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Quixote is a long-time observer of Nebraska politics.


Quixote is a contributing writer on Leavenworth St.

In the recent Omaha Mayor’s race Steve LeClair, head of the Firefighters Local allocated over $200, 000 in Firefighter’s Union funds to unseat Mayor Stothert and put in their had picked boy-toy, #MelloLies.

I so look forward to the 2018 contract negotiations…I expect they will go something like this…

“Thank you Mayor. May I have another?”

So, LeClair was that really a good investment of those hard-earned union dues?

For that same money, they could have:

• purchased a new ambulance (maybe even two) for the city,
• purchased season passes to Worlds of Fun for all members and their families
• purchased the land for the new Omaha Police Precinct
• purchased 4 new Omaha cops (since they are oh so worried about response times)
• purchased 5 new cruisers for OPD (see above)
• donated the money to the Muscular Dystropy Foundation (since they can’t raise money on the clock for that anymore).
• purchased a host of big screens and LazyBoy recliners for their union hall
• purchased multiple school buses and kegs of beer for future protest
• or even padded some pensions by investing it in their fund
• taken the entire department to Vegas via charter plane for a wild weekend
Just sayin’…



Did you catch Mello’s concession speech? Hardly a word about local issues. Jane Kleeb’s new toy has got his eyes on a more national race. Bacon & Fischer take note.

Don’t worry too much though. As long as he hitches his wagon to Kleeb and Crazy Uncle Bernie, he won’t get far in Nebraska.

Maybe he should move into a more liberal district like he did last time (Gretna to S. Omaha). Somewhere where flip-flops are popular, perhaps.


North O / South O:

“Leaders” in North and South Omaha had vastly different viewpoints over the past 6 months.

North Omaha leaders were all about how much money the city would invest in projects in their area of town.

South Omaha leaders were all about increasing business opportunities in their part of town. They weren’t after the all-mighty dollar from the city coffers, just the opportunity to increase small business success.

Somebody gets it. Somebody doesn’t.