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Comey chameleon

Make it a Carl Curtis Open Comment Friday afternoon for your commenting, battling and otherwise arguing pleasure!

And to start the ball rolling, here is a post from Harvard Constitutional Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz:

Dershowitz: Comey confirms that I’m right – and all the Democratic commentators are wrong

A key graph:

Comey confirmed that under our Constitution, the president has the authority to direct the FBI to stop investigating any individual. I paraphrase, because the transcript is not yet available: the president can, in theory, decide who to investigate, who to stop investigating, who to prosecute and who not to prosecute. The president is the head of the unified executive branch of government, and the Justice Department and the FBI work under him and he may order them to do what he wishes.

But don’t confine yourself to the Comey hubabaloo.
And see if you can work in a Nebraska angle.
(See, I just did, right there.)

Have a great weekend!
Stay cool!

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The Wall St. Journal:
The ‘Independent’ Mr. ComeyHis prepared testimony shows why he deserved to be fired.

The most troubling part of Mr. Comey’s statement is his belief in what he calls “the FBI’s traditionally independent status in the executive branch,” which he invokes more than once. Independent? This is a false and dangerous view of law enforcement in the American system.


The winds of change are sweeping the plains…

Video of OWH’s Jeff Koterba, and his latest cartoon:

Got to get it on

Not to be outdone by Brad Ashford’s new un-endorsement of the KXL Pipeline — that he had long endorsed back when he needed to look “conservative” in comparison to Lee Terry and Don Bacon — Heath Mello has jumped back into the fray.

Mello is continuing his re-tweeting of the various Mayors around the country “signing-on” to the Paris Climate accord.

Uh huh.

Because nothing truly shows leadership — true leadership, mind you — than by truly re-tweeting platitude about nothingness and pretending they mean something.

Here’s one for ya Heath: If you had any ideas, you would have presented them during the 6-month mayoral campaign. And we’re talking REAL ideas. With proposals, dates and dollar amounts next to them.

Saying, “We truly must lead on this most important issue because federal leaders have not” is just so much witless palaver.

But of course all of this is really just to gin up his Democrat base for a run for…what?


The Nebraska Democrat Party nomination is his oyster, and he can reach for, and likely win whatever he wants…in the primary.

Of course, his best shot would be for the House of Reps.
Is he willing to battle with Brad?

And will Mello’s long-time endorsement of the KXL Pipeline hurt him in the end?

¿Quién es más liberal?


No choice but to get it on

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse was on The Adam Carolla Show podcast today (recorded Tuesday), once again touting his book.

I mention this over his dozens of other book interviews, as I’m a big fan of Carolla’s podcast, and listen to it nearly every day. Adam started his podcast 8 years ago after his FM radio show got cancelled. He was one of the first big names to start a podcast and I happened to jump in on Day 1 — not having really been a follower before that.

Many only know Carolla from when he and Jimmy Kimmel did “The Man Show” on Comedy Central years ago. But he really developed his radio chops from over a decade doing “Love Line” with Dr. Drew Pinsky. That late-night FM radio call in show on sex and relationship topics honed Carolla’s speaking skills, as well as a very sharp perspective on the human condition.

Of course his perspective also comes with a bit of a high school football locker room attitude, coupled with years of a dysfunctional welfare-bound family, manual jobs and a craving for success and satisfaction in the entertainment industry.

Along the way he developed the #1 podcast in the world, created a movie and documentary production company, has had multiple New York Times bestselling books and maybe most remarkably, a top selling bottled wine-cocktail (of course named, Mangria.)

Oh, and here is a video he did for Prager University last fall:

Which is all to say that Sasse was on a show with an entrepreneur who wrote a best-selling book called, “In 50 years we’ll all be chicks“, which happens to dovetail a bit with the theme of Sasse’s book, “The Vanishing American Adult“.

And Sasse received a much more welcoming reception calling-in to Carolla than he did with the combative Bill Maher. Adam has long endorsed the spirit of kids working, and the satisfaction of manual labor in general, and it jibes with some of what Sasse is pushing.

Though Sasse noted his wish of addressing Maher’s N-word joke differently, Carolla stated that he gives Maher a pass as a comedian trying to be cutting-edge in the moment.

And then Sasse stated again, that when Maher made the joke he “cringed”.


Well, anywho, if you’d like to hear the whole interview, click here. The part with Sasse starts around the 15:00 minute mark and lasts for about 35 minutes before Adam goes on to interview the guys who developed the Coachella festival.

(Yesterday’s show with French Stewart was better.)


Comey island

Feel free to jump in on what Comey did and didn’t say and what it means and doesn’t mean and blah blah blah blah.

There seem to be more interesting political issues out there these days.


OK, after reading the full Comey stuff, as opposed to just the commentary, there is certainly more to discuss. But it doesn’t seem to expand on any of what was said before. On an “abuse” issue, it’s still on the same, “I hope you can let this go…” statements. “Hoping” something isn’t going to get Trump canned, or otherwise impeached, like the Dems are hoping.

But it will keep him in the news, talking about stuff he doesn’t want to discuss.

Soldier on.

Keeps on winning

Mayor Jean Stothert and the new Omaha City Council were sworn in yesterday for their new four year terms.

Brinker Harding and Vinny Palermo were the NKOTB, and provided a slight bit of intrigue for the gathered audience in the City Council chamber.

Ben Gray was re-elected Council President by a vote of 7-0, essentially finding that his tenure as President has been successful.

For VP, there was less unanimity. Chris Jerram was elected 5-2 over Aimee Melton. Melton has felt that a little bi-partisanship was due, and ran. While the votes were secret, it was generally felt that she had the support of fellow Republican Brinker Harding.

Omaha City Council: Festersen, Gray, Jerram, Palermo, Pahls, Harding & Melton

What she didn’t receive, apparently, was support from either Republican Rich Pahls or potential wildcard Democrat Vinny Palermo. Palermo reportedly would not signal to anyone how he planned to vote, but evidently sided with Jerram. Pahls…well…went his own way as well.

And FWIW, along with the other plans for the city’s growth that she outlined for the past 6 months of the campaign, Mayor Stothert also noted a call for a City Charter convention. There  a proposal to align city election dates with the Presidential elections will likely be proposed.

Of course to accomplish this, the City Council will need to go along — as well as a great deal of input from citizens.

Should be an interesting discussion, all ways.


…and a turkey in every pot!

On the route to securing the leftist Democrat base in Nebraska’s 2nd District, Brad Ashford has now declared on the Twitter that he is FOR a $15 national minimum wage!

That’s right! A 16 year old at the car wash in Broken Bow and the 58 year old mother of 4 at a an office building in Manhattan deserve the same basic wage!

And the car wash owner and the building owner, in Broken Bow and Manhattan, should be on the same footing!

So, Brad’s now against the KXL Pipeline and for the $15 min wage. Any other of the leftist positions he needs to cover in order to make a full genuflection to the Democrat party?


Blame Canada!

And speaking of the KXL, Leavenworth St. has heard of a transition that will be taking place soon.

The word we’ve received is that Omaha World-Herald reporter Robynn Tysver, who has been the chief political reporter for the paper for a number of years, will be leaving that position within a few weeks or so.

We have been told that she will become a press relations (or otherwise PR rep) for …TransCanada, in Omaha. Yes, THAT TransCanada.

Whatever your feelings about whether or not Robynn had a political slant in some of her stories, she is undoubtably a very good writer and has had a very good sense of the political scene in Omaha and Nebraska.

We wish her the best in the new gig.

Responding in real time

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse’s appearance on “Real Time” with Bill Maher gave the Senator lots and lots of press Saturday night and Sunday — though maybe not what he was hoping for on the extended book tour.

I was channel surfing late, and came upon it live, but only after the eyebrow raising part. It’s probably worth noting that nothing was said about Maher’s “joke” anywhere later in the interview.

Which is notable only to the extent that no one was thinking about what would be THE topic of discussion later.

But a few things about Maher’s exclamation that he is a “house (n-word)”.

Sasse has done probably two dozen of these interviews pushing his new book — radio, TV, including Late Night with Seth Meyers. (Maybe leave aside for now the discussion of how he’s doing these instead of town halls.)

It is at least…surprising…that Sasse didn’t bring himself to challenge Bill Maher in the moment. Was he starstuck by Maher? Was he choking under the lights of the LIVE HBO audience? It’s not every day that someone uses the n-word in conversation, yells that it’s a joke, and then everyone around you laughs and cheers.

It is surprising.

But, in a live moment on stage, not everyone is perfect, or has time to say exactly what they’d like, right?

But 5 hours later (or something like that), Sasse DID take the opportunity to craft exactly what he wanted to say…on Twitter.

And in 4 Tweets, Sasse spelled out what he would have liked to say.

But he also took the opportunity to re-write what actually happened.

Sasse wrote:

Well, as was highlighted on The Drudge Report, Sasse didn’t “just cringe”. (Which quote the OWH also got wrong in their story.)

He laughed along with Maher and what seemed to be the entire studio audience.

If there was a “cringe” it occurred while the camera was still on Maher (in the shot above), because when it came back to Sasse, he was in full big grin mode:

Call it a “nervous” smile if you want, but it’s certainly not “just cringing”. There’s no “good” in that image.

Here’s the whole shot:


Which is to say, if you’re going to “apologize” for what happened, it’s worth apologizing for what you did do, and not change the facts.

But again, maybe Sasse thought he was “just cringing” the whole time, or someone told him that, and he Tweeted it all without actually seeing the tape. It’s certainly possible.

But if that was the case, there has been no follow-up on the Twitter by Sasse — where he has instead dropped the issue.

But the last point is the reason Sasse was there in the first place. Beyond choosing to go on the liberal show of choice these days,  Sasse is there pushing his book about “being an adult”.

And then he’s there giggling at the use of the n-word — not all that long after making pot jokes on Twitter. In the mean time he’s scolding about wearing shorts and dressing up for Halloween?

It’s worth noting that adults also admit their mistakes and apologize for them.



By the way Democrats who have jumped in to note Sasse’s “lack of awareness” at the time:

Bill Maher is YOUR guy, so you’d better be calling for his scalp as well.

But how about the studio audience there? Maher yells, “hey it’s a joke” and the audience of leftists — who cheered every time Maher sought to hammer Sasse — CHEERED for his n-word joke.

The next day Maher apologized for using the word, saying he shouldn’t have done it.

Wonder how all of those at the taping feel today.

Let’s be sure that the Dems also call for their public-shaming as well.


Who’s for Krist?

Governor Pete Ricketts re-election announcements in Omaha and Lincoln drew “protestors”, because of course. And now apparently they are protests in favor of someone else.

There was a Facebook “Event” set up to protest Ricketts…in favor of State Senator Bob Krist running for Governor.

There are some Democrats who feel that it would be awesome to have Krist run to soften Ricketts up in the primary, so the imaginary Democrat would have an easier time beating him in the fall.

But Democrat party peeps jumped into the discussion about Krist and went another direction. They (Jane?) think Krist should run on a new bipartisan tickets — a new PARTY — where people from both parties can join in.

Which at first glance looked like Jane Kleeb is abdicating her role as party chair to endorse a “Republican” (“wait, Krist is a Republican? hahahahaha!”).

But thinking about it, a Krist primary run really doesn’t do that much. Does anyone really think he could defeat Ricketts?

But a THIRD party, in the General Election, could in theory give a Democrat candidate just a bit more of a fighting chance, if he or she could split up the Republican vote.

It is an interesting theory — and makes the Dems’ sudden support of Krist a little more sensible for them in a long-run strategy.


PRINTED shirts, mind you

And hey there’s the Betsy Riot folks at the Ricketts announcement, dressing up in their “Fuck Ricketts” shirts!

And others pointed out that these protestors were screaming 4-letter words at the people walking in, and at their kids.


That’s great Democrats. You should be proud.

These are YOUR people.
If you actually condemn this, how about doing something about it?



And finally there is Brad Ashford.

You thought he couldn’t flip-flop on more issues, right?
He flipped on ObamaCare (fought it, then endorsed it).
He flipped on Guantanamo (wanted it closed, then kept open).
Heck, he supported Jeb Bush for President, before choosing Hillary…or something.

And now?
Ashford was a supporter of the Keystone XL Pipeline for years.
But just the other day, he Tweeted out his opposition, because something about a different route or some such excuse.

The reality is that Ashford saw the writing on the wall, what with a lefty primary opponent already, and knew that he’d have to “adjust” to fit the prevailing party winds. He already did that with the Omaha streetcar group — when it looked like that position looked less popular.

That’s Ashford’s M-O. He’s a finger-in-the-wind kind of guy, and one of the reasons that he didn’t get re-hired last year.

Now we wait to see if Heath Mello changes his strong support for the Keystone XL Pipeline to something more in line with the lefties in the Democrat party.

Then again, if he can change his position from pro-life to pro-abortion in a day’s time, what’s little pipeline to stand in the way of ambition?

Announce mint

A few announcements over the past 24 hours…

First Senator Deb Fischer:

Last week Senator Fischer was keeping under wraps what the June 24th announcement is. But now as Kramer would say, the cat is mrrrROWR! out of the bag.

She’ll be doing full-on gigs in Lincoln, Kearney & Gering to “to announce my campaign for re-election.” (Click the linked Eventbrite for more info.)


Then Governor Pete Ricketts…

…made a soft-announcement yesterday that got passed along to the media.

He will be doing his re-election announcement on Sunday in Lincoln and Omaha (click for the linked Facebook Event).


And finally Heath Mello

…announced that he will just keep on keepin’ on:

Because nothing says “chillin’ politician” like vague platitudes on the Twitter.

And as he keeps Tweeting about metro climate change, his genuflection to the Democrat “grass roots” looks more and more apparent.


Melt down

The climate accord stuff is loads of fun.

Once again, it’s a kick where Democrats got their dresses up over their heads because the President got the U.S. out of something he said he was going to get the U.S. out of.

And oh by the way, I’m old enough to remember when we  didn’t get all hot and bothered about being in a pact with North Korea, Russia, China and Iran.

Then again, you KNOW that since EVERY country was cool with this pact, then the enforcement amounts to zilch. Or, if it doesn’t, there will be one country that has to bear the brunt of the costs.

Here’s what everyone knows: if something makes economic sense, everyone will do it. If it’s cheaper or otherwise more economical to buy an electric car, people will buy them.

If Elon Musk’s solar roof shingles are cheaper than regular shingles, or otherwise are an economic benefit, people will buy them.

If your only solution is, everyone go on a diet and the U.S. will pay for the new and improved Weight Watchers meals, then it ain’t gonna work.

And here’s a nice watch:


Go to the CWS Huskers!

And now the commenters can dive in on about Kathy Griffin on this Carl Curtis, Open Comment Friday.

Have a great weekend!

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Mello hello?

It was nice of them to invite Heath to the Bernie rally

Yesterday Leavenworth St. noted the Wall Street Journal article discussing the ambitions of Brad Ashford and his family in pursuing Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional seat (which he lost to Congressman Don Bacon last year).

But also yesterday, another Dem took to the Twitter to discuss more than his dog, kids or the latest from @MeanStreetsOMA.

Yes, there was Heath Mello up tweeting about:

1) Joe Biden’s support for the Paris climate treaty

2) John Kasich’s support for the Paris climate treaty

3) The NYT’s support for the Paris climate treaty

And then he is still cranking away today, presumably at Mayor Jean Stothert, that she’s not green enough.

(Note to Heath: You lost.)

Hmm. It’s almost as if the former State Senator is looking for his “in” on the national discussion.

One wonders what he’ll do with his long preferred desire to discuss national issues over local ones.

Could a run for Congress be in his future?

He’d have to split the middle between Kara Eastman on the left and Brad on the right. (And maybe that’s the plan.)

Or…would he be up for a seat in Congress…a Senate seat?

There’s still an opening for the Dems there, and Mr. Mello may have a bit of statewide name ID.

But if St. Bob Kerrey of the Bridge couldn’t beat Senator Deb Fischer, could young lefty Heath Mello? And then what of the effect of just running and running and running for office for 3 years straight — with very probably nothing to show for it?

Tough decision.
Especially for someone itching to stay involved.


**And an afternoon update (already)**

This from Senator Deb Fischer’s page on The Facebook:

It’s been an honor to serve you in the U.S. Senate. That’s why on June 24th, I’ll be on my Strong Families, Strong Communities tour across our great state of Nebraska to announce my campaign for re-election.

If you’d like to join us, please be sure to RSVP. RSVPs are required and space is limited.

It would seem that the surprise announcement has been announced.



And since The Commenters will want to discuss it anyway, here’s one note about the above referenced Paris Climate treaty:

It was never ratified by the U.S. Senate.

Oh, wait it wasn’t a “treaty”? Well, right, because President Obama decided to run around the Constitutional obligations and call it something else. Same with the Iran treaty, right?

There apparently was quite the debate in the Amin on both sides of this. But note that if President Obama had gone to the Senate and ratified the Treaty, it would have required the Senate to dissolve it (probably). Now? Not so much.

And it is always fun to watch the media and others go nuts when they see the President do something he said he was going to do.

Elections, eh?


Requiescat in pace

…to Sean Weide, who passed away suddenly. Weide was involved in local media in Omaha for years (OWH, KPTM and KMTV) and had a love of cycling, in which he was involved extensively.

But he was also an early blogger of sorts in Omaha with The Reader’s “Media Notes”. He carried on for a number of years while Leavenworth St. was in its early stages and we had similar story interests.

Weide and I also attended the same grade school — he was a year older than me — and he was a great speaker at an early age.

We send our prayers to his family and friends.

Ashford Family Circus

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal today featured that crazy, wacky, 2nd Congresional District of Nebraska family… The Ashfords!, and their nutty quest for Congressman Don Bacon’s seat.

Or Ann?
Or Brad?
Or Ann?
Or…the family dog, Sasha!
(cue laugh track)

After the hillarity about which of the two the Ashford kids really want (our guess is that it’ll include a potato sack race out back), a little bit was nailed down for #NE02 political watchers:

“Mr. Ashford said the couple is leaning toward having him run and will make a final decision in the next couple of weeks.”

Though as Twitter followers discovered, the public isn’t necessarily on the same page!

(cue laugh track)

As Brad noted…

“I’m sure they think we’re crazier than loons…”

Or crazy…like a fox!
Find out in two weeks for the season finale of…The Ashfords!


States’ Rights!

It’s nice to see that Nebraska Democrat Party Chair Jane Kleeb is keeping up with the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution.

Much like Jefferson Davis, Governor George Wallace, and Senator Strom Thurmond before her, Kleeb is invoking “States’ Rights!” in her quest to see that the Federal Gub’mint doesn’t step on the wishes of Nebraska!

“The great news,” says Jane Kleeb, president of Bold Alliance/Bold Nebraska, “is that in our country, we still have something called states’ rights.

Was Jane talking about same-sex marriage?
Or cannabis legislation?
Or….(gasp) abortion???


She was talking about the Keystone XL Pipeline of course!
Jane doesn’t invoke the Constitution on stuff she doesn’t like!

(Though we wonder what the others at the next Rules for Radicals meeting will think.)

And in the associated article the writers continue to invoke the Ogallala Aquifer as a a reason the pipeline shouldn’t come through Nebraska.

And Leavenworth St. will continue to invoke University of Nebraska hydrologist Jim Goeke — a man who has dug more wells than anyone in the state — who wrote in the blessed New York Times that…

“The pipeline would pose a minimal risk to the Ogallala aquifer.”

And as noted before, Kleeb’s resistance to the pipeline has absolutely nothing to do with “states’ rights” or the aquifer or standing with Randy or sacred land or any other reason she trots out.

It all started with environmental activist Bill McKibben’s freak-out that Canadian tar sands oil meant “game-over” for Mother Gaia.

Oh, and then Kleeb started getting paid for the gig.

Who knows, maybe Governor Wallace would be proud…


A Noble Spirit Embiggens The Smallest Man

It’s a perfectly cromulent word.

Go big or go home

“Great American Flag Project” (using just a few less Legos than my kids have in our basement…)

Thank you and a prayer over this past Memorial Day to all our veterans who gave all.

And hope everyone had an enjoyable long-weekend as well…


Old news / New news

Being President of the United States is so…passé…these days. I mean anyone can be President, amirite?

As a matter of fact, that is the trope put out to every kid before bedtime, right? Anyone can be President. Maybe even YOU, young Donald. Or even YOU, young The Rock.

But to be a Founder. That’s something.

To be one of a very select few, THAT’s a bigger deal than simply having access to the launch codes.

Looking back at an October 2016 appearance by The National Review’s Jonah Goldberg’s on This Week with George Stephanopoulos…

Jonah and George and some others were discussing the upcoming disastrous 2016 Presidential election where Donald Trump gets trounced by Hillary Clinton, and then goes on to create his own network and doesn’t “play nice” with the shadow party Republicans.

Jonah goes on to say (in October 2016, mind you):

Goldberg: We could see…I would PREDICT that we are going to see a new party emerge.

Because there is just no way that you can reconcile people, like me, who want a limited government, individual liberty, Constitutionalism — with a populist, ethno-Nationalist…

Stephanopoulos: Is it the end of the Republican Party?

Goldberg: It’s entirely possible.

This is still interesting stuff.

Many see the coming 2018 mid-terms as a disaster for the Republican party — though mainly in the House, as the Senate looks safer.

Does the traditional conservative side of the party still see Trump in the way Goldberg described him?


Though it is difficult to find a Republican who is generally willing to support President Trump — but wouldn’t also claim to want “limited government, individual liberty, Constitutionalism”.

That’s sort of the problem party coup-plotters would have.

But say the GOP DOES lose the midterms like Goldberg was predicting Trump would lose to Hillary. Does President Trump goes his own way? In order to “keep winning” he’d have to make deals with the Democrats, thereby diminishing his Conservative cred (though somehow Reagan made that work).

And in the end, maybe room for that new party?

Or at least an effort towards one?

Remember when someone — someone loved by National Review — proposed that an alternative to the Republican nominee be sought? (And then just a wee bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth ensued.)

Well Politico recently interviewed Nebraska’s junior Senator and asked him what the Republican Party stands for today.

His response: “I don’t know.”

Asked for one word to describe the Republican Party, he again came up with two: “question mark.”

Hmm. Whither the Republican Party, eh?

Go big or go home.


Dennis and Jonah

On that note, Dennis Prager (of the great Prager University, among other ventures) writes in National Review about “Why Conservatives Still Attack Trump“.

Jonah Goldberg, seemingly one of those conservatives Prager speaks of, isn’t digging it.

Neither argument seems fully-baked.
As noted above, probably not the last of it.


Early campaigning

Maybe too quick on the draw when noting that Senator Deb Fischer doesn’t have an opponent yet for 2018.

Something called “Nebraska Awake and Rising” seems to have a candidate named Douglas Whitmore who is and/or may be running in 2018.

Sure this is all based on a Facebook page with 90 “Likes”…but still!


“…one so true…”

Hey, and good-on the Nebraska Radio Network’s Brent Martin for his mention of Senator Fischer’s meeting with the Secretary of Agriculture at her ranch.

Still curious that much of the press in the Eastern part of of the state more-or-less ignored this visit.

But there’s always time to catch up…


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Calling 2018

Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer took to her campaign Twitter account today to announce that she’s got something to announce on June 24th.

(And, yes, that IS a Snapchat interface on her Twitter profile.)

Asked on her press call today if she would give any hints as to what this announcement on announcements may entail…she calmly refused to announce anything.

But if YOU would like an early preview of said announcing, you can sign up on her campaign page to be an early announcee.

(The guess here is that it’s not going to be an announcement that she’ll let you know if she’s going to announce for President at a later date.)



While the CBO report came out about the House’s Bill on the AHCA, Senator Fischer noted that the U.S. Senate is developing their own health care bill. (Which always makes the wailing and gnashing of teeth suspect on this stuff.)

And which won’t stop heads from spinning about the House version.

But here are some interesting facts put out about that CBO report on the House’s AHCA:

1. The original CBO estimate of Obamacare premiums (November 30, 2009) said that premiums for the “nongroup” (exchange) markets would increase slightly and “would be about 10 percent to 13 percent higher in 2016.” As HHS has proven, those plans are actually 105% higher. Clearly Obamacare’s mandates, regulations, and government controls have woefully failed to keep costs down.

2. Even if it’s assumed CBO’s AHCA estimate is completely accurate, the first score (March 17, 2017) showed that the bill would bring down nongroup premium costs over the next ten years. While CBO did say that premiums would rise slightly over the transition period (attributed to the repeal of the individual mandate), by 2020 the AHCA would change the trajectory of premiums and “By 2026, average premiums for single policyholders in the nongroup market under the legislation would be roughly 10 percent lower.” We expect that with the waiver in the final version of the bill, the cost reductions predicted by CBO will be even more pronounced. Thus, even CBO recognizes that the AHCA will change course and lower costs.

3. One other serious mischaracterization about the AHCA relates to the number of uninsured. In its first score of AHCA, CBO estimated that 24 million fewer Americans would have health care coverage in 2026. However, it was rarely reported that 10 million of those would have dropped out of coverage because mandates are repealed. It is important to note that the AHCA removes the individual and employer mandates and allows for citizens to make the decision to purchase healthcare for themselves.

That enough policy talk for ya?

But it does simply note that the talking heads that will be rotating tonight (you get extra points if you see what I did there) and through the week about this CBO report will have plenty to discuss.

On BOTH sides.


Just picture it…

Say what you want about the rough and tumble of the Omaha Mayor’s race: Mayor Jean Stothert was never recorded while grabbing Tom Becka’s neck and body-slamming him to the ground.


And thanks to any and all of you who donated during Omaha Gives! yesterday!

Our favorite charity, the Kamie K. Preston Hereditary Cancer Foundation, went over their goal of $10K in just the final two minutes last night. The folks there couldn’t be more overjoyed and grateful.

(And YES you can still donate to the charity! Just click here.)

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