Civility \ sə-ˈvi-lə-tē \


Ann Ashford, wife and apparent biggest fan of NE-02 Democrat Congressional candidate Brad Ashford, was tweeting out snippets last night of a blog post written by Amanda Gailey – yes, the same Amanda Gailey who gained notoriety as part of the anti-Turning Point protests at UNL, the same Amanda Gailey who founded Nebraskans Against Gun Violence, and the same Amanda Gailey that once wrote “F**k police” and “F**k the law” on a Facebook post (before being invited to meet then-President Obama).

In her blog post, Gailey went on a rant against NE-02 Congressman Don Bacon for his Martin Luther King, Jr. Day message.  She mainly takes issue with Bacon’s statement on civility below, ignoring Dr. King’s message of CIVIL disobedience:

“At a time of great unrest, [King] showed a calm and powerful restraint.  While people on both sides of a battle hurled insults (and weapons) at each other, he remained civil and kind.  I have long admired the content of Dr. King’s character.
He showed courage and character when defending the values he held dear, but he also taught America how to bring civility into political discourse – something we could use more of today.  He inspired real change in America in a way few others have.  As Dr. King said, ‘We are not makers of history.  We are made by history.'”

Gailey’s blog post itself is full of self-serving and virtue-signaling drivel, unworthy of copying onto these hallowed pages, but here’s a summary: Bacon and Republicans are bad, Democrats are good, people should be divided into groups based on victim status because racism!!!!

The real issue is Ann Ashford’s apparent endorsement of the thoughts contained in Gailey’s post.  Is it irony that Bacon complimented the civility of Dr. King and was uncivilly told that civility doesn’t matter?  Or is it a view into the mindset of the modern left that in order to position a candidate to win a primary, the candidate must veer as far-left as possible?

To many Nebraskans, Brad Ashford has a reputation as a “flip-flopper,” but he has worked hard over the years to portray himself as a moderate.  Some may have bought into this, but his 2018 campaign has tarnished this perception – maybe permanently.  Ann Ashford is rumored to be aligned with the far-left “resistance” group Indivisible, and now she is quoting an English professor who once wrote, “F**k police officers who undertook a job that carries inherent risk…”

The Ashfords have discarded their tenuous veneer of moderation in order to win a primary against an opponent to their left.  From a man who was once caught on video telling a constituent, “I’ll be whatever you want me to be,” what else could we expect?



I hope you enjoyed the holidays and are getting ready for a very exciting year for politics in Nebraska!  With NE02 receiving national media attention and the promise of vast sums of outside money pouring in to help Democrats in the district, this race is likely to be a good one to follow.



  1. You're desperate.. reaching says:

    far-left “resistance” group Indivisible

    Indivisible is far-left only if viewed from the perspective of the radically extreme right.

    By the way, the civilian colonists who independently organized to form the Minutemen, were also a “resistance” group. As were the men who landed on the beaches of Normandy.

    Here are the principles, the road map, exactly as presented by the founders of Indivisible:
    Tea Party-inspired strategy: locally focused, defensive congressional advocacy to protect our values (without the vitriol).

    How your member of Congress thinks: reelection, reelection, reelection — and how to use that to save democracy.

    Identify or organize your local group: building constituent power through organically-formed, locally-led groups.

    Local advocacy tactics that actually work: focusing on your three members of Congress through town halls, other public events, district office visits, and mass calls.

    It is from these guiding principles that 5,800 groups across America have formed and registered.
    The Indivisible Guide has been viewed over 18 million times by over 3 million unique users from every state.
    Tireless volunteers have created scores of scripts, legislative process explainers, and tool kits to equip groups of newly engaged Americans resist Trump’s agenda and hold their members of Congress accountable.

    Indivisible is the very definition of democracy in action.
    At every juncture an organization dedicated to civility.
    ..and they shall beat their swords into pussyhats, and their spears into knitting needles

    And, I’m almost certain anyone reading this blog would be impressed, or at least moved to thought, were you to read the post of Associate Professor of English Amanda Gailey. The post Ann Ashford linked to on twitter. The post that has so offended our author.

  2. Republican says:

    It’s clear this blog is no longer “the talk of Nebraska politics”.

    It’s merely Don Bacon’s minions attacking Brad Ashford and his family.

    Is this a Bacon staffer?
    Are we, the taxpayer, paying for this?

  3. Dog Whistling past the graveyard says:

    Trumpers and the rabid wing of the GOP hate Amanda Gailey and Ann Ashford for the same reason they hate Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.
    They hate women smarter than they. Women who will double up their fist and punch back.

    In the Murrica to which this neanderthal faction of the Republican party is so desperate to return, women knew their place. Just like the colored knew their place.

    GOP handlers either play to this, or are themselves part of it.
    Either way a damning indictment.

  4. Hobbes says:

    This is the sort of solid posting Leavenworth readers expect. It refuses to engage in any way with the substance of its subject; the author doesn’t even pretend to discuss the ideas in Professor Gailey’s blog post. From reading this, actually, it isn’t even clear the author knows what Gailey was writing about. The main point is to find some way to criticize Brad Ashford, who doesn’t appear in Gailey’s post. And the only way to do that is to criticize Ashford’s wife, who isn’t running for anything and who did what the author here did not, namely read and think about Gailey’s post. Just great, great work right here.

      • Just sayin' says:

        Good point, Hume.

        ..ignoring Dr. King’s message of CIVIL disobedience:

        Makes one curious of our authors ruminations re the CIVIL War.

      • re CIVIL War ruminations says:

        a wild stab at what our modern Republican host might proffer:
        Gailey’s blog post itself Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address itself is full of self-serving and virtue-signaling drivel, unworthy of copying onto these hallowed pages,..

        And a Republican of another time, November 19, 1863:
        —that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

      • Socrates says:

        But Hume, since you believe “reason is a slave to the passions,” civil rights, civil law and civil liberties are indeed synonyms for ‘polite’ society. Whereas Hobbes believes in absolutism (it is therefore understandable that Gailey’s post is ignoble), you Hume might have objected to an idea that Ann Ashford derived moral conviction through reason alone.

        Locke states: The real issue is Ann Ashford’s apparent endorsement of the thoughts contained in Gailey’s post. For Locke, “reason governs man’s nature,” and thus this ‘real issue’ surrounding Ann Ashford appears directed at her ability to reason, or her “tenuous veneer of moderation.” Locke’s focus on ‘reason’ is instructive here.

      • Socrates says:

        Gerard/Hume sez: “Nonsensical” and “pretentious.”
        Socrates replies: See “A Treatise Of Human Nature,” David Hume, 1739.

        Why would one want to identify with Hume without understanding Hume?

  5. Leavenworthless says:

    Stop reinventing Dr King to fit your narrow worldview.

    Mrs. Gailey’s post made perfect sense. Cool of you to link up to it. Too bad you didn’t bother to read it.

  6. Descartes says:

    I read her blog post. Then I read her post with “f**k” in it. You described neither accurately. I can see why she teaches English and you don’t.

  7. Thank you, Locke says:

    Thank you for bringing to our attention Amanda Gailey’s (??) blog – Seeing Red – nebraska politics from the left.
    (it appears the blog is only a few weeks old)

    Exceptionally well written, highly informative account of what’s happening in Nebraska politics.

    I invite others, regardless of political affiliation to read yesterday’s post titled: ‘Gun Lobbyist hired by Judiciary Committee’.
    You’ll learn more in one paragraph of that blog post than you’ll learn in a year reading the offerings of our new authors here at Leavenworth Street.

    • Elmo says:

      Turns out it’s tough to write blog posts when you have absolutely nothing to say on a subject you know absolutely nothing about.

  8. Morning Coffee says:

    Gerry Geriatrics, the Generic professor, when the broken record disses the blog and lack of subjects, tell me you don’t find bogus, I mean you just are here to remind us you said Trump would never win and was a lock, or you wouldn’t have took that stand. In the words of another genius “what difference does it make”

      • Yep says:

        To his credit, it has to be tough for bynd to stitch together a coherent thought.
        He’s continually interrupted as all those porn tabs keep spinning out intrusive ads for, well.. stuff.

        He’s caught in a debilitating cycle of SQUIRREL!!!

      • bynd says:

        To use GH’s own wise words, you hate me because I am smarter than you.

        Immortality among the mental midget losers of Nebraska. I don’t even have to post and yet they invoke my name.

        If they hate you, you must be doing something right.


      • bynd says:

        A complement from GH, a self proclaimed educated elite!

        Stable genius
        An intellectual who is so smart, it makes other people uncomfortable. Stable geniuses are known for being able to troll with minimal effort. This includes by simply proclaiming themselves a stable genius. It is unknown how their simple acts get under the skin of so many people, especially the liberal minded, thus making that person a stable genius.

      • bynd says:

        deny, deny. We see that a lot from the far left.

        Maybe you should have Amanda write your posts so your meaning is clear.

        Until then, you’re just another who got embarrassed realizing your snowflake friends won’t like you giving out complements to the wrong people.

  9. catastrophic says:

    12 hours ago, Reuters –
    Exclusive: Trump says terminating NAFTA would yield the ‘best deal’ in renegotiations

    According to the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service and American Farm Bureau Federation, in 2016:
    95% of Nebraska’s Corn exports went to NAFTA partners
    77% of Nebraska’s Soybean exports went to NAFTA partners
    95% of Nebraska’s Wheat exports went to NAFTA partners
    79% of Nebraska’s Dairy exports went to NAFTA partners

    • Political Novice says:

      I’m no farmer but my girlfriend’s family members are and I listened to them complaining about corn prices this last weekend. They seem to have complete faith in President Trump procuring for them the “best deal” in relation to NAFTA. I’m skeptical myself however I held my tongue and just listened politely (plus I want to stay on good terms with my girlfriend). Of course they are all hardcore republicans so perhaps that is one reason they feel as they do. But almost everything I read indicates the pluses outweigh the negatives. Curiouser and curiouser.

      But what do I know?

  10. Rodney W. Cupp says:

    I’m not sure you understand what civility is.
    Trying to reform gun laws is not uncivil.
    Asking to be put on TPUSA’s professor watchlist is not uncivil.
    Recommending that we follow Martin Luther King Jr’s lead is not uncivil.
    What IS uncivil is taking a quotation out of context to smear someone you disagree with politically.
    If your views have any merit, you won’t feel the need to treat the people you’re opposed to unfairly.

  11. As the government careens toward shutdown says:

    1 day ago, Boston Globe –
    Conservatives balk at GOP plan to avert government shutdown
    WASHINGTON — Hard-line conservatives are threatening to scuttle Republican leaders’ plans to prevent a government shutdown this weekend and saying GOP leaders lack the votes to push their proposal through the House.

    Last night, The Hill –
    “I’m looking for something that President Trump supports, and he has not yet indicated what measure he is willing to sign,” McConnell told reporters Wednesday. “As soon as we figure out what he is for, then I would be convinced that we were not just spinning our wheels.”
    – Republican Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell

    Republicans in the House threaten to shut down the government because Republicans refuse to meet their demands.
    Republicans in the Senate say they’re left with no choice but to shut down government because their wildly ill-informed and shockingly incurious Republican president hasn’t yet settled on his ransom demands.

    Yet, Republicans from all three Republican controlled factions of government are climbing over one another in a mad scramble to get on Rube TeeVee in an attempt to blame Democrats for the looming government shutdown.

  12. bynd says:

    Even though most corn grown in Nebraska is used right here in our state for livestock and ethanol—or shipped to dairies in California and feedlots in Texas

    Corn exports out of Nebraska are divided into two categories: foreign and domestic. “Foreign exports” involve corn sales to countries around the world. “Domestic exports” includes any corn that is shipped from Nebraska to another state in the U.S., with California being the largest market for Nebraska corn, taking about 145 million bushels of Nebraska corn mostly for livestock and poultry last year. Foreign sales make up about 6 percent of corn usage, with Mexico (via rail) being a top market.

    Total value of exports of Nebraska as a percentage of American exports has gone, -4.2%, down since 2013.,foreign-trade,statistics,state,data,ne.html

    Obviously some of our ag products do well some are falling. NAFTA is 24 years old. Progressives settle for less than ideal because they don’t want to rock the boat.

    Others who are not doing so well under NAFTA want the country to negotiate a fair deal for all.

    • Trade vital to Nebraska families and Nebraska's economy says:

      “Foreign exports” involve corn sales to countries around the world. “Domestic exports” includes any corn that is shipped from Nebraska to another state in the U.S.,

      Thank you sharing that Dan, so very enlightening.

      NAFTA’s value for 2016 Nebraska ag exports: $2,900,000,000.00.

      That’s money Nebraska farm and ranch families need, Dan, if they’re to continuing funding your government pension and paying your medical bills. (counseling for porn addiction doesn’t come cheap, Dan)

      • bynd says:

        Except you missed the part where the majority is not shipped overseas.

        Ooooppppps. Those pesky facts make sparkles look like a fool again.

        And no one has said any of it is going away.

        China to allow US rice imports for the first time
        2:20 AM ET Fri, 21 July 2017 | 01:36

        Got rice? That’s what China, the world’s largest consumer of rice, is now asking the U.S.

        For the first time ever, Asia’s economic giant will allow imports of American rice, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Thursday. That comes as a welcome signal after annual trade talks between the two nations broke down this week without a concrete outcome. And although it is just a small part of an expansive trade relationship, the rice deal signals that, at least for now, the threat of a trade war is tabled as each side is still engaging the other.

        Telling that you know how much counseling for porn addiction is Heiny. Did mommy and daddy research it for you and say they would pay for it? But you have taken the first step, admitting you have a problem since it seems to always be on your mind. LOL

      • Then there's that says:

        Nobody missed that part, Dan.
        It may have come as news to you, but even the most minimally literate of Nebraskans would have found it a challenge not to have learned, somewhere along the way, that most of Nebraska’s ag production is used/consumed, right here in Murrica.

        Yet, that part remains irrelevant to the fact that Nebraska farm and ranch families exported $2,900,000,000.00 worth of Nebraska product to our NAFTA partners. Exports and dollars vital to Nebraska’s economy.

        Regarding your jubilation about an imagined ‘breakthrough’ in exporting rice to China –
        February 17th, 2016 (if you don’t have a calculator handy – that’s nearly two years ago)
        U.S.-China Reach Agreement on Phytosanitary Protocol for Rice Exports – Shipments Expected to Start in the Spring
        “This extraordinary agreement has been a long time coming and I commend the U.S. negotiators and USA Rice for sticking to it and getting us a phytosanitary protocol,” said Dow Brantley, Arkansas rice farmer and USA Rice Chairman. “

        Finally, do you know the total value of all the rice Nebraska farm families exported last year, and the year before, and the decade before?

      • bynd says:

        Do you enjoy the narrowness of your mind?
        Can it be you are truly mentally challenged or do you think posting stupid is some kind of badge of wisdom?

        Go ask mommy and daddy.

  13. Wow says:

    January 18, 2018 05:00 AM
    Updated 44 minutes ago
    The FBI is investigating whether a top Russian banker with ties to the Kremlin illegally funneled money to the National Rifle Association to help Donald Trump win the presidency, two sources familiar with the matter have told McClatchy.

  14. bynd says:

    A trade agreement is like any other policy; it needs to be updated occasionally. As representatives of the business community, we agree with President Donald Trump’s goal of modernizing the 23-yearold NAFTA. BARRY KENNEDY, DAVID BROWN AND WENDY BIRDSALL

    Which is what is happening now heiny.

    Ironic that you now fight so hard for the rubes who put your party out of business and put the current president in the WH. Evidently they are not rubes any more.

    Especially since more than once you’ve wished publicly that they would get what they voted for.

    Trump has you so twisted, you don’t know what you stand for. That’s what happens when one has the Trump Derangement syndrome. Your a sick puppy heiny. You’re unstable and not even close to being a genius.

    But I have to admit, you finally got something right, it is 2.6 billion. Could it be turning into a trend? LOL

  15. the talk of Nebraska politics says:

    Great post today over at Seeing Red, by UNL Associate Professor Amanda Gailey, titled:
    “Nebraska, Get Ready for Koch University”

    The pace is absolutely quickening, you can almost feel it.
    The pace of our nation’s transformation from the Democratic Republic our Founding Fathers bequeathed (and for which millions have died to defend) to the Plutocracy Pete Ricketts and friends desire.

    An exchange was recorded by Irish-American immigrant, military surgeon and signer of the Constitution James McHenry, in a diary entry that was later reproduced in the 1906 American Historical Review –
    The deliberations of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 were held in strict secrecy. Consequently, anxious citizens gathered outside Independence Hall when the proceedings ended in order to learn what had been produced behind closed doors. The answer was provided immediately. A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

  16. MASC - Making America a Shithole Country says:

    Gallup – Jan 18, 2018
    World’s Approval of U.S. Leadership Drops to New Low

    Based on the above study and adding to it:
    Newsweek, Jan 18, 2018 –
    Global Respect for U.S. Leadership Dropped Sharply Under Trump – The Opposite Happened Under Obama

  17. Grifting Obtuse People says:

    Up at Politico, now –
    ‘He made promises that he didn’t keep’: Laid-off factory workers feel betrayed by Trump
    “President Donald Trump’s path to becoming “the best jobs president that God ever created” was supposed to run straight through Indianapolis and the Carrier manufacturing plant that had for decades employed thousands of workers there.

    Instead, more than a year after the then-president-elect stood before a crowd of cheering workers and trumpeted a deal to save their jobs — and months after the company’s name faded from the headlines and the president himself moved on to other talking points — more than 1,500 once-employed residents are now out of work, Indiana union officials say. More than 200 Carrier employees clocked out of their final shift at the plant just last week..

    ..Despite the show at the Carrier plant, the company has eliminated more than 500 jobs since July. And union officials fear that the $7 million Carrier received in state incentives as part of the Trump deal to keep jobs is only going to be invested in automation — ultimately leading to a need for even fewer employees..

    ..A month later, Trump took credit for Japanese company SoftBank’s decision to invest $50 billion in the U.S., creating 50,000 new jobs, posting on Twitter that the company’s CEO “said he would never do this had we (Trump) not won the election!” But the firm had pledged to invest billions in the U.S. economy nearly a month before Trump’s victory.

    “It’s not an economic policy — it’s a kind of individual coercion,” said Claude Barfield, a resident scholar at the right-leaning American Enterprise Institute. “This is the kind of thing that you expect from some South American autocrat.”

    • nothing but the truth says:

      We previously rated Trump’s promise to keep the Carrier plant in Indiana a Promise Kept because Carrier decided to reverse, in part, its plan to move some of its operations to Mexico, preserving about 800 jobs. We knew at the time that a different set of workers would still lose their jobs as Carrier moved fan coil manufacturing lines to Mexico in 2017.
      Nothing material has changed since we last wrote about this in January, except we know exactly how many workers will be laid off, 632. Our rating remains a Promise Kept.

      Despite an agreement with President-elect Donald Trump to keep 1,000 manufacturing jobs in the U.S., Carrier Corporation says it will still relocate hundreds of jobs to Mexico. See Example( s )

  18. Shameless capitulation says:

    Every single one of Nebraska’s elected officials has abrogated entirely their responsibility to the people who elected them.
    Why? Please, someone.
    Even Ben Sasse, the Never Trumper, has made it apparent to all but the most sycophantic that he see’s his office as nothing more than a vehicle for self-promotion.

    At Vox:
    David Frum on why Republicans chose Trumpocracy over democracy
    “The Republican Party has a platform that can’t prevail in democratic competition.”
    “When highly committed parties strongly believe [in] things that they cannot achieve democratically, they don’t give up on their beliefs — they give up on democracy.”

    And another Republican spoke about this very same thing this morning. Joe Scarborough correctly noted:
    “our founders actually anticipated a tyrannical president. They prepared for a tyrannical president. They wrote a constitution that would have checks and balances on a tyrannical president. They never, ever let their imaginations be darkened by the possibility of a compliant Congress in the face of a tyrannical president. But that appears to be exactly what we have in 2018.”

    One can quibble with Scarborough’s label of ‘tyrannical’, but woefully ill-equipped and dangerously ill-prepared is irrefutable.

    Any thoughts, Don Bacon?

    •’s pronounced “Fronkensteen” says:

      FBI bad!!
      Dahnald gud!!

      If you google ‘FISA memo’, you’ll find every corner of Rubeistan is up in arms.
      From Trollvania to Doltsburg, Naifsport to Yokelville, the torches are lit and the pitchforks aloft.

  19. monkey see monkey do, You're desperate and reaching says:

    CNN has not independently confirmed The Wall Street Journal’s reporting, and Cohen did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
    “These rumors have circulated time and again since 2011,” Cohen said in a previous statement to CNN regarding last week’s report. “President Trump once again vehemently denies any such occurrence as has Ms. Daniels.”
    In a statement provided by Cohen from Daniels, she also calls the article “absolutely false.”

    • Well, of course. If she opens her mouth, she owes him $130,000. That’s what non-disclosure agreements are for.

      She gave an interview in 2011, before she was paid off. Tons of circumstantial detail. And there has been plenty of other independent confirmation. There are even photos of the two posing together. If it was false Trump could sue her and In Touch for defamation. I’ll give you 10:1 odds he won’t.

      • monkey see monkey do, You're desperate and reaching says:

        Funny, like the article states, CNN couldn’t find anyone to verify.

        More BS from the king of BS.

      • That’s not what it says. It says they had not independently confirmed the story. It does not say it couldn’t find anyone to verify. I also says Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, certainly created the shell company, and it certainly paid Daniels $130,000.

        And remember the WSJ has been largely pro-Trump and is owned by Murdoch. And I expect they know how to investigate shell corporations.

        Y’all need to pay a little more attention to truthfulness.

      • progressives, evolution's failure says:

        When the lead in is “you say” then the possibility of being truth is about nil.

        And why do you think CNN put in there CNN has not independently confirmed The Wall Street Journal’s reporting.

        Yeah and and according to you, you could sue people on here for defamation and other fantasies. But you don’t.
        So what’s your point?

        Try and use some logic and critical thinking and not just your feelings.

      • Son, you wouldn’t know logic from a wet fart.

        Several reasons to sue for defamation. One is to take some money. I seriously doubt any of the Trumpkin losers here have much. Another is to punish someone. If you’re rich, and they’re poor, you can wipe them out. Sure, it costs, but revenge is fun, right? A third is deterrence.

      • nothing but the truth says:

        GH, you’re a perfect example of a wet fart, at best. Craping all over yourself. What else needs to be said.

  20. Disingenuous Don says:

    Don Bacon put out a press release yesterday to announce to the faithful that he dutifully toed the party line, yet again, in voting to keep our government open for less than 30 days.

    In his press release he bemoans:
    We have the smallest Army since before World War II, the smallest Navy since before World War I, and the smallest and oldest Air Force we have ever had.

    It’s a meaningless statement. Entirely disingenuous. And here’s why –
    The most famous fighter plane in WW2 was the P-51 Mustang. In 1945 they cost the American taxpayer $50,985 each to build. That $51K in 1945 is the equivalent of $690k today. We built more the 15,000 P-51’s.
    Today’s P-51 equivalents are:
    F-35A, which clocks in as $100 million tax dollars a piece.
    F-35C Joint Strike Fighter – $135 million taxpayer dollars,
    F-22 Raptor – $250 million per.

    And ships?
    The most famous WW2 destroyer was the USS O’Bannon, a Fletcher class ship. In 1945 a ship that cost $6 million to build, the equivalent of $81 million in today’s dollar.
    The modern equivalent (destroyer) to the O’Bannon is the USS Zumwalt. When adding in (taxpayer funded) R&D, the cost to American taxpayers for a single Zumwalt ship is $7.5 BILLION!

    Subs, you say?
    The most famous WW2 sub was the USS Wahoo. It costs $2.85 million to build at the time, $38 million in today’s dollar.
    Today’s equivalent would the USS South Dakota, which launched last fall at a cost of $2.7 Billion taxpayer dollars.

    The total cost to American taxpayers for a World War sized military in 1945, is just slightly more than a rounding error in today’s grotesquely bloated, stupendously mismanaged, gargantuanly overbuilt Military Industrial Complex.

    • progressives, evolution's failure says:

      You cry and whine about wanting to be the leader of the world, and when the bills come due, you cry and whine even more.

      What a freaking scatter brain.

  21. Been there says:

    12:41. You are the reason Nebraska Democrats lose.

    Mustang, Fletcher class and Wahoo? You watch PBS. Nice. Maybe you are that sailor who spent a four-year hitch in Rota sipping wine. You can show me your PUCs and I’ll show you mine. I watch PBS too. Took history classes, read books. All good stuff. – But if your aim is to discredit Don Bacon as a congressman, your points and indeed your approach is jackass stupid.

    Do you really think average voters sift through your WWII fetishes to determine that you are smarter than a military general? Voters do zero research, they vote with all the conscious thought of picking out socks, and on military matters they defer to general officers like Bacon. — What you Democrats need to worry about isn’t that Bacon is a general, because most flag officers aren’t too good at doing elective politics. Your problem is that Bacon’s first love is politics.

    “My parents and four grandparents were Goldwater fans and I was raised reading National Review and Human Events. I campaigned for local Republicans growing up and was a supporter of Ronald Reagan in 1976 when I was 13 years old. I was an active College Republican and interned after college with Congressman Ed Madigan…” Bacon’s original degree is in Political Science not Aero Engineering.

    Bacon isn’t a general who became a politician. He is a politician who took time out to be a general.

    All in all, I’d say you are screwed.

  22. Disingenuous Don says:

    Voters do zero research, they vote with all the conscious thought of picking out socks,

    Yours is and odd argument:
    ‘Trumpers are stupid and Baconeers nearly comatose, so why even waste time exposing them to facts’.

    So, in his formative years Bacon was weaned on Human Events. That explains a lot.
    Human Events was of course Reagan’s favorite publication. And it was absolute bile (as its online only version continues to be). Yet another of Regnery Publishing’s hair on fire winger screams from a their prodigious line of grifter filth. Human Event is the the predecessor to today’s Breitbart, InfoWars and World Nut Daily.

    Reagan’s own cabinet – James Baker (Chief of Staff), Michael Deaver (Deputy CoS) and Dick Darman (Assistant to the POTUS) tried desperately every week to hide the weekly issue of Human Events from Reagan. Because it’s trash, its views extremist and even dangerous.
    I invite you to visit their website now, you’ll find it’s the home, almost exclusively, of the screeching she-devil and neo-Nazi pin-up girl Ann Coulter.
    But, I suppose that’s in keeping with Human Events tradition.

    Don has proven, without a doubt, to be nothing more than a rubber stamp for the most corrupt and inept administration in modern history. Which is saying a lot, considering their competition is stiff in Dick Nixon, and Don’s idol, the king of clueless corruption, Ronald Reagan.
    “The presidency of Ronald Reagan in the United States was marked by multiple scandals, resulting in the investigation, indictment, or conviction of over 138 administration officials, the largest number for any U.S. president.”
    There’s movie our right now (streaming/dvd) called, American Made. Based on true events and starring Tom Cruise it’s the story of Ronald’s criminally inclined CIA covertly running guns to the Contra’s and smuggling cocaine back into the states. The money for the guns and smuggling operation of course coming from Ronald and George’s illegal sale of weapons of mass destruction to Iran, at the time a designated State Sponsor of Terror.
    To be fair, this is in the latter part of Reagan’s second term. It was a time we would later learn that Reagan was battling dementia and largely checked out. Spending much of his last few years in office in the private residence of the White House, eating tv dinners with Nancy and watching old westerns, reluctant to leave the residence. One would imagine Joan Quigley, Nancy and Ronnie’s personal astrologer was a frequent guest. History shows that Reagan made few important decisions throughout his two terms, without first consulting an astrologer.

    This is the administration Don Bacon has admired, the world he has embraced since youth.

    It is you, the uniformed – “picking out socks” – Republican party, who have given us a Birther King for a president and a Bircher Knave for a congressman.

    And for Christ’s sake, Don Bacon has no political chops! He simply wraps himself in flags, surrounds himself with military regalia and grunts out the dumbed-down pablum GOP handlers around country feed to their respective congressional candidates. He’s nothing more than mindless ‘Hell Yes’ man for a president and an administration bent on destroying for good our Democratic Republic.
    When not aiding and abetting the Trumpstains, Don is a puppet for the society consuming military industrial complex that, like a black hole, is sucking down every tax payer dollar desperately needed to restore our crumbling infrastructure, reform our broken health system and our mismanaged prisons, feed and educate our impoverished children and aid in the security of the elderly and infirmed.

    • bynd says:

      Best description of a shithole I have ever read.

      But then, you can’t clean up 8 years of shitting on our country in just one.

      Crumbling infrastructure doesn’t happen in one year, neither does a broken health system, mismanaged prisons, impoverished children and aid to the elderly and infirmed.

      Your posting is a testament to the failure of Obama and your fellow progressives.

      Embrace it, it is yours to claim responsibility for. After all, he had a pen and a phone.

  23. Your president is a moron says:

    OWH current headlines –

    Thousands fill downtown Omaha streets for second year in protest of Trump presidency


    More than 1 million join anti-Trump women’s marches worldwide

    And from the toxic twitter feed of Derwald Dumbass we get:
    Beautiful weather all over our great country, a perfect day for all Women to March. Get out there now to celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the last 12 months. Lowest female unemployment in 18 years!

    eliciting this response from a famous name:
    Shut up. Just shut up.

    • progressives, evolution failed says:

      So let’s look at the numbers. 1000 in Lincoln, population 280364, .0035%. Add two thousand more for the state although I doubt it was tha much. State pop. 1.9 million. .01%. High side estimate for America, 5,246,670. Out of 380 million. .013%. Global estimated at 4.6 million, notice less than the US total. World population, we’ll round down to 6 billion. .0007%. Pictures may be worth a thousand words. Statistics tell the real story.

      • Bask in the humiliation, Dan says:

        Google this Sept 25, 2017 OWH headline –
        Sarah Palin and others talk God, families, culture during Mom’s March in Ralston

      • Commander Trumpstain being played, endangering American troops says:

        10 hours ago – The Associated Press
        KOCABEYLI, Turkey — Turkish jets bombed the Kurdish-controlled city of Afrin in northern Syria on Saturday, as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised to expand Turkey’s military border operations against a Kurdish group that has been the U.S.’s key Syria ally in the war on the Islamic State group...

        ..The Russian Defense Ministry said, meanwhile, that it was pulling back troops that had been deployed near Afrin, two days after Turkey’s military and intelligence briefs travelled to Moscow to discuss the planned operation..

        ..The raids came on the heels of a week of sharp threats by the Turkish government, promising to clear the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, or YPG, from Afrin and its surrounding countryside,..

        ..The YPG is the driving force behind a coalition of north Syrian forces allied with the U.S. to battle the Islamic State group. With U.S. support, including around 2,000 embedded forces, the coalition now controls close to a quarter of Syrian territory..

        ..the U.S. military six days ago that it was going to create a 30,000-strong border force with the Kurdish fighters to secure northern Syria. Days later, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that the U.S. would maintain a military presence with the Kurds for the foreseeable future.”

        How about that.
        Two strongmen, thug dictators and The Dahnald’s bffs – Erdogan and Putin – are conducting air raids and bombing U.S. troops along with Kurdish fighters long allied with the U.S. in our fight against terrorism.

        Hey, Don ‘Rubber Stamp’ Bacon, any thoughts?
        How about you Deb ‘Subsidies’ Fischer, you sit on the Committee on Armed Services, the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities (Chairwoman) and the Subcommittee on Strategic Forces? (because your time on the Valentine School Board prepared you so well for such military oversight roles).

        How about you – Toy Soldier?
        Your president is leading with his head in his behind.

      • Commander Trumpstain being played, endangering American troops says:

        I’m sorry you’re too ignorant to understand.

        Maybe you could have one of the kids, or grandkids, or even the challenged kid down the street splain it to you.

      • progressives, evolution failed says:

        So, you can’t answer the question. Typical.

        I doubt there is anyone inane or young enough to help you out.

        By the way, how many American troops were put in harms way from your hysterical rant above?

        And how many died because Obama let Syria keep their chemical weapons.

        Sorry bucko, you fell the moral high road a long time ago.

        And how is Tippy’s relations with any NATO country? Your inability to comprehend and incorporate in your illogical rant things that are going on over there is truly appealing.

        But then to you, better an Islamic dictatorship in Turkey than a free Kurd’s country. Remember, the Kurds are the freedom fighters. Not Tippy the dictator.

        Ooops. Made a fool of again.

      • Yep says:

        Remember, the Kurds are the freedom fighters.

        Hey, shit for brains Dan, it’s our allies, the Kurds, who are being bombed by Dotards dictator pal Erdogan, with the approval of Dotards other dictator pal, Putin.

        That’s what even the challenged kid down the street could’ve explained to you after reading that post.

  24. Trumpers won't get this says:

    From YS, on twitter:
    It was a dark and Stormy night off the coast of Nambia, Captain Covfefe navigated his ship, The Dotard thru the shark infested waters as they smelled blood coming out of her wherever. He lit his Tiki Torch and looked at his crew and thought “these are very fine people.”

  25. Lunch Special - Humiliation with a side of Shame - Free refills on Opprobrium! says:

    Speaking of National Review, Don Bacon and our military –

    @BillKristol 2 hours ago
    Depressing. The Vice President, visiting American troops abroad, uses them as props for a partisan political message.

  26. Political Novice says:

    With the building of the border wall being one of the negotiating points in the government shutdown and the huge cost it entails, I have a question for the learned commentators here. It’s not a trick question but a legitimate inquiry. I realize we already have immigration laws and harsh penalties for hiring illegals but it seems many are making a living here or they wouldn’t stay. Would it not be wiser to concentrate attention on employers who are hiring illegals than to build the wall? How can illegals sustain their living here without employment? I suppose legal families already here could help them out for awhile however would they not risk prosecution themselves? It just seems to me that building a huge wall with all the construction and maintenance issues involved is not a good use of funds. I understand there are no simple solutions but it seems to me that many people who come here illegally are here to make money and if there is no money to be made than they have no reason to stay. Am I putting too much blame on those who employ illegals? This does not include the unauthorized youth (DREAMERS) who I am sympathetic to as they did not make a conscious decision to disobey the laws and are now caught up in this mess. I have read where illegal immigration seems to be waning but with the economy doing very well I wonder if it will be more tempting now to risk it.

    Perhaps a stupid question but I’m curious as to the opinions here. Educate me.

    • Rabid Rebel Yell says:

      the building of the border wall

      That’s not actually a border wall
      What Trump and his hood wearing, torch-wielding base are desperate to build is America’s last monument to the Confederate.

      • progressives, failed evolution says:

        An answer that currently serves as an example of a snowflakes intelligent discussion.

        Kid asks you for an answer, and you disrespect him. How boorish!

  27. progressives, failed evolution says:

    Let’s all give a cheer for the women’s march and one of their founders, Linda Sasour. who, if she had here way, would have the law of the land Sharia law.

    Now those are the kind of folks that the progressives want in charge.


    The wall at this time is a stupid idea. The numbers of those sneaking into this country are way down. But many of them run their own business’. Go to a restaurant on south 24th St in Omaha. But it is great food. Or listen to a lot of framers or roofers, what you hear is Hispanic music. Same in the packing industry and farming communities on the coasts. And you can go after the business’, but then a lot of them would be out of business. But the answer isn’t uncontrolled immigration it needs to be controlled for all jobs up here. And no, most of them don’t spend any more in the US than necessary. More than 69 billion in 2016 went out of the country. 40% to Mexico.

    NPR, Mexicans In The U.S. Are Sending Home More Money Than Ever

    • NPR story on remittance says:

      You must have missed this part –

      “A possible explanation, he says, is that many Mexican migrants who would have gone back to Mexico are now staying put in the United States. His survey research indicates that from 2011 to 2016, the median length of time a Mexican migrant has lived in the United States increased from seven years to 12. Some migrants are deterred by rising violence back in their hometowns, says Orozco.

      Also, he says, for migrants who are in the United States illegally, stricter U.S. border enforcement under the Obama administration has raised the stakes of going home. Many now worry that if they leave the United States they’ll never be able to get back in.

      Whatever their reasons, Orozco posits that the fact that more Mexican migrants are remaining in the United States means many people who previously would have simply brought cash home in their pockets may now be sending it via money transfers.”

      Also, re:
      Kid asks you for an answer, and you disrespect him.

      Jesus Dan, you’re such a dill hole.
      PN isn’t a kid, nor is he a political novice. He’s clearly far better informed and smarter than most. And there’s nothing you can teach him that he can’t learn from the back of a cereal box.

      • progressives, failed evolution says:

        But your still a dick.

        And all the rest of it is meaningless noise not germane to the answer I gave. Give your own answer instead of being such a dickhead.

      • Political Novice says:

        LOL – how I wish I WAS a kid then I could more easily explain away my ignorance. I thank you for your compliment about being informed but I have much to learn hence I come here on top of reading what I can. What I am finding is that both sides will try to put the other in the worst possible light but I try to dig thru the rhetoric and get down to the base facts. I use Snopes. PolitiFact and others to help me wade thru it all. I confess I am not a Trump fan but I try to keep open-minded (but he makes it so damn hard).

      • NPR story on remittance says:

        Gotta say PN, if you’ve been paying attention for more than few months and still haven’t figured out which side is fucking up our country, I’ve given you far too much credit.

      • Political Novice says:

        LOL – let’s just say my status as an independent voter and trying to see both sides is being severely tested.

    • Political Novice says:

      I like Mexican food, eat out quite a bit and have sampled a good many eating establishments along south 24th street but have never asked, just assumed all were legal businesses. I have to wonder how many of those who hire Hispanics for odd jobs ask if they are legal, documented workers? I’m guessing most are mainly concerned with having a good job done for less expense. I also have to wonder if those who hire illegal immigrants would be put out of business if forced to comply or have to raise their wages and make less profit. I’m guessing the latter. If the opportunity for profit is there both employer and worker will take advantage of it.

      I wonder if the old adage “we have met the enemy and he is us” is at work here. Greed is a powerful motivator.

  28. tsunami says:

    The Bacon camp is scared, they’re chasing cameras.

    One note Don has been on both MSNBC and CNN today.
    Calling for an end to Social Security and Medicare and the IRS and the EPA and CDC, ’cause we needs us that money for the military.

    • progressives, failed evolution says:

      2016 part deux.

      We’ve heard it all before. And the progressives have shown no inkling they know what to do to make the results any different.

  29. Cured Bacon says:

    Get your group of downtown dems and the their politicians but you are not going to get the south and west. Bacon isn’t getting beat, You want to rap a military guy-Bob Krist, but he is one of you-flaky

    • Chicharones says:

      Sorry tool, even Lautenbaugh’s redistricting and Murante’s voter suppression efforts won’t be enough to win the south.

      The Birther King and the Bircher Knave have destroyed the brand, even in red NE02.

      • Falses says:

        It has nothing to do with gerrymandering and voter suppression, you can hold east and midtown but that’s it, check out your pols in the east, Boyle, Howard, McCollister, Festerson, Ernie, they say no thank you,

  30. Leavenworthless says:

    Still laughing about Cadet Bone Spurs. He’s off leadershipping somewhere, nowhere to be found while real work needs doing. Typical. It sure would be nice to have any one of our previous President’s back. Gerald Ford, dead as a doornail, would be more useful than Cadet Bone Spurs. Let’s dig Ford up.

    • Yep says:

      But, wait, Bone Spurs was busy presidentin’ all weekend!
      Didn’t you see that inane photo his campaign team circulated of the MAGA cap wear Cadet sitting as his empty desk, surrounded by no one this weekend!

      I love that there are still sane Republicans willing to call the freakshow that is camped out in our oval office:
      Here’s Lindsey Graham talking to a huddle of reporters yesterday:
      “As long as Stephen Miller is in charge of negotiating immigration, we are going nowhere. He’s been an outlier for years,”

      If you’re not familiar with the 30ish little alt-right, white nationalist troll named Stephen Miller, you simply need to google a few a youtube clips of his Cirque du Loon appearances on Sunday talk shows.

  31. Taking chances says:

    On that reality we are all being played by Congress, the tying DACA to this shut down is going to be the issue of consequence to upcoming elections, the longer it goes the more interesting.

    • Taking a stand says:

      One party still believes in the American Dream and is willing to fight to defend it.

      The other party genuflects to a shriveling xenophobic base, holds children hostage and uses our soldiers on the front lines as political props.

  32. Catastrophic decline says:

    Christopher Ruddy is a decades long friend of Donald Trump. Ruddy owns the right wing rag NewsMax and appears on television frequently as an ally and defender of Trump.

    Here’s a headline from his publication this morning:
    America Suffers Record Drop in Trust, China Rises, Survey Shows
    According to the survey, the United States is facing the worst collapse in the trust of institutions, such as businesses, media, nongovernmental organizations, and government, ever recorded in the history of the Edelman Trust Barometer

    Go check out the chart at Axios; Red alert: America suffers record drop in trust; China rises
    Under year one of Donald Trump, the United States has plummeted an unprecedented 37%, while China has soared 27% and South Korea 23%. Even Russia has climbed 10%.
    We’re literally, right now, watching Donald Trump and the Republican party dismantle everything that makes America great. All of it in service to a handful of either neo-Nazi wannabes or plutocrats.

    Is there ever a time when you people on the right will step forward to chose country before party?

    I understand there’s a faction (growing?) of the Republican party that are slack jawed white nationalists who are irredeemable. I’m not talking to them. Clearly Herr Drumpf is the man these dullards have long awaited.. and you folks can go f yourselves.
    Who I’m talking to is those I hope still make up a majority of the Republican party. The ones who recognize the value in unwavering American leadership, robust trade, the investment in international relations, science and education; in equality for all and a helping hand to those less fortunate.
    The people on the right who still believe “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

    It’s long past time to wake up folks. The nightmare reign of Donald Trump and his enablers that are the corporate owned Republican party – including every member of the NEGOP delegation – is defensible only to the most severely challenged mind.

    • Leavenworthless says:

      China declared that American democracy is “chaotic” and “inefficient.” Chinese “State Capitalism” is the unstated better choice. It is not the better choice, but that is not clear if you look no deeper than the headlines. Yet another example of Cadet Bone Spurs’ leadershippinginizing, and his apologists running a power drill through their heads.

      Regular order in the strict sense is Congress doing something other than passing CRs by one vote margins using reconciliation. Regular order in the broad sense is demonstrable experience, intelligence, decorum & sanity in the Executive Branch. The long, slow side since WW2 has turned American Conservatism turning into a bag of badgers that’s been set on fire. It makes the Left seen sane by comparison, which is quite a feat.

      The only good thing about the impending Democratic wave is cock-blocking Cadet Bone Spurs. The real work is already overdue, acknowledging and responding to the dysfunction that raised CBS to the Presidency. A return to regular order will take a generation or more, and must answer ONE question: what is the role of the American State in the American economy?

      If economic distortion of individual liberty & responsibility is hurting us (and it is) how much more risky is running the economy on a war footing for 80 years? $700 trillion on defense and we can’t defend ourselves against Russia, China or little North Korea? What gives? Why not fund true competition in defense (but that’s another post).

  33. GOPravda says:

    <bThe #SchumerShutdown Hashtag Is Getting A Big Boost From Russian Bots
    The GOP slogan is now the top trending hashtag being promoted by Russian influence operators on Twitter.

    With the eager assistance of Republicans in congress, Putin has claimed full ownership of our dolt president.

    Ah, but that’s okay, you people have proven you really don’t care.
    You’ll continue to enable this sheer madness come next November. won’t ya.

    Your children and grandchildren will learn to hate you for what you’re doing to our country and to their future.

    • It would be funny, if not so tragic says:

      While the top trending hashtag being promoted by Russian bots and trolls on Twitter is #SchumerShutdown, the second top trending hashtag being promoted by Russian bots and trolls on Twitter is #releasethememo.

      To the detriment of a nation, you’re all being played for simpleminded fools.

  34. Barb E. Dahl says:

    Guys: Why waste so much time bickering among yourselves? I don’t know what this blog is supposed to be, but you’re not getting anywhere with childish insulting, back and forth, ad nauseam. There’s an important bill before the Revenue Committee, LB 1088, that I would like to discuss. Is there anybody out there able to dialogue?

      • Leavenworthless says:

        I’d get rid of this exemption. Everybody & every entity that spends money should pay taxes, period. Simpler for everyone that way. No exceptions.

      • Barb E. Dahl says:

        No, I don’t think that’s the correct bill. The bill I refer to eliminates TEEOSA and creates the Nebraska Education Formula, while massively reforming the tax code, mostly by eliminating tax subsidies and sales tax exemptions.

      • Barb E. Dahl says:

        I tried Google and got lb. info. But when I tried again conjoined w/ ‘Nebraska,’ I got the bill I’m referring to. It’s long and complicated. And it would totally upend funding of public education.

        I don’t typically use Google to locate bills, I go directly to the legislature’s website. Often because I don’t have a bill number and need to find legislation by keyword.

    • a peek behind the curtain says:

      I don’t know what this blog is supposed to be,

      Not hard to figure out Barb.
      Check out every post by the current host as well as the Leavenworth Street twitter feed on the top right.

      This is a tool of the Bacon for Congress campaign.
      More specifically, this is a vehicle team Bacon uses to attack and impugn Brad Ashford and family.

      It’s interesting that just this morning you can witness, via the LStreet retweets, the plutocrat funded GOP campaign machinery spit and stammer to life in the form of a hit piece on Brad Ashford by the right wing rag, Washington Free Beacon.
      For those unaware, The Free Beacon is the toy of uber billionaire hedge fund tycoon and GOP mega donor Paul Singer.
      Singer is a whale. In GOPerland, Singer is reported to be “the top source of contributions” to the National Republican Senatorial Committee.
      As is Standard Operating Procedure (skullduggery and deceit) of the right, Singer and the Free Beacon have provided for team Bacon the half-truths, unverifiable talking points and hit snippets they’ll now use in their coming ad campaigns (featuring Don wrapped in flags). Ads that will be accompanied by that barely visible, microscopic type across the bottom citing the source material that is supposed to make the claims in their attack ads legitimate.
      Source material like the brazenly right wing tool of an uber billionaire GOP mega donor.

      Speaking of skullduggery, also of note is this little factoid – CBS News, Oct 28, 2017 –
      Washington Free Beacon funded initial Fusion GPS anti-Trump research

      • it is what it is says:

        Like there are no progressive blog sites about this state.
        Just Google irregular news.

        Once gain, much ado about nothing from the snowflakes. Just a bunch of poor us, we are victims.

    • progressives, failed evolution says:

      I don’t get government support. I get a pension I earned through service to my country. I also get SS, as the progressives will point out on here, that was earned by paying into the system.

      Quite frankly, I don’t know for certain if I will or won’t. Where as Obama was willing to let pensioners and SS recipients be scared out of their wits in 2013 because he told his minions to make the shut down hurt, no such edict is given by this administration.

      However, I am not really concerned. One way or the other, the checks will come. And no I am not rich. Having faced this while in service, lenders and financial institutions will work with those in need.

      But, you did peak my interests. So I researched it and pension and SS checks will be on time. One reason the shut down is more about hysteria than reality.

      And I would advise before anyone pops off with the main stream media’s (main stream for either side) version of what is going on, I would advise that the best place to look for information is OPM, the retired federal employees site, SS site and any site that is the government’s or those run by government/retired government employees.

      • Leavenworthless says:

        Looks like those awful Democrats are voting for a CR as we speak. Cadet Bone Spurs will take credit shortly.

  35. progressives, failed evolution says:

    Here’s the only issues that count when talking about the shut down.

    In the Senate, it takes 60 votes to pass the legislation necessary. The Repubs. only have 51. Where are the nine Dems who say they care about CHIP?

    In 2013 the Repubs. wanted to tie Obamacare to the budget, the Dems said it was two different items and refused to negotiate over Obamacare. They then blamed the Repubs. for the shut down. Now, the Dems shut down the government for DACA. What does DACA have to do with the budget?

    • Then there's that says:

      Only the uniformed or insane share your delusions regarding the cause for either shutdown.

      It was a tantrum by the TEA party that shutdown government in 2013, from right leaning Forbes –
      “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) continues to be very controversial for a range of reasons. After failing to block passage of the original act in 2010, failing to pass countless repeals from 2010 – 2013, losing a Supreme Court case in 2012, and failing to win the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election that might have lead to repeal of that act, right wing elements of the Republican Party — often referred to as the Tea Party — within the U.S. House of Representatives attached a provision to a spending bill that required eliminating funding for the implementation of the PPACA in order to fund the rest of the U.S. Federal Government.”

      Even Republicans openly blamed Republicans in 2013 –
      Some colleagues angry with Cruz
      Oct 2, 2013 – Ted Cruz faced a barrage of hostile questions Wednesday from angry GOP senators, who lashed the Texas tea party freshman for helping prompt a government shutdown crisis without a strategy to end it.

      And the U.S. Armed forces were paid in 2013
      “The Pay Our Military Act (H.R. 3210) is a United States federal law that appropriates funds for fiscal year 2014 to pay members of the United States Armed Forces in the event that the federal government shut down. The bill was signed into law on September 30, 2013, only hours before the government officially shut down.”
      The bill passed the House by 423-0 on September 29, 2013 and was sent to the Senate, which voted to pass the bill by unanimous consent.

      And in the current shutdown, courtesy of CSPAN you can go watch Mitch McConnell shut down a Democratic effort to again pay our soldiers. Google: “Watch Mitch McConnell kill effort to protect military pay as GOP pushed for shutdown”

      And child’s health insurance is on the table only due to the intransigence of the GOP. CHIP shouldn’t even be on the table. It’s a disgrace that is remains unfunded, but it’s irrefutable that it’s the GOP that got us to this shameful point.
      While at the same time giving $1.5 Trillion to folks like the Ricketts and Buffetts, ($47 Billion to Apple, Union Pacific netting $6 Billion), here’s Orrin Hatch on sick children:
      “The reason CHIP’s having trouble is because we don’t have money anymore.”

      And the CHIP bills deceitful folks like Don Bacon boast of passing in the House, contain within them significant cuts to both Medicare and the Affordable Care Act in order to pay for renewed children’s health insurance.
      The GOP will fight tooth and nail to deliver $1.5 Trillion in unfunded tax dollars to a handful of the world’s wealthiest (their Donor Base), but by god, if we’re going to provided care to sick kids, others among the working poor and impoverished are just gonna have to suffer a little more.

      • progressives, the utter failure of evolution says:

        Your revisionist history is laughable at best. There isn’t any reason to read past the first few lines. And debunking your post would be easy enough to do, but why waste my time. All anyone has to do is Google 2013 vs 2017 shutdown.

        Below points out how the Dems obstructed this last budget and caused the shut down. DACA does equal Obamacare in these types of negotiations. Only the Dems could have avoided the shutdown.

        I know math isn’t a strong suit of progressives. Math is not amenable to feelings. And 51 does not equal 60.

        Politico, In a dramatic turnaround, Senate Democrats voted to re-open the government

        Washington Post, A majority of Democrats had forced the shutdown with demands for a vote on legislation to protect young undocumented immigrants known as “dreamers” from deportation.

        NYTimes, The U.S. government is close to reopening. Senate Democrats helped advance a stopgap bill after a G.O.P. pledge to continue immigration talks.


    • Barb E. Dahl says:

      Right. Now DACA will be open for amendments from all, and we’ll finally get a vote and get ‘er done.
      Then we can get a budget done. What I hate about this drama is all the posturing about who’s to blame. Our prez is greatly responsible, and the GOP and Dems are equally responsible.

      • Trump's(cough) shutdown says:

        That’s the kind of thinking stumbling Chuck thought, you keep hanging with the east coast elitist.

  36. and it continues - unwinding the nefarious acts of a craven GOP says:

    breaking –
    Pennsylvania Supreme Court Strikes Down State’s Congressional Map, Saying It Illegally Benefits GOP
    The court blocked the use of the map in the 2018 midterm elections and ordered state lawmakers to begin to draw a new map.

  37. Curious says:

    Hey bynd,

    Along with that taxpayer funded pension, taxpayer funded health care and your Social Security, did you qualify for disability benefits due to your admitted addiction to/treatment for pornography?

    Does an inability to stop playing with yourself qualify you for even more gubmint money?

    • progressives, the utter failure of evolution says:

      I guess I forgot to say, and you pay for it. Been retired 10 years since 2008, you pay for it. Want steak for dinner, you pay for it.

      Want to go on vacation some where nice, you pay for it. Health insurance, you pay for it. Insure my spouses future with a continuation of my retirement pay if I go first, you pay for it. Even when I am dead, you’ll keep paying for family. Need dental and vision insurance, you pay for it. Live on a golf course, you pay for it.

      Anything I do that the government check pays for, you paid for it.

      And I doubt the Republicans are done screwing you yet. Because they need to pay me for my service to the country. Bend over, because you are going to pay for what I need and want.

      And when the Dems get in charge. My pay will go up because they like to keep the retirees happy. Real tax cuts for the middle class, my pay goes up. It is, one sweet system.

      And YOU pay for it.

      Laughing all the way to the bank. And you paid for it!

  38. Jackbooted GOP - coming soon to a city near you! says:

    Can’t wait til the Senate passes a DACA bill in the coming weeks, then sends it over to Don Bacon’s House where the knuckledraggers among his cohorts will do everything possible to block its passage as the Trump 2020 campaign airs national ads disparaging the Hispanic population.

    The deportation of young Dreamers, pulled from their schools, shackled from their military service, dragged from their houses is due to commence the first week in March.

    That’ll be really great for the GOP brand heading into the midterms.

    • progressives, the utter failure of evolution says:

      But yet, you invite none of them into your house and make it a sanctuary house?

      How mean and cruel can you be? Can’t walk the talk!

      Obama should not have promised what he couldn’t deliver. It’s on him and you. And you pay for it.

      • Wrong again, Dan says:

        It’s on him and you. And you pay for it.

        Sorry bynd, unlike your lifetime affixed firmly to every available government teat, immigrants – and especially the thoroughly vetted, well educated and exceptionally productive Dreamers – not only pay for themselves, they pay for people like you, while still significantly adding to our economy.

        From Donald Trump’s most bigly favorite school – The Penn Wharton School of Business, here’s the summary from a June 27, 2016 study titled; The Effects of Immigration on the United States’ Economy.
        Key Points
        – While some policymakers have blamed immigration for slowing U.S. wage growth since the 1970s, most academic research finds little long run effect on Americans’ wages.

        – The available evidence suggests that immigration leads to more innovation, a better educated workforce, greater occupational specialization, better matching of skills with jobs, and higher overall economic productivity.

        – Immigration also has a net positive effect on combined federal, state, and local budgets.

  39. progressives, the utter failure of evolution says:

    No problem. You can try and push it off on anyone you want to. If all the Dreamers and illegals were deported, you would still be paying for me. Although, probably a lot more than you are now.

    And over my life time, the same can not always be said of the immigrants. It can be said of you. and your children and maybe even your parents. You and they work so I can have a well deserved early retirement. And hopefully a very long one. My health insurance will help insure that. Whether or not you even have health insurance.

    Me sitting here and responding to you, you pay for it. Seems like a very bad deal for you. Paying for your nemesis.

    Yes a very sweet deal.

    • Wrong again, Dan says:

      You’re not a nemesis Dan.
      You’re the stain on that old area rug out in the garage, the stain where the dog shat when he was just a pup. A stain that’s never going to go away, yet never more than a mild annoyance.

      In the very same fashion that you’re a stain on this blog.

      • progressives, the utter failure of evolution says:

        If that were true, you throw out that old rug with a stain. You don’t continually pay attention to it and try to clean it up.

        Your words don’t say anything like you mean. But then, there is no doubt, I am your nemesis because that is how you treat me. Even down to the insults when my argument defeats yours. Which is quite often. You can’t just let anything go.

        Or we can look at it your way, your are constantly being a made a fool of by a stain you can’t get rid of.

        PS. Real men prefer the garage doing really manly things rather than sitting in the pink room with lace curtains like you. And you paid for the garage and all that is in it!

        Really very, very sweet deal.

        And the best part is, you pay for it.

      • Out, damned spot! says:

        You’re right Dan.

        I’m burning the rug.
        With this post I leave you and your solosexual proclivities behind.
        Sayonara, clown.

      • progressives, the utter failure of evolution says:

        But even as you leave, I am the one who had to direct you, once again, on what to do with your life.

  40. Speculating says:

    When a Ne legislator goes weasel on a issue the will give the -I don’t get any correspondence on this, which you can’t verify. I think it may be there was withering pushback on the democrats from their voters.

    • why speculate? says:

      Check the headlines, you’re right about the withering push back, but it’s from dem voters demanding their elected officials stand firm and to keep the government shut down.

      Push back like “(the dems) betrayed our American values and allowed bigotry and fear to prevail.”


      ‘It’s Morally Reprehensible’: Liberals Livid With Senate Dems Over Shutdown Deal

      • Speculating says:

        Why, -I am ,just saying tying to DACA,and CHIP was a fail, bigtime. Now to take a side like you, we will see what it’s done with your and Chuck’s “betrayed values”, you missed on all liberals, that pussy-hat is cutting off your circulation

  41. splintered says:

    A second Republican candidate will challenge Sen. Deb Fischer in next May’s GOP primary election.

    Retired University of Nebraska at Omaha mathematics professor Jack Heidel announced Monday he will enter the Senate race.

    Todd Watson of Lincoln is also a candidate in next May’s Republican Senate primary election.

    Subsidy Deb goin’ down?

      • DOJ Coup says:

        As more and more d senators engaged in Collins effort, was there a whiff of the smell of fear caused by the soon to be released FISA memo

      • GOPrion says:

        FISA memo?

        Oh.. you mean that laughably fake bit of theater cooked up by Trump tool Devin Nunes and being pushed by TaterHead Hannity and Putin’s legions of Russian bots?

        It’s just too bad you people are incapable of experiencing shame and humiliation – .
        FISA Memo, Uranium One, PizzaGate, Clinton Foundation, Illegal Wire Taps of Trump, Sale of Baby Parts, Birtherism, Sharia Law, Agenda 21, Fast & Furious, Benghazi!!-Benghazi!!, IRS ‘Scandal’. Jade Helm, Obama hoarding ammo, old Wal*Mart’s turned into Obama’s FEMA Camps, Obama’s favorite Gay Bath House, Obama’s a Muslim..

        You’re a flag waving member of the most shamefully gullible (requiring you to be the most ignorant?) group of deplorables in American history.
        You and your fellow minions should be all be required wear signs on your head, warning others;
        ‘Moron Approaching – Don’t Make Eye Contact!’

      • progressives, the utter failure of evolution says:

        A bunch of ad hominine attacks with no intelligent rebuttal to the posts. Actually, no intelligence demonstrated at all.

        Standard fair for a snowflake that can’t refute the facts. Imagine that.

        I do hope if Political Novice is paying attention, he sees how many such posts you put on here.

        From a hateful bigoted snowflake with the anonymity of the internet protecting you from any deserved consequences.

        Good for entertainment value only. Especially when getting slapped down by the deplorables and morons.

  42. progressives, the utter failure of evolution says:

    CNBC: This is just the start of companies handing out bonuses, raising wages and increasing spending
    Expect a stampede of companies handing out bonuses, raising pay, spending on capital projects and giving to charities, with the windfall from the newly passed corporate tax cuts.
    AT&T, Comcast and a handful of companies said they would use tax reform to give money to their employees and increase capital spending.
    Wells Fargo and Fifth Third said they would raise their minimum wage. Analysts expect other banks to follow, as well as other companies that will get a boost from the tax law changes.

    Journal: Catastrophic global warming less likely, study says, Emergent constraint on equilibrium climate sensitivity from global temperature variability
    Peter M. Cox, Chris Huntingford & Mark S. Williamson

    Apple News release: Combining new investments and Apple’s current pace of spending with domestic suppliers and manufacturers — an estimated $55 billion for 2018 — Apple’s direct contribution to the US economy will be more than $350 billion over the next five years, not including Apple’s ongoing tax payments, the tax revenues generated from employees’ wages and the sale of Apple products. Planned capital expenditures in the US, investments in American manufacturing over five years and a record tax payment upon repatriation of overseas profits will account for approximately $75 billion of Apple’s direct contribution.

    And to be fair so you can make your own determination as one economists and the LA Times call Apple a liar.
    Apple’s bogus claim that the tax cut is making it spend more in the U.S. is just a PR sop to Trump; LA Times

    CNN Money: IMF: Trump tax cuts will boost global economy, The International Monetary Fund said Monday that it expects global growth of 3.9% this year and in 2019, an increase of 0.2 percentage points over the rates it predicted in October. It would be the quickest expansion since 2011.

    The fund said that changes to the U.S. tax code approved in December were responsible for roughly half of the boost to growth.

    “The revision reflects increased global growth momentum and the expected impact of the recently approved U.S. tax policy changes,” the group said in a report published ahead of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

    Looks like the deplorables and morons are more about the people than the last eight years of ethnic politics.

  43. progressives, the utter failure of evolution says:

    The International Monetary Fund said Monday that it expects global growth of 3.9% this year and in 2019, an increase of 0.2 percentage points over the rates it predicted in October. It would be the quickest expansion since 2011.

    The fund said that changes to the U.S. tax code approved in December were responsible for roughly half of the boost to growth.
    Powered by
    “The revision reflects increased global growth momentum and the expected impact of the recently approved U.S. tax policy changes,” the group said in a report published ahead of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

    New text messages allegedly reveal that controversial FBI official Peter Strzok was hesitant about joining Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation team because of his “gut sense” there would be “no big there there.”

    Schumer bashed by the left over shutdown-ending deal

  44. DOJ Coup says:

    Goprion, I understand your wounded animal rage, when fake news itself, kicks your leader Chucky to the curb it is too hard to avoid. there is something to the memo, the path to the most corrupt administration to the top, The Orange one isn’t dismantling his legacy, like Hillary is the reason she lost. Obama will be the reason.

  45. The Fat Lady has entered the building says:

    Breaking –
    Special Investigator Robert Meuller seeks to question Trump about Flynn and Comey, signaling an intensifying focus on Obstruction of Justice on the part of the Trump.

    It was earlier today that we learned Meuller’s team questioned Jeff Sessions for several hours last week.

  46. GOP's deplorable bed partners says:

    In the original post by Locke (our host), is included a picture of Assistant Professor Amanda Gailey, holding up a hand written sign in protest of the right wing group Turning Point USA.

    That would be this Turning Point USA, an organization profiled by the renowned investigative journalist Jane Mayer in Dec 21, 2017 The New Yorker –
    Crystal Clanton, who served until last summer as the group’s national field director (it’s second highest office), sent a text message to another Turning Point employee saying, “i hate black people. Like fuck them all . . . I hate blacks. End of story.”

    The whole article is well worth your time to read. To access it, Just google the filth uttered by Crystal Clantion, someone critical to building Turning Point and for five years their second in command.

  47. johnson and kennedy would have been proud says:

    ‘Tricky as Hell’: Biden Says GOP Would Blame Obama If He Revealed More About Russia…

    Speaking recently to the Council on Foreign Relations, former Vice President Joe Biden said President Barack Obama would’ve been blamed if he revealed more intelligence on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election.

    “The president and I sat there and said ‘what the hell are we going to do?’,” Biden said. “You go out there and unilaterally say ‘this is what’s happening’, you’re going to be accused of… trying to tip the election.”

    The former Delaware senator said he and Obama were concerned that describing alleged Russian involvement to a higher extent “could be used as a weapon against” nominee Hillary Clinton.
    “It was tricky as hell,” Biden said.

    • DOJ Coup says:

      “could be”………., would that apply to DJT also, If it was a Big Fn deal Hands On Joe would have used it, the used everything else. Tricky as hell ro spin it, but with a corrupt DOJ….well

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