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Still “F***in’ glad”

Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi in Omaha for a summer dinner with Brad Ashford

Surprise, surprise!

As reported by the OWH, the full secret recording of Nebraska Democrat Party Technology Chair Phil Montag shows that Montag did say what he meant, and meant what he said when he blurted out that he was glad that Rep. Steve Scalise got shot.

Oh, sorry. “Fu**in’ glad.

But the audio also strongly suggests that Destin Madison and Chelsey Gentry-Tipton were blackmailing Montag to publicly show his support for Gentry-Tipton after her comments — or else they’d release his comments.

And they did.

The story says that Gentry-Tipton was upset that Jane Kleeb didn’t just “denounce” her comments, instead of asking her to resign as she did.

They also, “talked about a rift between Democrats and black people.

And Madison said, “he was tired of Democrats saying one thing and then doing another.

Aren’t we all.


Under water

A memo is swirling around (H/T @TrailforAmerica) from some polling done by the Congressional Leadership Fund. They did polling on what Democrats consider 11 “competitive” Congressional races around the country — including Nebraska’s 2nd District.

In those 11 districts, they asked voters their thoughts on Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Of the 11, Pelosi’s image was last in #NE02.

60% of Nebraska 2nd District voters said they have an unfavorable view of Nancy Pelosi. And only 30% had a favorable view. (And there’s a heck of a lot more Dems in the 2nd than 30%, last time I checked.)

Hey, you remember Nancy Pelosi, right Brad? You voted for her for Speaker, then had her to dinner in Omaha.


Remember 2016

And Isn’t it something how the Brad Ashford family campaign team is Tweeting up a storm about Congressman Don Bacon’s position on the AHCA (which by the way, will be a completely different bill that ever gets passed, after the Senate takes their swing).

But keep this in mind:
During his brief stint in Congress, Brad Ashford first said he was opposed to ObamaCare. Then he voted for it twice, caving to Nancy Pelosi’s wishes.

And under Brad Ashford’s ObamaCare…
Premiums for Nebraskans have doubled.
People have lost the coverage they wanted.
And now they’re down to ONE choice for an insurer.

“If you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”

And now Ashford’s pointing fingers at Don Bacon?

No wonder his Twitter handle is still @BradAshford16.


No Shirt, No Shoes, No Dice

A shoutout to the Democrats who showed up at Senator Fischer’s campaign event in Lincoln, and were refused entrance — and to all the rest of you trying to crash your campaign opponent’s gigs:

If you’re not there to support the candidate…YOU AREN’T INVITED.

Enough of these people busting in and saying, “I have a right to ask questions of these elected officials!

No. No you don’t. Not at a private event.

And oh by the way, you also don’t have the right to post how you think they’re terrible people who hate puppies, on their campaign Facebook pages. And you don’t have a right to follow them on on their Twitter account. (It’s not rocket-science to get around that, btw.)

If the candidate or the campaign wants to engage you in debate — in public or online — that’s their prerogative. Otherwise, use your own damn Facebook page, Twitter account and/or campaign event to make your feelings known.

The campaign isn’t there to serve your purposes.
They get to do what they want.

Oh, and and you get to do what you want.
Just not on their dime.


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Good Monday to ya’ll.
I was on “The American Way with Ian Swanson” on Saturday (1420AM, 94.5FM) to discuss the current, sad, state of the Nebraska Democrat party.

Hear it here:

I was Ian’s first guest, going for the first 15 minutes or so. Enjoy.



Prior to my radio debut with Ian, Nebraska’s Senior U.S. Senator, Deb Fischer was in Omaha, then Grand Island, Scottsbluff, Kearney and Lincoln to kick-off her 2018 re-election campaign.

Fischer was joined by Governor Pete Ricketts, as well as former Governor’s Dave Heineman and Kay Orr, Congressmen Don Bacon and Adrian Smith, as well as Mayor Jean Stothert and Bellevue Mayor Rita Sanders.

Currently, Fischer is opponent-less in her race. And as the Cook Political Report notes, “You can’t beat someone with no one.

But the Nebraska Democrats have stated on The Facebook:

“We have a candidate. They will announce by early Fall.”

Wonder which wing of the party of the party “they’ll” be from.


Study: Water, wet

UW study finds Seattle’s minimum wage is costing jobs

Hmm… So you’re telling me that if businesses are forced to pay their workers more, they’ll cut back on the number of work hours they give out?

What is this crazy math that you’re presenting me?

Carry on.


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Clean up

Phil Montag’s time runs out…

The ugly ballad of hatred in the Nebraska Democrat party is hopefully coming to an end.

But coupled upon (former) Nebraska Democrat Party Technology Chair, Phil Montag’s story, is how it all occurred in the first place.

According to the OWH’s interview with Montag…

In an interview Thursday, Montag said that he had gone to see Gentry-Tipton to console her during the fallout over her posts and party leaders’ response but that she and Madison were trying to use the recording to blackmail him into posting a public statement of support for her.

What. The. Hell.

So Montag went to Gentry-Tipton’s house to show his support, only to be ambushed and set up for blackmail?

The crazy thing is, based upon the course of events it’s not that absurd of an accusation. Why else was Destin Madison recording the conversation with someone who was reportedly there to “console” her. Or maybe Madison and Gentry-Tipton were familiar with Montag’s exploits and were “ready for anything”.

What’s clear is that they got their revenge on Jane Kleeb’s appointed guy, and brought the whole thing to another level with Montag’s cooperation.

Democrats would be wise to get the NDP to state exactly what it is they all believe in, and if they don’t, to get out.


Take me to the river

We skipped over the relatively shocking statements by Iowa Republican Party Chair Steve Kaufmann calling out Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse at the President Trump rally in Cedar Rapids.

Kind of out of the blue, while warming up the crowd, Kauffmann exclaimed:

“We had Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska, he crosses the Missouri River, and in that sanctimonious tone talks about what he doesn’t like about Donald Trump,” Kaufmann said. “You know what, Senator Sasse? I really don’t care what you like. We love Donald Trump. And if you don’t love him, I suggest you stay on your side of the Missouri River.”

And then he followed up with a reporter:

“He’s an arrogant academic,” Kaufmann said of Sasse, a former college president. “He’s sanctimonious. His statements are geared toward what can help him. He’s arrogant. And he’s not a team player, when in reality the only reason he’s got any clout at all in the Senate is because the Republican Party has the majority.”

Kaufmann paused, then added: “The most important thing to Ben Sasse is Ben Sasse.”

How do you really feel Steve?

The setting was a little strange, then again, the sentiments aren’t unusual among many Republicans. Sasse has been a thorn in Trump’s side since early last year, and hasn’t let up much since.

Sasse took the position around the 2016 Nebraska Republican Party convention where he stuck to wanting a third-party candidate to take on Trump and Hillary Clinton — and many in the party haven’t forgotten. Kaufmann is the type of Republican elephant who never forgets.

And then Sasse has brought this to a head just a bit, with his forray into Iowa to address Republicans in a gathering in a few weeks. He will likely find plenty of his supporters there.

But a trip to Iowa has a special significance in American politics, same as a trip to New Hampshire. It means you’re interested in being President, or at least talking Presidential politics, with a slant to your own candidacy.

By making such a trip amid his general distain for the President’s positions and politics generally, and just coming off his long book tour, Sasse invites speculation, criticism, discussion, and all the other things that he is apparently hoping to stoke.

And he knows it.

What he probably wasn’t expecting was this shot across the bow from Kaufmann. Then again, all promotion is good promotion, right?

Sasse likes to spark discussions, and this will likely provide kindling for his next trip.



The Cook Political Report dove right in on the Nebraska 2nd District race.

They have declared the 2018 race for the seat Congressman Don Bacon holds as a “Toss Up”.

Not sure who Cook convened with to arrive at this conclusion, but I guess they’re allowed their opinions.

Another Nebraska Democrat celebrates Congressional assassination attempt

Phil Montag, April 2017, with his Nebraska Democrat Party badge

A Nebraska Democrat Party official has said on recorded audio that he is “fuckin’ glad” Congressman Steve Scalise got shot, and that he wishes Scalise “was fuckin’ dead“.

The list of Nebraska Democrats expressing glee about the shooting of Scalise is growing.

Nebraska Democrat Party Black Caucus Chair, Chelsey Gentry-Tipton. Gentry-Tipton has been in the news since posting on Facebook that she thought it “funny” that Republicans were “crying” after Scalise and others were shot.

Nebraska Democrat Party “Technology Chair” (at least that’s how’s he’s described in the video below) Phil Montag was at a private meeting to show his support for Gentry-Tipton.

Apparently unbeknownst to Montag, another Democrat at the meeting was recording their conversation — something he didn’t tell Montag until AFTER Montag spouted off about his true feelings about the shooting.

Listen to the audio here:

Here is a transcript of the discussion:

Male: “Right now, so what is it that you want to do?”

Phil Montag: “Let me tell you, that motherfucker, the one that was shot, the scafie guy…I mean that guy, what’s was his name scafie?”

Female: “Scalise”

Male: “I really don’t want you to deflect right now.”

Montag: “No, this motherfucker, like his whole job is to like get people , convince Republicans to fuckin’ kick people off fuckin’ healthcare”

Female: “We know all of this.”

Montag: “I hate this motherfucker”

Female: “We know this”

Montage: “I’m fuckin’ glad he got shot!”

Male: “Phil! Phil!”

Montag: “I’m glad he got shot!”

Male: “Dude!”

Montage: “I’m not going to fuckin’ say that in public.”

Female: “You don’t have to say that in public.”

Male: “Then what are you saying it to us for?”

Female: “Say something, say something.”

Male: “What are you telling us for?”

Montag: “I wish he was fuckin’ dead!”

Male: “Why are you telling us but not telling anyone else?”

Montag: “Cause I’m trying to fuckin’ figure all this shit out.”

Male: “It’s OK, because I’ve been recoding this conversation since you’ve come in, so I will publicly release it myself.”

It has been suggested that the other male individual who says he was recording, is Destin Madison, like Gentry-Tipton, a member of the Nebraska Democrat Black Caucus.

Montag’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have been deleted, though his blog page is still up [Update: That blog was taken down as well, about 1/2 hr after this post.].

If he ever was listed before, there is no listing of him as the “Technology Chair” on the Nebraska Democrats’ website. But he is still listed as the Chair of the “Nebraska Democrats Working Families Caucus” on their website — though he may not still be in that position.

An individual on the “Talk Real Solutions” blog, where this video seemed to first be published after it was put on YouTube, asks:

“Will white privilege win, or will the Democrats right this listing ship and stay out of Black people’s affairs?”

It isn’t clear why that writer finds criticism of laughing at a political assassination attempt is a matter of race.

But it is clear that Montag’s statements are even more reprehensible than Gentry-Tipton’s — even if said in what he thought was a private setting.

Of course the kicker on all of this is just how many more Democrats are saying this in private, without a recorder running.

As of 1pm today (6/22/17), neither Nebraska Democrat Chair, Jane Kleeb, nor the Nebraska Democrat Party has put out a statement regarding this.

Note that in the previous case, Gentry-Tipton said that Kleeb asked for her resignation before even talking to her. The above video has been up since at least 9:30 am today.


Montag was a Hillary Clinton supporter during the Nebraska primaries and caucuses.


He incurred the wrath of other Nebraska Democrats, on Facebook anyway, for trying to “troll” Bernie Sanders supporters.

They would have none of it:

Just yesterday Nebraska Democrat Chair Jane Kleeb Tweeted the reason the Dems lost in #GA06 is “get big money out of politics”.

In a race where the Democrat spent 6x more than the Republican.

So her solution to the Democrat’s woes?

“…trust your state parties and local grassroots groups first and always.”


This coming from the person who runs the state party and thought the best idea for the Omaha Democrats was to bring in Socialist Bernie Sanders and anti-Semite Keith Ellison to campaign for Heath Mello for Mayor.

In the majority Democrat Omaha, Mello lost to Republican Mayor Jean Stothert 53-46.

The Democrat party is a mess.

…as disliked as Notre Dame football

For those of you plowing through the post-mortems of yesterday’s Georgia 6th Congressional District runoff (not to mention the South Carolina one that received nearly zero attention), here is a fantastic summary from an actual resident of the district, Will Collier.

He put the following up on the Twitter (and I puzzled it back together, so you don’t have to read the 140 character-or-less version):

#GA06 summary, from an actual resident:

So it’s time for some post-runoff Gaming Theory, from an actual resident of GA06.

If you lived in the 6th, you were bombarded by fliers, signs, ads, door-knockers, and most of all, phone calls. At least once a day (and usually more than once), the phone would ring from an out-of-state area code. First it was robocalls, then the last couple of weeks, call centers. They weren’t targeted. They were calling everybody, every day. And they wouldn’t take “Go to Hell” for an answer—trust me on this one.

Now, imagine for a moment that the roles in the ’16 election were reversed, and Hillary had nominated a Bay Area Dem for her cabinet. California would have called a special election. Imagine millions of dollars and tons of vicious social media rhetoric Flowing out of, say, Georgia to the Republican candidate for that race. How do you think Californians would have reacted to that?

Self-awareness not being a notable Leftie trait at the best of times, today the Left coast is declaring GA06 a mass Klan meeting. That’ll go over just as well here in 18 months, dudes. You should definitely keep that up.

The big factor that was missed by the national press: the sheer annoyance of the race. Not only did this special and the runoff extend the godawful 2016 election for another 8 months in a district where neither major presidential nominee was remotely popular, the ridiculous amount of money that poured into the Ossoff campaign from out of state resulted in wall-to-wall ads.

You not turn on the radio or TV without hearing/seeing a campaign commercial, and Ossoff’s fans seemed determined to cover every square inch of Georgia with “Jon Ossoff” signs. The state will probably have to dig a new landfill to get rid of them.

That strategy made sense in the jungle primary: put this nice-looking kid out there, use the money to flood the zone and slip him through the crowded ballot on name recognition.

That was a smart strategy. It very nearly worked—in April.

Back then, Ossoff never uttered the word “Democrat,” nor did it appear in his ads. But yesterday, there were only two names and two parties on the ballot.

Karen Handel might as well have her name next to “Generic Republican” in the dictionary. Ossoff, thanks to the media blitz on both sides, might as well have had “Nancy Pelosi” on his ballot.

Trump is not popular here, I doubt he ever will be. @baseballcrank does an fine job of tallying that reality.

But “unpopular” is not the same as “toxic.” Leftie media types started griping yesterday about the GOP putting Pelosi on anti-Ossoff ads. There’s good reason for that: she’s toxic everywhere except hard-Left enclaves.

GA06 is a lot of things, but hard Left isn’t one. Pelosi, her caucus and its nutball fan club are as disliked as Notre Dame fball here.

When Ossoff couldn’t hide in the crowd of the primary, the crowd he really was hanging with—Hollywood and Pelosi was instantly toxic in Cobb and north Fulton; somewhat less so in more Democractic Dekalb, but the damage was done.

I’ll add another factor that the national media wants to ignore: the post-election temper tantrums on the Left.

Once again, Trump isn’t popular in this district. But you know what’s a lot less popular? Riots. Morons in black masks with clubs. Kids who’ve never thought about paying a mortgage telling you you’re a terrible person because you wouldn’t vote for a corrupt old liar in a pantsuit.

Those things are really, really unpopular. And the Left’s bratty insistence that it deserves a do-over after it lost an eminently winnable election Isn’t getting any traction in middle America.

Today’s run of the usual suspects saying Ossoff lost because he didn’t go full Bolshevik are right up the same alley. And they’ll result in similar reactions in later elections especially those that aren’t bolstered by $30M in now-wasted activist money that simply filled the coffers ff D consultants and advertisers and broadcasters.

When all they really succeeded in doing was pissing off the people they needed to get votes from. Bad strategy, bad politics.

And so, Jon @Ossoff, we who actually live in GA06 say to you, your loopy fans, and most of all your phone centers:

(That last image is Curly Bill (Powers Booth) from the 1993 classic, Tombstone.)

Feels very much like similar sentiments could be said about the Omaha Mayor’s race from April and May, yeah?

The opposition got some real traction when they hit on local issues. Then they decided the race should be about supporting Bernie Sanders and hammering Donald Trump. And Mayor Jean Stothert stuck to her strong positions on local issues and sailed to victory.

Some are saying, “these are Republican districts that Republicans should be winning by much more!” Which has some truth.

But we are also told over and over and over and over how UN-popular the President is, and how the message must be sent how much people hate him.

Not dislike. HATE.

And then in Kansas, Montana, South Carolina, Georgia…and Omaha, voters note that they’ll stick with the Republicans.

Oh sure, these aren’t districts in Manhattan or San Francisco. But we have been told repeatedly that it doesn’t matter.

NOW we can have some fun watching the Dems eat each other while they eke out a new strategy.

Or maybe Republicans will just get tired of winning…


Tank commander

(AP Photo/Michael E. Samojeden, FILE)

Heath Mello told a group of coffee-drinkers today that he is forming a “think-tank” to…well…think about stuff, apparently.

No name or anything, else, but observers said it sounds like a re-tread of Adam Morfeld’s “Blue Bench” — to get Democrats to run for office.

…or maybe just a vehicle for Mello’s next venture…

And no word yet on ANY Democrats willing to run for Governor or U.S. Senate.


Just because he said it…

Ann Ferlic Ashford was having none of the criticism for her husband Brad deciding to run for Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional seat — a gig she had also expressed interest in .

Ann took to the Twitters to rail against commenters (such as moi) for suggesting that Ashford, “got pushback from people saying it would be sexist if he ran instead of his wife.

Ann ranted, “Because a few wrote it online, it must be true? I’m so tired of people fanning false rhetoric in an effort to create . (That’s pronounced, “hashtag fake news“, for you oldsters.)

But see, here comes the funny part:

It was BRAD who said that to the Wall Street Journal:

AKA, “Stop quoting my husband!”

And Ann is also angry that people think she got (politically) shoved aside by her husband’s (political) ambition.

Then again, she was listed in several national stories about her possible intention to run for Congress — then she doesn’t even bother to issue a statement that she’s not running.

Hey look, the Ashfords can do whatever it is they do. Just don’t blame the rest of us for reporting on their ham-handed efforts to pretend they’re all progressive and Democratty for the party leftists.

It will be fun to watch Brad run as far as he can to the left in the Primary, then try to tack back the other way if he makes it to the General.

It’s like the man says: We need a compass, not a weathervane.


The hard work

Senator Deb Fischer met with Ivanka Trump today to discuss the Senator’s Strong Families Act.

She said…

“It’s so important to have Ivanka Trump use her platform to shine a light on the challenges working families face. I look forward to continuing to work with her on a way forward with policy solutions that can make a difference.”

Fischer and Senator Angus King (I-Maine) reintroduced the Strong Families Act in February. The bill would create a tax credit to incentivize businesses to offer up to 12 weeks of paid family leave per year. The leave would be separate from other vacation or sick leave, would be available to both male and female workers, and could be taken on an hourly basis. Employers would receive a nonrefundable tax credit equal to 25 percent of what they pay employees during their leave. Senator Rubio is a cosponsor of the bill. Fischer and King introduced versions of this bill the past two Congresses.

Sexist Ashford?

With his Saturday announcement that he’s just going to keep re-running and re-running, Brad Ashford has decided that NO women should be the Democrat nominee for Congress!

Ashford had been jockeying with his wife Ann about who within the family should run. The East-Coast newspapers were featuring the family squabbling. Ann has been Tweeting up a storm, trying to show how much of a Democrat she could be (though being, you know, a former Republican).

And then don’t forget that Kara (CAR-uh) Eastman unveiled her first campaign video, showing that she is surrounded by activists, water champions and other non evil, capitalist, white, male, lawyers.

So Brad’s decision means that he not only shoved the missus to the curb (argue all you want Ann — only one of you is in this race now, and it ain’t you), but he’s staked out his ground as the not-Kara candidate.

And now even the Wall Street Journal notes, “He also got pushback from people saying it would be sexist if he ran instead of his wife.”

(Brad: Well, so what? What’s wrong with being sexy?
David St. Hubbins: Sex-ist, Brad.)

Of course that’s not news for the establishments Democrats. They oppose U.S. Senator Deb Fischer and her great work for Nebraska. They opposed Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert with their latest white, male career politician.

And one of their central committee members even resigned from the state Democrat leadership because she was sick of them supporting their white, male lawyers year after year.

And then here comes Brad…again.
Running for Congress…again

(Oh but THIS time he doesn’t like the pipeline! See, totally different!)


Heath barred?

In the mean time Ashford told the OWH that, “he talked to (Heath) Mello before making his decision and Ashford’s understanding is that Mello isn’t planning a 2nd District run.”

After Ashford went door-to-door with Mello during Mello’s ill-fated Mayoral run, it would be something of a dagger in the back if Mello set out against him.

Of course Mello had the city-council seat if he wanted it, but decided to dive for the brass-ring instead. Now?


Hopefully Jane Kleeb and the Nebraska Dems can find a spot for this white, male, “pro-life”, pro-KXL Pipeline, Bernie Sanders-denying, go-getter.


Gone Fischering

Speaking of U.S. Senator Deb Fischer, she was in Omaha on Friday holding another town hall meeting.

And, per usual, protesters were there to try to yell her down.

But don’t worry, protesters. Senator Fischer will totally bend to your will because you are noisy and rude. That is the best way to get her attention, and convince her to change her mind on the top issues of the day.

And then be sure to yell at veterans who might suggest that they agree with her.

Oh, and jeer at anyone who compliments Fischer on work that she has done in the state.

You have it nailed down for how to behave in these kind of situations. No doubt you will get your point across to not only Fischer, but to all Nebraskans on whatever it is that you demand.

(Is she “hearing but not listening” or “listening but not hearing”? I always forget…)



And as life imitates art imitates life…President Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow…and the blue-haired lawyer from the Simpsons:

I also gotta say, this was pretty funny:

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First video in #NE02 Dem race

Kara Eastman, candidate for the Democrat nomination for Nebraska’s  2nd Congressional seat, has her first (web) ad out. See it here:

A few thoughts:

1) Apparently I didn’t realize she pronounced her name “CAR-uh” and not “CARE-uh”. But after they said it 10 times, I guess I got it now.

2) For what amounts to an intro ad, almost zero biography information about her. One would think that would at least be weaved in there a little more.

3) Ben Gray commits early! Though strangely he’s only listed as “Elected Official” instead of “Omaha City Council President.” In any case, it would seem that Gray isn’t waiting for Brad Ashford or anyone else to get in. Looks like there could be a battle for North O votes.

4) Per #2, lots of OTHER people talking, and very little from the actual candidate. What was memorable about the ad then? Ask the average person a day later which one of the speakers is the one running for office, and they’d probably say Gray.

5) Interesting list of jobs for all of these people: “Nonprofit Leader”, “Environmental Consultant”, “Student Activist” (which apparently differs from the earlier speaker, who is just a plan old “College Student”), “Clean Water Champion” (is that on his business cards?). Not the usual list of careers you see on someone’s LinkedIn profile, eh?

But then, this is all about the Democrat primary, so listing…”Middle Manager”, “Software Tech Guy” or “White Male Attorney” isn’t going to get you as many points with this crowd.

What, no “Betsy Rioter”?



It looks like Nebraska will have a single insurance company left to provide ObamaCare coverage. The OWH reports that Medica Health will provide coverage in Nebraska, after Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska and Aetna Health dropped out providing ACA coverage last week.

In Iowa, there may be zero plans left. If that happens, nearly 72,000 people would have no coverage — as any new plan passed by Congress wouldn’t yet be in effect.

Currently there is cost-sharing reduction funding provided so that individuals who don’t have employer-funded insurance or Medicaid or Medicare can keep purchasing insurance. Some in Congress have suggested halting those payments. The problem is that without those payments — and before any new law goes into effect — thousands of people will have to drop their coverage, simply because it is unaffordable.

ObamaCare has been a mess in a myriad of ways, but many argue that to simply let the markets collapse without a transition in place doesn’t make much sense either.



The OWH and local radio and TV covered the Nebraska Democrat’s issue with their Black Caucus chair, Chelsey Gentry-Tipton — which was summarized here yesterday.

It’s certainly interesting that while Democrat Chair Jane Kleeb asked Gentry-Tipton to resign amid her statements after the assassination attempts in the DC area, she also bristled at the media for wanting to cover “what amounts to an internal party dispute.”

Well, if that’s the case, please don’t publicize any of your other party meetings, conventions, statements, parades, or other “party” goings-on either.

There is something called “leadership” in the parties for a reason: they’re supposed to be “leading”. When there’s a question who’s leading, or otherwise in-charge of the party, their policies, and their members, that’s new-worthy. will continue to follow and keep you updated.


Best weekend of the year!

Have a great weekend and see you at the CWS!

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Morning Update: Nebraska Democrats torn on comments by Black Caucus Chair

Leavenworth St. reported yesterday on the comments by Nebraska Democrat Party Executive Committee member and Black Caucus Chair, Chelsey Gentry-Tipton, on Facebook after the attempted assassinations of Members of Congress.

As noted here, Gentry-Tipton wrote the following (in a response to another post):

She then proceeded to double-down on these comments, along with others:


(You can also note the other reprehensible comments in this post.)

Leavenworth St. and others called on NDP Chair Jane Kleeb to take some sort of action regarding this. Kleeb stated on Twitter:


Well, she may have asked her to resign, but Gentry-Tipton is apparently having none of it:

And Gentry-Tipton has followed up by posting the group’s by-laws, which do have an impeachment provision. You can see the majority supportive comments for Gentry-Tipton on that group’s FB thread.

As noted here earlier this week, Central Committee member Linda Anderson resigned after her apparent disagreement with the party’s procedures.

But at least this time Kleeb did the appropriate thing by going all the way to call for her resignation.

It waits to be seen what the follow-up will be, and whether other members of the party go the extra step and remove her from that leadership position.

What a mess.

Attempted murders

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL)

For those of you who haven’t been following the news of this morning’s shooting in the DC area, none of the members of the Nebraska delegation or their staff were at the Republican baseball practice where the attempted murders took place.

Senator Fischer and Reps Bacon, Fortenberry and Smith were all at the Nebraska breakfast, and Senator Sasse was elsewhere. All are safe and send their prayers.



One of the things cartoonist and otherwise persuasion analyst Scott Adams had been preaching in the months since Trump took office is that if you continue to say that Donald Trump and the Republicans are Hitler and the Nazis and the KKK, then pretty soon people will begin to believe it — essentially based on the repetition.

That’s a problem.

Unfortunately many on the left believe it.
So there are people who feel any actions that can get rid of the Nazis in their head, are justified.

Most of these are on the far, far left.
I don’t think many would consider the guy from today to be anywhere near rational.

But there have been many of the violent attacks at various rallies that have not been cited as being perpetrated by “nutjobs”. Like the “professor” who attacked someone at an pro-Trump rally with a bike lock.

Or the woman who took a board with a nail in it and attacked a police horse.

Maybe just a little more policing in your own crew is appropriate.


For instance

Once again, Nebraska Democrat and other angry protesters, maybe you shame away those “protestors” who think it’s a great idea to wear “Fuck” shirts at your rallies — and yell “Nazi” at little kids who walk by.

And maybe we will hear from the Nebraska Democrats about this comment on The Facebook this morning:

That is Chelsey Gentry-Tipton, a member of the Nebraska Democrat Executive Committee, and head of the Nebraska Black Caucus.

What’s her role?

Let her tell you:

And now we can wait to hear whether the NDP Party leaders condemn this statement, or otherwise take action.

Or we can just assume they condone it.


The Constitution

Rep. Mo Brooks administered first aid to Rep. Steve Scalise in the outfield as they waited for paramedics to arrive.

Afterwards, while giving his account of what happened, a reporter asked Rep. Brooks if the shooting changed his view on the “gun situation” in America.

“Not with respect to the Second Amendment,” Brooks said. “The Second Amendment right to bear arms is to help ensure that we always have a republic. And as with any constitutional provision in the Bill of Rights, there are adverse aspects to each of those rights that we enjoy as people, and what we just saw here is one of the bad side effects of someone not exercising those rights properly.”

He added, “We are not going to get rid of freedom of speech” simply because some people say ugly things, or get rid of the Fourth Amendment’s search and seizure rights because some criminals could go free on technicalities.

“These rights are there to protect Americans, and while each of them has a negative aspect to them, they are fundamental to our being the greatest nation in world history. So no, I’m not changing my position on any of the rights we enjoy as Americans,” he said.