First video in #NE02 Dem race

Kara Eastman, candidate for the Democrat nomination for Nebraska’s  2nd Congressional seat, has her first (web) ad out. See it here:

A few thoughts:

1) Apparently I didn’t realize she pronounced her name “CAR-uh” and not “CARE-uh”. But after they said it 10 times, I guess I got it now.

2) For what amounts to an intro ad, almost zero biography information about her. One would think that would at least be weaved in there a little more.

3) Ben Gray commits early! Though strangely he’s only listed as “Elected Official” instead of “Omaha City Council President.” In any case, it would seem that Gray isn’t waiting for Brad Ashford or anyone else to get in. Looks like there could be a battle for North O votes.

4) Per #2, lots of OTHER people talking, and very little from the actual candidate. What was memorable about the ad then? Ask the average person a day later which one of the speakers is the one running for office, and they’d probably say Gray.

5) Interesting list of jobs for all of these people: “Nonprofit Leader”, “Environmental Consultant”, “Student Activist” (which apparently differs from the earlier speaker, who is just a plan old “College Student”), “Clean Water Champion” (is that on his business cards?). Not the usual list of careers you see on someone’s LinkedIn profile, eh?

But then, this is all about the Democrat primary, so listing…”Middle Manager”, “Software Tech Guy” or “White Male Attorney” isn’t going to get you as many points with this crowd.

What, no “Betsy Rioter”?



It looks like Nebraska will have a single insurance company left to provide ObamaCare coverage. The OWH reports that Medica Health will provide coverage in Nebraska, after Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska and Aetna Health dropped out providing ACA coverage last week.

In Iowa, there may be zero plans left. If that happens, nearly 72,000 people would have no coverage — as any new plan passed by Congress wouldn’t yet be in effect.

Currently there is cost-sharing reduction funding provided so that individuals who don’t have employer-funded insurance or Medicaid or Medicare can keep purchasing insurance. Some in Congress have suggested halting those payments. The problem is that without those payments — and before any new law goes into effect — thousands of people will have to drop their coverage, simply because it is unaffordable.

ObamaCare has been a mess in a myriad of ways, but many argue that to simply let the markets collapse without a transition in place doesn’t make much sense either.



The OWH and local radio and TV covered the Nebraska Democrat’s issue with their Black Caucus chair, Chelsey Gentry-Tipton — which was summarized here yesterday.

It’s certainly interesting that while Democrat Chair Jane Kleeb asked Gentry-Tipton to resign amid her statements after the assassination attempts in the DC area, she also bristled at the media for wanting to cover “what amounts to an internal party dispute.”

Well, if that’s the case, please don’t publicize any of your other party meetings, conventions, statements, parades, or other “party” goings-on either.

There is something called “leadership” in the parties for a reason: they’re supposed to be “leading”. When there’s a question who’s leading, or otherwise in-charge of the party, their policies, and their members, that’s new-worthy. will continue to follow and keep you updated.


Best weekend of the year!

Have a great weekend and see you at the CWS!

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Morning Update: Nebraska Democrats torn on comments by Black Caucus Chair

Leavenworth St. reported yesterday on the comments by Nebraska Democrat Party Executive Committee member and Black Caucus Chair, Chelsey Gentry-Tipton, on Facebook after the attempted assassinations of Members of Congress.

As noted here, Gentry-Tipton wrote the following (in a response to another post):

She then proceeded to double-down on these comments, along with others:


(You can also note the other reprehensible comments in this post.)

Leavenworth St. and others called on NDP Chair Jane Kleeb to take some sort of action regarding this. Kleeb stated on Twitter:


Well, she may have asked her to resign, but Gentry-Tipton is apparently having none of it:

And Gentry-Tipton has followed up by posting the group’s by-laws, which do have an impeachment provision. You can see the majority supportive comments for Gentry-Tipton on that group’s FB thread.

As noted here earlier this week, Central Committee member Linda Anderson resigned after her apparent disagreement with the party’s procedures.

But at least this time Kleeb did the appropriate thing by going all the way to call for her resignation.

It waits to be seen what the follow-up will be, and whether other members of the party go the extra step and remove her from that leadership position.

What a mess.

Attempted murders

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL)

For those of you who haven’t been following the news of this morning’s shooting in the DC area, none of the members of the Nebraska delegation or their staff were at the Republican baseball practice where the attempted murders took place.

Senator Fischer and Reps Bacon, Fortenberry and Smith were all at the Nebraska breakfast, and Senator Sasse was elsewhere. All are safe and send their prayers.



One of the things cartoonist and otherwise persuasion analyst Scott Adams had been preaching in the months since Trump took office is that if you continue to say that Donald Trump and the Republicans are Hitler and the Nazis and the KKK, then pretty soon people will begin to believe it — essentially based on the repetition.

That’s a problem.

Unfortunately many on the left believe it.
So there are people who feel any actions that can get rid of the Nazis in their head, are justified.

Most of these are on the far, far left.
I don’t think many would consider the guy from today to be anywhere near rational.

But there have been many of the violent attacks at various rallies that have not been cited as being perpetrated by “nutjobs”. Like the “professor” who attacked someone at an pro-Trump rally with a bike lock.

Or the woman who took a board with a nail in it and attacked a police horse.

Maybe just a little more policing in your own crew is appropriate.


For instance

Once again, Nebraska Democrat and other angry protesters, maybe you shame away those “protestors” who think it’s a great idea to wear “Fuck” shirts at your rallies — and yell “Nazi” at little kids who walk by.

And maybe we will hear from the Nebraska Democrats about this comment on The Facebook this morning:

That is Chelsey Gentry-Tipton, a member of the Nebraska Democrat Executive Committee, and head of the Nebraska Black Caucus.

What’s her role?

Let her tell you:

And now we can wait to hear whether the NDP Party leaders condemn this statement, or otherwise take action.

Or we can just assume they condone it.


The Constitution

Rep. Mo Brooks administered first aid to Rep. Steve Scalise in the outfield as they waited for paramedics to arrive.

Afterwards, while giving his account of what happened, a reporter asked Rep. Brooks if the shooting changed his view on the “gun situation” in America.

“Not with respect to the Second Amendment,” Brooks said. “The Second Amendment right to bear arms is to help ensure that we always have a republic. And as with any constitutional provision in the Bill of Rights, there are adverse aspects to each of those rights that we enjoy as people, and what we just saw here is one of the bad side effects of someone not exercising those rights properly.”

He added, “We are not going to get rid of freedom of speech” simply because some people say ugly things, or get rid of the Fourth Amendment’s search and seizure rights because some criminals could go free on technicalities.

“These rights are there to protect Americans, and while each of them has a negative aspect to them, they are fundamental to our being the greatest nation in world history. So no, I’m not changing my position on any of the rights we enjoy as Americans,” he said.

…any group that would have me as a member

In yesterday’s post, former Nebraska Democrat Party chair Vince Powers’ Tweet was noted, where he posits that Nebraska 2nd District Democrats will nominate a Pro-Choice candidate for the 2018 election.

That would seem to exclude former Rep. Brad Ashford, who has voted “in favor of bills that ban abortions later than 20 weeks after fertilization and require notification of at least one parent when a girl 17 or younger seeks an abortion.”

Democrats would say that he’s not a “true believer”.

And it would definitely seem to rule out someone like Heath Mello, who couldn’t even bring himself to have a photo with Democrat superstar Bernie Sanders at their pep rally a few months ago.

But Brad Ashford IS telling people HE’s running for Congress.
(Which seems to put the spoils on that whole, “Is it Brad, or is it Ann!” discussion.)


Which brings us to…

Nebraska Democrat State Central Committee member Linda Anderson.
Er…FORMER State Central Committee member.

Ms. Anderson, it seems, has had a falling out with not only the state party, but with her most recent employer, Bold Nebraska.
Anderson was not only on the Dem’s central committee, but was Nebraska Director of (Jane Kleeb’s) Bold Nebraska, just hired 4 months ago.

But going further, she wrote a 600 word diatribe spelling out her resignation from the NDP’s Central Committee.

These included such things as…

We have consistently played the short term game of lesser of two evils, choosing name recognition and big money in our own state


Why are we trying to elect rich white men – mostly lawyers? Who thought this was a good idea? I cannot relate to anyone like this, can you?


…the NDP doesn’t want to spend any of their own money – OUR money that we’ve donated to the party I might add.


We only have two full time staff and one of those isn’t being paid by the NDP. NONE of the people on staff are women or minorities, which is deeply disturbing…


…should that money be going to helping new fresh-faced candidates with ideas that adhere to the platform?


…the same old candidates and the same old negative campaigning on media and FB.

And a final dig at Chief Commissar, Jane Kleeb:

When we elected our chair, we had hope that new faces would be pushed forward as candidates, progressive candidates would be brought to the fore, and we would return to the grassroots that this party was founded on. I had hoped we would start anew – look for common ground amongst us and follow through with hard work in finding candidates that we ALL can believe in. So far, for me, that has not been the case.

The fact that she has ditched BOTH the party AND Bold Nebraska would seem to be flag planted squarely at the foot of the Party Chairperson.

And this seems to be the theme of the week for the Dems, once again, as noted in Monday’s New York Times: The Base Wants It All. The Party Wants to Win.

So apparently the hard-cores among the Nebraska Democrats don’t want a Heath Mello at their Bernie rally. And frankly, they see where bowing to the moderates in their party hasn’t worked anyway.

It is a fascinating dilemma to watch from afar.
Then again, the Republican party isn’t all champagne and roses either, but winning over and over does help to soften those party differences.

One has to wonder if the Central Committee has already made their Dem picks for Governor and Senate — and the latest evil white, male, lawyer has been given their blessing.

Then again, maybe the Dem apparatchiks have just secretly endorsed Brad (white, male, lawyer) over Kara Eastman.

Maybe Ms. Anderson should suggest some female, former School Board Members.

You know, like (U.S. Senator) Deb Fischer and (Mayor) Jean Stothert…
(Oh, sorry, they’re Republicans….)



On the #NE02 front, someone took notice of a super PAC ad that had been running for over three months.

The ad, mentioned by the OWH’s Joe Morton, looks like this:

Morton asks whether they’re “misleading”.

Has Bacon been working to make sure that Offutt stays up to date and a strong part of the U.S. Defense apparatus?

He said his work on behalf of Offutt includes a laundry list of budget requests that include Offutt runway upgrades, modifications to the RC-135s, a new simulator building and gate security improvements.

“I am doing the best I know how to do anyway for advocating at Offutt,” he said.

Of course the kicker is that Bacon didn’t have anything to do with the Super PAC ads, because that’s illegal and could get him into loads of trouble.

So the group does what it does, and the point is made.

Look forward to the Dems questioning Bacon’s commitment to Offutt.


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Democrats’ 3rd way

The LJS’s Don Walton has a story about the burgeoning campaign for Governor that State Senator Bob Krist appears to be running.

Walton seems to be following up on Leavenworth St.’s post from last week where…exactly that was mentioned.

Of course the point that Walton leaves out is the gist of a 3rd-party run affecting the race as a whole, and allowing Mystery Democrat to…win?

It’s always awesome when the Dems imagine the White Knight of the Party riding in to get elected and save the party and…and…wait who? Exactly.

State party pooh-bah Vince Powers was tweeting about that theory all weekend as well — imagining, “Pro choice democrat wins in three way race against two pro life republicans.

And then there’s this chuckler from Powers:

Bob Krist is well respected, he could get 27-30 % of vote, enough to ensure that a democrat gets elected with 38-40 % of vote.


Because Bob Krist is “well respected” among…Democrat Unicameral staffers trying to find a vote by a “Republican” against Republicans?

Shockingly, that isn’t likely to translate to 30% statewide.

(Hey, and don’t overlook Krist getting 5,000 signatures for a 3rd-party run. Unless the Dems are going to pay for it…)

And then there’s the question of Bob Krist working so that he can…get some Democrat elected? That’s his plan?



More Bernie

And then this Tweet from former Nebraska Democrat Party Chairman, Vince Powers:

Well then.
It appears, per Powers, that the #NE02 Dmeocrats WON’T be nominating Brad Ashford or Heath Mello, eh?

And the Dems have apparently chosen abortion as the primary issue to run on in 2018.

Interesting point in a NYT’s article asking whether Democrats want a hard-line, Bernie Sanders, ideology…or do they want to win elections?

The former head of the Congressional (Democrat) Black Caucus asked:

“We are going to lose every possible winnable seat, in a year where there are many winnable seats, if we come across as inflexible left-wingers,” (Rep. Emmanuel) Cleaver said. “I respect Bernie — I just don’t think we can become the party of Bernie.”

Someone tell that to Vince Powers and Jane Kleeb.


Better late than never?

Hey, how about that OWH editorial from Sunday:

So, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert’s plan to fix the substandard city streets is…”a sound idea“.

It’s also a “sensible compromise“.

And it, “strikes a reasonable balance between the interests of affected property owners and other local taxpayers.

Gee, that’s just a bit of a different tune than say…IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ELECTION where this blaring story was featured on the front page:

Annnnnd that story was featured digitally on the OWH’s front page for about another month and a half while Hansen took a breather from blaming the Mayor for not fixing every pothole in town.

That’s not what the story said? Sorry, I just jumped into the shoes of the average person who just looked at the forlorn photo and headline.

Anywho, great editorial…

Comey chameleon

Make it a Carl Curtis Open Comment Friday afternoon for your commenting, battling and otherwise arguing pleasure!

And to start the ball rolling, here is a post from Harvard Constitutional Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz:

Dershowitz: Comey confirms that I’m right – and all the Democratic commentators are wrong

A key graph:

Comey confirmed that under our Constitution, the president has the authority to direct the FBI to stop investigating any individual. I paraphrase, because the transcript is not yet available: the president can, in theory, decide who to investigate, who to stop investigating, who to prosecute and who not to prosecute. The president is the head of the unified executive branch of government, and the Justice Department and the FBI work under him and he may order them to do what he wishes.

But don’t confine yourself to the Comey hubabaloo.
And see if you can work in a Nebraska angle.
(See, I just did, right there.)

Have a great weekend!
Stay cool!

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The Wall St. Journal:
The ‘Independent’ Mr. ComeyHis prepared testimony shows why he deserved to be fired.

The most troubling part of Mr. Comey’s statement is his belief in what he calls “the FBI’s traditionally independent status in the executive branch,” which he invokes more than once. Independent? This is a false and dangerous view of law enforcement in the American system.


The winds of change are sweeping the plains…

Video of OWH’s Jeff Koterba, and his latest cartoon:

Got to get it on

Not to be outdone by Brad Ashford’s new un-endorsement of the KXL Pipeline — that he had long endorsed back when he needed to look “conservative” in comparison to Lee Terry and Don Bacon — Heath Mello has jumped back into the fray.

Mello is continuing his re-tweeting of the various Mayors around the country “signing-on” to the Paris Climate accord.

Uh huh.

Because nothing truly shows leadership — true leadership, mind you — than by truly re-tweeting platitude about nothingness and pretending they mean something.

Here’s one for ya Heath: If you had any ideas, you would have presented them during the 6-month mayoral campaign. And we’re talking REAL ideas. With proposals, dates and dollar amounts next to them.

Saying, “We truly must lead on this most important issue because federal leaders have not” is just so much witless palaver.

But of course all of this is really just to gin up his Democrat base for a run for…what?


The Nebraska Democrat Party nomination is his oyster, and he can reach for, and likely win whatever he wants…in the primary.

Of course, his best shot would be for the House of Reps.
Is he willing to battle with Brad?

And will Mello’s long-time endorsement of the KXL Pipeline hurt him in the end?

¿Quién es más liberal?


No choice but to get it on

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse was on The Adam Carolla Show podcast today (recorded Tuesday), once again touting his book.

I mention this over his dozens of other book interviews, as I’m a big fan of Carolla’s podcast, and listen to it nearly every day. Adam started his podcast 8 years ago after his FM radio show got cancelled. He was one of the first big names to start a podcast and I happened to jump in on Day 1 — not having really been a follower before that.

Many only know Carolla from when he and Jimmy Kimmel did “The Man Show” on Comedy Central years ago. But he really developed his radio chops from over a decade doing “Love Line” with Dr. Drew Pinsky. That late-night FM radio call in show on sex and relationship topics honed Carolla’s speaking skills, as well as a very sharp perspective on the human condition.

Of course his perspective also comes with a bit of a high school football locker room attitude, coupled with years of a dysfunctional welfare-bound family, manual jobs and a craving for success and satisfaction in the entertainment industry.

Along the way he developed the #1 podcast in the world, created a movie and documentary production company, has had multiple New York Times bestselling books and maybe most remarkably, a top selling bottled wine-cocktail (of course named, Mangria.)

Oh, and here is a video he did for Prager University last fall:

Which is all to say that Sasse was on a show with an entrepreneur who wrote a best-selling book called, “In 50 years we’ll all be chicks“, which happens to dovetail a bit with the theme of Sasse’s book, “The Vanishing American Adult“.

And Sasse received a much more welcoming reception calling-in to Carolla than he did with the combative Bill Maher. Adam has long endorsed the spirit of kids working, and the satisfaction of manual labor in general, and it jibes with some of what Sasse is pushing.

Though Sasse noted his wish of addressing Maher’s N-word joke differently, Carolla stated that he gives Maher a pass as a comedian trying to be cutting-edge in the moment.

And then Sasse stated again, that when Maher made the joke he “cringed”.


Well, anywho, if you’d like to hear the whole interview, click here. The part with Sasse starts around the 15:00 minute mark and lasts for about 35 minutes before Adam goes on to interview the guys who developed the Coachella festival.

(Yesterday’s show with French Stewart was better.)


Comey island

Feel free to jump in on what Comey did and didn’t say and what it means and doesn’t mean and blah blah blah blah.

There seem to be more interesting political issues out there these days.


OK, after reading the full Comey stuff, as opposed to just the commentary, there is certainly more to discuss. But it doesn’t seem to expand on any of what was said before. On an “abuse” issue, it’s still on the same, “I hope you can let this go…” statements. “Hoping” something isn’t going to get Trump canned, or otherwise impeached, like the Dems are hoping.

But it will keep him in the news, talking about stuff he doesn’t want to discuss.

Soldier on.

Keeps on winning

Mayor Jean Stothert and the new Omaha City Council were sworn in yesterday for their new four year terms.

Brinker Harding and Vinny Palermo were the NKOTB, and provided a slight bit of intrigue for the gathered audience in the City Council chamber.

Ben Gray was re-elected Council President by a vote of 7-0, essentially finding that his tenure as President has been successful.

For VP, there was less unanimity. Chris Jerram was elected 5-2 over Aimee Melton. Melton has felt that a little bi-partisanship was due, and ran. While the votes were secret, it was generally felt that she had the support of fellow Republican Brinker Harding.

Omaha City Council: Festersen, Gray, Jerram, Palermo, Pahls, Harding & Melton

What she didn’t receive, apparently, was support from either Republican Rich Pahls or potential wildcard Democrat Vinny Palermo. Palermo reportedly would not signal to anyone how he planned to vote, but evidently sided with Jerram. Pahls…well…went his own way as well.

And FWIW, along with the other plans for the city’s growth that she outlined for the past 6 months of the campaign, Mayor Stothert also noted a call for a City Charter convention. There  a proposal to align city election dates with the Presidential elections will likely be proposed.

Of course to accomplish this, the City Council will need to go along — as well as a great deal of input from citizens.

Should be an interesting discussion, all ways.


…and a turkey in every pot!

On the route to securing the leftist Democrat base in Nebraska’s 2nd District, Brad Ashford has now declared on the Twitter that he is FOR a $15 national minimum wage!

That’s right! A 16 year old at the car wash in Broken Bow and the 58 year old mother of 4 at a an office building in Manhattan deserve the same basic wage!

And the car wash owner and the building owner, in Broken Bow and Manhattan, should be on the same footing!

So, Brad’s now against the KXL Pipeline and for the $15 min wage. Any other of the leftist positions he needs to cover in order to make a full genuflection to the Democrat party?


Blame Canada!

And speaking of the KXL, Leavenworth St. has heard of a transition that will be taking place soon.

The word we’ve received is that Omaha World-Herald reporter Robynn Tysver, who has been the chief political reporter for the paper for a number of years, will be leaving that position within a few weeks or so.

We have been told that she will become a press relations (or otherwise PR rep) for …TransCanada, in Omaha. Yes, THAT TransCanada.

Whatever your feelings about whether or not Robynn had a political slant in some of her stories, she is undoubtably a very good writer and has had a very good sense of the political scene in Omaha and Nebraska.

We wish her the best in the new gig.

Responding in real time

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse’s appearance on “Real Time” with Bill Maher gave the Senator lots and lots of press Saturday night and Sunday — though maybe not what he was hoping for on the extended book tour.

I was channel surfing late, and came upon it live, but only after the eyebrow raising part. It’s probably worth noting that nothing was said about Maher’s “joke” anywhere later in the interview.

Which is notable only to the extent that no one was thinking about what would be THE topic of discussion later.

But a few things about Maher’s exclamation that he is a “house (n-word)”.

Sasse has done probably two dozen of these interviews pushing his new book — radio, TV, including Late Night with Seth Meyers. (Maybe leave aside for now the discussion of how he’s doing these instead of town halls.)

It is at least…surprising…that Sasse didn’t bring himself to challenge Bill Maher in the moment. Was he starstuck by Maher? Was he choking under the lights of the LIVE HBO audience? It’s not every day that someone uses the n-word in conversation, yells that it’s a joke, and then everyone around you laughs and cheers.

It is surprising.

But, in a live moment on stage, not everyone is perfect, or has time to say exactly what they’d like, right?

But 5 hours later (or something like that), Sasse DID take the opportunity to craft exactly what he wanted to say…on Twitter.

And in 4 Tweets, Sasse spelled out what he would have liked to say.

But he also took the opportunity to re-write what actually happened.

Sasse wrote:

Well, as was highlighted on The Drudge Report, Sasse didn’t “just cringe”. (Which quote the OWH also got wrong in their story.)

He laughed along with Maher and what seemed to be the entire studio audience.

If there was a “cringe” it occurred while the camera was still on Maher (in the shot above), because when it came back to Sasse, he was in full big grin mode:

Call it a “nervous” smile if you want, but it’s certainly not “just cringing”. There’s no “good” in that image.

Here’s the whole shot:


Which is to say, if you’re going to “apologize” for what happened, it’s worth apologizing for what you did do, and not change the facts.

But again, maybe Sasse thought he was “just cringing” the whole time, or someone told him that, and he Tweeted it all without actually seeing the tape. It’s certainly possible.

But if that was the case, there has been no follow-up on the Twitter by Sasse — where he has instead dropped the issue.

But the last point is the reason Sasse was there in the first place. Beyond choosing to go on the liberal show of choice these days,  Sasse is there pushing his book about “being an adult”.

And then he’s there giggling at the use of the n-word — not all that long after making pot jokes on Twitter. In the mean time he’s scolding about wearing shorts and dressing up for Halloween?

It’s worth noting that adults also admit their mistakes and apologize for them.



By the way Democrats who have jumped in to note Sasse’s “lack of awareness” at the time:

Bill Maher is YOUR guy, so you’d better be calling for his scalp as well.

But how about the studio audience there? Maher yells, “hey it’s a joke” and the audience of leftists — who cheered every time Maher sought to hammer Sasse — CHEERED for his n-word joke.

The next day Maher apologized for using the word, saying he shouldn’t have done it.

Wonder how all of those at the taping feel today.

Let’s be sure that the Dems also call for their public-shaming as well.


Who’s for Krist?

Governor Pete Ricketts re-election announcements in Omaha and Lincoln drew “protestors”, because of course. And now apparently they are protests in favor of someone else.

There was a Facebook “Event” set up to protest Ricketts…in favor of State Senator Bob Krist running for Governor.

There are some Democrats who feel that it would be awesome to have Krist run to soften Ricketts up in the primary, so the imaginary Democrat would have an easier time beating him in the fall.

But Democrat party peeps jumped into the discussion about Krist and went another direction. They (Jane?) think Krist should run on a new bipartisan tickets — a new PARTY — where people from both parties can join in.

Which at first glance looked like Jane Kleeb is abdicating her role as party chair to endorse a “Republican” (“wait, Krist is a Republican? hahahahaha!”).

But thinking about it, a Krist primary run really doesn’t do that much. Does anyone really think he could defeat Ricketts?

But a THIRD party, in the General Election, could in theory give a Democrat candidate just a bit more of a fighting chance, if he or she could split up the Republican vote.

It is an interesting theory — and makes the Dems’ sudden support of Krist a little more sensible for them in a long-run strategy.


PRINTED shirts, mind you

And hey there’s the Betsy Riot folks at the Ricketts announcement, dressing up in their “Fuck Ricketts” shirts!

And others pointed out that these protestors were screaming 4-letter words at the people walking in, and at their kids.


That’s great Democrats. You should be proud.

These are YOUR people.
If you actually condemn this, how about doing something about it?



And finally there is Brad Ashford.

You thought he couldn’t flip-flop on more issues, right?
He flipped on ObamaCare (fought it, then endorsed it).
He flipped on Guantanamo (wanted it closed, then kept open).
Heck, he supported Jeb Bush for President, before choosing Hillary…or something.

And now?
Ashford was a supporter of the Keystone XL Pipeline for years.
But just the other day, he Tweeted out his opposition, because something about a different route or some such excuse.

The reality is that Ashford saw the writing on the wall, what with a lefty primary opponent already, and knew that he’d have to “adjust” to fit the prevailing party winds. He already did that with the Omaha streetcar group — when it looked like that position looked less popular.

That’s Ashford’s M-O. He’s a finger-in-the-wind kind of guy, and one of the reasons that he didn’t get re-hired last year.

Now we wait to see if Heath Mello changes his strong support for the Keystone XL Pipeline to something more in line with the lefties in the Democrat party.

Then again, if he can change his position from pro-life to pro-abortion in a day’s time, what’s little pipeline to stand in the way of ambition?