 percent or 80 percent of the decline in coal is the result of competition from cheaply priced natural gas.

    “And, if anything, the policies of the current administration are going to exacerbate that,” he said, “in the sense that they’re opening up lands for more drilling, which is likely to generate more oil but can also generate more natural gas — which might be the final nail in the coal coffin, if you will.”

    In 2016, Trump won 91.5 percent of Republican primary voters in McDowell County, West Virginia, once the coal capital of America, now the poorest county in West Virginia and one of the poorest spots in America. Life expectancy for men in McDowell County is lower today than it was in 1980, and is now equal to that of men in Ethiopia.
    Everybody, but the Trumpers, knew that Donny Two Scoops was daily taking to the stage to flat-out lie to these people. He, along with everyone in his campaign and all his eager abettors from Fox News and hate radio, perpetrated an obvious and exceptionally cruel hoax on these people.
    The jobs and accompanying revitalization of communities that was repeatedly promised, was never going to materialize.
    Now, these struggling, poorly educated, unhealthy communities will suffer even more as Republicans strip them of their access to affordable care and savage the safety net programs that make is possible for them to heat their homes, put food on their tables and clothes on their children’s backs.

    Of course, it’s possible Trump himself is so stupid, so incapable of critical thought, that he believed what he was telling these people. The same may be true for Rick Perry.

    The more likely reason –
    Pathological Lying: A Psychopathic Manipulation Tool
    “But, there are other people who lie habitually, with the intent to deceive and manipulate others for their own personal gain, and they do not feel bad about doing it. In fact, they revel in it. These people are pathological liars, and they are psychopaths.”

  105. How many wasted billions will 'fiscal conservatives' extort from Americans? says:

    Dec 5, 2017
    Arrests For Illegal Border Crossings Hit 46-Year Low

  106. Hey, Scott Lautenbaugh, check this out says:

    Breaking –
    U.S. judges order overhaul of North Carolina’s partisan congressional districts
    “WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (Reuters) – A three-judge federal panel ordered congressional districts in North Carolina to be redrawn ahead of the 2018 elections, ruling on Tuesday that the Republican-drawn map was illegal and unconstitutionally partisan.

    The ruling was the first time that a federal court blocked a congressional map because of partisan gerrymandering, said Michael Li, a redistricting expert at New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice.

    The judges in a 191-page ruling said the state legislator responsible for the 2016 map had said he drew it to give Republican candidates an advantage.

    “But that is not a choice the Constitution allows legislative map drawers to make,” the court said.”

    Landmark decision, with Ohio in court right now and Wisconsin gerrymander on the SCOTUS docket this spring.
    What makes this story even more.. delightful, is the people who helped make it possible –

    Oct 17, 2016, Politico
    Obama, Holder to lead post-Trump redistricting campaign

    Jul 9, 2017, Politico
    Obama returns to politics with redistricting group fundraiser
    Eric Holder and Nancy Pelosi are also slated to attend.

    July 31, 2017, Politico
    Dem redistricting group clocks $10.8 million in first 6 months
    Obama-backed Democratic redistricting group raises $10.8 million in 2017. Eric H. Holder Jr., then the U.S. attorney general, is seen with President Barack Obama in 2015. Obama has made investing in Democratic victories at the state level to counter Republican control of legislative maps a top priority,..

    Oct 3, 2017, WaPo
    Eric Holder: Gerrymandering has broken our democracy
    Eric H. Holder Jr., the attorney general of the United States from 2009 to 2015, chairs the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. People wait in line Monday to attend the fall session of the Supreme Court. (Getty Images). When the Supreme Court hears arguments today in Gill v. Whitford (Wisconsin), contesting …

    Oct 23, 2017, Politico
    Obama’s army enlists in redistricting fight

  107. Hey, "Hell Yes" Don Bacon, some news for ya says:

    Donald Trump is right now writing the obituary of the Republican party. Chiseling your legacy in stone.

    The largest voting demographic in America – the largest demographic ever – is millennials. A demo that is right now 18 – 34 years old.
    A new Quinnipiac Poll of millennials views of Donald Trump was released this morning, here ya go:
    67% disapprove
    75% say her does not share their values
    81% believe he is not level headed
    72% believe he is not honest
    69% say he doesn’t care about average Americans.

    1.106 voters, taken Jan 5-9, +/- 3.6%

    • Wunderkind goes down! says:

      No!! How can that be?!
      Anti-gay, anti-women’s rights, uber religious puppet of plutocracy and GOProdigy Eric Greitens?!

      THIS Eric Greitens – From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 16, 2016 –
      “Why would scores of business tycoons from Manhattan to Silicon Valley lavish contributions of $50,000 or $100,000 or even $500,000 on a political novice running in a primary election for governor of a Midwestern state where none of them live?

      One clue might rest in the Web address “”

      Eric Greitens reserved it himself. Seven years ago.

      “The Republican establishment along with their big donors believe he is presidential material..” said St. Louis University political scientist Ken Warren. “They are not giving to him, they are investing in him.

      One political operative with knowledge of the Greitens campaign put it more bluntly. “There’s been a concerted effort to brand him as the next GOP wunderkind,”

      Greitens’ top donors are a who’s-who of national GOP moneymen from all over America..
      “This was a cultivation. It was all big-money people,” said one source who attended a Greitens campaign reception for monied potential donors in the Connecticut home of professional wrestling magnates Vince and Linda McMahon in January,..”

      Among those far flung donors, the article notes, is Marlene Ricketts and family
      Also, Eric Greitens was a noted guest of Pete Ricketts, at his fund raiser last October in Shelton, NE.
      It was Greitens, Scott Walker, and Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevins that Pete flew in – no 3 politicians in America are more subservient to plutocracy.
      No three politicians in America are more determined to do to America’s working poor and middle class, what Eric Greitens did to that woman in his basement.

  108. Pete and the plutocracy beholden NEGOP, knowingly embrace failure says:

    From this morning’s LJS article titled:
    Ricketts’ revised tax plan emphasizes property tax cuts for Nebraska residents
    “During a briefing with news media Tuesday night previewing his speech, Ricketts said he expects the revenue trigger built into his tax bill could result in increased property tax relief six out of 10 years. ”

    And from this morning’s LJS article titled:
    Oklahoma lawmaker warns Nebraska against tax cut triggers
    “A Republican state representative in Oklahoma who has been chair of that state’s House Appropriations and Budget Committee has cautioned Nebraska state senators about considering enactment of legislation that would automatically trigger tax cuts.

    Oklahoma did that, with her help, Rep. Leslie Osborn said, and “we had to pull it back” because of its impact on state programs, which already had been affected by a continuing series of tax cuts.

    The results in Oklahoma included “horrible problems..
    ..”To tie your hands when you’re not sure (about the future) is extremely foolhardy,” she said.

    After a series of eight tax cuts over the past 15 years or so, Oklahoma confronted a $1.1 billion budget shortfall last year, Osborn said.
    Most of Oklahoma’s state agencies have experienced budget cuts of 45 percent, she said, and the state no longer has “the dollars to provide the core services citizens expect.”

    “Be careful,” Osborn said. “Be extremely reluctant to ever support a trigger.

    Tax decisions should be based on a broad and careful assessment of current factors and conditions, not by determinations already built into law, Osborn said.”

    • Abject malfeasance by Ricketts, Jim Smith (R-ALEC) and the NEGOP says:

      Christian Science Monitor –
      Oklahoma cut taxes. Now a squeeze on public services forces a rethink.
      OCTOBER 26, 2017 TULSA, OKLA.—As past president of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association, an industry body that his father helped to create, Dewey Bartlett Jr. is a familiar voice in policy debates.

      So when he began calling this year for higher state taxes on oil producers to help fund cash-strapped public services, Oklahomans sat up and listened. “I came out of the closet,” jokes Mr. Bartlett, a two-time Republican mayor of this city, once called the Oil Capital of the World.

      Now, as Oklahoma stumbles through a budget crisis after years of steep tax cuts, his call for higher taxes on his own industry and a rethink of what makes a state’s economy viable has struck a chord here..

      Mike Mazzei, a former state senator, says oil and gas is a vital industry in Oklahoma, but argues that lawmakers “went overboard” in granting special incentives. They “went way beyond what we could afford if we wanted to maintain some prudent financial management,” says Mr. Mazzei, a Republican, who left the Senate last year..

      ..A spokesman for Oklahoma’s Association of Chiefs of Police said on Wednesday that the criminal justice system couldn’t cope with any further cuts.
      “If we don’t act immediately, we will be killing Oklahomans on a daily basis..

      A recent stress test by Moody’s Analytics of states’ ability to weather another recession ranked Oklahoma 48 out of 50 states”

  109. Predation says:

    Joe Duggan reports –
    Nebraska Legislature kills LB 384, which would have allowed brick-and-mortar installment lenders to charge 29% interest, up from cap of 21%.

    It was a bill sponsored by Brett Lindstrom.
    I would like to believe most people would feel.. shame?,. indignity? when introducing such a bill.

    I bet Bret Lindstrom was proud.

  110. Let the freak flags fly! says:

    Joe Arpaio appeared on CNN last night for a one on one with Chris Cuomo.
    In his first nationally televised appearance since tossing in his white, sharply pointed hood featuring a full-faced cloth mask with eyeholes, the Republican candidate for United States Senate declared:
    “Nobody will talk about it, nobody will look at it. And anytime you want to come down, or anybody, we’ll be glad to show you the evidence. And by the way, you’re going to hear more about this fake, phony birth certificate.”

    Arpaio said he still has “no doubt” that Obama has a phony birth certificate. “

  111. New resources directed at NE-02 says:

    The DCCC, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, just added NE-02 and Brad Ashford to their ‘Red to Blue’ program.
    Ashford is now among a list of 18 Democratic candidates around the nation who will receive heightened fundraising support, strategic guidance, staff resources and more from this national office.

    • Yesterday’s Quinnipiac has the Republicans down 17 (52-35).

      At that level, your gerrymandering stops working. The principle of a good gerrymander is to give your guys a clear but not-too-big majority in their districts, while giving the other side 90-10 margins in theirs. Problem is, if there’s a big swing, that clear majority won’t be clear any more. at D+17, we’re talking carnage.

      • WC says:

        So, who cares? How accurate are the polls lately? Do you think you can last that long?

        Even if the Dems get one or both Houses, then we get two more years of gridlock. Or will we? Trump and the Dems seem to work better together than Trump and the Repubs.

        Carnage, the killing of a large number of people, slaughter, massacre, mass murder, butchery, bloodbath, bloodletting, gore; holocaust, pogrom, ethnic cleansing

        You should run this stuff past the English dept. before posting.

      • ..and justice for all says:

        That landmark decision in North Carolina changes, everything.
        It may take a year, or two to go into full effect, but the political landscape has been forever altered.

        Redistricting designed to elect Republicans violates the Constitution.
        For the first time in our nations history it has been lawfully determined that partisan gerrymandering violates the Equal Protection Clause, the First Amendment, and Article I of the Constitution.

        The North Carolina ruling requires the NC legislature to submit, within 3 weeks, a proposal to redraw their legislative boundaries – in a non-partisan manner – and effect such change prior to the Nov 2018 elections.

        Who imagines this ruling won’t impact red states, including Nebraska, in the coming months/years?

        It was April 1776 , in The Founders Constitution that John Adams wrote about a “representative assembly”:
        “As good government, is an empire of laws, how shall your laws be made? In a large society, inhabiting an extensive country, it is impossible that the whole should assemble, to make laws: The first necessary step then, is, to depute power from the many, to a few of the most wise and good. But by what rules shall you chuse your Representatives? Agree upon the number and qualifications of persons, who shall have the benefit of choosing, or annex this priviledge to the inhabitants of a certain extent of ground.

        The principal difficulty lies, and the greatest care should be employed in constituting this Representative Assembly. It should be in miniature, an exact portrait of the people at large. It should think, feel, reason, and act like them. That it may be the interest of this Assembly to do strict justice at all times, it should be an equal representation, or in other words equal interest among the people should have equal interest in it. Great care should be taken to effect this, and to prevent unfair, partial, and corrupt elections.”

      • WC says:

        Droop a penny in the slot and watch the monkey bang it’s cymbals and turn in circles.

        And I do apologize, I forgot you still think like you live the old country. And I guess one would have had to serve to understand, Whiskey Charlie = who cares.

        I’ll try to remember your limitations next time.

      • When you can write a coherent sentence, ‘bynd’, you can discuss my limitations.

        Which ‘old country’ is this, anyway? Well, apparently it’s not a ‘shithole country’, as your President just described Haiti and the nations of Africa, saying we should get more immigrants from Norway. I can’t imagine clearer evidence the man is an unregenerate racist.

        And isn’t it wonderful we have a Commander-in-Chief who seems to have to express himself scatologically. Of course, with his obsession with anal sex, I’m sure ‘bynd’ got aroused when he read the word ‘shithole’.

  112. WC says:

    This site has become like waiting in line at the grocery story reading all the headlines from the tabloids.

    Amusing, but hardly worth remembering.

      • WC says:

        Keep the hired help at home one time and go stand in line at a grocery store. Time to get out of the basement and take a road trip.

      • thanks.. for nuthin' says:

        Why is it the remaining few Republican apologists on this site, are fu*^ing idiots?

        Is there really no one out there, other than a few half-wits, willing to defend the actions of the Republican party?
        I mean, I suppose that’s understandable. The Republican party to which I once belonged is certainly long dead.

        Water Closet, indeed.
        Tug away there WC, tug away.

      • The salvation of the State.. says:

        I used try to give credit to those Republicans who I imagined were simply too busy to pay attention to what was happening to their party.

        No longer.
        Not with Dumwald The Criminally Incurious in office. Rubbing shite in his hair and flailing his tiny unit on your teevee screens every night. A new embarrassment visited on the office and our nation every gd day!. And a GOP, once leery of Trump, by now newly determined to aide and abet him as they hurriedly use this brief window of opportunity to appease the plutocracy, and in doing so, crafting ever-more opulent golden parachutes for themselves.

        Sorry Republicans, if you’re STILL not aware of the damage the people you elect are doing to our country, you should have your citizenship revoked. You should be required to find a new home in a despotic land, far, far away.
        You were blessed to have been born in this country. With that blessing comes responsibility.
        The Founding Fathers warned us of the frailty of a democracy. I am beyond angered that it’s our generation who chooses to put it to the test.

        If you won’t stand up and fight for yourself, for God’s sake, do it for your children and grandchildren.

      • WC says:

        Nothing more entertaining than snowflakes in pain. It the results dummies.

        Keep watching the shiny object.

  113. What'll it be.. clowns? says:

    Due to Republican malfeasance, the CHIP program providing health insurance to 9 million American children expired 103 days ago.

    The CBO just now issued a report estimating that extending the Children’s Health Insurance Program’s budget for an additional decade would save the federal government $6 billion.

    The GOP has been holding CHIP hostage in an crass attempt to gut the safety net by insisting on pay-fors that would strip funding from the ACA and Medicaid.
    Cause ya see, in GOP’s Murrica of unfunded $1.5 Trillion handouts to the Donor Class, if kids from the families of the working poor are going to be permitted access to medical care we’re gonna have to take it away from other poors.

    What do the mouth-breathers do now?
    Your move, Don Bacon.

  114. Bon Voyage says:

    Donald Trump is the greatest president. His accomplishments profound. Yet his greatest of all may to have driven you insane. Your depression, we admit, is sad as you are a fellow citizen, but your inability to see what actually makes America great makes you enemy domestic. To end yourself benefits America. So shuffle off your mortal coil. Or remain in misery. It’s your call.

    In case you are still here, breathing, here’s why you are dying as a breed of political myopics…

    YOU THINK EUPHEMISM IS REAL. It is not. That cancerous illogical blindness requires constant feeding on victims. Up to now, every leader, Republicans mostly, were fair game, innocent or not, for your accusations of “racist” or “sexist” and they’d immediately skin and gut themselves and jump on your grill. For they too were blindly PC addicted. Yet Republicans are lately refusing that nonsense, so now Democrat Franken is grilled and your feminists are going after Hollywood’s capitalism which funds DNC coffers. With fewer nourishing GOP victims, your social leftist Identity Politics is devouring its own children… you.

    This is epic. An application of ages old dysphemism as a modern cure for cancerous PC.

    DYSPHEMISM cures the destructive euphemism at the heart of Identity Politics, PC and the DNC platform’s most egregious fallacies, from spreading unearned wealth to perpetual victimcy. All that falls before dysphemisticly rude truths.

    That dysphemism is at once both horrifically “offensive” to the Politically Correct who stupidly embrace and tyrannically enforce kind-seeming lies… and at the same time is delightful “disparaging humor” to all who aren’t addicted to PC, makes political dysphemism a boon to mankind. Trump didn’t invent dysphemism. But he is certainly adept at using it to plunge his PC-addicted critics into suicidal depressions.

    Dysphemistic bait is wine to normal people and poison to PC addicts. Cheers!

  115. Debunktion Junction - it was September 17, 2015 says:

    Donald Trump and Mike Pence and your local GOPers are all about to join in a coordinated, blatant lie campaign.
    They’re all going to step forward to tell you that their MAGA policies are working, cause.. Chrysler!

    THE TRUTH – from the Detroit Free Press, SEPTEMBER 17, 2015 –
    Fiat Chrysler to invest $5.3 billion in U.S. plants
    Cars move to Mexico, truck and SUV production is shuffled amid U.S. plants, Wrangler adds pickup..
    ..The automaker’s investments would help the UAW secure thousands of jobs. The $5.3 billion includes $3.4 billion invested in assembly plants, $1.5 billion at engine and transmission plants, $315 million at stamping plants and $34 million at Mopar parts distribution plants.


    And the second lie these charlatans are going to perpetrate in the coming days, and their rube base will no doubt fall for, is debunked here –
    JAN 26, 2017 – Forbes
    A Big Pay Day For Auto Workers As Ford, Chrysler Share The Wealth
    Profit-sharing is a benefit first negotiated by the United Auto Workers union in 1982, and the formula for calculating payouts was simplified in 2011, then revised again during 2015 contract talks. This is the first payout under the new contract.

  116. Exactly as predicted says:

    It was a made for teevee spectacle that on Tuesday got winger nation all atwitter.
    Donald Trump Productions streamed an immigration meeting that thrilled and amazed a wide array of right wing pundits and noted wingers (including our own Leavenworth St. host).
    Trump dazzled his legion of faithful with his ability to read the name tags of elected representatives seated around a table, while at the same time not shiteing himself for 55 minutes,
    It was The Donald’s reality teevee redux, tour de force, one in which he demonstrated zero knowledge of the subject at hand while taking every side of the issue before promising to sign anything that was set in front of him. A meeting that began with Trump’s fulsome embrace of citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants and a label of “bill of love” that brought cheers from non other than Jeb! Bush. Midway through the production, a confused Trump even struck a deal with Diane Feinstein (requiring rescue by fellow GOPers), To top off this first installment of his new, not ready for prime time series, Trump launched into an out of the blue sales pitch for earmarks.

    And, as predicted – not a gd thing was accomplished.

    As requested by the president*, a bipartisan immigration deal was in fact stuck by two well informed, highly seasoned Senators, each of whom have worked on immigration reform for more than a decade.
    A deal that was presented to The Donald yesterday by his new bff Lindsay Graham along with his counterpart Dick Durbin. A deal that elicited from the oval office cry now echoing around the world, of “SHITHOLE COUNTRIES”!

    Seems the weaselly little alt-righter and marginally closeted white supremacist Stephen Miller sabotaged the oval office meeting.
    Lying in wait for Graham and Durbin and their thoughtful bipartisan agreement, were Stephen Miller and his hard right xenophobic henchmen Tom Cotton and Bob Goodlatte.
    A trio of extremists who played your mentally incompetent, half-wit president, El Douche’, like a fing fiddle.

  117. Making Americans Grovel to Asia says:

    Xi Jinping could never have imagined it would be this easy.
    Donald Trump is literally handing global leadership to China as he throttles opportunities for future generations of Americans.

    China is moving aggressively into countries around the globe that our moronic president continues offend and insult.

    China Touts Its Own Trade Pact as U.S.-Backed One Withers – WSJ
    Nov 22, 2016 – China is moving swiftly to capitalize in Asia on the apparent collapse of a landmark U.S.-backed Pacific trade agreement

    also, Nov 22, 2016 – China is redefining the free trade in Asia Pacific

    December 01, 2016 – China makes move on Latin America as Trump steps back from trade deals
    WASHINGTON – Now that Donald Trump is preparing to take charge and has said he’ll withdraw from U.S. trade agreements, China is signaling that it plans to capitalize on the worries of Latin American leaders.
    The Chinese government issued an 11-page policy paper on the “new era” of Chinese-Latin American relations following a South American tour by its president, Xi Jinping, last month.

    Feb 7, 2017 – China is eager to capitalize on Trump’s early missteps

    Mar 14, 2017 – World prepares to move on without U.S. on trade – Politico

    Jun 3, 2017 – Trump pulling out of the Paris climate agreement is great news … for China
    The US is leaving a huge power vacuum for its rival.

    Jun 5, 2017 – China Looks to Capitalize on Clean Energy as U.S. Retreats.

    Jul 12, 2017- As America Retreats, the World Moves Forward on Trade – Foreign Policy

    Oct 15, 2017 – Japan exasperated by Trump’s trade policies
    As U.S. farmers suffer under high tariffs, Japanese officials are in no rush to cut a new trade deal with the United States.
    TOKYO — Japanese officials are expressing growing frustration with the Trump administration’s economic policies, vowing to continue striking trade deals with other countries that undercut U.S. agricultural exports rather than seek a new trade agreement with the United States.

    Nov 4, 2017 – Trump in a China shop Fortune
    In the end, apparently, those considerations were overridden by concerns that Asia-Pacific leaders are losing faith in America’s commitment to preserve stability in the region and that, increasingly, many are hedging their bets by cozying up to China.

    Nov 13, 2017 – New TPP Pacific trade deal could leave U.S. playing catchup

    Jan 10, 2018 – Canada launches global complaint against U.S. trade practices

    Jan 12, 2018 – Trump’s ‘shithole’ comment denounced across the globe

    Jan 12, 2018 – Trump May Love Norway, But Norwegians Can’t Stand The U.S. President, Say’s He’s A Threat To World Peace

    17 hours ago – CNBC
    China’s trade surplus with the US hit a record high in 2017


  118. Bitter old fool says:

    Professor do you think that you will get over being so wrong that Trump was elected, just as Obama did at the press gathering and was served. The never get elected post after post, was it your genius blinded your shallowness, you have the same problem with the little sophomore blond, you just can’t give it up

  119. Lil Mac says:

    SNAP QUIZ! — Look at the photo of Brad Ashford at the beginning of this blog string.

    Brad is:

    A. Auditioning for Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 1.
    B. Describing his recent hernia exam.
    C. Italian.

    • how do you spell tsunami? says:

      Just the man needed to send Don Bacon into retirement while at the same time returning Nancy Pelosi to a position in which she excelled – Speaker of the House.

      • what's the matter with non whites? says:

        Just what the Dems need, another rich, old, white guy sent up to protect the minorities.

      • Your Shithole president* (*lost by 3 million votes) says:

        YAI, Dan.

        Let’s take a peek under the ‘hood’ of your White Nationalist Party and Racist President, shall we?

        Jan 19, 2017 – Fortune:
        Trump Picks the Least Diverse Cabinet in 36 Years

        Jan 13, 2017 – NYT:
        Trump’s Cabinet So Far Is More White and Male Than Any First Cabinet Since Reagan’s

        Back here in the whitelandia of the NEGOP –
        Pete Ricketts, Mike Foley, Doug Peterson
        31 Republican States Senators – almost all old, white and male.
        Jeff Fortenberry
        Adrian Smith
        Don Bacon
        Ben Sasse
        Deb Fischer

        Aug 27, 2016 – NYT:
        ‘No Vacancies’ for Blacks: How Donald Trump Got His Start

        May 29, 2017 – WaPo:
        Trump administration plans to minimize civil rights efforts in agencies

        May 30, 2017 – Slate:
        The Trump administration is dismantling Obama’s civil rights legacy

        Aug 12, 2017 –
        “We are determined to take our country back,” Duke said from the rally, calling it a “turning point.” “We are going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump. That’s what we believed in. That’s why we voted for Donald Trump, because he said he’s going to take our country back.”
        David Duke

        Aug 14, 2017 – Foreign Policy Magazine:
        FBI and DHS Warned of Growing Threat From White Supremacists

        Aug 14, 2017 – Slate:
        Donald Trump’s ties to alt-right white supremacists are extensive

        Aug 15, 2017 – Rolling Stone:
        Trump’s Long History of Racism

        Aug 17, 2017 – Newsweek:
        White Nationalism Is Now ‘State-Sanctioned’ Under Donald Trump

        Aug 21, 2017 – CBS News:
        Hate Rising: White supremacy’s rise in the U.S.

      • the President has set you free says:

        You just need to have the greatest admiration for the founders of this country. They knew a democracy was inferior to a republic and therefore discarded the idea of a democracy. aA constitutional Republic being the system that demonstrates the true will of the people.

        And another wonderful thing is the progressives attitudes towards competition. Never a loser. One person becomes President under the system devised by the wise men who formed this country. And the progressives are happy that their candidate received 3 million more popular votes in the election. Everyone is happy.

        As to the rest, it is obvious that you are using the President to justify wanting Brad to return to
        Washington. Because all you wrote about was the President and the whiteness of Washington. Not to mention the whiteness of America. Such a forward looking philosophy in the wake of your election loss’ while relying on identity politics and realizing it is a losing strategy means you may become more relevant sooner than expected.

        So it would seem that the only idiot around here is the who the rants for no seemingly purpose.

  120. Political Novice says:

    I think I’ve established here that politics frightens and confuses me But how can I not be frightened and confused when I heard different stories come out of the same meeting. Senator Durbin has said President Trump made the “shithole countries” comment. President Trump denies it. Republican Sens. David Perdue and Tom Cotton who also attended the meeting, initially said that they “do not recall the president saying these comments specifically.” Sen. Lindsey Graham didn’t directly confirm President Donald Trump’s use of the term “shithole countries” but did say that he made his feelings known to the president about something negative he’d uttered. Two others who attended — House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Rep. Robert Goodlatte have not made public comments to my knowledge. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart was there but issued a statement which mentioned nothing about the comment.

    Now Sens. Perdue and Cotton are saying they absolutely didn’t hear those words used. It should be noted that all who attended that meeting were Republicans with the exception of Senator Durbin. Nationwide it seems for the most part Republicans don’t believe it was said and Democrats think he did say it. Who should you believe? Who should you trust? Someone HAS to be lying . . . . . or deaf.

    For once I find myself in complete agreement with the President’s statement ” Probably should record future meetings – unfortunately, no trust!”

  121. Then there's that says:

    20 hours ago, The Hill:
    A conservative columnist said President Trump called friends to brag after the meeting in which the president reportedly referred to Haiti, El Salvador and African nations as “shithole countries.”

    “It’s weird that people in the room don’t remember Trump using that word when Trump himself was calling friends to brag about it afterwards,”..
    – Erick Erickson – longtime conservative columnist and founder of Red State.

    Erickson continued: “I spoke to one of those friends. The President thought it would play well with the base.”

    • and that says:

      Republican Sen. Tim Scott, the junior senator from South Carolina, told the Charleston Post and Courier that fellow SC Senator Lindsay Graham told him the reported comments are “basically accurate.”

      20 hours ago – Republican Sen. Jeff Flake said Sunday he wasn’t in a contentious meeting on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program last week, but he does believe President Donald Trump called Haiti and African nations “s***hole countries,’ as he’d heard a description of the meeting before the words were made public.

  122. anon says:

    After Tulsi Gabbard peed her pants and sued for peace to NK in 38 min, she recovered enough to go on the Sunday talks shows to blame Trump.

    • What they don't tell you in wingerland says:

      Here is the actual message broadcast by the Emergency Alert System:

      Imagine if this alarm were to have been broadcast in West Virginia, or Idaho, or.. Nebraska. You know it’s the TEAlegions, Trumpers and weaponized right wing militia’s who would be most prone to full scale panic. Grabbing their kiddies and their ‘go bags’ (filled with survival seeds, dehydrated squirrel stew, thousands of rounds of ammo and a Limbaugh newsletter) – and heading out on their pre-mapped, back country course to their secret bugout shelters.

      Yet in, wingerland, it’s bright, accomplished and exceptionally capable people like Major Tulsi Gabbard who they imagine to be wetting themselves.
      Major Gabbard graduated from the Accelerated Officer Candidate School at the Alabama Military Academy, where she was the first woman to finish as the distinguished honor graduate in the Academy’s 50-year history. She was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and assigned to the 29th Brigade Special Troops Battalion of the Hawaiʻi Army National Guard to serve as the Military Police Platoon Leader.

      Major Tulsi Gabbard served two tours of duty in the Middle East. Her 2005 deployment was at Logistical Support Area Anaconda in Iraq, where she served in a field medical unit as a specialist with a 29th Support Battalion medical company. She was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal at the end of this tour.

      And your shithole president.. what was he doing during at the time everyone believed was a REAL warning that America was under attack?
      Politico – Saturday, Jan 13th –
      “A false warning of a missile threat in Hawaii sent White House aides scrambling Saturday, frantically phoning agencies to determine a response and triggering worries about their preparedness almost a year into the Trump administration.

      President Donald Trump’s Cabinet has yet to test formal plans for how to respond to a domestic missile attack, according to a senior administration official…

      ..The president, who is in Florida for the weekend, was at his golf course in West Palm Beach during much of the incident, according to a press pool report. His motorcade left the golf course and returned to his nearby private club, Mar-a-Lago, just as Hawaii residents were being told it was a false alarm.”

      Your shithole president never even left the golf course until the whole thing was over.

      • anon says:

        Could it be he was told on the course of the incident was a false alarm, I just post to see your response as you are one-dimensional and google predictable.

      • progressives, evolution failed says:

        It would appear you have lost it again. Had there been an actual launch, the military would have detected it almost instantly and the word spread appropriately.


      • gibberish says:

        She was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal at the end of this tour.

        in the case of field grade officers, for successful completion of a command tour at the battalion (Army) or squadron (Army or Air Force) level. Award of the MSM to company grade officers in pay grades O-1 through O-3 (2d lieutenant, 1st lieutenant, captain), junior warrant officers/chief warrant officers in pay grades W-1 and W-2 (WO1 and CW2, Army only), and junior NCOs in pay grades E-6 and below is rare and typically by exception.

        There would be an issue if she didn’t get one.

  123. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    What happens when you put a paranoid civilian progressive government in charge of a button?


    And the snowflakes on here put forth fantasy Nebraska scenarios.

    We’ll call it, the snowflakes of Nebraska. Much like one of those housewife reality shows.

    • Just sayin' says:

      Says the half-wit who the military deemed fit to stand guard over the war torn plains of..
      Minot, North Dakota.

      As one would easily understand, it’s places like Minot, North Dakota – and not Support Area Anaconda in Iraq – where the military sends its pee prone Privates.

      • No soup for you! says:

        Also, according to the DoD award guidance, a Meritorious Service Medal can be awarded only to a service member meeting one of the three following criteria:
        – The service member must be engaged in action against an enemy.
        – Engaged in military operations in a conflict with a foreign force.
        – Serving with friendly forces in an armed conflict where the United States is not a belligerent party.

        So, sorry Red Tag. Seems standing out on the frozen tundra of North Dakota – choking out the little private – does not qualify as “engaged in action against an enemy”, nor “conflict with a foreign force”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Funny how modern Republicans so eagerly trash our Veterans in defense of a five time draft dodger who wouldn’t know a rucksack from a ballsack.

      • crying. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

        More mean attacks by the snowflake who was proven wrong again. As for the medal, many are given just for being in theater. The point is, Meritorious is important only to the ignorant who were to afraid to serve. Who hid behind a woman’s skirt to keep them home and safe.

        Boo Hoo, sparkles made a fool of again and his only response is a lashing out toddler tirade.

      • progressives, evolution failed says:

        Like I said, such things say way more about a Neanderthal like you than anyone else.

  124. Ernest T. says:

    – 15 mins ago, Charleston South Carolina’s Post and Courier reports:
    Graham: ‘My memory hasn’t evolved’ on meeting where others say Trump referred to ‘shithole countries’
    “ what appeared to be a direct jab at Sens. Tom Cotton and David Perdue, Graham said, “My memory hasn’t evolved. I know what was said and I know what I said.” Sen. Tim Scott, R-North Charleston, said Friday that Graham told him media reports of what Trump said were “basically accurate.”

    In case you’re all still unclear –
    Republican president Donald Trump and Republican Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue are fucking liars.
    They’ll go on national teevee and blatantly lie to a gullible rube nation – because they know they won’t pay a price for it.
    The know that their dimwit base will line up and vote a straight Republican ticket, not giving two shits if their representatives are pathological liars, draft dodgers, pussy grabbers or even child molesters.. so long as they dont have that thar evil ‘D’ behind thar name.

  125. Barb E. Dahl says:

    Meanwhile back in Nebraska, the Governor has a plan to reduce rural property taxes and corporate income taxes. And he promises to protect public education in the budget to boot. Sounds believable, yes? No?

    • MAGA baby, MAGA! says:

      New and Improved Trickle Down!! – Now, with Triggers!!

      What could go wrong – Pete’s Platte Institute, ALEC and Art Laffer are all aboard!
      You saw how well it worked in Kansas!
      You read how amazing those triggers worked out for Oklahoma!

      Plus, who needs schools, or teachers? Don’t ya know – education is vastly overrated.
      And while we’re wielding that blunt GOPcleaver – who needs CHIP or SNAP – childhood health and nutrition are the most overrated, ever!
      And speaking of children, our abortion rate is now at an all time low – do we really need to keep funding (the proven success that is) women’s health and family planning services for the working poor and impoverished – HELL NO!!
      Plus, all of it’s agin the good Lord’s will, as it says in the bible – Peter Talking 12:55am: ‘life doth beginneth at closing time’.
      Plus – you figure once we kick all them (thoroughly vetted) criminal little DACA kids and their families out of our country – we’ll need us that new wave of malnourished, illiterate children resulting from Republican policies.
      We’ll need em to fill those millions of sweet janitorial jobs, meat packing, roofing and vegetable picking careers!
      Although their frail little bodies and feeble minds may not last long, we can always replenish the ranks, if’n ya know what I mean.. tee hee, tee hee.

  126. Anonymous says:

    Homo PHOBE. Interesting word. Phobia, or irrational fear. An irrational fear of homosexuality.

    Since mother nature designed creatures more advanced than yeasts to be dimorphically sexual, and while idiots can normalize anything, it is sure that what is natural isn’t homosexuality. I don’t think much of the bible as more than sometimes good advice on and somethings stupid communalism, but mother nature, science, oh sure. We have is guys poking dogs, cats, their sisters and other guys in the bum. And I don’t give a flying crap. I have one cousin died in new Orleans, a very ugly gay death. Another cousin is openly lesbian and richest person in her own area. Her sons has to deal with that outing. But they aren’t poor. But again, fine with me. Stick your genitals in a pasta press for all I care. But when you have “gay marriage” then taxes subsidize it via IRS and that forces all taxpayers to be party to saying its natural, and it isn’t.

    I object to taxes and benefits forcing me to say homosexuality is good… I don’t find heterosexually all that great either. Its hard work to marry and raise kids. I’d rather not pay idiot heterosexuals to marry and have kids either. Don’t encourage people to breed. If they are too stupid to do so on their own, they should get out of the gene pool.

    What’s odd is people who love homosexuality as a practic without being gay. If they are gay, then they are odd. If they aren’t gay, they are even odder. To love and support homosexuality and not be it is a weird creepy love, a PHELIA. It is the HOMO PHELICS who have a problem.

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